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4 The Love of Yoga specializes in yoga retreats in amazingly peaceful locations and luxurious accommodations where beauty abounds, led by experienced, skilled teachers and facilitators.

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My time with Sonya was absolutely transforming. I let go of the clutter in my mind and was able to focus on myself and my future, creating clarity and peace. I brought that home with me along with my motivation to create ways keep it with me.


4 The Love of Yoga website

Doing yoga twice a day and meditating at night really helped me looked within myself during a very difficult time in my life. I would not trade this opportunity for the world.


4 The Love of Yoga website

I am now back home in Los Angeles with such fond memories of our magical yoga meditation retreat. I'm especially missing Sonya's soothing voice and her awesome yoga classes that had you doing poses you didn't even think you could. Ryan was also awesome, his meditation teachings and his knowledge of Vedic Astrology are so very insightful. I'm so excited to hear that they plan on doing another retreat.

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