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A Lotus Seed aims to bring meditation and mind trainings such as mindfulness into different layers of society through cozy retreats and trainings.

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Geraldine Gobert

Geraldine believes that each and everyone is their own best teacher but they can use guidance in making the mind fit for their purpose. She sees herself as a guide on your path, rather than a teacher. After years of practice, she followed an intensive teacher training course from the Institute of Mindfulness in Belgium. She was taught by David Dewulf, Mark Williams, Christina Feldman, and John Peacock, Chris Germer, Kristin Neff, as well as monks in various monasteries across Europe and Asia.


(Hatha Yoga)

Anna is a certified Hatha yoga teacher and teaches slow flow classes with a strong foundation in classic, alignment-based Iyengar and Yin yoga. Her style is soft and gentle as it is powerful. Anna's journey on the yoga mat has brought her closer to herself and opened her heart to her inner truth. Oh and besides that, she's a gentle and loving human being, nature and peace lover, and a great inspiration!

Geraldine De La Vigne

Geraldine has been working as a holistic massage therapist for the past five years in Brussels and on different retreats around the world. She followed a three-year intense body-mind therapist education at Atmaram School in Brussels, she is a certified Reiki Usui practitioner and on top of that, passed the university certificate in Equine therapy in Louvain-La-Neuve.

Testimonials 5

  • Joachim Brackx

    A Lotus Seed website

    This week gave me some great insights into what I am dealing with and gave me time and space to explore them further. I greatly enjoyed being there.

  • Katia Gobert

    A Lotus Seed website

    On my first retreat, I enjoyed the space of breathing, the strength of feeling and acceptance, the freedom of being, the joy of silence, the beauty of nature, the experience of self-compassion, and I feel very grateful for it.

  • Ineke Vanobbergen

    A Lotus Seed website

    The meditation week has started a whole process inside me. My awareness increased. I'm noticing more my emotions and thoughts. I learned giving space to emotions and experienced the usefulness of it. I learned to find peace.

  • Matteo Tangi

    A Lotus Seed website

    A Lotus Seed retreat has been an experience that I access with my memory with pleasure, indulging in the soft and warm sensation that it left in my body and my mind. I’m deeply thankful to Geraldine for her work and for her clear and loveful space holding.

  • Amaryllis Laenen

    A Lotus Seed website

    Following a training with Geraldine, I learned useful tools and interesting insights which I'm still applying on a daily basis. She has impact and inspires and admire her unprejudiced and milde attitude. Now I stand with more attention and focus in life.

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