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9 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Abruzzo, Italy

  • Hotel Villa Adriatica, Pescara, Italy

9 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Abruzzo, Italy

  • Hotel Villa Adriatica, Pescara, Italy

Yoga Retreat in Pescara, Italy

We offer you a yoga retreat in the Adriatic coast town of Pescara, Italy. You will be staying in an exclusive Villa that is ideal for a yoga group this size. With a layout of over 500m (5382 square feet), you will be able to lounge between classes and enjoy casual chats, personal time and peaceful walks on the surrounding grounds.


  • 2 yoga classes a day
  • 1 seated meditation and breathing class a day
  • 2 healthy fresh and organic vegetarian meals each day
  • Tours to meet your requirements
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Award-winning villa
  • 5 days with instruction
  • English
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All four bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and high quality air conditioners; one of the bedrooms has a larger en-suite Jacuzzi bathroom. You can stroll around the Villa's 50,000 meters (538,200 square feet) of private land, sitting high on a hill where abundant organic fruit and over 100 olive trees grow. This natural and peaceful environment is further enhanced by dramatic views of the Adriatic Coast, mountains, countryside and distant towns. You will be perfectly located and equipped for a relaxing stay.

Additional features

  • 10 minute drive to Pescara city center with its elegant shops, cafe's and vibrant nightlife
  • 10 minute drive to the beach
  • Couple minutes drive to the closest charming piazza where there is a selection of cafe's and restaurants
  • Excellent location! Perfectly located to explore the beauty of Abruzzo region and its many charming villages
  • Free internet Wi-Fi
  • Free library of around 60 DVDs for the days you just want to stay in and relax
  • Free telephone calls to local landlines

Developing your toga practice living centered, empowered, and free

This program is designed for students who are excited about Yoga and interested in how they can develop a practice suited to them. It not only includes classes to help you hone your strength, flexibility, alignment and coordinated breath, but also incorporates breath work and meditative sitting (which you will come to understand as the true sources of transformation and the deeper reason for stretching and building strength).

You will also explore the power of passive, restorative (basic Yin) techniques to open the joints and relax the nervous system. Finally, evening sessions will offer you a chance to learn about Ayurveda, chanting and the foundations of Yoga through engaging films. All of these techniques fall under the umbrella of Yogaa term defined as union, which is founded on a union or sense of integrity withina regular visit to the calm center of yourself and a gradual return to the heart of your life and actions.

Day 1-2

  • Your first two days are designated for settling in and exploring Pescara/Abruzzo.

Day 3

  • 06.00 Breath work / meditative sitting
  • 08.00 Asana (physical practice), emphasis on foundation
  • 10.00 Brunch
  • 15.00 Restorative yoga session
  • 19.00 Dinner
  • 20.00 Movie : Yoga Unveiled

Day 4

  • 06.00 Breath work / meditative sitting
  • 08.00 Asana (physical practice), emphasis on breath linking
  • 10.00 Brunch
  • 15.00 Restorative yoga session
  • 19.00 Dinner
  • 20.00 Ayurveda intro

Day 5

  • 06.00 Breath work / meditative sitting
  • 08.00 Asana (physical practice), emphasis on forward bending
  • 10.00 Brunch
  • 15.00 Restorative yoga session
  • 19.00 Dinner
  • 20.00 Movie : Awake: The Life of Yogananda

Day 6

  • 06.00 Breath work / meditative sitting
  • 08.00 Asana (physical practice), emphasis on back bending
  • 10.00 Brunch
  • 15.00 Restorative yoga session
  • 19.00 Dinner
  • 20.00 Ayurveda of food and therapeutic approaches

Day 7

  • 06.00 Breath work / meditative sitting
  • 08.00 Asana (physical practice), emphasis on balance/inversions
  • 10.00 Brunch
  • 15.00 Restorative yoga session
  • 19.00 Dinner
  • 20.00 Satsang and choice of chanting, discussion of Gita or Yoga Sutras

Day 8

  • Explore Pescara and Abruzzo or simply relax in the Villa(tours can be arranged to show you around and included in the price).

Day 9

09:00 Check out

Restorative yoga times can also be viewed as optional free time, although the techniques applied will be like a yin-style, passive experience that encourages the body to open and relax. We will listen to gentle music enjoy this time to relax and feel into the bodys opening.

Evening activities

Films chosen to give the participant a solid idea of the lineage of Yoga, its major figures and how it moved and was adapted westward.

Ayurveda lectures give the participant an idea of Yogas sister science a 4000 + year-old system that is highly effective yet still only vaguely understood in the West. The slides used during the Ayurveda lecture will be made available to students after the course on requestthey are open access on the Internet through slideshare.

Chanting / kirtan

Countless articles are coming out on the benefits of this practice. I will lead call and response to some very common chants and we will then listen to some Kirtan tracks and participate in them. The repetition of the Sanskrit words is healing for the mindmany participants report feeling freedom and relief and a sense of lightness after this practice.


Defined as a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering. We will get together and reflect on what we have learned. Beginning with a few chants, I will start a discussion based on some basic prompt/questions. What have we learned? The premise for this discussion will be the shared heartwhen we come and sit together our hearts will be together in the room and the words spoken by all will be of shared experience. From this perspective, the participants will be encouraged to listen as if/because all that is shared is of potential benefit in terms of widening their own perspective of the experiences they have had and how they will take them into their daily lives after leaving.

Sacred text option

If people are keen on philosophy, the Bhagavad Gita (Stephen Mitchell translation most recommended) will be an option to read beforehand and discuss. A pivotal poem within the most venerated Indian text the Mahabarata, the Gita is an easy read and quite powerful/illuminating. Every time you run through it, you see something completely new. Its suggestive and poetic style is a worthwhile experience and discussions of it can only increase its benefits. The Yoga Sutras are profound concepts that enhance the practice of Yoga by suggesting in very precise ways one can approach life to achieve more advanced stages of freedom from its catches and stresses. Most of which originate in ones thinking and framing of informationthe activity of the mind.

The Abruzzo region is renowned for its Montepulciano DAbruzzo wine; the Abruzzo Adriatic coastline with its long stretch of beaches along the Abruzzo coast; wonderful fresh Abruzzo cuisine, shopping and elegant caffes in the most popular Abruzzo destination of Pescara; some of the most beautiful Abruzzo medieval villages in all of Italy rivaling those in Tuscany; Europes largest natural reserve park - the Abruzzo mountain ranges and of course the warm friendly people of Abruzzo. As Abruzzo is not yet discovered by mass tourists visiting Italy, prices are reasonable and dining out in Abruzzo means that you are always guaranteed fresh wonderful authentic Abruzzo food at lower prices and a much warmer welcome and hospitality - which makes the region of Abruzzo a truly special place and Pescara the ideal base to explore its beauty and charm.


  • Mountains (where you can ski in winter and enjoy nature in the summer), 40 km
  • Pescara airport - 15 minute drive
  • Pescara train station and main bus station - 10 minute drive
  • Rome - 2 hour drive or bus ride

You will dine in a spacious living area overlooking the Adriatic Coast and countryside, or you can choose to dine "al-fresco" on the large terrace while you enjoy the stunning panorama. Two buffets will be servedbrunch and dinnerat 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., featuring a healthy range of cuisine that is also representative of the tastes Italy is famous for! Early morning tea and coffee will be available from 7.00 -8.00 a.m. Please inform of any dietary restrictions upon registration so that we can ensure you variety and enjoyable, healthy meals.

The sources of the Pescara river make for an ideal picnic spot, and feature two nature trails; its karst springs form a lake where it is possible to snorkel or scuba-dive. The Tirino river, rather, is the ideal location to canoe or mountain-bike along its shores, an 18.6-mile long network of trails.

The territory is the ideal place for birdwatching, trekking and photography, in discovery of the animal kingdom, particularly the wolf and the chamois.

The area of Roccamaiore (Valle dell'Orta) is one of the major climbing sites in Italy. It is also possible to reach - by walking or cycling - the Grotta dei Piccioni, the Cisterna Cascade and the Grotta Scura, which is the beginning of a 1.247-feet cavity.

The Angri Valley offers several opportunities, from free climbing to trekking, even horseback riding. The Natural Reserve of Voltigno and the Angri valley offer possibilities for gliding, thanks to the presence of valley breezes and mountain winds. It is also possible to fish in a small, high-altitude lake.

The Caramaico Terme allows visitors to pursue wellness while vacationing in a typical medieval village. Try the massages and beauty treatments, primarily utilizing thermal waters and muds.

The coastline offers both relaxation and summer sport activity: swimming, spinning, water bike, beach volleyball, beach golf, windsurfing, and watercraft rentals. Not only, but many of the province's beaches have received recognitions for their maintenance, quality, and accessibility.

  • 1 daily meditation / breath work session a day
  • 2 fresh and organic vegetarian meals each day
  • 2 yoga classes a day
  • 8 nights accommodation in an award-winning villa.
  • Tours to meet your requirement
  • Flight ticket

Arrival by airplane

Pescara is only a short flight away from London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan and other key European cities. You will land at Pescara Airport (PSR) and a within a short 15 minute drive from the airport you will arrive at villa. For a list of flights to Pescara Airport please visit

Arrival by bus

There are also very convenient and comfortable direct buses from Rome Fiumicino Airport with Pronto Bus. It takes around 2 or 2 and half hours to reach Pescara. You may visit their website here to book your tickets

Driving to Pescara

  • Should you wish to hire your own car and drive to Pescara, you can take the very efficient Motorway, or Austostrada.
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.


  • Review by Dennis F

    "The villa is perched on a hill, with views of the sea, neighboring villages, and the mountains. Olive trees grace the property. It is quiet, but offering easy access to the surrounding area, from the beaches of Pescara or inland to mountain villages. Also it is a pleasant walk to the nearby charming village of Monte Silvano. Generally, though, a car is absolutely necessary."

    "What would make it better? Very little. Like most homes some little things are not noticed, such as a need for more kitchen cleaning aides, instructions for the appliances (unfamiliar to North Americans). A significant improvement would be handholds for the bathtub in the master bedroom."

    "Would I recommend the rental to friends? Absolutely. Would I return? Absolutely!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Debbie from Florida, USA

    "This well appointed villa was perfect for four couples who explored the Abruzzo Region. It has all the modern conveniences of the U.S. and the owner is just a call or text away. Her family lives nearby and was available to assist us as needed. There is a huge grocery store nearby for food and wine. The pannificios are nearby for your morning cornette and cappucinis. There is a washing machine so don't pack a lot and the modern kitchen has an American size coffee pot, 3 espresso pots, toaster, microwave and full size refrigerator. You must have a car but you will find yourself just wanting to sit on the porches and enjoy the fabulous views of the Adriatic, the mountains and nearby hilltop towns. There are several towns you will want to explore nearby within an hours drive. The people are so friendly and inviting you will want to return. After a day of sight seeing, you will enjoy your home away from home. This is an unknown gem that you won't want to pass up."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Francesca B from Canada

    "From the moment I arrived at Villa Adriatica I felt like paradise had been found. It really was only a short drive from Pescara Airport, despite it being August! It took about 15 minutes at most. The pictures I have seen of the Villa are stunning but in person it is even bigger than I imagined and the view- I am speechless. I found myself repeatedly uttering the words, WOW & so beautiful. I am planning a Yoga Retreat there next summer and wanted to ensure the facilities adequate for my group. I am most certainly impressed and will definitely be returning to the Villa next summer and possibly many more time after. "

    "The premises are so clean and although it was 35C outside, the villa was a perfect temperature as the wind blew through the windows and the marble floors throughout were grounding and cooling."

    "The property manager was perfectly professional, prompt and friendly. Any request I had was addressed immediately. For example I had the wrong converter for my phone charger and he lent me his personal one. The villa is fully equipped for meal preparations of any sort. And as it is so large I have no problem with the idea of hosting a dozen yogis there. Even with shared accommodations we will all have ample room for privacy."

    "I spent my time at the villa alone in the evenings and felt 100% safe. There I was a woman travelling alone on the top of a mountain in a 5500 sq.ft. Villa - my own little sanctuary. Needless to say, I did not want to leave!"

    "The beaches and the surrounding villages are spectacular as well. As I was only there for a week, I did not want to venture too far from Pescara. Within 30 minutes of Pescara I visited numerous tiny villages, each one with something special to offer. "

    "I cannot wait for next summer to come to host my yoga retreat there. Villa Adriatica can easily become my home away from home."

    "Loved everything from the nearby restaurants to the people and all the sites to see. I should have brought bug spray however as I did get numerous mosquito bites the first night. Other than that, NO complaints. And for the record, I do have very high expectations and do fall into the class of a world traveler. "

    "Visit with your family, friends or on your own. Retreats, getaways, family time, whatever, this villa can meet your needs!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Sally from Denmark

    "I enjoyed a relaxed stay in the Abruzzo villa. An important factor for me is that the area is green, lush and tranquil, and yet close to the airport and trains station. It was super easy to reach the villa. The rooms are spacious and the beds comfortable and cosy. "

    "I love the small villages nearby, and the fact that the area wasn't over-run by tourists. There is a true authentic feel and atmosphere, which I really appreciated. The villa was clean and I had everything I needed. I am definitely returning again!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited