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AdventureYogi creates adventurous and relaxing yoga holidays and retreats in the United Kingdom and other destinations abroad.

Instructors 4

Chetana Thornton

Chetana trained as a yoga teacher in 1998 in India with B.S Iyengar in Ashtanga Vinyasa and followed that with Sivananda in 1999. She trained in yoga therapy 500-hour training in 2000. Her classes are known to offer many supportive adjustments naturally, as bodywork, meridian, and acupressure are her background foundation. She is also a qualified Thai yoga massage therapist and Vortex healing practitioner.

Rebecca Keenaghan

Rebecca’s style of teaching is both tender and soulful yet deep and satisfying. Rebecca’s love and passion for all things yoga is obvious in her classes. You will feel her joyful and playful energy and experience the soul soothing balm that is yoga. She has studied with many inspiring and well-seasoned yogis such as Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Kino Macgregor, Danny Paradise, David Williams, and David Swenson.

Wenche Krag Beard

Born in Norway, Wenche (pronounced Venca) is a global yogini with a wanderlust soul living and breathing her love for yoga and life. She trained as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2000 and now dedicates her yoga classes and her own yoga practice to the journey of joyful living. In 2014, Wenche created and started her own yoga school in England, Yoga Life Studio, of which its 200-hour yoga teacher training program is accredited by Yoga Alliance UK, where she now shares her knowledge and birthing new yoga teachers into the world.

British Wheel of Yoga (Yoga)

Louise Gillespie-Smith

Louise has spent time living at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India, learning Hatha series and living a yogic lifestyle. She has traveled around India learning from different yoga teachers. She also trained to teach Vinyasa flow yoga in the foothills of the Himalayas and trained in trauma sensitive yoga which brings the therapeutic and mindfulness aspect of yoga to help heal sufferers of trauma and stress. Her classes have a strong focus of heart opening, releasing emotions, acceptance, and being present. She teaches a mixture of energizing flow yoga and a slower mindful practice.

Reviews 14

Steve Oldfield

from Switzerland, November 2017

"Bliss, with a side order of fun! "

Loved the balance of great yoga with Wenche, lovely relax around the pool, great fun around the bar (!), fabulous trips out, and great companionship and spirit of the group.

Jill Ferrie

from United Arab Emirates, July 2017

"Sunshine yoga santorini "

Yoga teacher, vibes, spiritual aspect, relaxing surroundings.


from United States, January 2018


Yoga practice was excellent, food was wonderful, thank you for being so accommodating!

Muriel Kosovsky

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Amazing new year yoga experience!"

Yoga and mediation amazing

Food amazing


from Germany, January 2018

"Yoga in Wales"

The yoga classes were very enjoyable and there was a good balance of planned activities and free time. The food was really good, too.

Anoushka Boodhna

from Great Britain, January 2018

Yoga by Amy was great

Jodie Goldsmith

from Great Britain, November 2017

"Really enjoyable and relaxing weekend"

Charlotte was an amazing chef. She manged to make the food both beautiful to look at and really delicious. No mean feat considering it was a strict detox diet!!

She was also incredibly helpful in answering all my "how did you make this taste so good?" questions. I've already recreated the green smoothie (mine still needs work!) and the smokey roasted beetroot (yummy and so simple!) Kimchi is next on my list. I've definitely changed the way I'm cooking and eating since I got back home.

Rebecca was a really great yoga teacher with so much experience in all different styles of yoga. Every lesson was different and interesting. I now practise the breathing exercises she taught us on a daily basis. She managed to make yoga very approachable and human.

My fellow course goers were also lovely!

Altogether a really great weekend. Thank you so much to everyone. I've managed to bring my zen peace of mind back into my daily life which is incredibly strengthening.


from Romania, November 2017

location, detox food, bedroom

Neil Oakes

from Great Britain, November 2017

"A relaxed weekend away"

Great location relaxing environment ,yoga and meditation was spot on , meeting nice people with same interest


from Great Britain, October 2017

"Lovely yoga teacher -"

Bess was a brilliant teacher . Thanks


from Great Britain, October 2017

"Relaxation yoga weekend "

Great location Beautiful old Manor House. Yoga team very warm and friendly

Line Berggreen Jorgensen

from Denmark, October 2017

"Amazing facilitets, food and people! "

Everything was absolutly great, helping and fun personel along with fantastic food, cozy Rooms and beautiful beaches! Lovely yoga instructor to tip it off!

Testimonials 5

Claire UK

Adventure Yogi website

A relaxing and nourishing retreat for the body and soul in the heart of the countryside. I arrived feeling frazzled and left at the end of the weekend feeling more relaxed than i have felt in ages.The delicious home cooked vegetarian food, relaxing and restoring yoga, massages, walks, time to just sit and relax combined to make a truly wonderful weekend. The yoga instruction was excellent and suitable for all levels of experience. The setting was beautiful and the accommodation perfect. I will definitely return.


Adventure Yogi website

Stunning location, amazing little areas, the nook, outdoor kitchen Im coming back for the tree house! Katherine was a fantastic teacher and the fire space was perfect. The info before the weekend was fantastic, the correspondence friendly and the weekend very well organized. Wonderful weekend of bliss, Thank you!


Adventure Yogi website

I wanted a weekend that took me out of myself and provided some relaxation and a focus on health and spirit. I left feeling happy and a bit cherished too, which was very welcome! Delicious food, warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Andrea UK

Adventure Yogi website

AdventureYogi ran a glorious winter yoga retreat at a Norfolk area old historic manor. The yoga was patient, calm and yet a healthy challenge for all levels. Food was healthy, tasty and plentiful. The full AdventureYogi team made it a wonderful break from a hectic life in London. Thanks Ladies!

Alexie UK

Adventure Yogi website

Magical garden, beautiful main house. Adventure Yogi is exactly what it says on the tin. Adventurous spirit and yogi level yoga, perfect for some healthy, holistic escapism and head space - a must try!

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