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Ajarya Yoga Academy

Rishikesh, India

Ajarya Yoga Academy has been conceived with the purpose of bringing the best in yoga teachings to sincere learners who in turn would adopt these learning.

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      • Marquis United Kingdom

        Ajarya Yoga Academy Website

        It has been a wonderful experience and the teachers are so inspiring. They are motivated to impart as much wisdom as possible in the time we had. I feel as though it is only the beginning of my journey, but it has been an amazing start and is priceless. Thank you!

      • Nguyen United States

        Ajarya Yoga Academy Website

        The teachers set a very safe and positive environment for us and let us grow as a group to become closer and strength individually. They are always very helpful and cared a lot about our growth and well being. Thank you!!

      • Sirli Estonia

        Ajarya Yoga Academy Website

        Knowledgeable and beautiful experience overall. The teachers know a lot and are professional and try to share as much as they know and the more we know even more we feel we want and need to learn more. I like the modern safety approach to the asanas, which consider the necessities of very body and how not to injure. I also enjoyed the stretchiness and intensively, so I feel a lot of progress and didn’t give myself never opportunity find excuses. I definitely would recommend it to other people who want physically challenging training.

      • Nyoman Indonesia

        Ajarya Yoga Academy Website

        Thank you so much for the new thing I got it, very good how we adjust the poses!

      • Eva Denmark

        Ajarya Yoga Academy Website

        Amazing teachers! You guys have amazing guidelines. Hired living right next to the yoga shala, with good energy.

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