Akshi Yogashala

Akshi Yogashala is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School and Hatha yoga teacher training facility in Rishikesh, India.

Instructors 4

Vivek Arya

As a young boy, Sri Vivek’s passion for yoga was quickly obvious to father, who started him on the path to understanding. His thirst for knowledge led him to 15 years of living in an ashram, and into the Himalayas to study yoga and philosophy. Inspired by his burning desire to learn, the sages welcomed him, and taught him mystic ways unknown to many. Today, Sri Vivek is pursuing his PhD in yoga, with a goal to never stop learning and dedicate himself to humanity.

Sanjeev Pandey Ji

Yogacharya Sanjeev Pandey Ji is a very popular Pranayama teacher in Rishikesh whose teaching style is enough to attract people to learn pranayama. The techniques he uses to teach pranayama are so impactful that no student is left without becoming a perfect master of this breathing form. His love for yoga was so intense that he even left his running business and started a life of a true yogi. He adopts the basic tenets of Hathayogapradipika, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Gheranda Samhita in his teaching methodologies which make them so unique and interesting.

Sandeep Pandey Ji

Yogacharya Sandeep Pandey Ji is a master of meditation and pranayama. He had learned meditation and relaxation techniques from the different ashrams of Rishikesh which made him have a deeper insight into the many aspects of this art. He started his yogic journey as a disciple of Guru Swami Veda Bharti Ji in the Rama Sadhaka Ashram when he was only 11 years old. He is now pursuing Ph.D. in Yoga and is also now teaching the meditation and pranayama to the aspiring yogis.

Yogi Ashish

Yogi Ashish’s charm lies in his dynamic teaching style and attractive personality. He is teaching yoga since last six years and within just a short period of time has shown exceptional mastery of teaching. He learned yoga from the International School of Yoga, Ved Niketan Dham in Rishikesh and also got the master degree in yogic science from the Sanskrit University in Uttarakhand. He is an avid traveler and love exploring new things. He had also attended many seminars and workshops on sports, physical education, and yoga.

Reviews 16


from Great Britain, August 2018

"Perfect in so many ways, but...."

The cost. The accommodation. The food was excellent. The Himalayan Sunrise guide and experience. The companionship of the yoga teacher trainees at mealtimes.

Jesse Gallo

from United States, April 2018

"I had the best trip ever at Akshi Yogashala"

Akshi Yogashala was fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in Yoga & Meditation book here. Whether you are a beginner or very experienced, they accommodate to your needs. It is a fantastic blend of Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy, and tours around the location. This included time in the Himalayan mountains, visiting a temple, seeing the ceremony at the Ganga and more.

The instructors were top quality. I can spend hours talking about each of them, but to keep the post short I will just briefly point out a few. Rahul was special, such a wise man who spoke to us about every topic. Very enlightening. Speaking to Rahul was one of the highlights of my trip. My Yoga instructor Avanish was an expert, but he allowed me as a beginner to move at my own pace. He worked with me on posture, pace, and meditation as well. Fantastic. Shree Miter also spoke to us about and was a wealth of wisdom. Surendra did such a fabulous job making sure the program ran smooth and we had everything we needed.

Did I mention they threw me a surprise bday party with a cake!! They found out is was my bday and threw me a party and we danced. This is an amazing place and I would recommend anyone and everyone visit.

Last thing, if you are wondering where you should go for yoga I would say without a doubt go to Rishikesh India. It will be something you will never forget. The energy is stunning.

Gabriela Miranda

from India, April 2017

"Great time"

The yoga lessons, the food and the extra activities

Suzie Bavolarova

from Great Britain, March 2018

Teachers were amazing. Very supportive and kind. Room was lovely with large comfy bed. Delicious satvic food. Beautiful location


from Nepal, October 2017

"School perfect, hotel could improve"

The teachers were great, warm and professional. We learned a lot not just about asanas, but also philosophy and yogic lifestyle.

Hugo Silva

from Greece, May 2017

All the teachers and the methodology in some issues. They were really really good!!

Ingeborg Van Der Geest

from Netherlands, March 2018

"Hello ji"

The group and the care they gave us

Timo Schmitt

from United States, November 2017

"Akshi fam. "

The Ashki Yogashala was a great experience - I would say you can find easily a new family with your student colleagues, you shear emotion and feelings with people who you didn’t know before, and after the four weeks, when everybody goes its owne ways again, it’s like you loose a part of family even closer as most of your own family...

The school is strict and most organized, what is very good. The teachers are very good. In general all teacher was very competent and long in practice, they did a very good job with all of us students. I would call it patient and empathetic.

The rooms was good/appropriate for a Ashram - the manager - teacher and stuff was always friendly and helpful like if you are a part of their own family. The location is nice and quiet what is important for a intense time like the teacher training.

Carolina Cigarroa

from United States, August 2017

Everything was how it supossed to be ... I get so much more of what I can have in my hands. People here is lovely, careing and great teachers. A lot of wisdom to share of them. I defiantly recommend this 100% and I will defintly want to come back!!

Testimonials 5

Paloma Ivanova

Book Yoga Retreats

My experience at Akshi Yogashala YTS was top. Rated 10. The schedule was well planned , teachers were qualified and trained us well, the activities included suited our programme. The accommodation provided was good, food was healthy and delicious, the staff were great. Overall very pleasant ambiance for learning in the beautiful Rishikesh!

Sandra Romero Spain

Akshi Yogashala's website

All the classes have been wonderful especially pranayama, it has been incredible to attend their classes and get to know about pranayama in deep level, asana teachers were very professional, knowledgeable, and passionate, all the theoretical classes were interesting and got something new to know in each class. Balance between practical and theoretical was great. Everything has been very balanced. Accommodation has been wonderful and I felt like staying at home, its been a like a beautiful family, everybody has respect and affection for each other, I am very grateful for food everyday, I like the taste and variation in food.Its been a lovely journey for me. It was an eye opening experience..namaste!

Alisha Conrad United States

Akshi Yogashala's website

I really liked all of my teachers, I thought that they were all nice, easy to connect with and very helpful. What I liked most was how comfortable teachers made me feel comfortable they made me feel so I could always ask them questions any question and liked also how our hatha, astanga, meditation and pranayama teachers deepen my practice and made me practice further, I liked how easy was it to understand our lecture classes of anatomy, philosophy and Ayurveda. Food was very nice and was full of variations, I was very comfortable with my stay, and staff was very helpful and kind. It was an amazing experience for me…thank you..namaste!

Kailee Odell United States

Akshi Yogashala's website

All of my teachers were very passionate about their subjects which was really great, asana teachers were very respective about us which I really appreciate. Vivek ji made classes very interesting and is an excellent teacher, tanu is a wonderful meditation teacher. I loved the Ayurveda and mantra was mine favorite. Balance of lecture and theoretical classes was amazing, the rotation of lecture and physical classes was very good. The rooms were comfortable and clean, the location of school is incredible staff was very helpful ready to help in any situation, everyone is extremely understanding and helpful, I am really happy to have studied in Akshi yogashala. Food was really good from the beginning to last. Every class was useful in its own way. I had an amazing experience at akshi yogashala….om…Namaste!

Pradeep Rakkar Canada

Akshi Yogashala's website

Classes were very good. I liked the way they were broken down and eventually they all connected with the information from each topic. All the teachers were very good, balance between lecture and practical was amazing. It was well balanced. Overall stay at akshi was good, staff were all friendly and accommodating. Food was totally tasty, and was full of variations.

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