Akshi Yogashala

Rishikesh , India

Akshi Yogashala is an Alliance Certified Hatha yoga teacher training facility in Rishikesh, India.

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Vivek Arya

Vivek Ji is known for providing reflective thoughts on each lesson to its students. He is a very knowledgeable yogi whose passion for yoga started at a young age. His father recognized his interest for yoga and motivated him into the life of a yogi. Vivek Ji had spent fifteen years learning yoga in an ashram, but his keenness to learn more made him venture into the Himalayas where he took mystic lessons from the sages. He also learned Naturopathy, Pranic healing, Acupressure, philosophy of Buddhism, Jainism and Sufism, Anatomy, and Physiology. He is now pursuing Ph.D.

Sanjeev Pandey Ji

Yogacharya Sanjeev Pandey Ji is a very popular Pranayama teacher in Rishikesh whose teaching style is enough to attract people to learn pranayama. The techniques he uses to teach pranayama are so impactful that no student is left without becoming a perfect master of this breathing form. His love for yoga was so intense that he even left his running business and started a life of a true yogi. He adopts the basic tenets of Hathayogapradipika, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Gheranda Samhita in his teaching methodologies which make them so unique and interesting.

Sandeep Pandey Ji

Yogacharya Sandeep Pandey Ji is a master of meditation and pranayama. He had learned meditation and relaxation techniques from the different ashrams of Rishikesh which made him have a deeper insight into the many aspects of this art. He started his yogic journey as a disciple of Guru Swami Veda Bharti Ji in the Rama Sadhaka Ashram when he was only 11 years old. He is now pursuing Ph.D. in Yoga and is also now teaching the meditation and pranayama to the aspiring yogis.

Yogi Ashish

Yogi Ashish’s charm lies in his dynamic teaching style and attractive personality. He is teaching yoga since last six years and within just a short period of time has shown exceptional mastery of teaching. He learned yoga from the International School of Yoga, Ved Niketan Dham in Rishikesh and also got the master degree in yogic science from the Sanskrit University in Uttarakhand. He is an avid traveler and love exploring new things. He had also attended many seminars and workshops on sports, physical education, and yoga.

Yogi Vikas

Yogi Vikas is a famous yoga teacher for his exceptional style of teaching. He was also awarded for his excellence in World Yogasan Championship. He learned yoga from the famous Vishwaguru School of Yoga “Ved Niketan Dham” in Rishikesh. His four years of teaching experience has given him enough skills to comprehend his student's needs and teach them with precision and the keen eye on details on each aspect of yoga.

Tanushree Rawat

Tanushree teaches asanas, pranayama, meditation and other yoga forms to the people with great precision and dedication. She has seven years of yogic journey to her credit, which allows her to add newness and authenticity to the yoga. She did her post graduation in yoga from Sanskrit University in Haridwar. She also did six-month training from Ved Niketan Ashram and 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training from Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul. She had also been part of many internationally run seminars and had been invited the speaker in Californication beauty and spa in Kazakhstan.

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  • Timo Schmitt United States

    November 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The Ashki Yogashala was a great experience - I would say you can find easily a new family with your student colleagues, you shear emotion and feelings with people who you didn’t know before, and after the four weeks, when everybody goes its owne ways again, it’s like you loose a part of family even closer as most of your own family...

    The school is strict and most organized, what is very good. The teachers are very good. In general all teacher was very competent and long in practice, they did a very good job with all of us students. I would call it patient and empathetic.

    The rooms was good/appropriate for a Ashram - the manager - teacher and stuff was always friendly and helpful like if you are a part of their own family. The location is nice and quiet what is important for a intense time like the teacher training.

    The internet situation, it was just working for some hours a day ...

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The teachers were great, warm and professional. We learned a lot not just about asanas, but also philosophy and yogic lifestyle.

    The hotel was noicy - both the yoga hall and the rooms. The staff of the hotel was friendly, but restaurant did not always function in time - maybe nothing in Nepal does..

  • Carolina Cigarroa United States

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Everything was how it supossed to be ... I get so much more of what I can have in my hands. People here is lovely, careing and great teachers. A lot of wisdom to share of them. I defiantly recommend this 100% and I will defintly want to come back!!

  • Hugo Silva Greece

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    All the teachers and the methodology in some issues. They were really really good!!

    Room cleaning could be better but it's OK ?

  • Gabriela Miranda India

    April 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The yoga lessons, the food and the extra activities

  • Kaila Thornton United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I took both the 200 and 300 YTTC at Rishikul Yogshala and the sister yoga school, Akshi Yogshala. My journey with the excellent teachers, and staff was quite an experience that changed my life forever. Many programs can offer someone the culture of India being based out of India, but what this amazing group of people gave to not only I but also many others the soul better yet the prana that is yoga.Accommodations are more than just comfortable, every need was met and every question answered, and each lesson more valuable than the next. Rishikul Yogshala operates like a family unit, which I believe makes the difference between a good and great organization. The experience of the course is set by your own capabilities, which each Master personally seeks to expound upon making you greater than you ever could hope to be. The program offers an array of benefits that replenish the heart, body, mind, and spirit with courses, which consisted of Shat Kriya, Philosophy, Anatomy, Mantra, Alignment, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, along with the classical wellknown aspects of yoga, which are Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa.The yogshalas are both located in Ram Jhula a small village in Rishekish city, which is a jewel of India and the Yoga Capital of the world. A Holy city which will capture the attention of even the most skeptical individual and give them a sense of Spiritual awakening to new cultures and a new way of living. Rishikesh is home to the most welcoming and open people sure to bring a smile to ones face and warmth to the heart. The Ganga River a powerful connection to the Hindu faith and imminent source of life runs through the town revitalizing everything and everyone who are fortunate enough to see and experience the mystical source which is mother Ganga. The traditional Festivals of the town brought many near and far to the city such as the month of Shiva, Guru Day, Onam festival, Independence Day, festival of brother and sister, and shortly approaching the celebration of Lord Krishna. The locals welcome the increase activity to the city and accommodate the trekkers into their business for food and other refreshments to ensure a safe and comfortable journey to the mountains.The city of Rishikesh offers a splendor of scenic views such as the Beatles ashram, Himalayas, iconic temples, nature trails and majestic water falls. A place filled with holy monks better known as Swamis, yoga masters, and citizens all field with the essence that makes Indias beauty deeper and more prevalent to those from other nations and walks of life. A place where every form of life is cherished and treated with the upmost respect can only be found in a place that sees God in everything and everyone. There is a great lesson to be learned from every aspect that creates the environment that is known as Rishikesh city. One that I am happy to observe and learn as I continue to explore Life, truth, and beauty, which lies in this town and its people.

  • Thomas France


    Très bonne expérience, les professeurs supers ..un léger hic sur la nourriture un peu répétitive mais sinon tout très bien à conseiller !!

Testimonials 144

  • Paloma Ivanova

    Book Yoga Retreats

    My experience at Akshi Yogashala YTS was top. Rated 10. The schedule was well planned , teachers were qualified and trained us well, the activities included suited our programme. The accommodation provided was good, food was healthy and delicious, the staff were great. Overall very pleasant ambiance for learning in the beautiful Rishikesh!

  • Sandra Romero Spain

    Akshi Yogashala's website

    All the classes have been wonderful especially pranayama, it has been incredible to attend their classes and get to know about pranayama in deep level, asana teachers were very professional, knowledgeable, and passionate, all the theoretical classes were interesting and got something new to know in each class. Balance between practical and theoretical was great. Everything has been very balanced. Accommodation has been wonderful and I felt like staying at home, its been a like a beautiful family, everybody has respect and affection for each other, I am very grateful for food everyday, I like the taste and variation in food.Its been a lovely journey for me. It was an eye opening experience..namaste!

  • Alisha Conrad United States

    Akshi Yogashala's website

    I really liked all of my teachers, I thought that they were all nice, easy to connect with and very helpful. What I liked most was how comfortable teachers made me feel comfortable they made me feel so I could always ask them questions any question and liked also how our hatha, astanga, meditation and pranayama teachers deepen my practice and made me practice further, I liked how easy was it to understand our lecture classes of anatomy, philosophy and Ayurveda. Food was very nice and was full of variations, I was very comfortable with my stay, and staff was very helpful and kind. It was an amazing experience for me…thank you..namaste!

  • Kailee Odell United States

    Akshi Yogashala's website

    All of my teachers were very passionate about their subjects which was really great, asana teachers were very respective about us which I really appreciate. Vivek ji made classes very interesting and is an excellent teacher, tanu is a wonderful meditation teacher. I loved the Ayurveda and mantra was mine favorite. Balance of lecture and theoretical classes was amazing, the rotation of lecture and physical classes was very good. The rooms were comfortable and clean, the location of school is incredible staff was very helpful ready to help in any situation, everyone is extremely understanding and helpful, I am really happy to have studied in Akshi yogashala. Food was really good from the beginning to last. Every class was useful in its own way. I had an amazing experience at akshi yogashala….om…Namaste!

  • Pradeep Rakkar Canada

    Akshi Yogashala's website

    Classes were very good. I liked the way they were broken down and eventually they all connected with the information from each topic. All the teachers were very good, balance between lecture and practical was amazing. It was well balanced. Overall stay at akshi was good, staff were all friendly and accommodating. Food was totally tasty, and was full of variations.

  • Juan Carlos Spain

    Akshi Yogashala's website

    I think all the teachers are pretty good, each of them has their own style of teaching. My favorite was hatha and pranayama, although I really liked everything, I think teachers with good teaching method makes us to feel more interested about what they teaching, I wish I could spend more time at akshi. It was the perfect balance between practical and theory classes according to the capacity level of students. My stay was good, I felt very comfortable. Food was very delicious and healthy, I was very comfortable with everything at school. It was a wonderful journey. Namaste.om

  • Andras Demeter Hungary

    Akshi Yogashala's website

    Pranayama was my favorite, anatomy and meditation also been interesting subject for me, Alignment and adjustment was very professional. The morning and evening practical classes were very comfortable. All the teachers are very knowledgeable about their subject, they always have been helpful during the course, were always ready to fulfill the needs of students. It was a well balance of practical and theoretical classes.It was good mixture of physical and mental activities. Accommodation and hospitality of staff was amazing. Food was excellent and I felt that kitchen staff was very dedicated to provide us tasty food and was helpful all the time with our special requests. The system for pranayama practice clearly given us inspiration. as a yoga seeker I found it a precious thing. Am very with my stay and learning with akshi facilities. I am thankful and grateful to everyone at akshi. Om.

  • Robin

    TripAdvisor website

    I found in akshi yogashala highly experienced and intelligent teachers who would tell us many things that are not even found in the prescribed syllabus. Many teachers would also give us a chance to explore, analyze and ask questions, this would make class highly interesting and motivating. For instance Vivek Arya, Sandeep Pandey ji and others have master degree in yoga and teach meticulously and articulately by understanding our body needs.

  • Pangrak

    TripAdvisor website

    I had such a great experience for 200 hr. Yoga teacher training here in Akshi Yoga shala.

    Its my first time to be in India and am so excited as it's my dream trips.

    I got a recommend from my friend to come to Rishikesh and I found Akshi Yoga shala in website and I decided to join here after checked all the program training, pictures and all review so, am not any disappointed from information and the real place, real program.

    Rishikesh is absolutely holy place and am glad that I be here in Akshi Yoga shala.

    All program training it's exactly what I'm looking for... I don't need fitness yoga but I need real yoga... The sole of yoga, the meaning of yoga and I got it here in Akshi Yoga shala.

    After finished the training until now, couple of months passed... I still think about the moment that I was there with their people's.

    The place it's clean… I mean room and the school.

    Foods is amazing as am not a vegetarian people but I can stay there for 5 week without any enjoin.

    The teacher it impress me everyone. I can enjoin it with every class and not feeling boring. There's just like friend's who can share me there knowledge and tell me anything I need to know about yoga.

    After finished the class I realize that Yoga is kind of Arts...

    -Mind and body Arts

    I got lots of things to improve myself for the next step as yoga teacher and it's not just Asana only... Because Yoga it's not just Asana...

    Akshi yoga just gave me great memories of yoga and about Rishikesh, India... They made me love India more now.

  • Pintu India

    Akshi Yogashala's written papaer

    The Teachers were good. I really felt comfortable around them. They were always available to answer questions and explaining doubts. All are very knowledgeable people. My stay was comfortable. All the staff were great. Food was good. Overall great experience!!

  • Gurinder Kaur India

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    During the training course, I have improved my practice, also improved my teaching method. Alignment and adjustment classes and Mantra singing with Tanu ji were actually overwhelming. All the teachers were great. Lectures and experiential learning, both are important and must be carried out in balance. Though, I personally feel that, for me, experiential knowledge is more important. Food and accommodation is good. Staff are very helpful.

  • Maithili Singapore

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    Everything is useful! I thought I knew more about yoga before this course than I actually did. It has been incredibly insightful, very well organized and such a fantastic experience all around. The insight into yoga philosophy and meditation was particularly helpful for me, as my knowledge in these areas was limited.

  • Lenka Hlavickova Czechia

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    Most useful about the course is the more approach of the teachers and all the classes. All the teachers were great. Ashish and Jitender great expert teachers. Accommodation was great!! Great teachers, facilities. Food was amazing. Thanks for the kitchen staff. You did the great job!

    Jeet- amazing, been wanting a guru like him for years now. So friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about his job. Will miss him.

    Ashish- Amazing, a great Hatha teacher. Loved his intense asana session. An excellent organiser of lessons.

    Tanu- Awesome! Patient, sweet and encouraging. Make for a great mantra teacher.

    Vivek- Very knowledgeable, good philosophy and anatomy sessions.

    All the teachers of all subjects are good. Perfect balance in the courses. My stay was awesome. Staff was so friendly. Food was awesome.

  • Jessica Brouté France

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    The asana and alignment, pranayama, anatomy, ayurveda, meditation, philosophy and matra… I enjoyed all of them. The asana teachers were both amazing.!! The mantra teachers were perfect for the mantras and really useful for the meditation. The pranayama teaching is full of energy, really precise and the balance with practice and explanation was well done. I really enjoy the Ayurveda classes, really precise and clear. I would love to have had more asanas classes with these teachers but iI know that it would be difficult to put more on the schedule. I really appreciated and learned a looooooooooott!! Food was great.

  • Monti Thomas France

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    Practice, yoga learning, hatha yoga, lesson class and ashtanga vinyasa most useful in the training. Ashtanga Vinyasa class is very powerful. All the Teachers were good. Food was really good.

  • Adriana Costa Rica

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    All the teachers were amazing and very knowledgeable. There is good balance between lecture and experiential learning. My stay was very nice. Food was very good. I wish you all many blessing and thank you for the time we spent together. I enjoyed my time here very much. It was very special and I will keep this memory and period of time close to my heart.

  • Sabrie Marion Mexico

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    The Hatha and Ashtanga classes were excellent during the yoga training. I also found useful that the training included physical and more intellectual course. All the teachers are good and have great knowledge about their subject. Ashish ji, Jitender ji and Vivek ji are amazing teachers. My stay was good. Good food, as well!!

  • Kristina Hlavicova Czech Republic

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    I got a really good foundation for my future practice. Also, I got here a good motivation to change something and habits in my life, complexity of information was very useful - not only asana, we learned everything in context. All the teachers were excellent and professionals!! I admire Vivek ji for his great knowledge and ability to explain complicated things simply. I really like Jitender ji’s passion for learning and ability to explain with yoga and ability to give us good advice on how to do asana properly and how to prepare our body. I also liked Ashish ji’s lesson. Through Alignment and Adjustment, I understood how to do asanas and what mistakes I used to do. Balance was perfect. I am really glad to have gained complex information. I am happy for my decision to quit my job and come to India. I don’t think that my life will rapidly change, but I hope I will be able to keep the peace and love in my heart for the whole life. Food was good. Many Thanks to Kitchen staff!!

  • Katie Duggan Ireland

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    During my yoga teacher training course I really enjoyed the asana classes. I learned a lot about my body so that I can keep self-improving my practice safely. All the information was overwhelming and very helpful. All the teachers were very nice and passionate about their job. Balance was great between lecture and experiential learning. My overall stay was good and comfortable. Food and kitchen staff was good at ashram. Great experience!!

  • Preetshikha India

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    This has been a great learning experience for me. Many things I knew before, but after coming here I was able to understand those things. I knew Yoga is good for us but why yoga is good, that understating I got here. Learning the Asana and Anatomy was the best part of training for me. I felt blessed by having such an amazing group of teachers. Every teacher was very knowledgeable about their subject. Every time I asked question, it was answered and properly explained. Whenever I was not able to do any asana, I got full support from the teachers. I can do so much... I discovered that with the help of our great teachers. Jitender Ji is an absolutely great teacher, he will keep correcting you until you get it right. My stay was very comfortable, food was great, kitchen staff was amazing, many thanks to them.

  • Jessica Dubai

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    I have developed a greater ability to let go. Finally, there was so much to learn, it was amazing to be exposed to so many new teachings in such a short space of time. All the teachers (knowledgeable, dedicated and committed), plus their teachings were very interesting. Anatomy was quite challenging for me, but the teacher was lovely. Every single class helped me. I have enjoyed the experience.

  • Marc Bull Spain

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    I found most useful the quality of most of the teachers, hatha, pranayama and ashtanga. My best teacher of the course was the Ashtanga teacher. All other teachers of Hatha, pranayama, philosophy, mantra, purification, ayurveda, meditation and alignment are also very good. The balance was perfect between practice and seminars. My stay was good. The food was good, excellent teachers, beautiful school and amazing landscape.

  • Simone United States

    Akshi Yogashala

    I found useful about the training the mix of everything. Pranyama was new for me and I will definitely continue. Hatha, Ashtanga, Pranayama and meditation teachers were good and have great knowledge. Philosophy and Anatomy teacher was really good, so much knowledge, really impressive. Balance was good. Rooms are really nice, everything clean. Food was good, especially the breakfast.

  • Katherine Jean United States

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    Loves all classes and found all of them valuable. Great learning experience! My stay was comfortable at the ashram. Food was really good. Teachers and staff are all very nice and friendly. I really enjoyed my time here a lot.

  • Melanie Platcow

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    What I found most interesting about the course was the alignment class and students i met in the program.

    Anatomy- Great!

    Alignment – Best class and teacher

    Pranayama, Meditation, Ashtanga Philosophy and AYurveda - Great teachers and classes. My stay was overall very positive, especially after the class was split in half. Food was good.

  • Melissa United States

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    I enjoyed most about the training, the Ayurveda, Hatha and Ashtanga practice and adjustment-alignment classes. Balance was perfect between lecture and practice. The school campus is good, well-maintained, nice rooms with balcony. All the staff are nice and helpful. Food was tasty. I enjoyed a lot ice-cream and chocolate balls, after dinner.

  • Francesca Belloli Italy

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    I found all TTC good. The best parts were hatha, pranyama and ashtanga classes. Ashtanga teacher Jitender and all others are amazing teachers. Anatomy, pranayama, Hatha teachers are great and knowledgeable. Good location, nice room, tasty food, friendly staff, amazing trip!! Overall great experience!

  • Erin Greatorix Australia

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    Ten out of Ten – I loved all the aspects of this.

  • Usha United Kingdom

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    Overall the training was very high-standard. Ranjot ji is very knowledgeable and experienced teacher. I learned a lot from him. I couldn’t do unsupported head stand before coming here and he showed me a technique to do this. I really enjoyed Ashish ji's class. His energy and personality is very vibrant and he was great in motivating me. I enjoyed very much his adjustment classes. He makes the poses look easy and make me think it’s possible in my mind to do it. Then I try and managed to go further than I thought I would. Sandeep ji has a beautiful and warm personality. I just enjoy being in his company. I will miss the energy of teachers and it was a tough schedule and overall my impression is that it was excellent yoga teacher training course, because the teachers are an experienced, professional and really care about the students. Thank you to all the teachers, I will miss your energy and your support.

  • Lin Wai Yee Hong Kong

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    Thank you for offering the 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal, otherwise I would not be here in this amazing course. My purpose for joining this course was to understand more about myself, my body and my mind. In this one month, I learned a lot, not only the subjects that we have taken. What is more important is that I have grown up a lot with this course. I tried to attend all classes as possible, trie to do my best to follow the teachers' teaching. At the beginning of the course it was quite hard for me, as I did not do ever classes in my daily life. I could not do a lot of asana which I admired, but with day by day practice and the patience of the teachers, I was able to get into the asanas. It still takes long time to practice and to grow up.

    Generally the course is amazing. Teachers are professional land they are willing to share their own time after class, especially Ranjot ji; he spent every night to discuss with students about their teaching plan in the last two weeks. He also came to other classes to observe the students, and then he would make arrangement of the class to teach what the students need. My stay and accommodation was very nice. The course is good and I wish to join other similar courses in the future. Thank you! Namaste!!

  • Sara Pascual Piada Spain

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    The teachers have a deep knowledge about the subjects and they were always available for students doubts. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Overall my experience was positive.

  • Valeriya Thailand

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    I would love to say thank you to all of you, for all the good things, attitude and knowledge that you gave upon this course to me. I feel myself more confident and conscious about the things I am doing, I feel on the right way after completing this course. For each of the teachers, I feel great respect and I wish you to continue inspiring the people to feel confidence in their beginnings and their desire to practice yoga and meditation. The course was really useful for me. I feel more clear about the things I knew before, and how they got more background. Wish you all the best , good students, good feedback, respect and courage in your not-easy way of reaching the people like me, not every time good. But inside with a deep feeling of respect!!! Thank you...

  • Yasmin Kurimbokus United Kingdom

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    I learned so much. The content of the course was excellent, I feel so confident to teach. Te teachers are amazing. Give the teachers A+. Food and accommodations is good. Staff is also very nice.

  • Karen Huizenga United States

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    I had a wonderful experience with the teachers from Akshi Yogashala. They are all extremely knowledgeable on all subjects and took the time to meet each student and understand where they are at. Ashish ji's enthusiasm was a wonderful thing to have for class in the morning. He showed us, each, how to have discipline and motivation; Ranjot ji has such a beautiful way of discussing philosophy and anatomy. You can tell he is very passionate about everything... when he is teaching and he takes time to make sure everyone is understanding. I learned a lot form him and I am very grateful for the time taken to sit and talk with me about things coming up for me during the month. Sandeep ji was a pure delight, as well. The positive energy and warm smiles from him, each day was a lifting attribute. Each one of the teachers had this incredibly warm and compassionate smile and made sure to let us know we could come to them anytime, as we were all living under the same roof and made sure to always be available. The Pranayama and meditation lessons from Sandeep were great, learning through experiencing the benefits first hand. Asana practice and adjustments were incredibly informative. The teachers took time for each student to make sure we took care of our bodies and understanding proper safety, when adjusting students, as well ourselves. The Yoga Anatomy lessons were beneficial to gain a greater understanding of our bodies in relation to the poses. Mantra class with Tanushree ji was one of my favorite. Her voice is beautiful and she has a wonderfully positive energy, as well. I am leaving with some great knowledge and experience and only wishing I could stay to learn more, as I have a feeling teachers like this don’t come around often. Thank you for everything, for believing in me and showing me compassion and understanding.

  • Karen Michelle United States

    Akshi Yogashala's written paper

    When I arrived in Nepal, I was suffering from anxiety, as well as a kidney infection and some others personal issues. Thank you Sandeep ji for helping me to BREATH!!! Where have you been all my life? Before beginning training, I experienced anxiety in such a way, I felt as though I could not take a breath. I was sure I was going to die. I loved learning new easy techniques in our pranayama classes and I never wanted meditation session to end. I wish I could stay in that other world forever. Thank you for giving me the tools to help me feel OK. You have proved that Pranayama is better than any counseling, and meditation better than any drug. I could get addicted to this!!!

    Thank you Ranjot ji!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge plus wisdom and having so much patience. I learned so much from you and it made me question my own thoughts plus beliefs, which was very comforting, at first, but I needed it! Thank you for the positive feedback following my yoga class. It means a lot coming from you.

    Ashish ji - one day I hope to be able to twist bend my stiff little body like you!! You are inspiring to watch, plus learn from you. Thank you very much for everything.

    You all are amazing in your own unique way and teach in a professional, disciplined way. Thank you for helping me to learn and grow in a way I never thought possible – I will never forget it. Thank you very much for everything. You all did your best and that will always be enough. Thank you for all the positive quotes Ranjeet ji... they made me smile, I will miss all the learning, plus sharing of energy with everyone.

  • Satinder India

    TripAdvisor website

    I have done my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Akshi Yogashala and it provided me the experience I had never expected all my life. I was not sure what to expect before I had actually arrived at the School, but I assure you that I had received much more than what I was expecting to gain and learn. Its teaching standard is quite high and the staff helpful and knowledgeable. The school is also located in an amazing location in Rishikesh, surrounded by lush green mountains. When I am at home now, away from Rishikesh, I can still feel the breeze of the cool winds, gushing sound of the river Ganga and hymns of Ganga Aarti. Everything is so beautiful and divine about Rishikesh.

  • Natalie Assaad Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    This beautiful place, and the souls I encountered really did change me, like every new place I visit it will give me hope, inspiration and a new start in life. Thanks to my Akshi Yogashala, I developed the attitude that every incident I encountered was meant to happen; everything and everyone was my teacher.

    I began to view my life as if I were going on a quest – an approach that helped me accept the losses I had experienced. I left behind both depressive thoughts and a career that I’d found boring and unfulfilling.

    Instead, I pursued the career and lifestyle of my dreams there is nothing better than to listen to your inner voice, the one that keeps you awake at night, disturbs your plans and makes you uncomfortable. When you step off the beaten path to follow your bliss, you are on a completely unique journey.

    There is no universally applicable advice from there, because when you truly listen to yourself, you will be creating your own path. Peace and love! It's never good-bye, it's see you later Rishikesh!

  • Soha Ala Egypt

    TripAdvisor website

    Well... I don't know how to start, because it's really hard to write a review about your family. Akshi Yogashala School has been my home, in Rishikesh, for almost a month, I 've never felt I am away from home there, it's really warm and cozy. Everyone was helpful and they were doing everything with love and passion, from the teachers to people working on cleaning the school and making us the food, they are just amazing and giving us everything with a genuine smile. I want to thank every single person working on this school, it wouldn't be the same without you all. For my study there, it was perfect. The teachers are more than amazing and so professional, they know when to push us and when to pull back a little, they are so generous with their information and they never get bored of repeating again and again, they always wanted to make sure that we get everything right. They wanted us just to be the best. I really enjoyed their company and I loved the classes to a point that I used to miss it on Sundays !

    Tanushree ji (the mantra teacher): she's is the sweetest teacher ever, she used to simplify the mantras for us, as it really hard to chant these mantras for people coming from all over the world and now we can all chant these mantras without looking at the book :D

    Swami Atma ji (the philosophy teacher): He is just an amazing person not only as a teacher, he has a beautiful smile that can make anyone happy by just looking at him. I love the way he teaches philosophy, he always tries to keep it simple for us. And he also has a very good sense of humor :D. He used to give us examples and tell us stories to make it easy for us to understand the yoga philosophy, I really love him so much.

    Vikus ji (the hatha yoga and the adjustment and alignment teacher): He is the cutest teacher :) he is really nice , his class was so much fun, we learned and spent a nice time at the class, he was always there for us and keeping an eye on all of us and come to everyone for help. He used to give us treats after the class, like teaching us some Indian dance steps. He wanted to make us happy all the time.

    Ashish ji: The amazing Ashtanga teacher, he is so professional in everything, teaching, adjusting us and the way he does the moves. He was always keen on giving us the information in a right way and he kept checking us one by one to make sure that we all got it right and help everyone who needs help to do the pose. He always gave us notes and he doesn't mind to spend more time after the class, if anyone needs anything. He is serious and firm in the class, but at the same time, he is so nice. We improved a lot in his class and felt a great progress in our practice. For me, I had an injury during the course and he was always there for me helping me and adjusting me so I owe him a special thank :) and it will never be enough. He was watching us carefully during the student teaching and he gave us really helpful notes that can build a great teacher. He is just amazing!

    Upendra ji (pranayama and meditation teacher) : He is the kindest, he always gives us the information with love, he's been patient with us all the time and if anyone asks him anything he used to come to us and explain everything with patience and a loving smile, he is so polite and nice. He really made a great effort during the classes and was always there for us.

    Vivek ji (the teaching methodology and anatomy class): Actually, for Vivek, I had already viewed some reviews about him before going to the school and it was all about how amazing he is. Now I know that he deserves it and more and more :) He has a great knowledge, he has an answer for almost every question and he always tells us about the things that we can't find in google :D. He is really generous with his information and time. So professional, polite and never get bored from our many many questions, he gives us the information in details and in a simple way that everyone can understand and he lets us practice what we learn in the class to make sure that we are getting everything right. He taught us how to be a human in the first place, not only to be a teacher, he is such a nice respectable person.

    Usha ji (Ayurveda teacher): she is a sweet person and a good teacher that always tries to explain and simplify everything to us. She was also giving us examples to make it easier for us to understand. I loved this class and I wanted to know more and more.

    I also want to thank Sauresh ji (the manager of the course) and the kitchen staff for their efforts and for their smile.

    Thanks a lot Akshi Yogashala for listening to us and for the love and happiness you gave us. I wish I can do anything to pay back for this amazing place, I will always owe you a lot and millions thanks will never be enough. Love you all and I will be back definitely. :)

  • Joshua United States

    TripAdvisor website

    I just want to express my deepest gratitude to the Yogashala family. They really have something special here. The classes, teachers, living quarters, yoga hall and food all cohesively come together to deliver an amazing experience. My life has changed and I will never be the same. I feel more grounded in my spirituality as well as in this physical reality. I feel stronger mentally and physically. I have a deeper appreciation for this sacred land we call earth and understand the oneness of all existence. Now every time, I see mountains I think back to my experience in the Himalayas with the Yogashala family and just smile. What a beautiful memory. Thank you.

  • Leonardo Costa Rica

    TripAdvisor website

    Being on the path of self healing and yoga for 15 years, I could appreciate the teachers very much. Very nice to meet the yoga vibration deep in the core of these teachers. Rishikesh is amazing. The school is clean, rooms are nice, food is exactly what's needed during a YTT. Important, apply yourself to the teachings, this not western teaching, allow it to just sink in. Life changing experience!

  • Grace South Kore

    TripAdvisor website

    My time at Akshi Yogashala was just indescribable! It was one of the best months of my life. The only regret I have is that I left too soon. The people I met became family, along with the amazing and wonderful teachers and staff. You can really tell that they cared about us and our experience in a genuine and sincere manner. The accommodation, food, classes, teachers, staff, location, just everything was more than I could have ever asked for. My experience at Akshi and my yoga family will always always always have a special place in my heart. Thank you so much for everything, I love you guys!!!

  • MGuardiola Mexico

    TripAdvisor website

    Words will never be enough to describe the moments I spent at the school. I stayed for a month, during the 200hTTC and everything was amazing: accommodation, food, course, teachers, staff, parties, ceremonies, location... Can't wait to come back!

  • Yasmeen Ala Egypt

    TripAdvisor website

    The best place ever to get your yoga teacher training course, I highly recommend this school ❤️, you can feel the energy of the place from day one! Amazing teachers, very generous with their knowledge, will never let you down, they will always support and teach you the way it should be, when we spoke they were listening and did whatever to make us comfortable and happy, it makes my experience amazing, I can't thank them enough. They are just amazing, if there was something more than a 5-star review, I would give it! Looking forward for my next visit to Rishikesh and Akshi yogashala school✨❤️️so much love and respect for all the teachers, workers in the school, managers, cookers each and every one, thank u! Namaste!

  • Alvaro Mexico


    My wife and I have been there for the 200-hour yoga teacher training course. Good rooms, good people involved with being kind and friendly but never forgetting to take their work very seriously. Always did their best to take good care of the group whether when it came to providing us all we needed to have a nice stay, or to pushing our limits to make us better as human beings and yoga teachers, offering not only good yoga training but also field trips to temples and cultural events.

  • Amy United Kingdom

    TripAdvisor website

    If you are really interested in learning and teaching yoga, I would recommend Akshi Yogashala to receive serious learning. In whatever program you choose, the intensity and drive to learn and teach that you would get in this school, you would not get anywhere else. The intensive training will undoubtedly leave you exhausted in beginning, but the lovely and friendly staff you would again feel rejuvenated and energetic. Completely traditional and in-depth teaching is provided that would intensify your energy to adopt yoga in your soul. Both the practical and theoretical sessions are conducted by the expert gurus who are highly educated and knowledgeable in their area of expertise.

  • Stephanie Klempqu United Kingdom

    Traveler provided

    The integral approach of what yoga is, and the fresh new learning from the teachers. Realizing how hard the asana as is and how much my body can improve. All the teachers are amazing. Each teacher has a unique way of teachings. I used my time with the teachers as I could. Balance was perfect between lecture vs. experiential learning. My Stay was very good & good experience. Also the cooking was good.

  • Caroline Canada

    Traveler provided

    Learning about the spiritual side of yoga was so wonderful. It is easy to learn asanas, but the karma driven lifestyle is the real teacher. And Pranayama was very beneficial because it is not studied or taught enough in the west. Most of the teachers were very knowledgeable and wonderful instructor. Ayurveda-amazing. Philosophy- Great, Pranayama- Perfect, Anatomy- Good, Mantra- An unexpected and lovely addition to the course. The balance was very good between lectures Vs. Experiential training. My stay was very nice. The food was good. Every Soup was amazing!!!! Thank you for everything.

  • Petter United States

    Traveler provided

    Ashtanga & Pranayama classes are most useful for me. Teachers are very good & knowledgeable. Accommodation and food are good. I really liked the course.

  • Gillian United Kingdom

    Traveler provided

    Alignment and adjustment was really useful. Teachers always available to answer the question. All the teachers were amazing. It was a good balance of teaching style, some relaxed and some intensive. They all have a great knowledge of their subjects and are very passionate about what they do. Lecture vs. Experiential learning balance was good. Accommodation is good and location was amazing. Rishikesh is so beautiful. The food was good.

  • Mia Oktari

    Traveler provided

    Asana and pranayama most useful in training. The teachers are good and very professional. Balance was good. Accommodation and food are good. All the staff and teachers were very nice.

  • Lenka United Kingdom

    TripAdvisor website

    I did my 200 hours TTC in Akshi in July of this year and I really enjoyed my time there. The teachers are great and also friendly people, very knowledgeable and really passionate about the yoga and their job. They were always happy to answer any of our many questions. The staff is also lovely and helpful, the food was really good and so was the accommodation. I liked the location, as well, as it wasn't on a busy street, but still close to all the shops and cafes. Thanks a lot for this experience!

  • Viktoriya Norway

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Most useful thing i found about training was yoga classes, anatomy, alignment& adjustment, pranayama, ayurveda. These classes were very interesting. Teachers and their teaching methods were very nice. I want to say a big thank you to the teachers, who took time to explain things to me. It was very kind when some of them did answer the question also after the class; to be honest I didn’t expect that when I came here. I found a very good balance between lectures and practical learning. The staff was exceptionally helpful and nice, and I felt that I became a part of their family. Food was delicious, healthy and with lots of fruits. I was very happy with food.

  • Ashley United Kingdom

    Akshi Yogashala website

    I think all the yoga classes, Ayurveda, anatomy were most useful about the training. Everything together was such a wonderful mix. Pranayama everthing worked very well together. Teachers and teaching was the best part of the training. Bipin is amazing, he really takes the time to help us with amazing teaching skills. He is so dedicated to his students. The Hatha and Astanga teachers were great. I am really happy with both of the Asana teachers. Pandey ji was great too, learnt a lot from him. The philosophy was great too. He really engaged with us and had a lot time for us during and after the class. Our mantra teacher was so lovely, a pleasure to attend her classes, was always smiling. it was wonderful and useful balance of lecture and experiential classes. The teachers were amazing, feel very privileged to have been taught by such knowledgeable & beautiful peoples. All the staff was so friendly. Food was amazing with full of variations. Students dietary requirements was listened by staff. Thank you for this amazing life changing experience.

  • Rajni India

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Everything was useful in 200 hrs teacher training at akshi yogshala. It was so brilliant and important and such an eye opner.but still if I must pick one thing only yhen it would be pranayama classes, the thing we learnt there was beyond everything that I have ever read or heard in my life. If only we actually practiced the things we have learnt, we could transform our lives up side down.. the knowledge we received in anatomy and pranayama was quiet interesting. Discovering that we have have been doing the basic things like sitting and breathing wrong all our lives. It makes us realize how little we know ourselves and our bodies and how much we need to learn. Once again I loved it all. Every teacher knew his/her subject very well. They know what they are teaching and they are more than willing to answer any question or curiosity we come up with. The best point of all the teacher is that they don’t at all judge us for not knowing something but rather encourage us to open up and ask questions. They are not teaching with the intention some how just kill time on make money, but rather they are teaching with the genuine intention of teaching us something important, sharing their knowledge. The balance between lecture vs experimental learning was perfect. My stay was really awesome. I am like 100% satisfied with everything. rooms are neat, terrace is huge, light and fans are always connected to invertor( so you could have electricity all the time), and rooms are really airy which was a huge relief in this summer. I also loved the fact that you could have tea any time you want. I also appreciate that while I was sick staff here were concerned enough to take me to the doctor. Food was indeed good and healthy, I enjoyed the food I was loved that there was no boundary or limit on anything. From a yoga point of view it was a ideal diet. All the staff is helpful and familiar that if there is something you don’t eat and we want something else, they make their best efforts to arrange that for you. I think the training was great enough itself. It was one of the best experience I have been through. Thank you!

  • Melvin Sweden

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Though I had been doing Yoga since couple of years but to advance my knowledge I joined Akshiyogashala 200 hours Yoga training School in Rishikesh. These whole 200 hours had been an enlightening experience for me as there were many factors in yoga that I did not knew earlier but which I learned from the School. In the school I also learned to be a good human being and that’s a basic tenet of Yoga.

  • Randall United Kingdom

    Akshi Yogashala website

    The 200 hours yoga training school Akshiyogshala in Rishikesh had been a great learning experience. I have now explored every section of yoga because of this training course. All teachers were great especially Yogi Pankaj whose knowledge was intense. He taught in a way that many difficult Asanas seemed quite easy.

  • Charles

    Tripadvisor website

    I have been teaching yoga at a small level since years but I finally decided to join the 200 hours yoga training school Akshi Yogashala in Rishikesh to advance my knowledge. I am over the moon with the marvelous experience and the teachings of this place. All the teachers were great and very helpful. Each day seems a learning adventure for me.

  • Ellestella

    Tripadvisor website

    First of all, we had great teachers. They were sharing their knowledge with us, directing us to the path to be followed once we are gone. A lot they transferred to us I consider for myself being a life knowledge.

    The accommodation was comfortable. Hot water, fan. The campus nice small size with a familiar atmosphere. The food was almost all the time very tasty. The kitchen staff very friendly, trying to satisfy our taste and needs.

    The schedule was well proportioned. Teachers also adjusted the classes accordingly. Overall it was a great experience. I would definitely recommend the place. Please remember. This is only my experience. What your experience will be depends also on you and the people you meet - depends on what you can create all together with your new friends and your teachers. Enjoy. ;-)

  • Yogiyano

    Tripadvisor website

    I studied for my 200h teacher training at Akshi Yogashala in Rishikesh and I can highly recommend it to anyone that would like to get deeper knowledge of yoga. I am very glad I took part to it as it opened my view on many subject and allowed me to discover much more about it.

    I absolutely loved the place, very nice private rooms and the staff is super friendly. I was a bit afraid about the food before I got there but wrongly. The food was great, couldn't ask for any better, and we've had many "treats" by the chefs!

    Teachers are very knowledgeable and available to answer any question or doubt you have during the course. Overall I found the experience at the ashram life changing and I will definitely go back to it!

  • Ergul Turkey

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Adjustment & Alignment an Yoga Anatomy are my favorate classes. Adjustment & Alignment teacher is a great human being, caring about learning and has gtreat knowledge. Anatomy teacher Vivek Ji lesson were so enjoyable, combination of anatomy with asanas. Pandaey ji has really good energy, learnt a lot from him. Hatha Teacher doing a really good job, demonstration and connecting us was so professional. Everything was well balanced. Food was good it is so simple the taste to my culture(Turkey) so had no problem.

  • Surya India

    Akshi Yogashala website

    I found most useful about the course is schedule and personal attention. All teachers were excellent. Balance between lecture vs experiential learning was great. Food and accommodation facility are excellent during yoga course.

  • Denise United States

    Akshi Yogashala website

    I found staff and teachers knowledge , experience and willingness to answer question most useful. I thought all teachers were great and passionate. They presented the information well and made sure everyone understood. I felt good balance between lecture vs. experiential classes. The accommodation were above and beyond what I was expecting. The staff was fantastic. The room and private bathroom were both spacious and comfortable. The food was awesome.

  • Swan Indonesia

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Most useful about training is teaching class practical and theoretical. Yoga Philosophy give me deep meaning of life. All the teachers was very professional and have ther own unique style to teach. Balance was too good about study and pratical. Overall my stay was very nice and very friendly & helpful staff. Learning yoga is about learning myself. Food was good.

  • Bhavna

    Akshi Yogashala website

    These 200 hours had been a great experience for me. I had learned a lot and know how much importance yoga has in our life, which we had almost forgotten. All the sessions were great as each yoga teacher would personally take pains in teaching us different poses and would make sure that we are doing each asana correctly. The excursion and retreat programs were even more rejuvenating and exciting.

    Those 28 days had truly transformed me. I am now wholesome me; bold, beautiful and confident. I am always calm and fresh, more wise and smart. I have opened the closed faculties to amaze the world with my work. Yes, I have become much more energized, and what I do and say, the words and ideas would spontaneously float through my mind. This is what Yoga gave me and I am proud of it.

  • Yara Israel

    Akashi Yogashala website

    I learnt a lot this month, pranayama and asana classes were great as well as alignment & adjustment and ayurveda. Everything we learnt is going to be useful when needed. The Philosophy class was great, great way to deliver it. Pranayama/meditation classes were pleasurable thanks to the teachers good knowledge and great energy. Hatha and Ashtanga teachers were great and they covered the sequence, postures and series, the best way possible. Ayurveda teacher covered the material perfectly, she gave us great information in a very clear manner. Anatomy and mantra also very great and useful. The balance between practical and lecturer was great. The room was great, the environment surrounding the ashram is calm and relaxing, the people were nice. The food was great, delicious versatile food for every meal. A wonderful experience, I have earnt and gained a lot during past month.

  • Michelle United States

    Akashi Yogashala website

    These 200 hours have been a great experience for me as I not only gained intense knowledge of yoga but also become a great human being. Each phase of the program was a new experience for each one of us as all teachers were adding something new and fresh in the class. Even in the theoretical lessons there were experiments. Overall 200 hours yoga teachers training had been a great experience for me.

  • Luis Mexico

    Akshi Yogashala website

    During the course asana classes and pranayama were true eye opener. The course was very intense, which was good. The practical teaching, all of them were great (especially Pandey Ji). As they just brought all of us outside of our comfort zones and put we back in shape. The theoretical classes were good. I loved the space and the facilities. Food in general was very good and well planned. I loved every minute of this course. It certainly changed my life. You can tell all the teachers have a lot of knowledge in their field so it is a massive amount of information inputs. Thank you guys for all your support.-

  • Eva Kuwait

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Alignment class was most useful for me during the training. All the teachers are great and experienced. My Stay was so good and food was excellent in ashram. Thank you to everyone at Akshi Yogashala.

  • Elizabeth United States

    Akashi Yogashala website

    The 200 hours yoga teachers training program had taught me everything that I should know on how to become a yoga teacher. The program was truly an amazing journey for me not only because of the lessons that were taught but also for the way teachers treated us and made our experience lively. I would sure to recommend the school to my friends.

  • Larissa Brazil

    Akshi Yogashala website

    It was the rarest moment for me to spend 200 hours in Akshi Yogashala. The environment of Yogashala was highly spiritual and disciplined. All students had to follow the strict code of conduct. The lessons were also great taught by the highly experienced teachers. We really learned a lot from the school which we cannot forget for our whole life.

  • Virginia Norway

    Akshi Yogashala websitei

    I cannot forget the retreat program which was planned for us during the 200 hours program at the banks of the river Ganga. It was an amazing location which brought us very close to nature. The whole program was very interesting and highly enlightening and great. All the teachers have been very helpful too.

  • Matthew

    TripAdvisor website

    Every yoga session was overwhelming for me. I learnt the art of yoga in depth after joining the 200 hours yoga training school Akshi Yogshala in Rishikesh. The teachers are extremely positive and content, which is yet another great fact I learned. We got a family atmosphere and the best part of it was I made many friends, and overall Indian food which was prepared by the Indian chef was quite delicious.

  • Jack

    TripAdvisor website

    My joining of Akshi Yogashala’s one week yoga retreat program in Rishikesh was the best choice of my life. We were learning yoga in the nature’s paradise, amidst the mesmerizing landscapes, where the river Ganga gushes through the ravines and greenery refreshes the soul. And the food that that we would get was really a treat. This one week was for us camping, learning and adventure all in one.

  • Ruchika India

    Akshi Yogashala

    I found most useful about the training pranyama, asana, Ayurveda class, alignment and adjustment. All teachers are excellent in their subject and they were all time ready to share their learning and experiences. Teachers are approachable for all types of queries. I am really glad to find such teachers and school. Balance is good. Stay was comfortable. Staff is really caring and nice. All are more than ready to help. Food is excellent simple but delicious. All Great!

  • Edward Canada

    Akshi Yogashala

    The complete 200 hours yoga teachers training program had been a soul soothing for us. Besides the knowledge of the different aspects of yoga, we gained wisdom, and the knowledge of the Indian culture, which was equally great. In the complete program, we had a learning as well as fun and adventure and we made a lot of friends too.

  • Tina Japan

    Akshi Yogashala

    The most useful thing know how to mediate and get into the situation quickly. Teachers gave us lot if techniques. E.g. chanting mantra first and then do meditation or chant in heart while breathing when doing meditation. Every teacher has experience and teaching skills. I learnt a lot from them. Balance was good in training. My stay was pretty good. Rooms are clean and very calm and nice environment. I really love the food at Akshi Yogashala. Healthy and traditional food. Overall wonderful experience.

  • Katie Jorgensen United States

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    I found adjustment class to be very useful. So many ideas for preparatory poses and how to help people. The teachers and content was spot on. Balance between lec vs. exp. was great. Stay was very good. My room was great. I liked the roof tops akshi. Akshi Yogashala is a great part of town. I loved the food variety and simplicity. Couldn’t be happier.

  • Marvin Mexico

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Everything was really good use even though my favorite classes were pranayama and meditation.

    Teachers are knowledgeable, they have much to share. I only wished they told me more about their experiences in general, their improvement in life, and the perspective they have about it. Really nice balance in lectures and experiential learning. Everything is set with all examples in all general. My stay was too good, it is 10/10. Food was amazing!

  • Max Grier United States

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    All the classes with adjustment most useful during training. These are the things I will really need while teaching. Anatomy was also great to see what happens to the body in various asana. Just wish I could get full hour with the teachers every day. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and willing to help and answer any question. Very approachable and great attitude. Great balance between lec. Vs. experiential learning. Room was amazing! Huge bed with nice bathroom with hot water. Tea available 24/7 as well as. Meals were perfect.

  • Perez Emiliano Hong Kong

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Overall the training was very useful, especially subject like anatomy, alignment and adjustment and pranayama. The rest of the classes were very good as well and it’s something I would definitely apply into my teaching and personal life also. Teachers are knowledgeable and I really enjoyed their teaching methods. Very very good preparation towards the physical practice of the course also. No complain at all about accommodation and the ashram rooms are comfortable, lean and in a good working state. Very nice food! I am sure I will apply this diet into my life even when back home.

  • Eden VanSpoor United States

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Most useful in training is adjustment and alignment class. I learned so much from every teacher and it was refreshing to fell like all the teachers truly cared about the material they were teaching if we understood properly. I felt that all the teachers were very qualified and experienced. Everything was great. I love all of the staff Nitin, Rattan, Vikas and entire kitchen staffs are all very pleasant and helpful.

    Food was amazing! I Felt nourished and satisfied with every meal when we were treated with pasta and desserts it was much appreciated.

  • Erika McClung United States

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    I found adjustment and alignments class I wish it was longer, very useful. Everyone was amazing! I really loved the new perspective of all the teachers. Made me think and view the world in whole new way. I love all the connections to the world, universe, nature, people were all meant to unite and love to each other. Balance was good in lec. And experiential learning. I loved the stay! Very accommodating and helpful staff, super friendly and always smiling. Loved every meal! Good Portions.

  • Ajay Malik India

    Ajarya Yoga Academy Website

    I found about the training is not only useful but also necessary for yoga teacher. Teachers are so good in

    their job. I know about yoga only a little before come here but just because of learning in Akshi by

    teachers increased my knowledge. I know only asana in yoga but yoga anatomy, philosophy, pranayama and meditation are the most important part of yoga and I feel this after coming here. It was great. Lec. Vs experiential learning fully balances. Accommodation was according to the yogic environment. Healthy Yoga Environment! Food was also according to the needs can say yogic food, delicious and healthy.

  • Shahar Eberzon Israel

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Every single aspect of this course gave me something in a way or another. Even meditation, which I was very resistant towards in the beginning, turned out to be something. I look forward to at the end of the day. I loved the alignments class. I felt like I was really making progress. Our philosophy class was fantastic; so many things come together and made sense after listening to Vivek ji.

    The short classes:

    Hatha, Ayurveda, Teaching Methodology – really added a lot to the picture and completed the learning experience. I am so happy that I chose AKSHI YOGASHALA. It has everything you are looking for in a yoga teacher training course i.e. small group, excellent teachers and great environment to grow and develop in. It is clear that a lot of thoughts has been put into creating a well balanced, constructive schedule that encompasses many of the essential elements of yoga. The size of the class really makes all the difference when you are doing hard on learning and the fact is that the course is limited to 13 students really tells a lot about how much our individual group is important to the school. I came to this school with a very narrow understanding of yoga and I am leaving with an incredible tool-kit to carry with me on my long journey. I received full attention and support from my all teachers when I needed it. Everyone shared such great knowledge and dedicated a lot of time and attention to make sure we really understand and feel comfortable with the knowledge passes on to us. If I had to choose a school again, it would have been AKSHI YOGASHALA. Especially compared to other schools and from conversations with other students. It is clear that AKSHI has the interest of its students in mind and is maintain a very high standard for school for the students. Balance was too good between lectures vs. experiential learning. I loved the stay. LOVED MY ROOM! Incredible staff, the teachers, the program. I felt very comfortable here. Food was really great. I loved everything and I am very thankful that any request and adjustment we had were fully taken into account.

  • Petra Hrapkova Slovakia

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    All the classes brought me some experience and knowledge. First of all, the search , they made the

    classes INTERESTING, always bringing SOMETHING new , challenging, interesting. Very useful was alighmnet class , also hatha I have not known it before as well as meditation, pranyama classes, philosophy and anatomy classes also knowledge. I appreciated all the classes and the teachers. I liked the schedule; I think it was well balanced. Very happy and satisfied. I am satisfied with what I got. Food was overall very good the staff always very nice.Thank you ALL!

  • Rajani Bala India

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Everything was useful in 200 hrs teacher training at Akshi Yogshala. It was so brilliant and important and such an eye opener, but still if I must pick one thing only then it would be pranayama classes, the thing we learned there was beyond everything that I have ever read or heard in my life. If only we actually practiced the things we have learned, we could transform our lives up side down.. the knowledge we received in anatomy and pranayama was quiet interesting. Discovering that we have have been doing the basic things like sitting and breathing wrong all our lives. It makes us realize how little we know ourselves and our bodies and how much we need to learn. Once again I loved it all. Every teacher knew his/her subject very well. They know what they are teaching and they are more than willing to answer any question or curiosity we come up with. The best point of all the teacher is that they don’t at all judge us for not knowing something but rather encourage us to open up and ask questions. They are not teaching with the intention some how just kill time on make money, but rather they are teaching with the genuine intention of teaching us something important, sharing their knowledge. The balance between lecture vs experimental learning was perfect. My stay was really awesome. I am like 100% satisfied with everything. rooms are neat, terrace is huge, light and fans are always connected to converter( so you could have electricity all the time), and rooms are really airy which was a huge relief in this summer. I also loved the fact that you could have tea any time you want. I also appreciate that while I was sick staff here were concerned enough to take me to the doctor. Food was indeed good and healthy, I enjoyed the food I was loved that there was no boundary or limit on anything. From a yoga point of view it was a ideal diet. All the staff is helpful and familiar that if there is something you don’t eat and we want something else, they make their best efforts to arrange that for you. I think the training was great enough itself. It was one of the best experience I have been through. Thank you!

  • Isabel Mooney New Zealand

    Akshi Yogashala website

    I found all the classes of Bipin and pranayama most useful during the training. Teachers and their teachings was perfect. Bipin was the perfect teacher. I really enjoyed Pankaj Ji’s classes, it was challenging and enjoyable. Pandey Ji’s enthusiasm plus energy were fantastic. I learned a lot in pranayama and really enjoyed all classes. Vivek ji is a very good teacher thorough and knowledgeable. I also enjoyed yoga therapy. I was very interested in Vimal ji’s classes, he is extremely knowledgeable and I have a lot of respect for him. Usha ji’s lesson were perfect. Balance of lecture and experimental classes have been very good. I have learned a lot and have some have something to take away. It was challenging but at the time very beautiful and full of experience..it always have been nice to have such kind of delicious and healthy diet. Kitchen and staff was lovely. They are all amazing and I am grateful for their kindness.

  • Lo Wei yen Malayala

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    The completed 8 limbs of yoga knowledge is very useful for me. And the lesson sequence which including pranayama and meditation in it is perfectly. The asanas classes (hatha & ashtanga) are most overwhelming in the training. Hatha yoga teacher is very good, teaching with patience and full of energy. Pranayama and meditation teacher excellent, full of love, teaching and care us like a father.

    Anatomy teacher is very good teacher, very knowledgeable can just straight to the point & easy understand. Mantra teacher is very soft and kind, full of the life knowledge. Not only teaches us mantra but more we get in knowledge too. Alignment & adjustment teacher is very good, very useful skill for adjustment. Ashtanga Yoga teacher is excellent, understanding and knowledgeable. Very caring about students, not push students too hard but keep giving right knowledge & sharing useful skill in yoga life.

    Lecture & experiential learning are in balance. Accommodation is awesome at Akshi yogashala. Everything clean & convenient. Near to the shop but without traffic noise. Foods are healthy and good for me.

  • Pema Nepal

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    As a Thai Yoga Massage therapist the yoga course really helped me a lot to understand about body & mind, breath in a yoga way of life. This yoga course was full of knowledge and wisdom. It will take time to digest but I will carry on. Hatha, Ashtanga, Anatomy, Mantra, Pranayama, Ayurveda and Alignment & adjustment all these classes 7 teachers are excellent. Lecture and experiential learning was perfect.

    Staff are excellent. Accommodation excellent. Thank you very much Akshi family.

  • Dina United Kingdom

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    The very high quality and professionalism of all teachers & masters. I feel very lucky to have studied with them and would come back to study here again. I really enjoyed my time/experience at akshi and would recommend it to friends/family/other people. The rooms are really nice & comfortable, the staff were all very friendly and accommodating. The teachers were all extremely professional, knowledgeable and generous. Every teacher was excellent, very clear, very knowledgeable with very clear and precise instruction information of his/her craft.

  • Mar Ferrer Spain

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    I found most useful about the training is ayurvdeda, pranayama and adjustment .teachers was very professionals .I m very really happy with all the teachers .The balance between lecture and experiential is perfect .Amazing rooms ! Food was very tasty.

  • Esiefania Gaggiotti Argentina

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Most useful about the training is ayurveda, adjustment and paranayama. All the teachers are very nice.

    They know about what they are speaking about. Accommodation is really good. Rooms are good with hot water. Food was good.

  • Bernadett Dorfling Australia

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    For my personal practice I found the pranayama most useful for teaching everything we did would help.

    The teachers were mostly great. They understood a had good knowledge and practical skills. The balance between lecture and experiential learning is good. It has been exhausting, happy stay. The staff were very happy to share holi festival with us that was really great fun.

  • Anna Poland

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Most useful was anatomy classes, Pranayama Classes as it covered a new subject for me. But all classes were very useful, helpful and give me knowledge about the subject. They all are caring, paying attention to students, very friendly and helpful. I really like the school. Accommodation is amazing. Food was too good.

  • Fridaioini Sweden

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    I found most useful about the training is pranayama and anatomy classes .The classes were so giving in a way I was not prepared for. The training was surprisingly intense to have such a tight schedule for both mind and body. Teachers were amazing .Vivek such an inspiration so knowledge ad kind .

    May be slow down the pace of the classes to make everyone understand before moving on to something new. Pandey ji is also true soul of inspiration, I enjoyed every second of his classes. Prashant knows his asanas and how to adjust and he got a kind heart. Ashish is great teacher knowledgeable and helpful .Stay was very good great staff though .Happy nice and helpful. I loved every time meal.

  • Lisette Waalewjin Netherlands

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Useful about the training is clear explanation of all the classes and backround information about the practices. I gain a lot information in very short time. It takes more time to digest. Very good teachers with great knowledge all of them! Every has his own unique way of teaching which makes it lively the information is presented in clear pieces . I could feel that they were teaching form the heart not for the money .Stay was very good .Breakfast lunch dinner was very nice, lots of choice, great services !

  • Jocelyn Mexico

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Hatha, Ashtanga, Pranayama, Mantra, and Anatomy are most useful .Great teachers, good food comfortable place beautiful environment ,great team . I have learned to be patient relaxed, smart but same time active and happy. Focused Great. Bipin is a great brain has full knowledge ashtanga and much more. I would like to keep learning and learning from him. I will always have in mind what I have learned from him. Pandey j is my guru, he trained my mind and soul.

    Anatomy teachers Vivek is clear, direct and dynamic. I understood everything clearly. My satya was awesome. The room is peaceful, joyful, comfortable. The room bed is great with bathroom. I do like Indian food, here is a soft taste which I enjoyed a lot. Every single meal for me was great, balance, healthy and tasty.

  • Fumie Takeuchia Japan

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    To be honest, I did not assume the yoga could provide such a deep ideas to me, specially it provide how to spend my life in a happy way. The way of thinking I obtained throught lectures from instructors has made my attitude changed. Eventually this caused me to realize my week points. My body and mind has been cleaned. All teachers and lessons are tremendously execellent. Each teacher has great an unique characteristics.

    Swami ji: He was trying to instruct me to let me know his deep knowledge by explaining it to me through various examples. He taught the way how I should spend my life from how on.

    Vivek: He knows a lot of things and his idea was really helpful to resolve the issue without detailed explanation. His lessons was really interesting.

    Pandey ji: His pranayama was always fun and made me happy. I was especially impressed by the mantra.

    Prashnat ji; His asanas was magic! His techniques to adjust were amazing. His skill to understand the condition of our body were astonishing.

    Ashish Ji: His Asanas was fabulous. His atmosphere was gentl, So I did not hesitate as questions and besides answers were always precise.

    Pankaj Ji: Throughout his class, I myself realized my body was changing. He taught me what was necessary for getting better regarding our body.

    Usha ji: She has a lot of knowledge. So through her lessons I also could obtain various and valuable knowledge.

    Deepa Ji: She has genius mind and her atmosphere was mild. For me her class seemed to be gorgeous relaxation rather than talking class.

    Stay was Pleasant. All staff are so kind and nice smile. Food was very tasty.

  • Anita Dass United States

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    All the things are very useful during the training, It’s hard to pick just one thing that I am going to find the most useful after the learning . The amount of information learned throughout the course has really opened my eyes and I feel that I have learned not just about yoga but also so much about myself as well.

    Perhaps the best thing that I have learned is that this is just the start of my journey. Going into the course I know that it was going to be intensive and also intense. I don’t think I realized the magnitude in which I was going to be using both mind and body , and I definitely was not prepared for emotional & spiritual this course was going to make me feel.

    Overall the teachers were excellent. Vivek has been Toper about always answering my random question in philosophy and anatomy. The Hatha morning class taught by Ashish was excellent and he was one of the teacher who I felt really cared. Another Particularly, transformative class has been pranayama with Pandey ji, Pandey ji has always given the impression of really caring for his students and their well-being.

    I had a really transformative experience doing this yoga teacher training. It’s been really amazing learning so much while also having fun making friends from all around the world.

  • Mari Mishina Japan

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    I found Practice of Asana the most useful in the training learned a lot not only the proper postures but also body mind giving a class as a teacher. All teachers are really nice, willing to help, knowledgeable,kind, professionals. Every Classes and teachers are great. I felt it was a good balance of lectures vs. experiential learning. School accommodation was really nice. I also really enjoyed a lot food. Very Tasty!

    It was my first time eating vegetarian food for a whole month. Overall it was my great experience in Akshi Yogashala.

  • Lia, Janati Ataie United States

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    I found everything useful in the training, especially pranayama training. Every subject was very useful and educational. I enjoyed what every teacher had to offer especially Pandey ji pranayama teacher, vipan, vivek, deepa and all the rest. I should not even name anybody since all teachers were wonderful and I learned from every one of you. All the material in each class were educational & very useful. I found good balance in lecture vs. experiential learning except I wish we had more yoga class teaching opportunities in order to become better teacher. I enjoyed + appreciated all the hard working staff of Akshi Yogashala yoga school in Rishikesh. I loved the food most of the time.

  • Selysa Marshall Sweden

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Most useful about the training for me Anatomy+ mantra class + Alignment +Adjustment +meditation class+ asana practice + philosophy. I found most overwhelming about the training is time. There was not enough time to absorb all of the information because February is a short month. Teachers were so wonderful and true master in their field. They could answer every question I had with ease and communication their knowledge with finesse. I feel like I have wonderful foundation knowledge of hatha yoga, more than I ever could have received if I did this training in the west.

    The rooms are beautiful! Thank you for the amazing chocolate Balls and for birthday cake!

    Food was usually tasty. Keep your amazing teachers. The educational was phenomenal.

  • Lucínia Oliveira Netherlands

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    The 200-hour yoga teachers training taught me everything that is required for me to become a capable yoga teacher. I could never forget the days I spent at the training school as these were the most memorable moments of life. All teachers, staff and students were like a family to me, as we were enjoying with each other and helping each other. It was like we have again got back our school days. The teachers were also excellent and very helpful. They would be always there to help me to solve any problem I had. Learning at Akshi Yogashala was a very pleasant Journey.

  • Joan Ortega Canada

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    When I was thinking of learning Yoga I did not know I would be moving to so far away in a place called Rishikesh. I was bit scared and bit reluctant. But when I finally landed in Akshi Yogashala in Rishikesh, I was amazed by the hospitality and the help I got. The whole staff of Yogashala was great, and they made me feel like home. Rooms were neat and beautiful and food so delicious and nutritious. I found teachers very learned and lessons very interesting. Staying and learning yoga was a great experience and really changed my life.

  • Bhavna Patel

    Yoga Trail

    Big Thank You Akshi Family!

    Great knowledgeable teachers teaching every aspect of Yoga with amazing amount of passion…..I truly felt transformed during my teacher training course at Akshi and although I am not teaching, I have continued my practice to hopefully teach in the future. I am definitely looking forward to coming back to Akshi and refreshing my training soon. I thank Akshi family from the bottom of my heart… truly very grateful.

  • Veronica Pedrote

    Yoga Trail

    Absolutely worth it!

    I would definitely choose Akshi yogashala again (and I'll probably do it for my 300h). The staff is amazing, very helpful and always smiling. Teachers with great formation that take care of their students. It's a tiring schedule but it guarantees that you'll come back home feeling you are a new person. Absolutely life-transforming.

  • Kaila T


    I studied for my 300 hr. in the mystical city of Rishikesh in this charming yogashala. I found that the staff, teachers, and the course were very professional and traditional. The course load was very detailed and organized. The staff was also very helpful and supportive of every student. The food was delicious and well prepared. At Akshi one can only expect to receive an exceptional experience and I for one am glad and would recommend this school to all I know.

  • Adelina Violina Ukraine


    I spent one month here. It was amazing. Teachers, atmosphere and students. I can say it was the best time in my life. I miss this place so much. I got lots of inspiration and knowledge there. This place changed my life.

  • a traveler Ireland


    I came to Akshi Yogashala for the 200 hour teacher training course and I knew it was going to change me for the better but I didn't realise how much! I honestly don't have the words to convey the life changing experience I had here. Rishikesh by itself is like nowhere else I've ever been and the excellent hospitality I received from my Akshi family is something I think about all the time. The accommodation, food and cleanliness were of a high standard and teachers are incredible - they are highly knowledgeable, approachable, engaging and emanate love and laughter.

    The course is not for the faint-hearted with early starts and long days and it really tested my belief in myself and exercised a few demons but it was part of what I came here to do and it has been so worth it.

    I hear my teachers' voices now when I practice and the experience has had a ripple effect transforming all areas of my life. Maybe I would've had this experience somewhere else but I think I was destined to come here!

  • Regina

    Yoga Trail

    Great place, great teachers.

    It was nice surprise for me to see the facilities of Akshi Yogashala. It is located in a nice surrounding, it's garden is organized and providing a nice, friendly environment with all its trees, plants and flowers. The rooms are cosy, clean, big and comfortable enough for longer stay. Teachers are really great, they introduced deep knowledge both in theory and practice of yoga. All the personnel in the Ashram were helpful and tried their best to meet various individual needs of the students.

    All in all the Akshi Yogashala is a great place, courses are great value. I surely recommend to everyone wishing to learn more about yoga.

  • Zachary Gould

    Yoga Trail

    Unforgettable Experience. Lifetime Friends through Practice!

    I completed the 200 hour teacher training at Akshi Yogashala at the end of 2015. I had just one month to spend in India and I could not think of a better way to invest my time, energy, and money. I left not only with a vastly improved practice reinforced by the fundamentals of traditional Yoga, but also relationships with fellow students, teachers, staff, and local Indian neighbors that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in a genuine, immersive, formative introduction to the real roots of Yoga and an experience that they will never forget!

  • Naila Bamahriz Yemen

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    All Classes best of choices. I loved all the subjects. Teachers were so professional. Ashtanga Class was amazing, but so fast for me to learn all the asanas and proper poses. I really enjoyed every single thing. This is a special thanks and gratitude to all people working in Akshi Yogashala. You were amazing guys.

  • Regina Sinkovicz Hungary

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    The Yoga Classes were the most overwhelming for me. One of my aim was to develop my asanas practice and it has improved a lot by the end of the course. Anatomy, pranayama and adjustment as well. Teaching was done in a professional manner. Teachers showed deep knowledge and openness towards questions. All in all I am very satisfied, got a lot from course. I really appreciate the patience of teachers and the attitude they showed towards us.

  • Harvey Kersh United States

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    To get a much deeper understanding of the real meaning of yoga. All the teachers have been totally professional, very helpful and have been very kindly sympathies to all my needs, this includes all other staff. I have totally enjoyed my stay. Food generally good.

  • Rahul Chauhan India

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    Teachers experience I think most useful about the training. All staff are very supportive, teachers are very good they know how to treat with the students like with beginners or experience holders. I like the teaching style and teachers, all teachers are very intelligent and have a lot of experience. I have learned a lot in one month. Stay is very comfortable with all facilities and all staff are very supportive. Food is really very healthy and good. I would like to continue this when I am back home.

  • Lina Gottschlag Sweden

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    I found Adjustment and anatomy most useful during training. Everything was useful something I knew before but also many new things. Teachers are very professional , great knowledge. Good balance in lecture and experimental learning. Also nice with adjustment during anatomy class. I am very satisfied with stay.

  • Carmen Freire Norway

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    These 200 hours stay gave me many memorable experiences and the lessons I learnt increased my potentialities and capability in me to teach Yoga back at home.Teachers were very helpful and showed considerable patience. Each moment was a new learning experience and each day would begin with a positive note and new challenge. Even in theoretical lessons, there was some experimental learning.  Stay was also very wonderful, we all lived all like a family and besides I made many friends.  I could not have got anything more in my life.  

  • Abigail Ferguson Singapore

    Akshi Yogashala Website

    All classes have been very useful. I not only learned Yoga from highly experienced teachers but I saw a complete change in my personality. I have shed all my weaknesses and became a better person. The traditional yoga practices really helped me to shape my practice in my home.  In each class there was something new to learn and I enjoyed learning from each teacher.  The accommodation has been superb and Food delicious. Overall it had been a great experience. 

  • Suneet India


    Few years back I was living in a state of depression, it was difficult to perform my daily chores, but the sudden turn came in my life when my friend showed me a way and I landed up in Akshi Yogashala in Rishikesh to join Yoga classes. The day I joined Yogashala, my outlook towards life changed. I became complete stress- free and my personality totally changed. All the wonderful teachers and staff gave me a new lease of life through their sweet words, love and teaching standard. I found Ashtanaga Yoga and Yoga philosophy very interesting. Any problem we would face the staff would immediately help us. Yogi Vivek is an amazing teacher and his style of teaching impressed me a lot. If you are all considering doing Teachers Training course in Yoga I suggest you to join Akshi Yogasahala in Rishikesh.

  • Laura Van Sweden

    Akshi Yogashala website

    I feel like I learned a lot and was able to develop my personal practice. I do also feel quite ready to go home and start teaching in the west. The physical practice was intense, and there was a lot of information, but I never felt like it was too much at any point or too overwhelming. I think all the teachers are great. They all have their own style and every one of them was inspiring in their own way. I learned a lot in all the classes. The only thing I would change if I could was the order of the morning classes. Great. I am very happy and feel like I learned as much as I could have in one month. I will definitely comeback one day for the 300hrs TTC.

  • Mathew Rocha Luech and Kaya Aime Italy

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Everything I found very useful in the training. But the anatomy explanation for the physical part.Philosophy for the spiritual for those who are thinking only of yoga as as doing asanas. Maintaining traditional values to keep a true foundation of yoga, was the great part of this training.It was great teaching from all teachers each one with there own background but coming to the same ground. All very knowledgeable and willing to share.Our stay was very nice, clean, well maintained, everything working, great food! Nice people, very attending to everyones need and even more! Hot water perfect. Food! Very great cook, healthy, every now and then some nice Sweets.

  • Zachary Gould United States

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Most useful part of the Teacher training was the Fundamental theory and yogic philosophy, the comprehensive coverage of Surya Namshkara and the anatomy class.

  • Bhavana Patel United Kingdom

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Everything each day bought something different. It was really useful. I learnt so much from this TTC about my body. All knowledge in general was very useful. For me as I had not studied much before coming here. The teachers were Absolutely amazing! Each teacher had the perfect personality to what they were sharing with us. I really appreciated the patience and calmness each teacher had. It was great to have such great humor added into the classes- Viveks stillness to Pandayjis powerful breathing to Swami Jis child like laughter to Prashants gentle yet strong teaching to Pankajs words about listening to your teacher rather than body every moment I was learning something new from all the knowledgeable teachers. Thank you so much to each and everyone at AkshiYogashalafor creating a very memorable month that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

  • Devin Bavmer United States

    Akshi Yogashala website

    For me the most useful part of training was anatomy and Philosophy. Anatomy help me gain insight into proper adjustment and alignment and Philosophy give me knowledge about spiritual praence.Yogi Pankaj: (Ashtanga Yoga Teacher ) very knowledgeable and helpful.Prashant: (Hatha Yoga Teacher) very knowledgeable. We have learnt more postures in hatha and Alignment.VevekArya: (Anatomy Teacher) Amazing! Great description of concepts so that everyone can understand.Very helpful.Swami Atma (Mediation Teacher) I wish he could come home with me to meditate and relax.

  • Victor Gauss United States

    Akshi Yogashala website

    It's really hard to say one thing most helpful. All found all aspects of the course to be largely helpful in all aspects. But I really love swami ji.

  • Alba Campos Pirla

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Teaching and teachers are amazing. I found all of them have a lot of knowledge about yoga, they all are very wise and great yogis. Though I have missed or I would have liked to have some woman teacher.Lectures and experiential learning was well balanced. Even in some theoretical lectures as anatomy we have had experiential learning, which was very good for us to know more about our own body.The overall evaluation of teachers, teachings, food, accommodation and people is positive.

  • Juliane Haubold

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Certainly all classes were important and really useful, but the importance of keeping our students safe just cant be overstated. Thus it was great to understand the basic bodily functions for yoga practice.The training was great and all teachers just lovely. We got an introduction to all important topics by teachers who were not only knowledgeable and skilled in teaching, but also passionate about their subjects. It was a great pleasure to pick everyones brains and I feel like they shared great life lessons with us every day. Not only related to yoga, but also to the human experience in a widest sense.Food was delicious, no complaints at all.

  • Brandee Ellis

    Akshi Yogashala website

    The most useful for me was learning the traditional yoga practices and how it is really done (the foundations) really helped shaped the way I will practice yoga, balancing with the west practices. The teachers are the highlight of the program.Swami Ji was of course the most beautiful person I could listen to all day. His stories and his presence was amazing. Vipin is so full of knowledge that we would really benefit from other classes taught by him (not just asanas). I enjoyed his teachings and his feedback sessions. Prashant is a great teacher and quite hilarious. I enjoyed his classes as well.

  • Caitlynn Rainy & Rene Khan

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Fantastic division of all the subjects, instructors spoke clearly, the timetable was thoughtfully put together, facilities were good, the mini yoga asana charts were very helpful to have and bring home. Having a large helpful staff was great. In terms of classes, the adjustment/alignment classes, as well as anatomy were extremely helpful and beneficial.We overall are very pleased with our teachers and their practices. Prashant and Vipin were fun, energetic, informative and personable. They thought us so much, and really helped us grow, and expand in our asana practice. The mantra teacher was great and very patient. Vivek was super clear, helpful with all questions, and serious, but brought a great dynamic to the team. Swami was incredible, really enriched our experience, and his nightly meditation were so magical, and we enjoyed them the most. Tylak was also wonderful, very funny man, but at times it would have been helpful for him to unite more terms on the board, or clearing share the breathing terms ant there variations.

  • Nadezda Nechaeva

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Hatha yoga classes open my eyes, what is real posture and how our body works. Its teach me how to focus in my body parts. Meditation classes brought me to another deeper level of consciousness and awareness.Teachers are very knowledgeable in their subject and I really happy that we had such a great gurus.Food was yummy and healthy.

  • Madison Foley

    Akshi Yogashala website

    All of the yoga and meditation classes were top notch, especially Ashtanga. Pranayama - I enjoyed this class, learned a lot. Anatomy loved this class. Learned so much and enjoyed his energy. Serious and wonderful! Overall, the course was great. Well organized and I learned an incredible amountIt would have been nice to have been fully healthy so I could have the full experience, but I really loved it anyways and I am grateful.

  • Rosaleen Donagher

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Everything was very useful. I really enjoyed the Pranayama as I only knew a few techniques. Anatomy was very interesting and very practical in relating to asanas. Teaching and teachers were excellent, top class! All the teachers are wise and very dedicated in their subjects and their Indian culture while very aware and in touch with western culture so it was a nice balance. They were very natural and caring and were able to answer all our questions.At the start I found it difficult to sleep because it was so noisy but by the second week Id gotten used to it and felt extremely safe and looked after throughout.Food was delicious, especially breakfast. Would have more chocolate balls!

  • Alexandra Cachia

    Akshi Yogashala website

    I found very useful anatomy, alignment and adjustment class, Vipins extra input of end of classes, asanas, mantra singing! Very high quality teachers, very experiencing and I felt very grateful to receive knowledge from them and witness their wisdom.Staying was great, awesome accommodation, super appreciated the hot water and cleanliness, staff were super loving and special could really feel cared for. Most things were awesome.

  • Le Thi Thu Van

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Most useful for me was intensive practice and knowledge of anatomy. All teachers were well educated, friendly and knowledgeable. Room has enough light during daytime and warm in the night, comfortable bathroom. Food was also good.

  • Pham Thi Thanh Lam

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Anatomy and ashtanga is the most useful. I understand more about my body and know how to take care my body. I felt physically and mentally stronger day by day during the course. Teachers are knowledgeable and dedicated. They made all the lessons interesting and become easy to understand. There are many useful practical knowledge which can be applied to life. The accommodation is well-facilitated and comfortable. Food is delicious and healthy.

  • Justin Cusauk

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Teaching was very good, especially philosophy, anatomy and ashtanga. Hatha was disappointing as teacher was very often late. Staying was good. I feel that I need more teaching classes!

  • Shunka Gilberg

    Akshi Yogashala website

    I found all the classes are useful.Swami Atma (philosophy and meditation): kindhearted, creating a safe and loving environment to growth, placing gently seeds inside me without any kind of pressure, his mentorship resonates on multiple layers within me.Vivek (anatomy): His lunar energy balances solar energy of Vipin and Prashant, the mixture of practical and theoretical teaching; scientific mind and precise intelligence; appreciated his rational style so much to balance the spiritual & philosophical work.Vipin (hatha, alignment): straight forward teaching and speaking; multiple of practical tips for us how to create the habits as a teacher; realistic approach; breaking down the Asana in small pieces so we can engage the body awareness.Staying was a unique experience; there is no place Id rather be, not feeling homesick for one second!

  • Jessica Sadlon

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Structure of the program flowed very well. Consistent support from the teachers/masters with an emphasis on the good communication very appreciated.Food is lovely. Changed my behavior around food, i.e. the smaller portions +slower; positive results.I would like to have an extra week, to allow space to study +fully integrate.

  • Giacomo Scariatti

    Akshi Yogashala website

    All the amount of information weve got I will take forever with me. Priceless! What I experienced during meditation in the evening was pretty intense. Teachers are all extremely professional, competent and always available. Great human beings apart of knowledgeable people. Staying was quite positive and food tasty and healthy. But the course was very intense for me.

  • Alina Skrypnyk

    Akshi Yogashala website

    The most useful was adjustment in asanas and deep knowledge about yoga, ayurveda and spiritual life. Im quite satisfied with teachers they gave us a lot of new information and its an inspiration for my self-education. I got all the answers from the teachers and they are all very interesting and spiritual and educated people. There were a lot of interesting people from all over the world who have same interests as me and also there were teachers who can share their deep knowledge with us. Balance of lecture and experiential learning was good. Two practical trainings a day were enough for me, but sometimes I was quite tired because of lack of free time and time for rest.Few words about food. I loved breakfast the most. All food was vegetarian and healthy. We had enough protein. And I really liked the variety of food. Sometimes dinner was little late as we had to go to sleep early.As it was scholarship program we had only one day off and sometimes we felt tired.

  • Sharita Rahman

    Akshi Yogashala website

    The most useful training was how to do postures correctly. As it was scholarship program the schedule was intense and we had no enough time for ourselves. I really liked all the teachers. All different in their own way. Very diverse. The teachings were very informative and varied. I would like to have more questions and answers practice like the final written exam. I learn more through self practice. I enjoyed my stay. Nice location. Food was really good. Maybe in the morning not to mix so much fruits with other food.

  • Vivianne Nijkamp

    Akshi Yogashala website

    Its hard to pin down in one sentence about what was the most useful in the training, seeing it was all a journey into a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.As I was sick I had trouble with my own asana and ability. The hours were long but I really liked it.Good put together teachings and teachers. Rather had more Ayurveda. It was intensive course, so naturally the classes were that too. I believe that the most I will learn is when I get back home and have time by myself to process it all. Read more books on the subject and when able to do asana, discover and grow by self-practice. Balance of lecture and experiential learning was fine.Because I was sick and disabled I struggled a lot. Sometimes I felt really bad and the support I got from few students and staff was comforting. So I enjoyed my staying.I really enjoyed breakfast every time. Every meal was made by lovely people and that came back in the food. Very grateful.Id like more reading material on subject as anatomy. Its really interesting, but very much to remember and process within the month. English is not my first language what makes it more of challenge to process and fully understand.

  • Berna Guzenlderen

    Akshi Yogashala website

    The adjustment classes were really useful. I wish we had more of them. It was a bit too intensive as we didnt have a full day off. It was hard to find time to rest or do self study. But this is the time allocated for scholarship program, so I respect it. All teachers were well educated and motivating, they all knew what they were doing and trying their best to give us what we needed. Especially asana teachers and anatomy were really beneficial. I learned a lot of them. I feel lucky to have worked with them. Balance of lecture and experiential learning was good.Accommodation was really good. The only thing was that the room was a bit too cold. But the management provided us with some extra blankets. Whenever someone had health problems, they took very good care of us and made us feel really safe. These are very important things for a school. I really appreciate all the efforts they made to protect.I liked the food. It was all vegetarian, mostly vegan. Students were face to eat how much ever they wanted. They were really delicious and healthy.

  • Gina Balani

    Akshi Yogashala website

    The setting of this Centre in Rishikesh is tranquil, beautiful, inspirational and you have a fantastic view of the Himalayas! I am deeply grateful to all the teachers and staff for all your kindness, your guidance around the river scape, mountains and lush wooded delights of the area, and for taking care of all our needs, etc.The delicious food by Akshi was abundant, blissful and cleansing.I had been in an accident not long ago, had a fall downwards a moving escalator, and replacing 2 ruptured cervical discs with titanium ones.... This was the best medicine I could have wished for. All our teachers who continue to awe, inspire and help me manage, get stronger and heal in this modern busy world. They paid so much attention to my body limitations and my specific needs to gain back my arm and core strength that I had lost after this major surgery. I joined a teacher training course to deepen my practice and I enjoyed my stay so much that I stayed another month!!! Akshi yogshala in my opinion is highly recommended!I came away on cloud 9 but with my feet firmly touching the ground!!Oh and the Yoga Nidra meditation sessions were deep relaxed out of body experiences! They were surreal!

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