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Meditation Retreats in India

Easy as Look Book Go !

Explore India's must-see spots

  1. Himalaya
  2. Rishikesh
  3. Goa
  4. Kerala
  5. Dharamsala
  6. North India

Top Meditation Retreats in India

Top Silent Meditation Retreats in India

Top Buddhist Meditation in India

Top Meditation Retreats in Kerala

Top Mindfulness Meditation in India

Top meditation styles in India

We've got every style you can imagine, and then some!

  1. Buddhist Meditation
  2. Mindfulness Meditation
  3. Vipassana Meditation
  4. Vedic Meditation
  5. Chakra Meditation
  6. Mantra Meditation
  7. General Meditation
  8. Third Eye Meditation
  9. Kundalini Meditation

Best trip types in India

Want to experience art, food, culture, and live like the locals do?

  1. Silent Meditation Retreats
  2. Affordable Meditation Retreats
  3. Spiritual Retreats
  4. Meditation Teacher Training
  5. Luxury Meditation Retreats
  6. Meditation Resorts
  7. Meditation and Yoga Retreats
  8. Meditation Retreats for Couples
  9. Meditation Retreats for Women
Take it to the next level

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Reconnect with yourself on a meditation retreat in India

In India, meditation is seen as a daily necessity. This is the destination of thousands of pilgrims who seek enlightenment for their soul. Rishikesh, Kerala, and Goa are just some of the most popular meditation spots in India. But wherever you go, you will see people taking a silent moment to refresh and re-energize their souls and minds. It is definitely the best place to experience first-hand the importance of meditation. So, dare to embark on an India meditation retreat and we bet you’ll return home more content and at peace with yourself than ever!

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