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Aluna Healing is dedicated in service to the awakening of consciousness and to each of you upon this precious Mother Earth.

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Daniela Lanaia

Daniela is a healing arts practitioner, yoga teacher and musician. She is the co-founder of the "Sacred Living Earth Trust" and is known for her sound healing and music work with "Anima". From a young age she has been immersed on a journey into ancient wisdom, healing paths and the yoga tradition, and offers a sensitive, profound and unique space dedicated to the awakening of the heart and loving stewardship of the living Earth. She lives in the Scottish Highlands and offers one-to-one sessions, workshops, concerts, and retreats in the UK and internationally.

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from Great Britain, April 2018

"Insightful and very engaging."

There were many aspect to the retreat which I liked, some of which I could take home with me and practice in my spare time to allow me to bring peace and prosperity in my life.

The morning smoothie, lunch and evening juice was ample sustenance to give the energy we'd need throughout the day to do the things we needed to do.

The yoga was very challenging for me but I put as much into as possible bearing in mind I haven't done yoga in 3 years, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Its not about sight seeing or getting a lay in its about laying groundworks in your life to allow you to gain awareness in you and your surroundings.

All in all I enjoyed and am still processing what I did over the week I was there.

Anne Oconnell

from Canada, November 2017

Daniela greated me on arrival very welcoming Daniela’s passion for nature meditation and yoga was evident throughout the week. She guided us through the process in a gentle manner. Daniela prepared all the organic meals which were delicious. The most memorable and enjoyable was the 5 hour hike around the mountain in Torridon

Sally Lawton

from Great Britain, November 2017


The whole experience was wonderful and very special

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Nanci United Kingdom

Aluna Healing website

To have a healing session with Ali and Daniela is a opportunity on this earth not to be missed, it has changed my life for ever and still does every time I enter the light of their auras, these special light beings are here with a mission of re-uniting heaven and earth, especially inside our own selves.

David S.

Aluna Healing website

It was with immense grace that the universe led me to work with Ali on my own healing path. Meeting this beautiful soul was like being reacquainted with an aspect of myself that I did not have access to on a regular basis, for this is the gift of his work, to guide one back to their true self. I am indebted to this man for the protected and pure space that he has held for me so that deep inner transformation can take place. I have found it a rare discovery to come across a healer that has such a grasp of the spiritual dimension and yet is able to ground here in this reality also. As a result the work with Ali has always felt rooted, connected and deeply practical. I cannot finish these words without mentioning his music. In fact, words will only fail to do justice! Ali is a master medicinal musician! His music IS medicine. Healing, transformative and perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation and journeying. I feel so blessed to have access to his healing music at the touch of a button! I cannot recommend Ali highly enough. Thank you for your integrity, honesty, insight and love.

Emma United Kingdom

Aluna Healing website

I have had many massages in my life that were momentarily pleasant and enjoyable. Daniela's are extraordinary, unforgettable and I have a feeling that they have long-lasting effects. Daniela herself is a gentle, grounded, peaceful spirit, exuding love and well being, her handshake is a mere whisper, so it's an incredible surprise to receive such a deep, strong, powerful massage from her. This is both emotional and physical and undoubtedly works on other energy levels too. It feels transformative and as if she is drawing strength from the universe. I recommend her highly to all my family and friends.

Tiffany United Kingdom

Aluna Healing website

Daniela's bodywork has been and continues to be a profound experience for me every time I return. The massage itself is blissful as Daniela just seems to know what my body needs to release and feel spacious and relaxed once more. She works deeply on many levels beyond the Physical, and although this can sometimes be quite painful for me - where I hold a lot of tension, Daniela's insights into my emotional blocks - stored in the body have challenged and encouraged me to look deeper and more clearly at myself in a way that is completely loving and non judgmental, allowing me to move on gracefully into my Peace, my Truth, whatever is going on around me in this Life Journey.

Angela United Kingdom

Aluna Healing website

THANK YOU for being beautiful ancient keys to the sacred doors of the soul… From my heart - I am very blessed to have found you. You are lanterns of warm glowing light, illuminating our paths to unfold as is destined. I now have insight into the beauty, grace, and simplicity of human nature at a deeper level – touched and embraced by this incredible Earth. I am in tune, lovingly honouring myself and have precision clarity. Loving whispers of Great Mothers song have breathed into my soul. I am home. Words are futile – experience is the path. Thank you so much

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