Aluna Healing is dedicated in service to the awakening of consciousness and to each of you upon this precious Mother Earth.

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Daniela Lanaia

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Lynne Ross

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Scenic essence of rediscovery"

The serenity and tranquilty of the setting added to the retreats fantastic agenda to strengthen the sacred body and give back to Mother Earth. Daniella is a grounded and amazing person who provided us with guidance and support


from Canada, September 2018

"More than expected"

I loved this retreat! Daniela lead a magical experience, the yoga, walks, reflection and food were each nourishing for the soul. Torridon is a special place, we are lucky to experience it. Thank you Daniela!


from Great Britain, April 2018

"Insightful and very engaging."

There were many aspect to the retreat which I liked, some of which I could take home with me and practice in my spare time to allow me to bring peace and prosperity in my life.

The morning smoothie, lunch and evening juice was ample sustenance to give the energy we'd need throughout the day to do the things we needed to do.

The yoga was very challenging for me but I put as much into as possible bearing in mind I haven't done yoga in 3 years, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Its not about sight seeing or getting a lay in its about laying groundworks in your life to allow you to gain awareness in you and your surroundings.

All in all I enjoyed and am still processing what I did over the week I was there.

Anne Oconnell

from Canada, November 2017

Daniela greated me on arrival very welcoming Daniela’s passion for nature meditation and yoga was evident throughout the week. She guided us through the process in a gentle manner. Daniela prepared all the organic meals which were delicious. The most memorable and enjoyable was the 5 hour hike around the mountain in Torridon

Sally Lawton

from Great Britain, November 2017


The whole experience was wonderful and very special