Andere Boeg

Andere Boeg is a special place for individual retreats, meditation and yoga retreat weekends, as well as yoga retreat holidays.

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Marloes van der Kamp

Marloes is a certified teacher with more than 15 years of experience. She has been interested in yoga, personal, and spiritual development since she was young. The renovation of a cargo ship to a passenger ship brought her enormous deepening and taught her trust and surrender. A deep trust that life gives you what is needed, even if it's difficult. Meditation is part of her life. She likes deepening an takes into account the tantric principles that were the origin for the Hatha Yoga. She strives to enthuse participants to integrate meditation and yoga in their daily life.

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Ioanna Kourounioti

from United States, August 2018

"A wonderful relaxing weekend "

The venue was very nice and the teacher managed to make all the participants bond with each other. She was very relaxed and gave us nice tips to be able to meditate everyday. A wonderful experience I would totally recommend!!

Cassendre Lau

from Malaysia, May 2018

"The Best Week of My Life!"

I hail from Kuala Lumpur and I'm so grateful to do my first re-treat with Marloes after a month of consideration. It proved that I have made the right decision after a long hours flight and hectic tours schedule. It was indeed an amazing experience for my skills too as I am a certified yoga teacher as well. Words can't describe how much I loved my time with these people and this place. The house was gorgeous, quiet and clean and the meals were healthy and delicious. Thanks to Claire! There was a nice flow to the week's itinerary leaving enough time to relax, calm and discover the surroundings and indulge in an amazing beautiful environment. They proved that their genuine caring and love for what they do to keeps this retreat experience magical. I'm truly having a relaxing time with them and I feel more balanced and peace upon returning back to Malaysia. Thank you Marloes and Claire for the awesome weekend.

Isabel Gueifao

from Netherlands, April 2018

"Naturally relaxing and peaceful "

The surrounding is outstanding. All the nature, the forest, the river... all possible walks during the breaks. The great food that gave me the energy and satisfaction for the day. It was delicious! The programme was well thought out... the combination of mediation, walking, yoga and relax was the weekend that I was looking for!

Jan Slingenbergh

from Germany, August 2017

"Yoga retreat weekend, Friday night until Sunday 1700."

Yoga retreat for everybody, young or old, beginner or professional, featuring a balanced mix of physical yoga and ample meditation exercises, made up on the fly, by an experienced, flexible, friendly and caring tuitor seeking to suit evrybody. The retreat is in a a ship, a dream setting. The ship offers more space than one would expect, yet cosy. In the exercise room one hears dabbling ducks and other waterfowl foraging. On the ceiling the reflection of the sun on the water. How can one not relax in such a setting. Plenty of opportunity to talk a walk along the water, bike around, or visit Wageningen university town. Meals vegetarian or vegan as desired.


from Netherlands, August 2017

"Retreat with everything"

Yoga and meditation sessions were thoughtful and relaxing. Boat was located in a nice area by the river and beautiful landscape which could be reached by bike. Vegetarian dinner was very tasty. Hosts were very genuine and friendly.

Yulia Omelchuk

from Great Britain, June 2017

"Perfect weekend getaway"

Yoga on the boat is in itself great experience. Yoga room was very nice, we also managed to do yoga on the river shore, which tripled the effect of relaxation. Marloes and Thijs are very pleasant people, i enjoyed talking to them a lot. The food was delicious as well. Overall, very positive experience


from Netherlands, May 2017

"Andere Boeg is a very welcoming and beautiful place with professional yoga lessons and meditations"

The surrounding area is really nice. We did a lot of outside yoga; at the banks of the river, in the water meadows and in a splendid botanical garden on top of a hill. Marloes is a great yoga & meditation teacher; she explains clearly, corrects my poses if necessary and adapts to every level. The ship is really big and it is lovely. Cozy cabins and a yoga studio which is peaceful and quiet. The food was very healthy and divers.

Zireen Chaudhry

from Great Britain, May 2017


The whole experience was very pleasant from initially booking the trip. Marloes approach was in a very relaxed and non judgemental way. There was no pressure to push myself or my body or even my mind which I really appreciated as was looking for some downtime for myself.

The boat was beautiful as was the cat and the yoga space within the boat was very special too. The food prepared was very healthy, colourful and tasteful too which Marloes partner helped with. Marloes and her partner were able to create a balanced and comfortable environment together which was very nice to be around. I hope to return one day!

Tyannick Ouk

from Germany, May 2017

"Awesome retreat with a unique experience"

Visiting the surrounding area. Hiking our way to the park. Proximity to the town center

Anna Rolf

from Netherlands, October 2018

"Fantastisch yoga en meditatie retreat!"

Marloes is een geweldige yoga lerares. Ik heb inmiddels heel ruime ervaring (circa 25 jaar) en veel leraren meegemaakt, maar Marloes staat absoluut in de top! Haar lessen maakten dat we een weekend hadden met prachtige en goede lessen en haar leiding en ook de accommodatie maakten dat er een zeer goede sfeer met verbinding ontstond.

Peter Jong

from Netherlands, August 2018

"Great weekend!"

Lovely teacher, great place, right amount of yoga, meditation and time to relax.

Suzanne Admiraal

from Netherlands, July 2018

"Professioneel, liefdevol met beide voeten op de grond"

Yoga lessen

Simone Te Grotenhuis-elfring

from Netherlands, June 2018

"Inspirerend en inzichtgevend"

Tussen de 'lessen' door was er genoeg tijd om tot jezelf te komen. De omgeving nodigt uit om te gaan wandelen. In het huis zelf hangt er een relaxte sfeer, en de maaltijden waren geweldig! Ook neemt Marloes de tijd om iets uit te leggen en er is ook ruimte om vragen te stellen.

Wybeke Reem Van

from United States, May 2018


Heerlijke plek en goeie begeleiding Klankschalen waren extra mooie toevoeging

Teus Snoek

from Netherlands, April 2018


Ik ging erheen voor een kennismaking met Hatha en hoe ik er fysiek en mentaal op zou reageren. Ik vond het fijn en heb de prettige werking van de houdingen ervaren mede door de deskundige en ontspannen instructie van Marloes. Het betekent voor mij een extra motivatie om hier op de een of andere manier een regelmatig vervolg aan te geven en de stijfheid op sommige plekken in mijn lijf te verminderen.

Mieke De Zeeuw

from Netherlands, March 2018

"Perfecte yogalerares"

Prettige persoonlijkheid, aandacht voor iedereen


from Netherlands, February 2018

"De hatha yoga leek meer een gym les, niet zoals ik yoga ken."

Het lied , de groep, de eigenares van de boerderij, zeer gastvrij.

Het bos.

Balbina Melian Sosa

from Netherlands, December 2017

"Amazing Experience"

La organizacion, las clases y todo en general estaban en una perfecta armonia,tienes tiempo para descubirte a ti mismo y disfrutar de unas maravillosas clases de yoga y meditacion.

Marloes habla perfectamente ingles y eso facilita enormemente la estancia.

Jessica De Jaeger

from Netherlands, December 2017


Heerlijk weekend gehad.

Prachtige plek, fijne sfeer, advies en feedback op maat, genoten!

Ester Kuiper

from Netherlands, August 2017

"Verwachting overtroffen!"

Hele fijne sfeer, heerlijk eten en veel variatie in de inhoud en locaties van de lessen, echt TOP!

Petra Van't Hul

from Netherlands, August 2017

"Zo fijn deze retraite!!!"

Marloes is een heel fijne vrouw en super goede docente!! Ziet goed wat er nodig is en is duidelijk erg ervaren.

Prachtige en sfeervolle boot, heel fijn om me een aantal dagen te kunnen onderdompelen in yoga, meditatie, rust en heerlijk en gezond te eten. Ik kan het iedereen aanraden!!


from Netherlands, August 2017

"Mijn fijne beleving op de yoga-boot!"

De mooie plekjes waar de yoga-lessen werden gegeven. En er is een fijne yoga ruimte. Het dagelijkse yoga-programma is behalve ontspannend ook uitdagend en gevarieerd. En naast het programma kun je de prachtige omgeving verkennen omdat er fietsen aanwezig zijn, echt top. De sfeer onderling was ook super gezellig. En ik heb heerlijk geslapen omdat de faciliteiten heel goed zijn.

Raymond Hegeman

from Netherlands, August 2017

"aangenaam les van een vrouw die weet waar ze het over heeft"

goede atmosfeer; goed les; goede dagindeling; goede accommodatie; goed eten; leuke groep mensen

Clarisse Van Amerongen

from Netherlands, August 2017

"Volledig tot rust komen, ontspanning, warmte en humor "

De goede faciliteiten (heerlijk ruim schip), niets moet, wat volledig gevoel tot ontspannenheid geeft

Doris Latumahina

from Netherlands, July 2017

"Een geweldige retrait"

Retraite op een boot is een unieke ervaring. De rust in de prachtige enorme yogaruimte. Je waant je op een eiland. Alles loslaten en nergens druk om maken, heerlijk. De yoga en meditatie van Marlous waren ontzettend fijn. Ze hield rekening met iedereen. Na zo'n weekend kan je alles weer aan.

Adele Beerling

from Germany, July 2017

"Perfectly relaxing yoga weekend"

Well balanced programme, accommodating different levels, solid programme

Corné Simons

from Netherlands, July 2018

"Verdiepende yoga midweek"

Verschillende yogavormen, uitstekende eten, omgeving en groep

Hector Taylor

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Great retreat in the Dutch countryside"

The retreat has a really warm friendly atmosphere. It’s easy to get to, the setting is perfect and the whole place has a really good vibe. The yoga and meditation is very accessible and not overly spiritual. The other people on the retreat were lovely and I was able to relax very quickly.

Kwaku Otchere

from United States, July 2018

First time doing yoga. LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Marloes is patient and amazing! One of the best decisions of my life!

Anne Mancour

from United States, July 2018

"So lovely, inviting, and far more than a yoga retreat"

Marloes is not only an indefatigable, perfect host who ensures everyone is comfortable and getting what they wanted, she is an exceptional teacher beyond Hatha yoga. I have practiced yoga for over twenty years and was impressed and humbled by her vast knowledge beyond asanas. The yoga house was the icing on the cake. It was beautiful, yet comfortable, and completely equipped with yoga supplies. The setting in Twello is bucolic and serene.

Laura Macdonald

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Yoga boat"

Very relaxed time. Structured and well organized. Professionally run. Enjoyed being outdoors as much as possible. Time went quickly.

Jolene Dunne

from Ireland, August 2017

"Peace and relaxation aboard the beautiful Andere Boeg"

Marloes is very warm and welcoming. She is a very competent teacher who understands the various needs and limitations of the participants. Many of our group remarked on her kind and gentle approach to teaching. She was also very receptive to what we as a group wanted to do during the sessions and how we were feeling at the time.

The ship itself is beautiful and finished to a very high standard. I loved reading about all the work that went into building it and imagining the love and dedication they must have had to complete such a project.

I am vegan, and Marloes made a special effort to cater for my diet even though it was not advertised.

Bikes are available to borrow from the ship so it's easy to explore the surroundings!

Katrien Troubleyn

from United States, August 2018

"Een verrijkende ervaring"

Marloes is een professionele, hartelijke yoga- en meditatie-instructeur. Het Yogahuis in Twello is een heerlijke plek om te verblijven. Je wordt ondergedompeld in warmte en wijsheid. Veel ruimte voor stilte en tegelijk gelegenheid om fijne mensen te ontmoeten. Aangename dagindeling met yoga, medatiatie en relaxatieyoga. Een prachtige omgeving met de tuin, het meer, het bos en natuurlijk het prachtige Deventer.

Hester Van Schooten

from United States, July 2018

"Hier wil je zijn"

Zowel voor pure ontspanning als voor een innerlijke zoektocht is dit retreat geschikt. Marloes is zeer adaptief en kan naar ieders behoeften het programma vormgeven en aanpassen. Wijze vrouw!

Elly Van Duijn

from Netherlands, July 2018

"Heerlijke oase in Nederland"

De locatie, sfeer, kleinschaligheid, meebewegen met omstandigheden

alizee jouffroy

from Belgium, July 2018

"Great yoga retreat"

The very good atmosphere with the group, respectful mindset. I had 5 days retreat with Marloes at the Andere Boeg yoga house, and it brought me great energy, more flexibility in my body and in my mind ;) Also, the food is delicious!

Jolanda Heuvelman

from Netherlands, July 2018


Alles was positief. Goede yoga lessen inspirerende meditatie lessen, goed en lekker eten, mooie omgeving, fijne groep mensen. 10+

Lucia Van Straaten

from Netherlands, July 2018

"Een week cadeau"

Ik kreeg zo veel meer dan ik had verwacht! Prachtige locatie, heerlijk verzorgde maaltijden, fijne yoga lessen met verdieping en nieuwe vrienden erbij.

Het was moeilijk om na een week weer naar huis te gaan!

Saskia Kluft

from Netherlands, August 2017

De goeie sfeer en het feit dat er veel ruimte was voor eigen inbreng, vond ik leuk.

Verder veel nieuwe dingen geleerd op yoga-, meditatie- en algemeen menselijk vlak gebied.

Petie De Waele

from Netherlands, August 2017

"Professioneel en warm bad"


Carly Hill

from Netherlands, July 2017

"Tot rust komen in een prettige omgeving"

Het retreat werd heel persoonlijk naar mijn wensen aangepast, het was erg flexibel. Ook ben ik erg blij met de goede omgang met mijn moeilijke dieet. Ook heb ik veel leuke nieuwe dingen geleerd!

Testimonials 5


Andere Boeg

First of all, Marloes and Teus are wonderful people, they really know how to welcome the guests and make them feel relaxed and yet focused on those small things that matter.

Me and my girlfriend, we enjoyed a calm weekend, we had experienced a new(new for us) type of meditation: sound meditation.

Also we have improved our flexibility and the ability to maintain the focus longer and concentrate more on the ‘now’. For example, on our way back to Brussels, by car, we didn’t feel the need to listen to music while driving, we just wanted to ‘be’ and drive, with no hurry :)

Sarah and Pamela

Andere Boeg

If you are looking for a weekend to unwind with a combination of yoga, meditation and drinking tea on a beautiful boat, I very much recommend joining Marloes! Besides yoga sessions that are tailored to individual levels and needs as well as different forms of meditation, there is time to connect with fellow yogis, enjoy the surrounding area and spent time looking out over the water. Very relaxing!


Andere Boeg

What a lovely weekend! During the yoga practice, Marloes had a lot of attention for everyone’s constraints, due to which I could also practice the poses in my own way. The meditations were very well guided and therefore really nice. Also meals and snacks were lovely and well taken care of.

The ship is impressive, beautiful and clean and Teus and Marloes create a warm atmosphere, which makes you feel at home. By this combination, I have had a lovely weekend, with great teachings that I could take home :).

Emmy Hagenaars Netherlands

Andere Boeg

I really loved this Yoga relax weekend at Andere Boeg. My body is not 100% fit and Marloes adapted perfectly to that by giving me adjusted poses. I have experience with a large number of yoga teachers, and Marloes is one of the very few who is capable to exactly see what your body can do. She notices whether you do a pose well or not (and so, if you do not injure yourself), and if you do not, she explains what goes wrong and what you should be different or what alternative pose you can do. I also liked to see what amazing things others can do with their body (like Crow and Scorpio) and that still, Marloes could challenge them also with advanced poses. Now after the yoga weekend I have practiced for a few weeks at home and I notice my body becomes more fit and I can even do some poses that I could not do yet at the weekend, I am so happy with that.

The food is delicious, Teus is a very creative cook. The accommodation is great and the view from the yoga room over the water surface is really special. The only negative point I can think of is that the cabins are a bit small, but of course that is part of the beauty of a ship. I gave this weekend to myself as a present. This yoga weekend was the first weekend I was away from home after the birth of my youngest son (almost 3 years) and I have slept wonderfully, 2 nights 10 hours straight; that was also a great contribution to the relaxation :). I think the schedule of the weekend is an excellent mix of activity and rest. Highly recommended; I will definitely be back!

Pamela Kovacs

Andere Boeg

I really enjoyed this great weekend retreat and I've already told others about it. Marloes excellently adjusted the yoga classes to the level and abilities of the different participants. I loved the balance between yoga and meditation. It is clear Marloes has put a lot of thought into the weekends and it shows - very nice, relaxing, and lovely!

Moreover, the accommodation is lovely and the food is delicious. I definitely recommend Andere Boeg to you - - I hope you are able to go!

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