Angela Botta Yoga

New York, United States

Angela Botta Yoga offers yoga for corporate and private clients and facilitates yoga workshops and international retreats.

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  • Tara United States

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    I had the absolute pleasure of joining Angela and Yuval in Costa Rica this past winter for a week of yogic happiness. A complete cocktail of body, mind, and spiritual healing. Together, they have a natural way of sharing a unique package of heartfelt genuineness, humor, form, and flow. Along with yoga, a few adventurous activities and carving out your own time, you are sure to have plenty of laughs and perhaps a few yummy tears.

  • Melissa United States

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    Our retreat with Angela and Yuval was magical. It was the perfect amount of yoga mixed in with the perfect amount of adventure. The setting couldn't have been any more beautiful or serene. I treasure my memories of Guatemala and the time spent practicing with Angela, Yuval, and the group. I can't wait for the next one!

  • Bonnie

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    As someone who has practiced yoga for 15 years, I can confidently say that Angela is truly a masterful teacher. I always leave the class feeling joyful, rejuvenated, and revitalized. Her expertise, compassion, and positivity are infectious!

  • Toya

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    My yoga practice has truly blossomed over the past few years because of Angela. Her teaching style invites everyone to the mat. She reminds us that yoga is truly for everyone because it meets you where you are today. I have been able to explore various poses and discover new things about myself. Truly a liberating experience!

  • Sue

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    You are amazing at what you do. I feel honored and lucky to be your student. With love and gratitude!

  • Jenn

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    Angela has a positive, encouraging way about her instruction which always improves each pose. It's really nice to step on to my mat under her guidance, I look forward to that time every week.

  • Jessica

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    Angela is an ideal yoga instructor. Her classes are always challenging and her delivery is as close to perfect as I've even experienced. She knows how to be encouraging in developing ones yoga practice but without judgement or pressure. I always feel refreshed and re-energized after every class.

  • Ellynne

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    I have so much gratitude for all you do and give.

  • Ron

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    You are one of the best teachers I've encountered in doing yoga for over 20 years. Thanks for your awesome classes, I really enjoy them!

  • Karen United States

    Angela Botta Yoga website

    You are both very good teachers, and I'm picky!

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