Anne Haack Yoga

Berlin, Germany

Anne Haack provides various healing methods for private sessions, holds workshop sessions, and leads meditation and yoga retreats.

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    • Jessica United Kingdom

      BookYogaRetreats website

      Journey into Healing retreat was definitely a journey! The yoga classes and meditations were spot on - Anne really knows how to structure a class that unlocks something each time! She does this in a really intuitive way.

    • Stephen United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      The New Years Retreat was amazing. I love your yoga classes and style of teaching. I also appreciate how attentive you are, so I'm able to fine-tune my movements and postures.The meditations were a pleasant surprise! All of them were great. I love how creative you are with them. Also, your music selection takes them to another level. Regarding the Kinesiology Course, I learned so much. Gabrielle was amazing. It was set up so well. I simultaneously learned about myself and how to practice Kinesiology.

    • Maya United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      The New Years Healing Retreat was great, and I felt it was an enjoyable way to practice meditation, yoga and other healing modalities. Anne did a great job in planning and putting herself into the retreat. Her yoga classes were very enjoyable and the meditations were amazing and inspiring. Furthermore, the Kinesiology Course was AMAZING and Ill probably continue my education with Gabriele. We were lucky to be such a magical group of people that came together and I really enjoyed learning from everyone.

    Testimonials 16

    • Philip S.

      Anne Haack Yoga website

      The last few days were very special for me and I start seeing the connections, to every action follows a reaction. The karma principle acts strongly and all of a sudden emerges creativity and intuitively right actions. I´m having talks with people I never spoke to before. I´m also noticing that I don´t need as many words anymore to simply live my true Self as it is… a completely new feeling to live. Very beautiful, but also sometimes demanding, but it gives me a very good feeling that the change in nutrition, the last months in Thailand, Tai Chi, Chi Nei Sang and the Chakra Healing helped to brighten the path to my center, the middle way. I believe you were part of it. Namasté

    • Sanne

      Anne Haack Yoga website

      Hi Anne, how are you? I was thinking about my next step in life (big thoughts;)) and you popped up in my brain. Just wanted to let you know that I think that you are a very inspiring person and in the one week we shared you made a big impact! Love, Sanne

    • Derrick

      Anne Haack Yoga website

      In these two weeks on retreat with you, I´ve felt better than in the past 5 years. You have no idea how much you have done for me

    • Olga

      Anne Haack Yoga website

      In can feel the energy so much, sometimes I feel I´m spinning in a circle even if I sit still. I hope to see you soon again!

    • Matthias H. Germany

      Anne Haack Yoga website

      Thank you very much for the treatment. It did me really good and still does!

    • Cintia Australia

      Anne Haack Yoga website

      The space you gave lightened all. Thanks! Today was incredible, it´s the first day of the rest of my life. Much grateful for your gifts. And thankful life can be so sweet. You find the needle in the haystack, really. My heartfelt gratitude! It´s like you opened my head and put golden light into it! You took me out of my personal hypnosis… In these few sessions, a lot has been seen, takes a minute to integrate. What you do in this session would other people take years. Thank you!

    • Rebana J.

      Anne Haack Yoga website

      I want to dearly thank you for the generous Reiki session – it was helpful in a crazy strange way even though I’m really a skeptic about these things. I’m glad to have met you because somehow it has to lead me to realize that I need healing in my life and that I've really been ignoring that. In some sense, I feel now like beginning a quest for healing.

    • Martin D. Argentina

      Anne Haack website

      Thanks for that incredible yoga class. Was those kind of addictive classes that you dont want to stop.

    • Zuszanna B. Germany

      Anne Haack website

      She made me laugh, she made me cry, I did everything with Anne in Goa: Reiki, yoga therapy and open Yoga class. Its amazing how much you can find out in those sessions, from playfulness to going deeper!

    • Jan K. Germany

      Anne Haack website

      I did Reiki, yoga therapy and massage with Anne and although I dont believe in these things usually, I could feel the effect. Makes you see the power of yoga.

    • Claire U. United Kingdom

      Anne Haack website

      Hi Anne. Thanks for being a great teacher. I really enjoyed your classes. They were very well structured and your instructions were precise. I felt very safe in your hands.

    • Cari M. Mexico

      Anne Haack website

      Anne! Your training was excellent! To me was so useful that you explained to me a lot of details in many postures mainly in Spanish! Thank for all your patience! Hugs!

    • Angelica M. Ireland

      Anne Haack website

      Anne is an inspiring teacher. A modern yogi with so much passion and great fun too!

    • Kathryn W. US

      Anne Haack website

      Its been such a pleasure getting to know you, Anne, as a teacher and a mentor. You are so dedicated to your practice and it shows with your clear instruction and extensive knowledge. Its not very often I meet teachers who continually train within their own style and also explore other styles. I love that you do Kundalini in the morning and be sure to maintain your own practice. Your passion and hard work radiate outwards each and every day and I am proud to have met you and been one of your students. Namaste.

    • Sarah M. United Kingdom

      Anne Haack website

      I have just returned from Darjeeling where I was lucky enough to attend my yoga teacher training with Anne. I wanted to write this as a thank you for all the time and energy that was passed through to me during her classes.Anne is a playful, wise and talented yoga teacher. She uses imaginative warm ups that lead to a practise where your body can open more, creating space for going deeper. Leading her vinyasa classes creatively by pulling together her vast experience and study of many styles of yoga. Her teaching skills have helped push through my boundarys showing me mediatation in movement.With her DJ experience, I felt her music choices always fit with the pace of the class. Somehow she times everything to perfection making her classes with smooth transitions from warming up to the peak poses and finishing with gentle relaxation. I came away from class feeling all of the energy she had put in.The depth of her knowledge of meditation, spirituality and asana postures is profound. She has a deep empathy and understanding of her students bodies, their limitations, injuries, strengths, and will work with you to help you deepen your practice.I highly recommend attending a class or a retreat with Anne. I will definitely be seeking her out in the future to hopefully join one of her retreats in the deserts of Morocco.Thank you Anne for all of your time and patience. I couldnt have done it without you.

    • Marika M. Ireland

      Anne Haack website

      Anne taught me yoga during an intensive 8-day yoga retreat in Darjeeling in India. She is a great teacher that took me to a completely different higher level of practising yoga. She puts an emphasis on awareness of yourself when practising and so on getting to know yourself and challenging yourself in order to develop. She was very eager to share her extensive knowledge and experience. She is passionate about what she does which is so nice to see and also it shows in her classes being interesting and fun with a good flow. I admired her commitment to constantly learning more about yoga and getting even better at it. She is an example to me of where I can get to one day if I keep at it. It was a pleasure to be your student (hmm, apart from the moments when my muscles felt like a shaking jelly showing my weak points but thats nothing to do with you hahaha. Thanks for everything and I am sure you will never complain about lack of students because you have a lot to offer!

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