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Art of Life Retreats

Art of Life Retreats offers inspiring yoga and raw food retreats around the world.

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Oksana Sokol

Oksana is a true vibrant life and wellness couch who runs unforgettable personal journeys of self discovery and empowerment through positive change. Skillfully combining her knowledge in living foods, energy healing, cleansing, mindfulness practices and a deepened understanding of yoga she facilitates people towards the expansion of possibilities in their personal life. Transforming stagnation into energy and inspiring others with her own enthusiasm towards a more a conscious, harmonious and meaningful life.

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a traveler

TripAdvisor website

I connected with Oksana Sokol during one of the darkest nights of my life and her and Art of Alice retreats were the answer to my prayers. This retreat was everything I ever wanted and more: her kindness and warmth made not only for a memorable retreat with all sorts of once in a lifetime experience but I also had the fortune to meet a life's long friend. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to start over, to heal, to get more in touch with their true selves or simply anyone who is looking for a memorable holiday. Thank you Oks and Art of Life Retreats for a life changing experience!

Juliacneves South Korea

TripAdvisor website

The unexpected and pleasantly surprising thing about this retreat is that we did not stay in a restricted place in Ubud. Instead, we stayed in a local nice Hotel and each day we would explore different locations (organic vegan restaurants; vegan ice cream shops, yoga places, SPA, Cooking classes, …)

Oksana is a very wise and inspiring person that organized very carefully the hole week making sure we would experience as much new places as possible as well as some free time to explore by ourselves.

I particularly loved the several organic vegan restaurants that we visited, the acro yoga class and the row vegan cooking class in Oksana’s house, a true paradise on earth.

I am truly grateful for this amazing experience and for the inspiration to continue this pursue for a healthy lifestyle. Much Love.

a traveler Texas

TripAdvisor website

Where do I even begin to describe my experience with Art of Life Retreats?! It totally surpassed my expectations and more. I'm so glad to have the opportunity to meet and get to know Oksana. She was a very thoughtful, caring, and wonderful host/yoga instructor/friend. Not only did she meticulously planned our itinerary to custom fit our needs, she also welcomed us into her space, took us all over Ubud to try some of the best vegan restaurants in town, and shared lots life wisdom based on her own experiences. This was not just a yoga retreat, but truly a wholesome wellness retreat with wonderful people. I thoroughly enjoyed all the different styles of yoga practice and all the activities she planned for us. The private lesson on yoga synergy was one of my favorite yoga practices, in addition to learning Thai yoga massage, acro yoga, and Iyengar. :) The raw food experience took me by surprise, however I'm so grateful to learn about the resources to help me live a better and healthier life. All in all, I'm so happy to end my visit with wonderful friendships and a clearer outlook on a sustainable healthy lifestyle. With much gratitude!

a traveler United Kingdom

TripAdvisor website

I recently returned from a fabulous 7 day personalized retreat in Ubud, organized and hosted by Oksana. Prior to my arrival we agreed a personalized, diverse program, tailored to my personal goals and desires. Everything from the personalized yoga classes to the raw food preparation classes was wonderful. Oksana did everything possible to ensure the retreat met my needs and that I would leave feeling rejuvenated and enriched from the week, which was certainly the case.

It was my birthday during the retreat and Oksana made a point to make the day memorable, in the evening we went to the most beautiful outdoor sauna that I have ever experienced, it was truly magical. Aside from the program activities which were all great, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to spend time with Oksana, who immediately felt like a friend. Oksana couldn't have done more to ensure my trip would have a lasting memory, she even gave me a scoby to make my own Kombucha! I am so grateful for the time I spent in Ubud, it truly was a magical trip and I would highly recommend the experience!

Jo S


Wow, where to begin! Oksana the founder of Art of life yoga retreats is one of the most passionate, creative and all inspiring people I have ever met. My partner and I came on the retreat to focus on our yoga practice and have a new raw food experience what we got was so much more Oksana went above and belong to adapt the retreat to our individual interests.

We made new friends in Ubud, set up creative links, ignited our passion for raw clean eating and consolidated yoga as a way of being. I would come back again and again and would recommend the retreat to anymore wanting to experience the endless possibilities art of life can create and inspire.