Aventuras del Sur

HORSEBACK TRAILS, YOGA, MEDITATION & HIKING HOLIDAYS IN THE PARADISE A magic place to discover in a familiar Andalusian guest-house in a country little village

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Sandra Trujillo Campos

Sandra is the principal Yoga teacher in Aventuras del Sur, she born in this magic village and with her family they buit this home to share with you. Sandra was a Pilates instructor, (In 2011 studied Pilates mat instructor and is a certificate instructor from the Spanish Federation Pilates and Quigong). In 2013 she studied Hatta Yoga and become a certifiate teacher for the Yoga allianz. (Tao center School, Gleb Loginov and Sabine Schalk introducting her in to Vipassana meditation during her Yoga studies. Now she is a practicioner of vipassana and Iyengar, and continue studing Yoga.

Francisco Trujillo

Francisco Trujillo is the horse guide and founder of this project, Aventuras del Sur. He started 35 years ago when building this place in the village where he was born and acquired his first horses. He learned to ride in his childhood and has an authentic own stile. He looks like a cowboy sometimes. The horses live free in the natural park where he lives. This means that they are relaxed and calm. The horses know all the land here better than him. Francisco has 17 horses for different levels. He will help you to choose the best one for you.

Reviews 7

Marianna Von Zahn

from Jordan, May 2018

"wonderful vacation"

I felt very comfortable. Despite language challenges, I felt extremely welcome and the hosts took very good care of me.

Erika Troutman

from France, March 2018

"A magical location to do yoga and self-reflection"

I loved the horseback riding and yoga and of course the location is really special. It is very natural and rustic so people need to be prepared for that clothing wise and with their expectations. However, I thought it enhanced the experience and made me feel closer to the animals, who freely roam the village, and to nature in general. It is a family and volunteers run place which enhanced the home-y cosy feel. Paco was a great tour guide in the horseback riding and super friendly. He took us to many different beautiful spots and made us all feel very comfortable and relaxed. Pia is a very peaceful yoga teacher and helpled me work through things with her “intentions” for each lesson. The volunteers at the farm are super friendly and help translate when needed. The house is very beautiful with an amazing view over fields, down to the beach and then extending out to the ocean (viewing the African mountains in the distance). I took a few walks in the village and the animals roam freely and this adds to the beautiful, natural feel to everything. Anywhere you walked to in the village you had tremendous views. It was close to Tarifa (15 minute drive?) but far enough away to be away from the busy tourist feel. I absolutely loved the location.

Emma Jönsson

from Sweden, February 2018

"A place to find peace and happiness! "

The location is everything you can ask for. The view is amazing and you really can connect with nature, on the horseback, through walks or by drinking a tea in the garden. Everyone is super friendly and makes you feel like a welcomed guest. The meditation varies so different techniques are learnt and the daily yoga class comes with a purpose which you can bring through the day. The horse riding is amazing on calm and very good horses in a beautiful environment. The meals are tasty and nourishing. The instructors are flexible with the times to make your stay as comfortable as possible which is highly appriciated. I’m so happy I went to this yoga and horse riding retreat!

Tanja Leeuwenkamp

from Netherlands, February 2018

"Couldn't have asked for more!"

Yoga, hiking and horseback riding, what a perfect combination! The location is absolutely stunning. I had a beautiful room with views over the garden, the mountains and Morocco. Belen is pretty remote which is just what you need if you don't want to interrupt your zen yoga mind with sensations from outside. The family was VERY welcoming and did everything to make us feel comfortable. Sandra and Victoria have treated us like gold, getting us enough blankets and heathers (is was a bit cold that week) and cooking us delicious meals. Mealtime was definitely another highlight!

The yoga and meditation were really good, Pia is a great teacher who breaths tranquility. It was a wonderful start of the day and I never minded waking up early for it. We had an introduction on the first day which was very valuable, I also really appreciated how we focused on different breathing techniques. Pia is very knowledgeable and will make sure to keep an eye on your yoga positions and do some gentle corrections if necessary. She and Sandra also took us for a beautiful hike, which made me fall in love with the surroundings even more!

The horseback riding was a great and beautiful adventure. Paco is very relaxed and took us for a gorgeous ride down to the beach of Boloña where all of us galloped (even this not super experienced chicken ;-)). The horses are treated very well and have a lot of freedom, it was impressive to see them come back by themselves from.. - who knows where ;-)

Linda Blain

from Great Britain, February 2018

"An experience to lift your soul"

The time table of meditation and morning yoga followed by breakfast gave each day structure. Each session was perfectly planned so we were introduced to different techniques and themes. Our teacher Pia has such a wealth of knowledge and was very generous with her time.The evening sessions were totally different which added to my experience.

There was flexibility with hiking and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to see the wonderful landscape on horseback.

Our evening meal was prepared with much love and passion and was yet another highlight of each day.

My room was very comfortable and had magnificent views.

Wendy Langenberg

from Netherlands, February 2018

"Heaven must look like this!"

If you love horseriding and yoga, this is really the place to go. Everything was just perfect! The surroundings and views are picture perfect. Paco and Victoria have created a wonderful relaxing place in a great environment. Paco is great with the horses and is very gentle, easygoing and enthusiastic guide. Victoria and Sandra do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable and at home. The homecooked meals were a delight every day. Pia/Kristina is a very good and attentive yogateacher. The yoga helps to reduce muscle strain from the horseriding and during the week you will find out you will get on your horse easier and easier. As I said, the perfect combination. I feel really blessed that we could be a part of this family for a week and I will definitely return here soon. Cannot think of a better place to reload my batteries! This is really value for money.

Julia Eckert

from Germany, January 2018

"Everything perfect and so relaxing "

The family atmosphere, the surrounding, the people, the activities, the food.....

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