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Ayurveda Yoga Villa

Ayurveda Yoga Villa in India is a unique resort where you can experience the best of ancient Indian tradition; yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and Kalari.

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LuisaBraungardt Germany

February 2016. Tripadvisor website

AYV is a very special place where you are not just a guest or patient but are welcomed as part of the family. In this loving environment amidst a beautiful rural landscape it was easy to surrender to the holistic and authentic treatment which is true to the core of ayurvedic tradition. The experience that every day, every meal, every class, every treatment can be embedded in prayer and ritual was the most touching and life changing experience for me. Thank you so much!

Ashah New York

March 2016. Tripadvisor website

I stayed here in September 2015 and I am writing this review 7 months later. Sorry for the late review :)

I stayed in the Lakshmi Room and it was great. There was really no trouble with mosquitoes or insects and overall it was a perfect stay for where I was. There was always hot water and electricity and I really enjoyed the room.

For the treatment I did Panchakarma. Every step of the process was diligently taken care of by every single member of the staff. The staff here is amazing. Kishore and the kitchen staff, Aneez and Ajesh at the front desk, Sunil the yoga teacher and his wife, Dr. Anu and the other doctors! Everybody at the center from the heads to the airport drivers have this amazing quality of love, simplicity and humility and it really makes this a beautiful place to stay and heal.

Also, the food is AMAZING! I still think about some of the dishes I had there.

Thank you so much!

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