Ayurveda Yoga Villa

Kerala, India

Ayurveda Yoga Villa in India is a unique resort where you can experience the best of ancient Indian tradition; yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and Kalari.

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  • LuisaBraungardt Germany

    February 2016. Tripadvisor website

    AYV is a very special place where you are not just a guest or patient but are welcomed as part of the family. In this loving environment amidst a beautiful rural landscape it was easy to surrender to the holistic and authentic treatment which is true to the core of ayurvedic tradition. The experience that every day, every meal, every class, every treatment can be embedded in prayer and ritual was the most touching and life changing experience for me. Thank you so much!

  • Ashah New York

    March 2016. Tripadvisor website

    I stayed here in September 2015 and I am writing this review 7 months later. Sorry for the late review :)

    I stayed in the Lakshmi Room and it was great. There was really no trouble with mosquitoes or insects and overall it was a perfect stay for where I was. There was always hot water and electricity and I really enjoyed the room.

    For the treatment I did Panchakarma. Every step of the process was diligently taken care of by every single member of the staff. The staff here is amazing. Kishore and the kitchen staff, Aneez and Ajesh at the front desk, Sunil the yoga teacher and his wife, Dr. Anu and the other doctors! Everybody at the center from the heads to the airport drivers have this amazing quality of love, simplicity and humility and it really makes this a beautiful place to stay and heal.

    Also, the food is AMAZING! I still think about some of the dishes I had there.

    Thank you so much!

  • Marieke United Kingdom

    November 25

    I stayed in October and did not really know what to expect as I'd never experienced Ayurveda before. It was the best choice I made in a long time. From the moment I arrived I was immersed in a world which is far from my normal day to day life in the hectic city of London. I immersed myself and found peace, positive energy, a balanced body and mind. All the staff are the most genuine, caring people, who truly look after your wellbeing. The amazing chefs in the kitchen prepare the most delicious meals, the ladies who perform the treatments every day are just the best, the yoga teachers who take you further than yoga practice alone, the Ayurveda doctors who tailor a treatment plan according to your needs, and everyone else who works towards making it such a special place; they are all truly special and genuine. And all that in the most beautiful setting in Wayanad. Also met some great people who were staying there, you never feel alone as there's also always someone to talk to, take a walk with, to share your meals with. But also enjoyed time on my own at the same time. This is an experience that I will not forget and would love to go back again. If you are looking for an experience in which you focus on your body, mind and soul and are prepared to immerse yourself into that, then AYV is the place. Wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you to all the people at AYV for creating a unique place and for looking after me.

  • Birgitt

    November 18

    I can highly recommend this ayurvedic centre, very very authentic, holistic, great doctors, therapists, authentic food, all employees are so much willing to contribute to the healing process of every person coming there, definitely will come back to this place, friendly, caring, highly professional.

  • Djamal France

    November 18

    I am just Back from the ayurveda yoga villa.It is one of my best life experiences.I spent 3 weeks in paradise.If you are looking for a 5 stars place without a soul and where u just to spend time,it's not for you but If you're looking for a real experience where you heal your body and mind,there where you have to be.you will be hosted with a sincere smile and an open arms where everybody take care of you,They give u the key to get a healthy body and mind but more than this,They give you love. It's a real human place where we communicate with heart that what will give you joy and peace.It's like When you are in family,where you are loved and welcomed.If you go there, it does mean you wan't to find yourself and you are ready to get a healthy body and mind ready to cooperate.Then doctors,therapists,cooks etc are here to Help you to reach your goal and going Back with a healthy body.and there is also for mind,the teachers of yoga who will show you the way with the practice To find the way toward your heart and soul. It's a holistic center,the spiritual meets the traditional therapy that what makes this place so spcial and unique. So please,when you go,go with an open heart,a big smile because what you Will live there could change your life for the best. It's all about the universal love. It's a beautiful place, a kind people so please, be with them as they are with you.Thank you for such a fantastic place. I'll be back.

  • Judith Australia

    October 16

    I had a 7 day visit in March 2014 with such good health results that I decided that I would return for the 3 week panchakarma treatment. The staff were so caring and helpful during the most unpleasant times that I realised I was in good hands and to trust. Dr. Anu is one of the most serene people I have had the good fortune to meet. She would fully discuss the next day's treatment at each daily consultation and put to rest any misgivings I may have. I am also grateful to Sunil, yoga master, for his time and our fruitful discussions. Kishore and the kitchen staff are fabulous as are all the staff who are so knowledgeable regarding your treatment. If you get the opportunity to have a Kalari massage do it. My tow treatment ladies Arnita and AYV is very peaceful as it's n the side of a hill just above a river, the water could be heard rushing down. Chickens roam in the gardens, the cows provide milk. A wonderful place to relax and get back to good health. I will return.

  • Vasiliy Russia

    October 5

    I was not disappointed. A well-chosen place near the river. Nice and cozy accommodation. Very kind and attentive doctors, all the staff. Democratic and talented owner of the clinic. Quality treatment, massage, simple and delicious food. They prepare their own medicines. Interesting people from all continents and different countries. At last was practicing my English (I apologize to all for that):

  • Andrea Portugal

    September 3

    Last Summer holidays I went to this paradise on Earth, Ayurveda Yoga Villa (AYV).AYV does good to people. The surroundings and gardens are perfect for its purposes and AYV is perfectly located near a river (river Kabani). The rooms are spacious (and the balconies great!) and the main house has good installations. My favorite place was the balcony of the restaurant where we could have the meals and where I had my moment of the day: in the middle of the afternoon, when I finally stop (one is very busy with the Monsoon program), alone, drinking tulsi water, watching the river passing by and thinking to myself. And then, people arriving and sharing the experiences of that day (or other days). I have never been in a place where the gests were so tuned in what they are looking for. We had great laughs but, at a certain time, we were also able to move the plate of "Silent Table" to the big table, where about 10 persons started eating in silence all together (the fun was before and after, not during the meals, also considered medicine by Ayurveda). Talking about the meals, the food was healthy and very tasty and the fruit juices at the breakfast were delicious.

  • Missy Jaye Singapore

    September 27

    I came with a heavy heart. Reason being my beloved husband passed away recently, leaving me to deal with lot of stuffs. I was lost and feeling pretty down, almost close to the stage of depression. Then, i got no idea howw, but i came across tripadvisor and saw all the good reviews on AYV. I had never travel alone before, but being at such a state, i was thinking i just wanna be out of the country, away from all the problems for a while and let me heal my wounded soul.All i can say is, It's one of my best vacation! Everyday i'm greeted by the amazing and gorgeous river, smiles from the staffs and also rest of the people staying there. We have pooja and yoga daily which really makes me feel calm and bring me all the positive energy i need to move on with my life. Talking with rest of the peeps from all over the world, swami and staffs really makes me feel enlightened! Everyone have their knowledge and experience on different stuffs, and when speak, we learn so much more about the world, culture, feelings and almost everything. We have even became great friends! Am still missing all of them now.

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