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London, United Kingdom

Battersea Yoga is specialized in yoga classes, bioenergetics, mindfulness meditation, workshops, yoga holidays and urban retreats.

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  • Marta Lenk

    Battersea Yoga Facebook page

    The best yoga studio in London! It's like going to Thailand or India without leaving the city - the place is so peaceful, so spiritual, so beautiful, very different from other yoga studios in London. There are various types of classes to choose from - Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative yoga etc. I would recommend evening classes - the place is then so beautiful when all the lights are dimmed. Pure relaxation! A little sanctuary in the middle of a busy city.

  • Sofia Costa

    Battersea Yoga Facebook page

    Battersea Yoga is my second home, it's where I feel most at peace.There you learn to love and understand your beautiful self. You become aware of your strengths and acknowledge your limits. You listen to Mother Earth and become in sync with the universe. Mindfulness takes you through a journey of awareness, making you question your everyday life and encouraging you to stop and breathe, "yes I am here!"

  • Camilla

    Battersea Yoga Facebook page

    An oasis of warmth and calm. I heave a sigh of relief when I walk through the door. I'm so glad I found it.

  • Tom

    Battersea Yoga Facebook page

    Such a beautiful place with skilled instructors. Welcoming community vibes with nice atmosphere and great experiences - opportunity to work on your body and those mental jewels.

  • Pernille

    Battersea Yoga Facebook page

    Lovely place! Did two Hatha classes with Amy and Emma - both of them were skilled instructors who managed to create a nice atmosphere. I also had a great time doing the yogi photo shoot today - definitely coming back next time I visit London.

  • Aldona

    Battersea Yoga Facebook page

    Have attend first Hatha Yoga class for beginners with Angus yesterday and I will definitely come back for more. It was amazing. Thank you.

  • Katy Appleton

    Battersea Yoga website

    Thank you Nadia for such an awesome day... It is the best advice within this kind of thing that I have done for my pregnancy so far...

  • Time Out Magazine

    Battersea Yoga website

    Calming, meditative and nurturing, these classes have a loyal following.

  • Angela G.

    Battersea Yoga website

    Thank you Nadia for that amazing session yesterday! I realized how much I missed the classes over August and found this session particularly strong! I am toying with the idea of a change of career for midwifery! See you next week!

  • Laura Hilton

    Battersea Yoga website

    A huge thank you for your inspirational classes and wise words on empowering yourself with knowledge, we had such a great experience delivering Evie at home.

  • Lucy Marsh

    Battersea Yoga website

    The course was absolutely brilliant, thank you so much. It was just what we needed - very practical, informative and a good re-cap for us. I think particularly for the Dads it's difficult to get focused second time round (done it before, it was fine last time, and the memories fade!), and your course was brilliant for getting us both, particularly Jim, ready for it all.

  • Robert Cazenove

    Battersea Yoga website

    Personally, for a long weekend which involved excellent Yoga catering for all levels of abilities, superb veggie food, highly efficient, capable and entertaining organizers it would be hard to find an alternative. Om Diddly.

  • Joanna, R from London

    Yelp website

    Just had my first class at Battersea Yoga tonight and I really enjoyed it! It wasn't quite what I'm used to, as I did vinyassa flow with Mark Blanchard when I was in LA while Battersea is predominantly hatha and tonight's class was a low-key version of that. That said, I could do with low-key at this point in my life! It was very relaxing but also worked a few muscles to definite-soreness in the morning. On Mondays they offer drop-in evening classes where anyone is welcome; mats and tools are all provided and it's only 12 pounds. Or you can purchase 10 classes for 100 pounds- not bad. They also offer other beginner and intermediate classes as well as some specialty ones here and there. There are so many different types of yoga and every teacher is different, but I did find that my teacher Angus really found a happy medium. Highly recommended!

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