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Battersea Yoga is specialized in yoga classes, bioenergetics, mindfulness meditation, workshops, yoga holidays and urban retreats.

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Marta Lenk

Battersea Yoga Facebook page

The best yoga studio in London! It's like going to Thailand or India without leaving the city - the place is so peaceful, so spiritual, so beautiful, very different from other yoga studios in London. There are various types of classes to choose from - Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative yoga etc. I would recommend evening classes - the place is then so beautiful when all the lights are dimmed. Pure relaxation! A little sanctuary in the middle of a busy city.

Sofia Costa

Battersea Yoga Facebook page

Battersea Yoga is my second home, it's where I feel most at peace.There you learn to love and understand your beautiful self. You become aware of your strengths and acknowledge your limits. You listen to Mother Earth and become in sync with the universe. Mindfulness takes you through a journey of awareness, making you question your everyday life and encouraging you to stop and breathe, "yes I am here!"

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