Bilbao Yoga Retreats

Bilbao Yoga Retreats offers holidays in the heart of the Basque Country that combine Vinyasa yoga practices with mindful living and meditation.

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Kat Webster

Kat is a truth seeking soul turned yoga teacher on a humble mission to help like-minded students find the peace within the chaos, the grace within the strength, and the open heart within the body. While she likes to move her body into a healthy shape, she is principally focused on revealing the true heart of yoga and its scientific, methodological and liberating path to lasting inner happiness and fulfillment. She teaches Vinyasa Karma, inspired by Krishnamacharya’s delightful system and intelligently designs each class to enable you to feel energized, enlivened, and uplifted.

Morocco Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga)

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Carolyn Dawson

from United Kingdom, June 2017

"wwwsssWwonderful hoW"

Great yoga, very well organised, the owner of the house is so thoughtful and genuine, made it a very memorable experience

Gareth Jones

from United Kingdom, August 2017

"Powerful and relaxing yoga experience for body and mind"

Two yoga classes daily with a different focus (inversions, twists, backbends, foreward bends, etc.) in each morning class and pranayama-based classes in the afternoons gave the week the perfect balance which left me feeling calm, relaxed and energised, not to mention free from aches and pains.

Each morning class starts gently and builds towards one or two key, challenging postures. There is gentle flow throughout and a focus on connecting movement to breathing.

Miguel Mendes

from Portugal, August 2017

"A spectacular retreat for anyone seeking the yoga path."

Kat's program is carefully designed to gradually involve us in the practice of Yoga. I have been touched by the energy of those classes and I still feel myself floating...

The vegetarian food was very good and very healthy.

I loved Bilbao, Getxo, our walks, the beach, the warm water of the sea and that delightful terrace of Kat's house. Kat and Ruth were spectacular,I felt at home.

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Catherine Law

Bilbao Yoga Retreats

What a beautiful experience! As a first time solo traveller and yoga beginner, this retreat was exactly what I was looking for. Kat is a fantastic teacher and takes the classes beyond just a physical practice, sharing a taste of the true meaning and purpose of yoga. The accommodation is so lovely and comfortable and Kat is the perfect host, so welcoming but offering the freedom to allow you to come and go as you please. And the food is Amazing! The location is also absolutely perfect with plenty on offer only a stroll away as well as super easy access to surrounding areas by train, including Bilbao which is only half an hour away, and a great surf beach even closer. All in all, I would highly recommend Kat’s retreat, and hope to join her again in the future.


Bilbao Yoga Retreats

I highly recommend Bilbao Yoga Retreats. The setting, the food, the accommodation and the yoga were all perfect. As someone who has practiced yoga off and on for the past few years, more for fitness purposes than for any other reason, I found the retreat very enlightening. I particularly enjoyed learning about the yoga philosophies. It is exactly what I needed to balance my hectic, sometimes stressful, life in London. I felt so refreshed and relaxed at the retreat that I didn't want to leave. I will definitely be back. Thanks so much Kat!

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