At Bodhi Yoga Center, we believe that yoga is a wonderful gift that is meant to be shared in a safe, compassionate, and sustainable way.

Reviews (1)

Pavel Chodil

from Indonesia, September 2018

"I´m glad that it ended. Honestly, I suspected something else"

Maybe I know more information about yoga now, but I don't feel like a yoga teacher after this course. I suspected something else, but I´m glad for this experience because now I know what to suspected in Philippines.

Testimonials (4)

Kelsey Muir United States


Although I did not have the pleasure of being able to attend a teacher training here due to an injury, Leona was absolutely amazing in helping me deal with the aftermath. Her customer service skills show that she goes above and beyond, and my only regret is that I was not able to meet her and attend her class! I know in the future, when the time is right, I will definitely be booking my yoga teacher training at Bodhi Yoga Center!

Cindy C Philippines


“Thank you for being part of my ambivalent journey.

A lot of times I have to question myself about life but you gave no judgment, hesitation nor doubt.

Thank you for being patient and kind in every way.


Lisa M. Ygnalaga Philippines


I never imagined yoga can be this exciting!!! Thank you Teacher Leona and Teacher April. #Bestbodyever #Besthealthever #TransformingLives

Stephanie Q Philippines


“My #VinyasaYTT was amazing because I met the most wonderful people with whom I shared many life-changing experiences. After our lectures in the studio, we tested out different theories and concepts on each other, and lifted each other up (both literally and figuratively!) I will always look back on my one-month sojourn in Mindanao with much love, happiness, and gratitude! #MindBodhiSoul

So excited for everyone signing up for this year’s training course!”