Body Mind Ease Therapeutic Yoga

Body Mind Ease provides blissful, life-enhancing retreats in exotic locations. Julie Seibt, IAYT certified yoga therapist invites your inner wisdom to shine.

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Julie Seibt

Julie Seibt has developed over the years a rich background of certifications and experience in yoga. She studied mindfulness under Steven Smith and Michele McDonald, teaching movement classes to support a meditation practice at their Vipassana Retreats in Thailand and Hawaii since 2010. As an Asian bio-energetic therapist, master Reiki teacher, and Thai massage therapist, Julie brings a holistic, compassionate, and mindful approach to well being.

Anahata Yoga Teacher Certification (Yoga)

Asian Bio-energetic certification (Healing Therapist)

IRI Certified iRest Teacher® (Nidra Yoga)

IAYT Certified (Yoga Therapist)

Steven V. Smith

Steven spends his time teaching Vipassana and the Divine Abodes (loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity) meditation retreats around the world and assisting Burmese refugee communities along the Thai-Burma border. His long term vision for preserving the Dhamma is culminating in the beginnings of the Hawai'i Insight Meditation Center (HIMC) on the Big Island of Hawai’i’s remote North Kohala coast.

Jake Davis

Jake Davis began practicing at the age of 14 with Steven Smith and Michele McDonald and went on to spend nearly a decade practicing, studying, working as an interpreter, and training as a monk under the eminent meditation masters Sayadaw U Pandita and Sayadaw U Lakkhana of Burma. He brings together a deep experiential understanding of Buddhist practice with an intellectual training including the study of the Pāli texts, a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, and ongoing research on meditation at Brown University.

Samantha Smith

Samantha’s culinary style is an amalgamation of her interest in culture, creativity, survival, and love. For her, food is a way to connect; cooking is energizing and inspiring. Being a chef is a path of curiosity and experimentation and Samantha’s cooking and teaching style emanates these core values.

Hayley Molina

Hayley has been working with the human body, mind, and spirit for almost two decades as a Registered Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. Hayley enjoys using a blend of massage techniques and healing modalities drawing upon one or several modalities within one treatment. These include but are not limited to reflexology, cranio-sacral, Reiki, deep tissue, cupping, fascia release, Chakra balancing and guided meditation/visualization.

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Pat M. Hawaii

Body Mind Ease Therapeutic Yoga

The New Years Retreat in Southern Thailand was the best retreat I have attended in forty years (and I have been at many!). Not only was the setting fantastic but the facilities were comfortable, clean, safe, beautiful. The teachers were, of course, superb - Steve, Jake and Julie make a lovely team. It was relaxed, full and deep. I would recommend to anyone this site for a retreat. You will be amazed and want to go every year, just like me!

Claudia Hawaii

Body Mind Ease Therapeutic Yoga

I highly recommend the Lake Retreat which I attended over the New Year's holiday [similar to the summer retreat]. It was a re-set for me to regain 'calm abiding'. The setting is beautifully serene. The teachers are superior with deep knowledge & a willingness to guide us. The food, & the local staff are excellent. I will definitely return.

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