Bosque Escondido Arte

Asturias, Spain

BESARTE is a place where nature is at its purest, and with daily life and art, it creates a meeting point for art projects and proposals for wellbeing in Spain.

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  • Violette Lemery Great Britain

    September 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Just amazing. I can't wait to return and experience yoga with Besarte


  • Irene Gallego Spanish State

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Las personas que allí nos acogieron, el bosque, la comida, las clases de yoga y el grupo con el que coincidí.

    Los traslados diarios desde el hotel, restan comodidad.

  • Amelia Collado Spanish State

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    El entorno y el equipo, fue muy gratificante en todos los sentidos. Para repetir sin duda.


  • Rui Liu China

    BookYogaRetreats website

    It was really an impressive experience with Bosque Escondido Arte. The place is very beautiful and full of natural inspiration. The people are really nice and friendly. The food is very fresh and delicious. I should say i really love it!

  • David Burton United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    This place is idyllic. Fantastic location in beautiful Asturias, peppered with interesting modern artwork in acres of preserved woodland. The hosts, Ruth and Christophe, are the loveliest people you could wish to meet, great cooks and nothing too much trouble. The wine with the evening meal was an unexpected bonus too. You stay in a lovely hotel (Cuadrovena) just 10m drive away (transport provided) but all meals are in the forest. Blanca was our yoga teacher and another beautiful person. Very professional and supportive to students of all levels of experience. Fabulous 'fun yoga' session after a long walk. Yoga in the deck in the forest truly memorable. Only improvement needed was fore more descriptions of the moves and postures to be put in English as well as Spanish. Ruth mentioned this to her and it did improve a little after that. Overall, an A1 rural retreat and highly recommended.

  • Steve United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I could not recommend this retreat enough. Set in the beautiful landscape of rural Asturias, my girlfriend and I enjoyed a personalized experience of challenging Ashtanga yoga and delightful, organic foods. Prior to the trip, Ruth was quick to respond to our questions and Nita was also keen to learn of our yoga experience up front so she could tailor our practices. The hosts and other retreat members were extremely warm and inviting. They were constantly mindful of our poor Spanish and were more than happy to speak in English and translate any conversation that wasn't! For anybody looking for an authentic retreat alongside genuinely lovely people at a reasonable price, this is the retreat for you."

  • Zainab Turay United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Me and another woman were picked up at the airport by a close friend of Ruth called Vir. It was a long journey from Asturias airport to the retreat which I didn't realize, roughly an hour and some, but the view on the way was breathtaking. The hotel is about 6 to 8 minutes away from the actual home in the forest where you do the yoga and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each morning we got into a taxi and were driven to where Ruth lives and back to the hotel in the evening. (Which she gave everyone the option to decide on the timing of being picked up which was nice). It was beautiful! I absolutely love art so it was really a great location for me. Sculptures scattered around the forest (5 acres or more possibly.) The home, art studio and shala were stunning. Me and a couple were the only ones from London and knew no Spanish at all. At first I felt out of my depth and feel anxious when I got changed in my hotel room for the first yoga class, mostly because I had come alone. Everyone back in London, including my boyfriend, thought I was crazy going alone all the way to Spain for yoga. I began wondering if I was crazy for doing it! However, everyone was very welcoming and translated what they spoke about and made me feel a part of the group. I actually loved how as we did yoga, she switched between Spanish and English. It actually helped me learn quite a few words. It was such an amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga. I felt that the teacher really pushed me and encouraged me to work through the pain. I liked that she was tough. She also let me know things about my body I wasn't aware of or things I should be careful of doing due to how my body is, my strengths and weaknesses. I like how she made sure to give everyone special attention, correcting posture and encouraged people to do more if she was confident they were able to. She made it clear early on that she's very touchy and I found it to be a great help! In London, doing most poses were fine but for some reason downward dog was always so strenuous. After leaving this retreat, I can stay in the pose for over 5 breaths, no problem! I definitely need a yoga teacher like that here in London. I felt that she had made the retreat far more inspiring than the last retreat I had attended. She spoke very openly quite often about her own personal life when we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. So you can imagine how much we learned about her and everyone else! Trials and tribulations. She was very approachable. The food was also truly amazing. They catered to everyone's needs. I really did not miss meat in the slightest. I also have begun thinking about my own diet and how I want to change it. I really felt like I was apart of a family. I would definitely recommend this retreat if you're looking for somewhere tranquil and beautiful with an extraordinary story behind the venue. Where you can be around people and hear different stories and learn as well as sharing your own or even somewhere to go and be alone, read, swim or laze around in the various hammocks located around the forest. There's something for everyone. I'd love to give a huge thank you to Ruth despite her sudden family emergency on the first day, continued to be her warm and kind self. She and Vir worked hard preparing our meals and making sure we were all content. I had a thoroughly amazing time. I'm so glad I followed my intuition and went regardless of other people's doubts!

  • Haya Ireland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had the most amazing time in Bosque Escondido Arte. The hosts, Ruth and Christophe were super welcoming and accommodating and had a very good energy! The location itself is serene and breathtakingly beautiful. The meals were healthy and extremely delicious! It was my first time ever doing yoga, and the instructors were very good, allowing me to practice at my own pace. They were super friendly, and expertly knowledgable about Ashtanga yoga which they were teaching. My experience was extremely satisfying and I am delighted I chose to attend this yoga retreat. I would recommend this trip to everyone! Bosque Escondido Arte is a magical retreat and perfect for those who want to de-stress or get in touch with their spiritual side.

Testimonials 12

  • Liliana


    Since I came to the forest had the feeling of enter in a fairy tale landscape, because everything there is magic: trees, wonderful sculptures integrated in the nature, the views of snow-capped mountains, the tree house… But best of all are people I’ve known, wonderful hosts, so authentic and good people, and their teams, which make you to feel good at all times. All activities have been incredibly good, combining new experiences with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In addition, I was fortunate to have a great roommate. It has served me a lot to relax and recharge batteries. I recommend it to 200%!

  • Miguel


    All I can say will be not enough . I have spent a week full of adventure and good moments. A team of collaborators who gave the best of themselves. Yoga classes have been excellent. the teacher dealt with each of us with great dedication like the paddle instructor surfing, the mountain guide and the host always pending any need. The site is paradise. A private forest full of art and interesting people with big hearts. . I will come back for sure . The best food i can imagine. Thanks to all the team for these authentic days

  • Nuria


    Back home these words reflect the essence of these days of vacation in paradise: Magic in the forest, spectacular yoga, landscapes of dream, elves, fairies and goblinswith appearance of people (Ruth, Car, Christophe, Nacho, Jorge, Hugo, Miguel, Rafa,Liliana. Without order, natural, how are they. Yoga, hiking, paddle surfing... It is themeans by which they are known, but they are much more: are beautiful human beings. Valentina I not met her personally, but I tasted your wonderful food, next to thatof Ruth and Christophe, equally wonderful, fresh, personal, healthy and generous like them. A world of adventure, dreams and realities in the forest hidden art. Kiss you. Framedsculptures in nature, changing, floating, so integrated in your environment that the5 days of being there, I discovered some that had not seen, although enjoyed, because the beauty of the environment combines everything, even without being awareof what we see. Hidden forest art. Kiss you, I don't know what it means but evokesme "Best Art" and the warm and welcoming kiss of the forest and its inhabitants, which I hope to be able to enjoy. Thank you all for a wonderful days and see you soon.

  • Olivier

    Bosque Escondido Arte website

    Such an amazing yoga retreat set in the beautiful landscape of rural Asturias: the view is breathtaking, Its like being far away from the really busy world, lost in a very nice wild and private forest between mountains and sculptures scattered around the trees. Its like a paradise. The host are so hospitable and generous and with a very interesting life.The food so good, different and with vegetables and fruits for the garden: The yoga teacher took care of any of our movements and she was really approachable. I went during the end of September; the colors and lights on the forest, sharing experiences in front of fire with a nice glass of good wine in the night time with the rest of the retreat goers, was an amazing experience.

  • Dominique

    Bosque Escondido Arte website

    So natural and good experience. I had a thoroughly amazing time. Beautiful views, peace and quiet. All the art around surprise me. Its so good the mix between comtemporary art and the special ambient in the forest with big oaks full of good energy. Great and funny hosts, They took great care of all of us and they spoke french with me. The groups are small and I really felt part of the family. So good yoga instructor. We did different activities like walk in the wild nature in the mountains and visit the nice coast with white sand beaches and have a great paddle surf experience. Delightful, organic foods. I learned a lot of things in this retreat. I will repeat for sure!

  • Katerina

    Bosque Escondito Arte website

    I had such a great honour of teaching all weekend at the beautiful Bosque Escondido last month. The location is such a deeply relaxing and beautiful hideaway and a great escape from the city and stress. Nestled amongst nature in the enchanted woods and with the smells of the trees, plants and beautiful spring Asturian raindrops it was the perfect setting for me to teach vinyasa flow and yin yoga with meditation which I tailored specifically to guests needs and setting. The fusion was soothing, relaxing yet refreshing and to suit the time of day (a.m. and p.m.). Ruth and Cristof, the owners did such a fantastic job of hosting, were extremely well organised and ensured that guests were made to feel very much at home and with incredibly delicious organic food, breakfast lunch and dinner made of local and international fresh vegetarian fusions the palette was more than satisfied. The guests were a lovely group of people from Asturias, Barcelona and Greece (my half fellow home country!) lovely conversations told as guests connected as well as allowing time to chill and take time to relax, read or hike in the surrounding stunning luminous greenery.

  • Myrto

    Bosque Escondido Arte website

    Such an amazing yoga retreat, The place is truly magical and the hosts are so hospitable, generous and nice. Practicing yoga with stunning views of Picos de Europa was quite an experience. The food was amazing – by far the best yoga retreat I have ever been. Ruth and Cristophe, thank you for being such great hosts and treating us like family. I hope to be back soon for a week long retreat this time. So much to discover and learn.

  • Nita Marvelous

    Bosque Escondido Arte website

    Such an amazing retreat I got to teach. So beautiful and peaceful and the food was great. If you are thinking about it, go for it, you won't regret.

  • Rosa Miralles New Delhi

    Bosque Escondido Arte website

    Wonderful place, food, environment...amazing Yoga teacher! No words to describe. 100% recommend it.

  • Eric Whitted

    Bosque Escondido Arte website

    Had a great time during the week retreat this August and found what I needed. Amazing views, quiet and peace , great hosts Ruth and Christophe always there when something was needed and very helpful, perfect yoga sessions by teacher Blanca, and healthy and tasty food. I left with great memories. An excellent option to do again.

    Take care!

  • Ana

    Bosque Escondido Arte website

    It was a fantástic time that we spent in this magic forest. The Service was perfect, full of surprises, the team is the perfect mix between serius and funny people. You should do nothing but enjoy the paradise. I recommend it to everyone who wants disconnect from stress.

  • Enzo

    Bosque Escondido Arte website

    Such a nice experience, far away from stressful life, surender by nature and sharing great moments with very nice people. The place is so beautiful with mountains and big old trees all around. The food so healthy and delicious. Excellent yoga teacher and do friendly host. I will repeat this such amazing yoga retreat. Thanks alot!

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