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7 Days Meditative Hiking and Yoga Retreat in Spain

7 Days Meditative Hiking and Yoga Retreat in Spain

  • Casa Cuadrau, Calle Única 11, 22375, Vió, Spanish Pyrenees, Spain

Meditative Hiking and Yoga Retreat Spain

Listen to your body, change your habits and fill yourself with energy in a yoga retreat. Come, walk in a paradise of calm, surrounded by natural beauty! Practice yoga and meditation daily and become mindful of each present moment and action. This meditative hiking retreat is held in Casa Caudrau situated in the picturesque village of Vio, just outside the Ordesa National Park.

Meditative hiking

Meditative hiking is the simplest and most accessible practice in Casa Cuadrau's retreats. Walking with awareness helps you to experience your connection with all that is alive. Every step and every breath you take happen in correlation with the movement and energy around you. Nature is our greatest teacher. Walking in silence intensifies the experience of being.


  • Guided nature walks
  • A yoga and meditation workshop
  • Yoga asana and pranayama classes
  • Satsangs (question and answer sessions)
  • 1 or 2 long trekking excursions, of half day length
  • 6 nights accommodation in shared, double or single room
  • Guided morning meditation sessions
  • Vegetarian meals
  • 6 days with instruction
  • Spanish, English
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You will stay in a shared dormitory (maximum of 6 people). There is also an option of staying in a double room or single room for an additional fee.

The yoga, meditation and hiking retreats are special vacations designed to alleviate the exhaustion and stress by connecting with ancient practices, the program will allow you to experience deep relaxation and recharge your vital energy. In between the activities, you will have time to rest and recharge, enjoy each present moment, in solitude or with the group. Experience a holistic practice of yoga, connecting with our true nature.

Walking Meditation allows you to:

  • Connect with the animal that you are, to find the right step, your own rhythm and pace.
  • Pay attention to the action of walking and everything which is involved physically; movement, breathing, and sensations.
  • Learn to listen to the silence.
  • Feel everything that happens inside and outside of you.
  • Be transparent; let everything flow freely, without interfering mentally or emotionally, just being present.


  • Regular day
  • 06:00 Wake-up
  • 06:30 Meditation
  • 07:00 Self practice
  • 08:00 Breakfast
  • 09:00 Meditative walk
  • 11:30 Karma yoga
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Rest
  • 17:00 Yoga class
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 20:30 Satsang
  • 22:00 Joyful silence and rest
  • Hiking day
  • 06:00 Wake-up
  • 06:30 Meditation
  • 07:00 Self practice
  • 08:00 Meditative hike with picnic in nature
  • 11:30 Karma yoga
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Rest
  • 17:00 Yoga class
  • 18:30 Dinner
  • 20:00 Satsang
  • 22:00 Joyful silence and rest
  • The schedule may vary slightly during the week.
  • Yoga classes for all levels of practice (Hatha Yoga / Vinyasa).

Meditative Hiking: Daily 90 minute meditative walk in nature, opening the senses and developing mindfulness.

One or twice a week will be entirely dedicated to meditative trekking, starting just after breakfast and coming back for dinner. It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the the Ordesa National Park or surrounding areas. Swim in the river, meditate or relax in nature. Those days, because of the excursion there will be a restorative yoga class in the afternoon. *One of the two excursions will be with snowshoes.

Meditation: there will be one workshop on meditation for those who are interested in starting a meditation practice of for those who wants to refresh their practice. There will be also time for one to one sessions in case of doubts about the own practice.

Karma Yoga: skillfulness in action. Let yoga support us in all we do. Meditative work. At Casa Cuadrau, we invite you to practice karma yoga by helping in simple tasks in the house like helping in the kitchen chopping vegetables, drying dishes, cleaning, sweeping, or helping in the garden for 45 min./day in a mindful, bodiful, senseful integrated way.

Satsang is a gathering time. It starts with a time for discussion and inquiry, questions and answers based on the direct experience of all participants, followed by meditative singing to give some rest to the mind. It finishes with a silent meditation.

All activities are optional and can be modified to suit the group. To get the most of your stay, we recommend that you participate in all scheduled activities.

Joyful Silence

Every day from the end of the evening Satsang up until after lunch the following morning, you will cultivate joyful silence in the house. This deep silence is very healing for calming the mind and being in peace with yourself, allowing you to deeply listen to yourself. You will have a restful sleep and the next day you will enjoy the silence with mental clarity during your asana practice, meditation and other activities. Meals will be taken mindfully and in silence. By participating in this period of joyful silence you will be supporting each other in our practice. After lunch and throughout the afternoon you will enjoy conscious speaking and deep listening, which will allow you to get to know each other in a more authentic way.

Immerse yourself into the wonders of a long journey through a magical cave and descending the majestic waterfalls of Aso River. We will put you in contact with a specialist company which organize the excursion with a professional guide, rental of equipment, etc.

Casa Cuadrau is situated in the picturesque village of Vio, just outside the Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido in the Spanish Pyrenees. The splendid view of Monte Perdido, Aisclo Canyon (Can de Aisclo) and Sestrales to the north, Pea Montaesa to the east and the San Pietro Mountains to the south make this location one of the most beautiful in the Pyrenees.

All meals are made with love in Casa Cuadraus vegetarian restaurant.

Enjoy trekking in Ordesa National Park

Learn about meditative hiking and meditation in movement

Join Satsangs (questions and answers session, meditative chanting and silent meditation)

Take a bath in the river and contemplate the wild nature of the Pyrenees

Take nature walks

A Thai massage or an Ayurvedic massage is also available as an additional treatment which will make you feel even better.

  • 1 or 2 long trekking excursions, of half day length (depending on the weather)
  • 5 Yoga asana and pranayama classes (Hatha and Vinyasa)
  • 6 nights accommodation in shared dormitory (maximum of 6 people), double or single room
  • All meals, made with love in Casa Cuadrau's vegetarian restaurant
  • Deep relaxation session
  • Guided meditation sessions in the morning
  • Guided walks/hikes in nature
  • Rent of snowshoes
  • Restorative yoga asana class (after the longer excursions)
  • Satsangs (questions and answers session, meditative chanting)

Driving directions from Barcelona

Barcelona - Lleida - Barbastro - Ainsa - Escalona - Caon de Aisclo - Vi.

Driving directions from Madrid / Zaragoza

Madrid - Zaragoza - Huesca - Sabianigo - Fiscal (new road) - Fanlo - Vio.

Arrival by airplane

Up to now, for international travelers, the best combination is to fly to Barcelona, take a bus ride and follow the instructions from there.

Arrival by bus

Take a bus from Barcelona Sants Station to Barbastro. Then from Barbastro take another bus to Ainsa, where you will be picked up by taxi or by shuttle service.

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Vio Huesca, Spain

Casa Cuadrau is an ecologic retreat center, set in the majestic Ordesa National Park that offers yoga, meditation, hiking, and relaxation retreats.

  • Availability: The Meditation Retreats of this organizer are available 83% of the time.

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