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Chaya Yoga Retreats

Chaya Yoga Retreats creates inspirational and healing experiences, combining incredible yoga retreats, healthy food, and stunning locations.

Instructors 4

Lucy Hill

Lucy has worked with numerous individuals and with clients such as Selfridges and the Soho House Group among various other wonderful eating establishments. She offers unique recipes and teachings on how to make delicious food feel even better in the body than it tastes. Lucy Hill and her team, also known as Chaya Kitchen, can cater for all events, tastes, and dietary requirements for individual and private dining and from small groups through to massive parties.

Nicola Price

Nicola discovered breathwork in the form of re-birthing in the late 1990s. In 2012, she founded Yogagroov which was born out of her passion for yoga and dance. It is a perfect precursor to a breathing session. In 2013, she founded Inspirational Breathing to incorporate her new findings and ways of working and be able to teach them. She has an audacious vision, that of sharing Inspirational Breathing with as many people as possible hence the ‘teaching to fish’, rather than just ‘feeding’. This has resulted in her focus for creating an effective and innovative training program.

Durga Devi

Durga has been teaching internationally for over 16 years and practicing for over 20 and is recognized as a leading light in the yoga of Jivamukti. Durga is a senior teacher at famed London studios, Triyoga, where she also leads monthly kirtan. Durga's kirtan and voice work experience are extensive, having trained with Jai Uttal and Bhagavan Das, who continue to influence her. Denise Teperino was given the name Durga Devi by her beloved teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, the founders of Jivamukti Yoga.

Andrea Finke

Andrea is a highly trained opera singer and experienced voice coach. She truly believes everyone can sing! Her beautifully encouraging, nurturing, and enthusiastic teaching style can help even the shiest of voices come out for a little air time!