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Chirriposa Retreats Limitada

Chirriposa Retreats specializes in organizing yoga retreats, workshops and vacations for groups, individuals, families as well as friends in search of fun and adventure.

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Betsy Jones

Betsy Jones is a native Louisvillian from a large athletic family. After playing college tennis at the University of Tennessee, she went on to live in California and Florida with a continued enthusiasm for physical fitness, as well as health and wellness. While working in the Fort Lauderdale area in the 80's, she discovered Bikram yoga, and it is no surprise that she fell in love with the heated practice. She knew immediately that her destiny would entail teaching and sharing her amazing practice, which at the time was only taught in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and California.

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Merrilee Gomez USA

Chirriposa Retreats Limitada website

I sat last night for awhile, reminiscing through my photos, sensing into the experiences of the past nearly 3 weeks in Costa Rica. Each and every one of you brought a smile and warmed my heart to think of the adventures we shared as our life paths intersected for those wonder-filled 10 days. Hilary’s focused gaze and dancer’s rhythm, guiding us through our interior jungles of angst and distraction, patiently encouraging an ever deeper arch and curl as reflected in the parade of wildlife who rely on these innate movements for their very survival. Angus and Tania, striving to fulfil our desires for an adventure that spanned the height of conscious living in the peaks of the mountains (flowers on our toilet paper!), to exposure to local, artisan crafts and business (chocolate, yum!), to the wilds of the jungle and the embrace of the sea. And no matter how well any one of us feeds ourselves, let’s face it, we all want Angus for our personal chef (lucky Tania:-)!)

Thank you all for making this experience not simply memorable but rich and deep with a new and expanded tool kit for taking each of us on our journeys through life in a body that requires conscious attention. We are all one another’s teachers and I so appreciate the gifts that each one of you offered to our collective journey."

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