HELPING WOMEN TRANSFORM THEIR LIFE SO THEY CAN SHINE BRIGHT. Our experiences help forge our future, forgiveness is our power, sharing is our gift.

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Julia Castellazzi

from Spain, January 2020

"A Journey to your inner Truths and your Authentic Self"

Claire is a True Guide. She, led and accompanied me with Care and Knowledge towards my inner - self and Wisdom in diverse ways. This journey with Claire has led me to some of my profound truths as well as re-kindling the Joy that I hold inside me that I had forgotten I even had.

She has opened my closed door of limited vision about myself and allowed me a glimpse of a whole new way of being and seeing both myself and the world around me.

Im so thankful to have met her and have had this opportunity to work with her... I shall certainly be following her other retreats around the world and in the future I hope to be able to work with her again.

Thank you Claire.