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Cool Calm & Collected, Melbourne, offers breathing, deep relaxation, mind and body movement, and meditation techniques based on classical Hatha yoga.

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Lana Matafonov

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For me, Annemaree's yoga class has helped me in my own time address the way I was living my life and how off- balance it was. I would walk into class highly strung and stressed and walk out transformed. I was always surprised at the contrast and decided enough was enough - it was time to focus on how to make my everyday life feel like a yoga class. Life is too short to work 24/7 in an unsatisfying stressful job. So for me this has meant a career change. It hasn't been easy but because of meditation and Annemaree's teachings I am now learning to listen to my heart and intuition and I now know I am following the right path for me. I vow never to go back to my old lifestyle as it was just a dead end. Whether you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, ways to relax and de-stress or even feel a bit lost, I urge you to give yoga a go and stick with it because while the transformation may not be immediate, after a while you will begin to notice changes in your body and the way you see things. Over the two years I have been a student, I have loved seeing how flexible I have become. But more importantly these classes have helped me uncover what I truly want in life. Yoga and meditation will always be in my life. Thank you Annemaree.

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