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Dhara Wellness Garden

Dhara Holistic Care offers chakra balance, holistic detox balance, and yoga retreats in the Mediterranean Coast of Spain.

Instructors 5

Javier Mantecón

Javier has been traveling to India for over 15 years with continuous experience as a teacher of yoga and meditation. Asia has been a place of his continuous inspiration as different teachers in different areas have given him a broad and solid vision. He is also the creator and founder of several wellness centers, projects, and the coordinator of massages and treatments for six years in specialized centers and spas. Javier has a diploma in Ayurveda and panchakarma massage in Asramam Vazhavara College, Kerala, and in Ayurveda treatments by Dr. Vijay Carolin of the University of Kerala, India.

Asramam Vazhavara College, Kerala (Ayurvedic Massage)

University of Kerala (Ayurveda Practitioner)

Ana Isabel Tome Mateos

Ana has a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She graduated as an Ayurveda therapist and therapeutic massage therapist by Dr. Vijay Carolin of University of Kerala, India. She also has a diploma in therapy, holistic psychology, and sciences of mind by the Dharma School in Madrid.

Autonomous University of Madrid (Psychology)

University of Kerala (Ayurvedic Massage)

Nuria Martinez Martínez

I continue on the path to know myself and choose my world of communication. To believe is to create and to create I discover myself. Discovering me as a woman, mother and artist. I am passionate about many things, like the world of relationships but I paint since I was little and I love color and beauty. The feeling that floods me in moments of creation. Art is therapy. I work with beliefs and artistics expressions, as well as accompanying the guide of ceremonies of San Pedro and circles of women Diploma in Tetha healing and auxiliary in bioprogramming

Julio Martín Segura

Julio knew the sacred plants in Peru and feels a great gratitude to them for the profound process of transformation that he has lived through since he uses them, in combination with what he considers to be the authentic medicine that is forgiveness to achieve peace in all relationships and live in complete peace and inner joy regardless of what seems to happen abroad. Started in Peru in the use of Sacred Plants in 2007 and facilitates workshops on forgiveness and study groups of A Course of Miracles since 2010. Diploma in the following techniques: Temazcal Guide, Regressive Therapy, Transpers

Dr. Vijay Carolin

Doctor in Ayurvedic Medicine from the University of Kerala, India. Resides, passes consultation and teaches training courses in Ayurvedic Medicine in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The tradition in Ayurvedic medicine comes from the family. His grandfather, Dr. K.N. Padmanabhan Vaidyar, was a famous Ayurvedic doctor who ran his own practice and pharmacy in the area of ​​Cherthala, Kerala, in India. Two important stories related to Ayurveda are related to this area: Master VAKBHATA, author of the book Ashtanga Samgraham (one of the three important texts - Brihat trayi), lived and spent time in this place.

Reviews 7

Ilze Dombrovska

from Spanish State, October 2017

"Kundalini yoga in-depth retreat"

Unusual art of the instructors to do an amazing work of putting your mind and physical body in balance , opening your chakras and feeling the profound space within you ! Have been yoga addict for years and must say that was not expecting the beautiful feeling what the Soul carries on after ....

Testimonials 3

Gülsen Özbey Switzerland

Dhara Wellness Garden website

Javier I felt me in this few days comfortable next to you. You're really good master and you were always next to me inthis days. I learnt a lot from you for my life. You can also cook very well. You worked with me individually. You can feel what I need. I will keep this experience in a positivly way in my remembers. Thank that I met your friends, that helped me too. I have a lot of respect all of you in your jobs helping people. Thank you for all...

Jonny United Kingdom

Dhara Wellness Garden website

Completing our ayurvedic abyrangaham massage of four hands training with Javier and Ana was a wonderful experience. They are concise, caring teachers who offered us an experience perfectly tailored to meet our individual needs. Javier and Ana are wonderful teachers and massuers whom we would recommend to anyone interested in receiving or learning about any of their offered practices.

Mollie Dulcie New Zealand

Dhara Wellness Garden website

They welcomed us into their home providing our own room and bathroom. We felt right at home and the meals were tasty, organic and more than enough. We can't thank Ana and Javi enough for this hospitality and would definitely return for another course if we could.

This training was an intensive week long course that covered all information necessary to practice this type of massage as a professional. The course included hands on practice on clients every day as well as ayurvedic theory and take home pamphlets with a depiction of every movement included in the massage.