Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats

Dubrovnik , Croatia

Yoga retreats in Dubrovnik Croatia is a perfect blend of a relaxed holiday at the pearl of the Adriatic combined with yoga, pranayama, and meditation classes.

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    • Lori Heise


      My retreat with WeDuYoga in Dubrovnik was absolutely brilliant. It was one of the best organised, blissful and inspiring weeks I have ever experienced. Rhuban and Dalia are excellent, patient teachers. The setting they chose for our time together was beautiful and extremely nicely laid out for this type of event. And the food was magnificent. Each morning and night we were bombarded with freshly prepared, vegetarian meals that were truly gourmet. The Dubrovnik area is also a joy to explore. We were able to take a tour of the old town, spend some time on the beach and seakayak around a lovely island. All and all it is an amazing opportunity.

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    • Jaclyn

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats

      Thank you for a week I will never forget. You created magic! I feel this week strengthened my practice. I have learned so much! Stephanie your food inspired me…I will cherish Dubrovnik and all the wonderful friendships I’ve made. I hope our paths cross again.

    • Asta

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats

      Many thanks for your fantastic retreat, for your hard work, dedication, passion and enthusiasm. You’re truly creating something special together. I loved every minute of this wonderful experience. You are so friendly, welcoming, warm and have great spirit. I wish you all the best for your future adventures.

    • Lisa and Katja

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats

      We were looking forward to coming to this retreat since the beginning of this year, and it came just at a time when it was very important to get out of the daily life and to concentrate on what is really important. With all your effort and energy you made it into a very special experience. You do not only teach yoga, you live yoga. Thank you very much!

    • Ursula

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats

      Thanks to all for this nice, funny, amazing week – we were a super group!

    • Suzanna

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats

      Thank you girls for all the good vibes, enlightening conversations, sunshine outside and inside, Adriatic swimming opportunities, culinary bliss, yogic growth, love and lightness and in general a lovely week. From the eternal skeptic :)

    • Dawn United States

      October 19

      Both my husband and I attended this retreat and found it to be better than we could have imagined. They served exceptional vegetarian meals, lovely accommodations in a villa overlooking the Adriatic, personable, accessible and knowledgeable staff, excellent excursions, and intimate focus on asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Highly recommended!

    • Lisa Katharina Groetsch

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Hanna is an inspiring teacher not just in the practice of yoga, but also in finding your inner balance, and peace with yourself. She brings you to your limit and supports you going over your expected limits. I have made progress without any pressure, but with love and calmness. Moreover I want to line out that she is able to combine physical activity, meditation, and chanting in perfection. I never left a session without a good feeling and a new intention for my life.

    • Lisa Schniedersmann

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Hanna may be a young teacher but she is so full of energy, joy, and knowledge about yoga which makes her courses truly inspiring. She knows how to challenge her pupils while letting them explore yoga on their own - that's what I call a support. Everyone is picked up on his or her level.

    • Oana Fux

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Rhubin's teaching style is very detailed with focus and body alignments. A rich spirit and easy going sense of humor are just a few of her many merits.

    • Faye United Kingdom

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Dalia is a wonderful teacher. She gives balanced, strong, and authentic classes as she has so much experience and devotion to the practice. She is an expert on alignment especially in Ashtanga, and can offer modifications so everyone can feel welcome and accomplished. I loved being a part of her classes. She is a beautiful teacher in many ways! Rhubin gives great instructions and is excellent on alignment, especially with Ashtanga. She is very confident with her teaching, which makes you feel safe and properly guided in classes. She is a traditional teacher. Her classes are an authentic experience and she is very encouraging. So no matter what level you are at, you will feel welcomed. I hope I get to be taught by her again.

    • Petra Bore Croatia

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Dalia was my first yoga teacher and the main reason why I fell in love with yoga! She's not only a great yoga teacher, but also a great person to talk to, with great life experience, and also experience in the practice. She helped me with my life-long back and neck pain, and gave me wonderful advice about lifestyle, and life in general!

    • Beti Mihajlovic Croatia

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      It is truly an amazing experience to be a part of Dalia's yoga sessions. She's an open minded, open-hearted, talented, and devoted yoga teacher. I really enjoyed the fluidity and interactivity of her classes, especially the fact that she devotes time and energy to each of her students, giving amazing tips not only related to physical aspects of asana, but also regarding the breathing and meditation. She has a fresh and creative approach to yoga, based on true knowledge, and experience, which makes her a perfect teacher. Highly recommended!

    • Ana Krile Croatia

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      I have a stressful job and I walk a lot so I was looking for some exercise to stress off but still do something for my body. I thought of yoga more as a relaxing thing, but through time, I found out that there are a lot of muscles involved and it's sometimes hard, but also a lot of fun at the same time.

      The best thing about Rhubin’s classes was that there was a lot of positive energy. Before the class, the atmosphere in the room was great, and I would feel better no matter how bad my day was. Of course when we start the class, it was "serious" but she always showed us how to have fun and play with the poses. She always encouraged us to do "a little bit more" and gave us the personal attention if we had problem with a specific pose.

      Through the time, we became a small constant group and sometimes we would stay longer trying out things. She has a very powerful energy that shows you no matter how hard your day was, you can find the time for yourself and do something good for you. I really liked when we had the opportunity to do yoga outside.

    • Stephanie Milina Croatia

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Rhubin guides you calmly yet firmly through a yoga experience that will leave you longing for the next session. She will give advice when she sees it's needed but at the same time, she will let you learn through your own body's voice.

    • Katarina Surac Croatia

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Amazing yoga teacher and a beautiful soul. About five years ago, I started to practice yoga. It took me several attempts to find a yoga style and a teacher who approached it from a spiritual, mental, and physical point of view. I'm very impressed by Rhubin's training and knowledge of yoga practice and philosophy. But most of all, she gets to know her students' practices and is able to give a lot of insightful, individualized attention, and instructions no matter your own level of skill. Rhubin brings a rare combination of warmth, physical ability, and gentleness to her teaching. Friendly atmosphere, a good energy, inspiring teacher, and above all opportunity to trust my teacher was what got me hooked on Ashtanga yoga, and is a big part of my daily practice. Thank you to Rhubin.

    • Alicia

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      'Thank you so much for an amazing week! I'm so impressed by the thoughtfulness that were into all our activities. The classes were excellent and excursions were perfect. Couldn't ask more from my first retreat. You should all be very proud of the experience you created for us. Hope our paths will cross again someday.

    • Chris

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Thank you for the opening of so many layers. I feel like a rose just beginning to expose so much potential. What a wonderful and beautiful experience. Peace and blessings.

    • Kelly

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      What an amazing experience. The fun and hard work, the learning and games, the stretching, and strength. Thank you all for all of it. Food, activities, and laughter met this week's expectations. I will take many things from this week and carry it on into real life.

    • Jim

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Hanna, Dalia, Rhubin, and Stephanie, are the five limbs of Sthira Sukham Asanam yoga retreat. If any part would be missing it wouldn't work. What a lovely growth experience for us all.

    • Michelle

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Thank you for the most amazing experience! Thank you for the perfect yoga retreat. It was really a wonderful experience. Dalia, Hanna, and Rhubin Are amazing women. I want to thank you again.

    • Nikki

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Thank you! I will never forget this retreat.

    • Lisa

      Dubrovnik Yoga Retreats website

      Making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he never dreamed of when he made the decision. I am so thankful for this. You brought me paradise! I found a piece of myself again. You brought so much love and preparation into this retreat, and I could feel it every second.

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