El-Sabanero Eco Lodge

Tamarindo , Costa Rica

El Sabanero Eco Lodge offers yoga teacher training and yoga retreats in their lodge at Costa Rica.

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  • Heather Frogner United States

    December 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    This was the best trip of my life! People were amazing, food was so good, weather was amazing and I learned a ton about yoga!

    All the bug bites I got.

  • Rikki Marcone Canada

    November 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The staff, the food, the environment, the happiness and zen I felt all week.

  • Grondin Bettina Canada

    November 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    We enjoyed so much the yoga classes and teachers. And the food and the cook were amazing!!!

    The noise of The road, cars...were annoying

  • Jenna Sorgente Canada

    November 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I had such an amazing time at El Sabanero. So perfect that I changed my flight so I could stay 2 extra days. It was the perfect place to get centred with quiet and relaxation. The staff (friends) were incredible. Super accommodating and friendly. Harold would drive us where we wanted to go and if not him, they had a driver Fernando who was also great! The location is great because its 15mins from Tamarindo. The food was AMAZING - all vegetarian which was a nice touch and different everyday/every meal, the soups were so good! My private chalet had a breathtaking view and hammock.

    The best part of course was the yoga, the morning instructor - Hector was awesome, everyday the yoga was different. I came back home more knowledgeable to lead my own practice when I can't go to a class. All the afternoon classes were also different and i feel stronger than i was when i went there.

    Sabine was awesome! She is the hostess/yoga teacher. She had such a good vibe and energy, warm, and welcoming. Couldn't have asked for a better person to be on this experience around. I have come home a changed person.

    I would recommend the all day excursion where you go ziplining, tubing, and visit the hot springs - couldn't ask for a more full experience. It was a super fun day. Also we went to Avellanas beach club for the day, i would recommend doing this.

  • Melissa Franklin Canada

    November 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The food was absolutely amazing, Donald cooked up such great vegan food and as a meat eater back at home, I didn't miss it one bit. The yoga teachers Sabine and Hector taught were great and had different teaching styles that balanced each other well. Loved having my own cabin. The overall experience was beautiful and I left feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

    The only con I could try to come up is with lunch at 1:30 and evening yoga at 5:30, I often missed the 5:30 class because we weren't back in time from excursions and I would have loved to be able to do an evening class a little later when I got back.

  • Anne-sophie Sheridan Paré Canada

    September 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Le personnel était accueillant, toujours désireux de nous aider pour nos déplacements (transport gratuit pour la plage, les agences touristiques, les commerces) et nos questions pour les activités touristiques du pays. Les cours étaient variés, les professeurs attentionnés et respectueux, et le tout adapté à tous les niveaux. Donald et les autres cuisiniers étaient ouverts aux demandes spéciales et très sympathiques. Leurs plats étaient goûteux, variés, santé et abondants. Le site était enchanteur avec la végétation, les papillons, les oiseaux, et les petits chalets privés.

    On aurait aimé plus de méditation dirigée, d'exercices de respiration (kapalabathi, respiration alternée, etc.) et de yoga ou d'ateliers en général (bien que 1:30 matin et soir peuvent suffire pour certains). On trouvait la musique de certains professeurs pendant les cours peu appropriée (pop et très rythmée même pendant les périodes de shavasana). Finalement, l'accès aux plages se faisait en voiture seulement et le site est très reclu.

  • Christina Karabatsos United States

    September 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The owners, management and employees were really very welcoming and flexible. The whole atmosphere is peaceful and the property is beautifully constructed. The yoga instructors, especially Hector, were very good. The food was delicious- local dishes, mostly vegetarian.

    Facilities such as bathroom ventilation and shower function could be better. Access to clean towels was questionable. Bedding worn. Road noise. Cleanliness could be better in common areas, such as the yoga studio and dining area.

  • Sheila Larin Canada

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I had an amazing, adventurous, and life changing experience at El Sabanero. I was warmly welcomed by owners Harold and Kurt from the moment I arrived. Hazel and Donald made the most delicious meals everyday and went out of their way to ensure all guests were well taken care of. They even accommodated me being a vegan. So very appreciated! Sabine and Hector were two of the most caring authentic yoga teachers I have ever met. Both such beautiful souls. I truly enjoyed their classes and talks. The most memorable experience for me was being surrounded by like-minded people in a supportive, relaxed, and loving environment. I didn't want to leave! I left with an open heart and new friends for life:)

  • Jenae Lindsey United States

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The people. The food. The excursions! The yoga shanty looks out over a farm/jungle and the classes are held morning and night. Watching the sunset from the shanty and the field light up with fireflies after the sun goes down was like nothing I've ever experienced. The teachers taught more than yoga. They truly are healers. I would recommend booking as many excursions as possible. I especially enjoyed the Rincon tour (tubing, zip lining, a little climbing and rappelling, horseback riding and a mud bath at the hot springs after). It was the adventure of a lifetime. The Catamaran was also great. Riding a sailboat and snorkeling/kayaking/paddle boarding. The waterfall excursion included in the package is beautiful. There are two different waterfalls and the lunch on the excursion is SO good.

    The SURFING! If I could go back and just surf the whole time I would. The waves in tamarindo are small enough for beginner surfers and boards can be rented at some places for $10 a day.

    I felt at home at the Sabanero. We were immediately welcomed and taken care of. The property is even better than the pictures. The people are amazing, and it's an opportunity to have an adventure of a lifetime.

    Also, the food. I'm convinced Donald is a magician.

    Our room had a periodic sewage issue. Basically a really terrible smell would come and go. We probably could have switched but decided to just deal with it since we weren't in the room very much.

    The mosquitos. Not much that could be done about that :) I drenched myself in repellant but they love me. Some people didn't get bit at all but I was covered!

    We went into tamarindo for salsa dancing our last night and weren't told ahead of time by the driver how much the cost would be. We didn't realize because the other trips to the beach were free but evidently this wasn't included. It was a little off putting as he tried to charge $40 for a 10 minute (each way) ride! I would have liked to be aware of this before deciding to go. Still wonderful. And going into town for one night was a blast.

  • Elizabeth Murphy United States

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The compassion and empathy

    taxi fare

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Yoga and optional excursions offered were just what my mom and I were looking for!


  • Lisa Courtin United Mexican States

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Amazing teachers in a great place (I had never done yoga in font of the sunset in the jungle), good food (thanks to the amazing cook and his wife), you can go to the swimming pool or the beach when you want... you can even see monkeys and iguanas near you sometimes.

    Just don't forget to bring your bug spray ;)

  • Hilary Nelson United States

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Aside from the gorgeous scenery, friendly iguanas, amazingly comfortable accommodations and food to dream about, the people were what made this retreat truly special. I made friends for life; connections and bonds that will forever stay with me.

    All of the instructors exceeded my expectations and made sure to listen to how we were feeling and designed classes around our needs.

    That I had to leave.

  • Erik Johnson United States

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Great people and teachers! El sabanero is truly a paradise for those looking to grow, learn, and chill

    There were literally no negatives

  • Harry Young United States

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The ecolodge is inviting, intimate, supportive and comfortable.

  • Noor Zehra United States

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The entire staff, and facility at El Sabanero was amazing. We were a small group of girls from all over the US and loved our stay there. Harold was so kind to pick us up from the airport. Donald and Hazel have the MOST AMAZING cooking skills ever. I enjoyed and looked forward to every single meal. Sabine and Hector are both skilled, and amazing in their yoga teachings.. they ask you to challenge yourself and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Coyo kept us all safe at night!! The entire place was a tropical getaway that was very much needed - from the amazing staff, to the monkeys howling through your yoga practices :) an amazing overall. THANK YOU!!!

    We came in the rainy season so tons of bugs- I would suggest that the beds have the net canopy over them to protect from beetles, mosquitos, wasps, etc.

    Cold Water kept in the lobby for the guests :)

  • Anonymous

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The food and the people were outstanding

  • Silke Reinhardt Costa Rica

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Die Yogalehrer waren sehr engagiert, die Hotelleitung war extrem freundlich und fuhr die ganze Gruppe immer für umsonst und zu allen gewünschten Zeiten an den Strand, nach Tamarindo, zum Flughafen etc. Es wurden viele zusätzlichen Aktivitäten angeboten und alles war sehr flexibel.

    Die vielen Moskitos beim abendlichen Yoga.

  • Suellen Gordon United States

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Greeted with a smile from the start! Harold was so accommodating and made us feel so welcomed! This was a trip with my daughter for her graduation and it couldn't have been a better idea and experience. The yoga classes with both Sabina and Hector were awesome. Both were very knowledgeable in their practice and made us eager each time to attend! We bonded with the other people quickly and found that the overall vibe and sentiment from the El Sabenero staff encouraged this by providing three delicious cooked meals made from all fresh food items. The fruit and juices were great! It even encouraged my very picky daughter to try some different foods that she found she liked! Kudos to everyone! We will definitely be planning another trip back and hope our friends we met will come back too!

  • Michaela Zacharová United Arab Emirates

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Everything. The place was breathtaking. Green, open, fresh. I felt so welcomed by everyone and met amazing people. Daily yoga classes were perfect, Sabine and Hector are wonderful teachers. Harold, the manager, helped me with everything. He knows how to make his guests most welcomed and happy.

    Just wishing had more time to stay.

  • Kathryn Freund United States

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    El Sabanero was the perfect Costa Rican getaway! The staff & guests could not be nicer and more of a welcoming community. The food is delicious, the yoga classes are a perfect variety with excellent teachers, and the whole team is extremely accommodating. Whether you want to hang at the hotel or explore elsewhere, they'll make your experience truly great and you'll feel at home right away.

  • Anonymous

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The food and yoga classes. Harold the owner was very helpful. And Sabine and Hector were amazing yoga instructors. Donald the chef was awesome with his vegetarian freshly made dishes and phenomenal bread!

    Loud noises from the vehicles on the roads close by.

  • Daisy Potter Great Britain

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I loved it all! Everything about El-Sabanero Eco Lodge is amazing! The accommodation is fantastic, it is set in beautiful surroundings with great facilities and an high standard of cleanliness. I learnt many different types of yoga with lots of lovely teachers all teaching to a very high standard. I had my first meditation experience and it was incredible. The staff were all so friendly and welcoming making this experience very special. The food was delicious, all freshly prepared and very healthy. I experienced a wonderful variety of activities that the staff at El-Sabanero Eco Lodge organised, ranging from waterfall visits, beach trips, hot volcanic springs, zip lining, mud baths and river tubing! The activities were planned in between yoga lessons. For me this was an experience of a life time and I will always remember the lovely friendly staff that I met there.


  • Anonymous

    June 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Everyone is so genuine and friendly that one immediately feels like they belong and are part of the group. The food, as others have commented, was phenomenal. It was a treat getting to know different yoga instructors and experience their style. I have to say that above all I was extremely impressed with Hector Moreno. While guiding several people of very different levels, he was able to take each individual and challenge them to dig just that bit deeper, but that was appropriate to where they were in their practice. In-between morning and evening yoga, you can make this vacation anything you want: Adventurous (with a knowledgeable tour guide that helps you get to know Costa Rica better)? check. Lazying about by the pool? check. Reading? check. Heading down to the beach? check. All of the above in one week? check.

    There was nothing that I can really say I didn't like. There were some things I had to adapt to, though. I've only ever done yoga indoors, so the warm & humid yoga was an adjustment. Doing yoga while fighting the urge to swat at flies was also an adaptation. Still, these were mind-yoga for me, so they did not kill the mood.

  • Anonymous

    June 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The two owners were really nice and drove us to the beach for free whenever it was possible

    Badly organised, no clear schedule when is what and where, they kept changing the schedule and locations for the yoga classes. Two out of three yoga teachers where not good at all. Choice of fresh food very limited, cooked food was great, but choice for salads or fresh fruits were poor. We had to beg for every banana we want, even though they cost nearly nothing in Costa Rica.

  • Daniel Engel Brazil

    June 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The owners, the food, the pool and the local instructors (Amid and Hector).

    It is not a quiet place. There is a road facing the lodge, including yoga practice room.

  • Danielle Klaver Canada

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I loved the sense of community with everyone that worked at the Eco lodge.

    I wish there was smoothies and acai bowls for breakfast.

  • Danielle Lee United States

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I had a great trip and experience here. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it was a family style dynamic. Amazing food, a beautiful and rustic lodge with a stunning yoga deck, lovely pool and grounds.

    The only two very small things were slightly outdated bathrooms, a new shower curtain would be great and additional bug repellant measures around the yoga deck but that's just being picky.

  • Danielle Klaver Canada

    April 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I enjoyed the sense of community at this lodge. The chalet for yoga was amazing too. Who wouldn't like to do yoga while watching the sun set and while hearing the monkeys and birds cheer all around.

    I wish we had smoothies and/or SCSI bowls.

  • Vivian Karr United States

    April 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Food and friendliness are unparalleled. Served buffet style, the food is both healthy and delicious.

    March & April are hot and dry. For a Floridian, the wet season would be preferable.

  • Jenni Arcieri United States

    April 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The people you'll find at El Sabanero Eco-Lodge are one of a kind. They represent the magic people often associate with Costa Rica, and it's infectious! Every single person I encountered is generous and down-to-earth, from the owners to the cooks to the other guests. I was treated like family from the moment I stepped on the grounds, and this especially made a difference to me as a solo traveler. People would often check in with me to make sure I was comfortable, fed and happy.

    There is a lovely variety of yoga classes held morning and evening. I experienced flow classes, kundalini, restorative, and the individual styles of 4 instructors. They are professional, friendly, spiritual and encouraging to all levels. Some even had recommendations for places to practice back in New York! The yoga shala overlooks beautiful mountains and you can practice with the sounds of howler monkeys in the background!

    There is really nothing that I didn't like. One does have to be prepared for the climate and style of lodging this is. During the dry season or high season (winter in North America) it is dusty and bugs can easily come inside. However, I left with one single mosquito bite! This is not a "resort" by North American standards, but I have never been more comfortable or at home on a vacation in my life.

  • Elena Tsinadze United States

    March 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Amazing people , we were treated like a family, awesome yoga teachers , great food .

    Too short

  • Kathryn NY


    If you're looking for a peaceful yoga retreat, El Sabanero will not disappoint. The lodge is a mix of beauty and rustic but still includes everything you need. The yoga classes are incredible! I was hoping to go deeper in my practice and was not disappointed. I really enjoyed the thorough instruction. Imagine waking up to practice yoga in a wooden outdoor yoga studio, you're feeling the warm air, listening to the wind in the trees, holding a pose and looking out over the beautiful landscape. I've never experienced a yoga experience like my classes at El Sabanero.

    Aside from yoga, the lodge offers beautiful and peaceful common areas to relax. The exotic town of Tamarindo is only a 20 minute ride and the staff is very accommodating in arranging transportation. They also offer excursions. If you have the chance I highly recommend the ziplining, horseback, tubing, mud bath/hot springs tour, which offers all these experiences and lunch for a measly $135!

    The best part of El Sabanero is by far the staff. Harold, the manager is kind, helpful and accommodating. You'll eat dinner with the owners who are so unassuming and kind you'll forget they own the place! The chefs (an adorable couple who met at the lodge) will also do everything to make sure you enjoy every meal. And you will! Don't be worried if you aren't vegetarian. The cooking is so good and fresh, you will not miss meat.

    While you're there be sure to book a massage with Ana, I promise you won't regret it. Don't miss the chance to take a class with Hector, especially if you like a challenge and maybe skip one evening session to watch the sunset.

  • Jamie Kalynuik

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Michael's All Love workshop is the most powerful and moving meditation I have ever experienced. His guided exercises allowed me to connect to myself in a way I didn't think was possible. Those same meditation exercises have turned into tools that I carry into my daily routine now allowing me to be more accepting, loving, less stressed, and overall more aware and grounded. Michael is a strong and compassionate leader who created a space for his participants to feel like they could genuinely open up and let go at a pace that worked for them. I look forward to staying connected with Michael and joining him on another workshop in the future.

  • A traveler

    BookYogaRetreats website

    My recent experience at the 'All Love' workshop in Costa Rica was one I will never forget. Michael and Carolina, created such a warm, safe & comfortable space. This environment allowed me to meditate unlike I have ever before. I was able to truly connect to to myself, my spirit and a higher energy. Each day of the workshop brought personal clarity for & a revived energy. I feel very lucky to have had this incredible experience, to connect with myself & others and to have this gift I now carry with me into my daily life. Much love & gratitude for this 'All Love' experience

  • Jordi Zarroca

    BookYogaRetreats website

    El Sabanero Eco Lodge was extraordinary! The Lodge is beautiful and the staff is amazing! I felt very welcome and at home. The rooms were spacious, well kept and nicely done. The food was very creative and super fresh. Every meal was a total experience that I truly enjoyed. The yoga classes were fantastic and challenging which I loved because it pushed me to improve my practice.

  • Carri Uranga

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Came here with a Yoga group in March 2014, 2015 & 2016! The first thing you notice is the sparkling pool overlooking the mountains. The bright blue turquoise water literally pops against the backdrop of the surrounding hills.To say the staff goes above and beyond is a cliche. They are extremely attentive in a natural, authentic way. You can tell they truly enjoy making their guests happy. The food is delicious & fresh prepared by a professional gourmet chef. They take special requests and made unique dishes based on our vegetarian and sometimes vegan dietary needs. The rooms are clean & comfortable wooden cabins (with AC and en-suite bathrooms) surrounded by tropical plants and flowers. You can birdwatch from the comfort of your pool lounger! I must have seen a different bird species every day as well as monkeys swinging in the trees. They have 2 Yoga shalas complete with custom locally made wooden blocks as well as comfy bolsters. One of the shalas is indoor with windows overlooking a pool, the other is a covered open aired shala so you can enjoy views of the hills and trees while you practice with fresh flowing breezes. It's like a mountain/jungle/yoga oasis all wrapped into one destination!

Testimonials 21

  • Sandi Moynihan

    Facebook Page

    WOW. Just WOW. Considering that A. this was my first yoga retreat and B. this was my first time traveling with Trip Tribe, I am entirely blown away and slightly addicted! I traveled with my boyfriend, who is NOT a yogi (bu really enjoyed the trip!!). We loved meeting new people and exploring with such a fun group of singles, friends, other couples and fellow travelers:


    First of all, the coordination of flights and transportation was perfect. Everything went smoothly. Trip Tribe communicated everything we needed to know well ahead of our departure and Amy, the trip ambassador, supplemented with additional information as needed.

    Once we arrived at our destination, I was pleased to see that our accommodations at El Sabanero were humble, yet comfortable and adequate (think: clean but simple), and that there were common comforts like hot water (with some patience), safes and wifi (slowish wifi). They even provided a few shampoos, bars of soap and beach towels, which was unexpected. The natural surroundings of El Sabanero were beautiful and it was such a treat to stay in such a lovely natural environment.

    The general atmosphere at El Sabanero was amazing. The pool was lovely to swim in after our sweaty yoga sessions. The large meeting/eating space was tranquil and lovely. And the yoga spaces where we practiced were calm and peaceful. And the staff from all different parts of our trip -- from Harold to Hazel to Ana to Fernando to Donald, etc. -- were amazing, kind and welcoming. They made it really feel like home!

    The food at El Sabanero was AMAZING. A-MA-ZING. The kitchen staff really knows what they are doing and totally spoiled us with fresh bread, homemade gourmet meals and amazing dishes all week long. Even some of the packed lunches (for when we weren't there during lunch) were good! A HUGE thumbs up and major reason why you should stay at El Sabanero! Also, it doesn't hurt that beer/wine/cocktails are crazy affordable and also delicious!

    As for the yoga, Amy did her usual amazing thing. I've taken several classes of hers in DC, so I wasn't surprised to find that she taught similar wonderful classes in Costa Rica. Newbie or advanced, this girl's classes are a MUST-do! I particularly loved her Fusion Flow Yoga class (think martial arts meets HIIT meets yoga) and the nightly Nidra/Restorative classes. Major thumbs up for the quality of the classes, variety of classes and expertise of our instructor and trip ambassador!

    Additionally, I went to several beach visits during my trip with the group, and loved them both! I event tried my hand at surfing which was a total blast. I would also recommend getting a massage from Ana, going on the adventure tour and heading on the Catamaran Sunset sail (erm, skip that if you are seasick!).

    All in all, this was an amazing trip. Kudos!

  • A traveler Los Angeles CA

    BookYoga Retreats website

    I just spent a week at El Sabanero – great yoga, great food, great hospitality. It reminded me of a B&B since the innkeeper and staff treat you like family – perhaps, better. Very welcoming and caring. The grounds are spacious - along with an inviting infinity swimming pool. Air-conditioned cabins, well-designed yoga shala and comfortable lobby/dining area with Adirondack chairs and hammocks – great for reading/relaxing. The beaches and downtown Tamarindo are a few minutes away by car. What’s not to like? Also, highly recommend getting a massage by Anna.

  • a traveler

    TripAdvisor website

    The Eco lodge was recommended by my sister when she and her husband enjoyed a visit there. She introduced me to Kurt one of the owners. Kurt then shared an upcoming Sekhem All Love retreat that was open for reservations. After signing up, Kurt was always kind and courteous in answering my many questions. This was my first time to Costa Rica and traveling single was well worth it as the property is safe and family oriented. The guests come for many reasons, some for yoga, some for the beach, some for the incredible location and friendly atmosphere.

    My casita, a little cabin was comfortable, had a view to linger over and a hammock that called my name. The only noise is the hum from the animals and birds.

    Early morning swims became a habit, then delicious food prepared by hard working locals who deserved a huge tip and I was more than happy to give it as these are people who encourage the loving family inclusion rather than exclusion.

    Now that part that changed my life, the all love spiritual healing workshop gave me the connection to source directly, thru some clearing out of unnecessary baggage. And moving from the thinking rational mind into the heart. Many thanks to Michael A Heemskerk and Carolina for creating a space to learn, grow, and understand the life changing processes to freedom and love.

    Go for a yoga retreat, go to get away from stress, go for surfing, but just go! Get a taste of the good life with people who will take amazing care of you.

  • Crystal Stephenson Toronto Canada

    BookYoga Retreats website

    I have never traveled solo nor had I ever visited Costa Rica.

    I booked a Yoga Retreat with the lodge and had the most amazing trip

    I felt safe and well taken care of with Harold and Amit!

    As the lodge is about a 10 min drive from the beach areas and the downtown Tamarindo …they always offered to give me a ride rather than paying for transport.

    I know it was a little easier as it was low season and not as busy but that is service and helped me to feel safe!

    The pool and view are beautiful and my Cabin was spacious. My cabin was cleaned every day and AC, Ceiling Fan and fridge in my room worked great!

    Donald and Hazel in the kitchen prepared the most amazing healthy meals! It got better and better each day I was there.

    The yoga instructors were all different and helped me to gain different perspectives in my practice and it never got boring!

    This place treats you like family and I will definitely be back at some point.

  • Aymeric Trouville sur mer

    TripAdvisor Website, edited

    Very nice place .... only dinner are served ... but good food ! Delicious breakfast ! The owner Kurt and his brother Harold are very nice people, and know a lot of things about the area around ... German, Spanish ( of course ), English spoken ...

  • Simon F Ontario, Canada

    TripAdvisor Website, edited

    El Sabanero. Not just an ole Eco Lodge. Now re-shaping itself as a major Yoga training and certification destination just outside of Tamarindo and Playa Allvenas. It's my 4th year coming here....and for good reason. It now feels like home....but with a much better view and climate. The owner Kurt Reichenbacher has cultivated an easy going, relaxed, yet effieciently run mini paradise. Comfortable, cozy cabinas, a wonderful infinity pool with a stunning valley view, outstanding food. With the addition of Amit and Tasha as the head Yoga facilitators, El Sabanero is expanding and very quickly becoming a must be at destination when visiting the area. I look forward to coming back....perhaps sooner, rather than later, hanging out with Kurt, expanding my personal Yoga experiences, and thoroughly enjoying the massive mental, spiritual and emotional de-compression this place has to offer.

  • A traveler Canada

    TripAdvisor Website, edited

    I stayed at El Sabanero for a week in March while offering a yoga retreat.

    I'm going back in May offering a long weekend yoga retreat from the 25th to the 29th.

    I loved the place, the food, the people.....The whole package.

    The cabins were perfect, rustic and sweet with air conditioning and a hot water shower, great wifi connection and amazing breezes.

    The grounds are manicured with beautiful tropical blooms and the pool is awesome.

    The whole vibe at El Sabanero is warm and tranquil. Amit, Tasha, Harold, Kurt, Donald and Hazel, you all really make people feel at home. It's amazing! Can't wait to see you all again soon. Visit El Sabanero if you're interested in holding or attending future retreats....they're great hosts!!!

  • Carol S. New York

    TripAdvisor website

    Just came back from a wonderful yoga retreat. Amit and Tasha, were friendly & welcoming with there 2 children. The grounds are beautiful and cabins are cozy, the air conditioner worked well. The views from the balcony were serene. They were very accommodating helping us with excursions & transportation. Donald and Hazel the chefs, made us wonderful fresh meals. Just loved the homemade bread & ginger/tumeric tea!

  • a traveler Massachusetts

    TripAdvisor website

    I am so thankful and grateful to have had the pleasure of staying at El Sabarnero last week for a yoga and meditation retreat. I was able to focus on my mind, body and soul. The sounds of nature complimented the peacefulness of the property and the chalets. The food was absolutely delicious and you could feel the love that Donald and Hazel put into all of the preparation. The staff were helpful, kind and happy. I truly fell in love with Costa Rica and am blessed to have experienced it all while staying at this wonderful resort. Pura Vida!

  • a traveler North Carolina

    TripAdvisor website

    This lodge is remarkable! I lived at El Sabanero Eco Lodge for a month while taking a Yoga Teacher Training. The rooms were comfortable and very clean. The rest of the property is amazing as well. They have two open spaces for yoga, both were wonderful. They have two pools, both were incredible. We ate three meals a day at El Sabanero, and each meal was such a highlight. The variety of food was amazing. The care and creativity they put into their meals was super impressive. I'm a runner, and there were plenty of dirt roads and sidewalks for morning runs. The lodge is also conveniently close to Tamarindo and Playa Avellanas. There were friendly cats, iguanas and dogs to keep you company. The property is well thought out, and I just can't recommend it enough! You will love it!

  • Billy Sev. Ohio

    TripAdvisor website

    My wife (49) and I (50) stayed here for 6 days at the beginning of February 2016. We had an excellent time, and would stay there again in a heartbeat. Great place with great staff!! Looking forward to our next visit already!Resort: Grounds are clean, nice and rustic, with plenty of foliage. Walkways to the huts are well-lit and charming. Views are very nice.Pool: Clean, infinity-style with mini-spa pool as well. One downside is that there were a lot of bees at one end, but hopefully they killed that nest by now. Deck needs a little work.Rooms: Cozy & private with fridge and A/C (works well). Bed was comfortable enough, but pillows could use an upgrade. The shower takes a while to warm up, but sufficient. Shutters could use some screens to prevent a few bugs from sneaking in.Food: Donald (and Hazel) can make a 5-star course out of any ingredients. We had tuna, chicken, spinach soup, chocolate cake. I was not expecting so delicious food for Costa Rica. Breakfast is also delicious, plentiful and free. We had eggs, bacon, fruit, toast, coffee, smoothies and gallo pinto just about every morning.Booze: Beer and wine were reasonable and cold. Bring your own liquor.Staff: Kurt (owner) was knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. I could say the same for Donald and Hazel and the rest of the crew.Location: 15-20 minutes from beaches and grocery story.Activities: Yoga (mats available) instruction, Massage ($40/hr & Great!), other activities upon request. Wi-Fi: Resort wide and free. A few hiccups because of a new router installation, but otherwise, fine! There were 2 Mbps on average in the pool area.

  • Emma United Kingdom

    TripAdvisor website

    I brought a group of 20 or so people to El Sabanero Eco Lodge in November/December of 2015 for a yoga teacher training program. We were all absolutely delighted with the venue, it is stunningly beautiful with lovely chalets, a beautiful pool, a choice of yoga shalas, gorgeous views, great chefs and staff and is run by the very lovely Harold & Kurt who could not do enough for us. We were so well looked after and had such a fantastic time here I have rebooked for 3 more trainings. Highly recommended.

  • Natalie United States

    TripAdvisor website

    I had a fantastic time staying at El Sabanero Eco Lodge. I did a yoga teacher training with about 20 people, and I stayed for one month. You can also stay here without a group, and enjoy the luxurious facilities, explore the beautiful area, and get to know the lovely staff on your own. The owners are so sweet and accommodating. One of them, Harold even drove me to the doctor and pharmacy one day. So kind! The chef's, Donald and Hazel put so much love and care into the food they made for us every day and night. They were so sweet and made such an effort to be friendly, accommodating to our needs, personal, and warm. The food they make is incredibly delicious, fresh, AND healthy! Such a treat to eat such tasty-healthy food by such kind and warm people for an entire month. I felt so nourished. The facilities are fantastically well-kept by 2 wonderful women who also made us breakfast every morning of fresh local fruit, eggs, rice and beans and delicious coffee. There is a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking a stunning view, which you can swim in or lounge around all day long in that magnificent sun. El Sabanero is a quick bus ride or car ride away from Tamarindo, where there is plenty of restaurants, shopping, and surfing, which I totally recommend! Our group took a surfing lesson and it was a blast! I would absolutely recommend El Sabanero Eco Lodge to anyone who is traveling to this area. It is a beautiful, hidden gem, and it feels great to support such a wonderful community of people who work there.

  • Francisco G.

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    My wife and I went there in order to go to the beach! The food is awesome, the room was really nice. The location is great, near of the best beaches of Guanacaste and really quiet. The staff is really nice and very helpful.

  • a traveler Canada

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    We were booked into lodge 8 and it was perfect for our family of four, as we had requested extra beds for our kids, aged 12 and 17. The setting is very chill and relaxed, which was what we were looking for. Since both my wife and I travel the world as part of our business, usually staying at top end properties, when it came to this vacation we were looking for quality without fuss, and a true Costa Rican experience. El Sabanero delivered exactly that for us. A real highlight of our stay was having Chef Donaldo and his partner Hazel taking care of our meals. We ate most of our dinners there and all of the meals were excellent and thoughtfully prepared and using local quality products. Each day they discussed what we wanted to eat for dinner and then went out and sourced the product and created memorable meals both for my wife and me and for our kids. We experienced a great range of foods and they were all great. It was like having your own personal chefs. These two are wonderful people and became friends during our stay. I highly recommend staying at El Sabanero if you are looking for a personal experience, a relaxing experience, a non-fussy experience and a true Costa Rican experience. They are super central and good roads. Beaches are all within 20-30 minutes. Congratulations to the owners and to Donaldo and Hazel. We will be back!

  • Ashton S. California

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    I had such a great time at the El Sabanero Eco Lodge. All of the staff was great, the location was amazing, and the food was to die for!! We came for a 200 hour yoga teacher training, and it was an absolute perfect spot for it. My family was able to join me the last two weeks, and my wife and four year old daughter also had an amazing time! It's close enough to towns like Tamarindo, but far enough away that you don't get any of the chaos of town.

  • Marie G. United States

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    El Sabanero is surrounded by nature. Harold is fantastic and very accommodating and the staffs too. The place is so peaceful and relaxing. I would recommend 100% to stay on this place. There are no enough words can describe El Sabanero and Harold. We will definitely be back.

  • a traveler United States

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    This is a beautiful property with great views of iconic Guanacaste landscape. The cabins are comfortable and charming. We enjoyed the breakfasts very much and the one dinner we had there was also good. The pool area is great for relaxing and the atmosphere is tranquil and private. Harold is very helpful and communicative. This included numerous e mails both before and after our stay.

  • Johanny Costa Rica

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    The most important thing of this hotel is the warmth of its people, Kurt and Harold are very good hosts. I spent there two days in March last year with my girlfriend. A couple of month ago since we were heading to Tamarindo we decided to pass by just to say hi to the guys (Kurt and Harold), some other friends were traveling with us and as soon as they got to the swimming pool area they fell in love with El Sabanero and not just for that but the awesome view of pastures and mountains in front of the pool. Even though we were not guests that day, they treated us in a terrific way. El Sabanero is located at a strategic point in the middle of everywhere. You can go to any beach you want, all of them at less than 20 minutes driving. A place where you can rest and relax, highly recommend it.

  • a traveler United States

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    The eco lodge is located inland about 12 miles from the main Tamarindo Beach on the side of a hill, which is mostly still vegetated. You hear and may get to see howler monkeys. Each cabin is simple but has air conditioning and warm showers. The main area of the lodge is open to the elements, but high enough to capture a breeze. Breakfast is simple but satisfying, and they will ask you in the morning if you want to eat at the hotel as the owner will need to go to Tamarindo to purchase the food. Local ladies act as cooks and cleaners. In the summer, it is very quiet at the hotel - you will maybe see a handful of other people at breakfast or dinner. The infinity pool is lovely, especially in the evening and dark. You may have to rescue a frog or two from it before you swim in it though. We didn't have a car (I left my driver's license behind) but took a couple of tours whereby we were picked up from the hotel and took taxis into Tamarindo and back again. We met a nice young man who was prepared to drive us as soon as we called his cell phone, including a 4 am departure from the hotel to the airport. The owner was very helpful in arranging things for us including picking us up from Liberia airport at short notice when we arrived. I would definitely stay there again, in fact, we can't wait.

  • Iliana C. United States

    TripAdvisor website

    I stayed in El Sabanero back in July, and a review is well over due. For starters, Harold was very patient and extremely helpful on the actual way to Guanacaste. We decided not to get a GPS (big mistake) but he gave us instructions as best as he could to get us to the lodge - as Costa Rica has not taken up the practice of naming their streets. We arrived until a bit after 11 pm, and Harold and his employee were both very friendly and very welcoming. Even at night time, this lodge took my breath away! It was tropical, peaceful, and very nice. We met Kurt the next morning, and he was another sweetheart! We spent 5 nights there, and all I can say is that you will not be disappointed! The only thing I did sort of miss was the TV but other than that, this place is perfection. If you truly want to disconnect from it all this is the place. Harold, Kurt, Nacho the Squirrel and the entire staff will make you feel welcomed! Sorry it took me long to give you guys the review you well deserve! Thanks for everything!

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