9 Days Re-Wild and Re-Connect Women Yoga Retreat in Barucito, Costa Rica

  • Farm of Life, Barucito, San José Province, Costa Rica

9 Days Re-Wild and Re-Connect Women Yoga Retreat in Barucito, Costa Rica

  • Farm of Life, Barucito, San José Province, Costa Rica

Transformational Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

The Re-Wild and Re-Connect Self Care Retreat is specifically created to honor, empower and celebrate you as a woman. Together, you will embark on a nourishing journey back to inner strength, wisdom, courage, divinity, and connection to Mother Earth. It is Lacey’s path, passion and purpose to bring women together, to share wisdom, and teachings which have been revealed to her and to act as a sacred mirror to remind you of who you truly are.


  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Enjoy meditation sessions
  • Insightful workshop sessions
  • Jungle hikes to rediscover inner strength
  • Sleep in a cave behind waterfall
  • Traditional cacao ceremony
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Daily vegetarian meals
  • 8 days with instruction
  • French, English
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During this retreat, you will be staying one night in Villa Margarita in San Jose, six nights in Farm of Life, and one night excursion at Diamante Waterfall.

Farm of Life

Farm of Life is nestled in the middle of the jungle at the top of a mountain, makes it the ideal location for this Re-Wild & Re-Connect Retreat. It is literally at the end of the gravel road! This gem is located in the Southwest coastal region of Costa Rica, near the Pacific Ocean, Dominical beach, and the mountain town of San Isidro.

During your stay at Finca de Vida, bask in the high vibrational elements of the farm, feel the nourishing tropical breeze, listen to the symphony of innumerable birds and insects, watch the mesmerizing dance of the butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds.

This magical property bursts with radiant, fragrant flowers and lush gardens, towering ceiba trees, and flowing crystalline waters. Connect with Mother Nature and be nurtured by barefoot walking, sun gazing, breathing in fresh mountain air, hiking through the jungle trail, eating off the land and drinking pure spring water.

Witness unforgettable sunsets and the mystical, shape-shifting clouds of the approaching rainy season. Every moment at the farm, everywhere that you look, all that you hear, touch, taste, and smell is an opportunity to experience pure wonderment and awe of this magical slice of paradise.

Deluxe Coco Mono luxury suite is a double room with a queen bed, view of the entire valley, large balcony with chairs and hammock, and an en-suite bathroom. The price for this room is 1835 USD per person.

There is also Private Butterfly suite. It is a private room with queen bed, jungle view, private balcony with hammock and chairs and an en-suite bathroom. The price for this room is 2125 USD per person.

Villa Margarita

Villa Margarita is a charming bed and breakfast nestled in the beautiful garden district of La Garita de Alajuela, a quiet, peaceful country setting only 10 minutes from San Jose airport. It is close to downtown Alajuela and convenient for public transportation into San Jose.

The Re-Wild and Re-Connect Self Care Retreat is specifically designed in a way to allow you the space to feel safe and nurtured so you can fully relax and focus on your well-being. You will intentionally gather twice daily to experience a variety of practices, teachings, and ceremonies to guide you back into harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Each day includes blissful moments for self-care which is the most important act of self-love.

Enjoy silent mornings where you can gaze out into the lush jungle while sipping on herbal tea, prepared with herbs of your choice, and tasting the most incredible tropical fruit of your life! The afternoon will be dedicated to relaxing near the waterfalls, or spending time in a hammock napping, reading, or journaling. Learn about the ayurvedic practice of self-oil massage that will leave you feeling calm, yet invigorated. Receive a massage, swim in the natural pool, relax deeply on the chakra crystal light rack. Everything is taken care of here for you!

Each day, you will connect with natural flowing waters, and welcome in all the other elements such as earth, sun or fire, and air or wind into your experience. A very special and unique eco adventure, guided by Pacific Journeys, includes a spirited hike up Costa Rica’s tallest waterfall, located in the Diamante Valley, where you will spend the night and sleep in the caves behind the falls!

The caves are fully equipped with beds, washroom facilities, showers, and all homemade meals. You will spend our evening fireside under the stars, singing songs, sharing, playing music as all women once did! During that same excursion, you are also lucky enough to visit a permaculture farm where you will enjoy fresh fruit right from the tree, as well as the opportunity to do a jump from the falls for anyone feeling brave or wants to really trust and let go!

The retreat also includes a beach trip on the first day where you will connect with sand and sea! In this retreat, you will be able to take the chance to be a part of unique workshops such as herbal plants and prana food tour, super food for women’s health, living in harmony with nature, and the cycles of moon. There will also be some transformative ceremonies such as ecstatic dance with authentic cacao ceremony, priestess temple dance, and awakening the senses.

Twice daily gatherings in a natural setting, include:

  • Affirmations to instill self-worth
  • Ayurvedic self-care massages practices to honor the queen you are!
  • Classical mantra and mudra to call upon ancient wisdom
  • Conscious movement to rediscover your inner goddess
  • Creative flow yoga to re-awaken the spirit for all levels and Restorative yoga to ground
  • Creative art projects to express your inner artist
  • Elemental rituals of earth, air, water, and fire to celebrate connection to Mother Earth
  • Evening campfires with songs and a gong bath
  • Jungle hikes to rediscover inner strength and nurture your earth connection
  • Learn the path of the divine feminine to tune into inner wisdom and intuition
  • Pranayama breathing exercises to calm the nervous system
  • Prayer, intention setting, and the language of manifestation to shift your paradigm
  • Qi Gong and practices for women’s health and sexuality
  • "Self Inquiry: Who Am I?" session to connect with your highest self
  • Silent and dynamic meditation to still the thinking mind and recharge
  • Teachings on the Archetype of the goddess and priestess

Typical daily schedule

  • 06:15 Sun gazing meditation (optional)
  • 07:00 Tropical fruit buffet, coconut water and medicinal herbal tea
  • 08:00 Morning gathering with yoga, meditation, teachings, movement, and more
  • 10:30 Waterfall hike with to go lunch or on campus free time
  • 16:30 Afternoon gathering, workshop, or ceremony
  • 18:00 Grounding dinner
  • 19:30 Campfire and songs
  • A beach trip on the first day
  • Hike up to Costa Rica’s tallest waterfall, located in the Diamante Valley
  • Visit a farm where you will enjoy fresh fruit
  • Lacey Budge

    Since 2011, Lacey has been focusing her life on her personal evolution and spiritual path. Lacey lives an inspired, spiritual life connected to nature's rhythms, community and her highest Self. She walks this inward path, with an open heart, courage, trust, grace and confidence that radiates from the inside out. It is her absolute joy to remind you of your True Essence and connection to infinite heart wisdom Lacey has studied yoga through the Sivananda Ashram in Quebec, and meditation through Hridaya Yoga and Ramana Maharishi's Self Inquiry method.

This retreat will take place in Costa Rica.

Throughout the retreat, cleanse the body, purify the mind, and enliven the spirit with the organic natural wholesome meals prepared with love by the Farm of Life chefs. Each day, hydrate upon rising with fresh coconut water, medicinal herbal teas, and fresh spring water.

Nourish your temple with three vegetarian meals a day featuring local, seasonal and tropical fruit, leafy greens, and herbs from the greenhouse in addition to gluten free whole grains, nuts, seeds, and all plant friendly goodness. The menu is a beautiful blend of raw high vibration foods and cooked meals, prepared with ayurvedic principles.

Sample daily menu


  • Tropical fruit buffet: Your choice of papaya, pineapple, mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, star fruit, exotic fruit and fresh coconut water and medicinal herbal tea


  • Refreshing smoothie
  • Rainbow kale wraps with green goddess tahini dressing
  • Homemade trail mix bites


  • Fragrant basmati rice
  • Lentil dhal
  • Coconut raita and apricot chutney
  • Roasted ginger
  • Turmeric cauliflower

You can indulge in a massage or energy work at an additional charge of 70 USD. You will also have some free time to explore the farm, read in a hammock, swim in the natural pool, rest, or recharge on the light rack.

  • 3 delicious organic, superfood, soul nourishing vegetarian meals
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Unique workshops
  • Transformative ceremonies
  • Twice daily gatherings
  • Airfare
  • Massage and energy work session for 70 USD
  • Shopping
  • Staff gratuities
  • Taxi from airport to Villa Margarita for 20 USD

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at San Jose International Airport (SJC). Please note that arrival is any time on March 30, 2018. Departure flight for April 7, 2018 must be after 5 p.m. If flights are unavailable, consider staying one night at Villa Margarita and flying out early the next morning.

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 46 days before arrival.


  • Review by Estancia T from Farm of Life
    10 out of 10

    "Visit Farm of Life to improve your health in all areas, reset your mind to believing in yourself and your wonderful future. Your hosts Brian and Jodi will facilitate every detail of your stay; relaxation, massage, tasty organic meals. It's all there!"

    Trip Advisor Website, edited

  • Review by Rene C
    10 out of 10

    "Brian and Jodie are great people. God will bless them always. The workers and the guests are so friendly, they made feel part of the home. The facilities are good. The food is so healthy. I can't think of anything negative, except for the insect bites that I got. I was just unlucky, not the fault of The Farm."

    "I'll never forget The Farm. It's one of the best things that ever happened to my life. After 20 years of searching for the cure for my diabetes, I found it here. Thanks to Chris Halley a guest and Jack a volunteer, for educating me about fruits. "

    "During the last 20 years, I didn't eat fruits because doctors and experts say avoid them. I've tried 6 medications in the past and none really cured me. They only gave me effects. Now, I don't take any at all. "

    "I hope many diabetics will go there. Their search for a cure will end there."

    Trip Advisor Website, edited

  • Review by A traveler from Huntington Beach
    10 out of 10

    "Imagine 37 acres of open and flowing, lightly-groomed beauty and energy in the mountains of Costa Rica. This is truly a beautiful place. Walk barefoot picking fresh, ripe, organic, and delicious fruit in the sun (so much great fruit!)...wander through dense forest (on maintained trails) leading to streams, yoga areas, organic farms, sun gazing vortexes, and the outside gym (deep in the jungle:)...enjoy the naturally cleaned pool, paint something funky, move to the beats, relax in the shade, follow the sounds of nature (monkeys, birds, insects, etc.) or join in an amazing adventure or fun event. The wonderful hosts (Jodi & Brian, and their great staff) can handle anything and make your stay a memory worth savoring. If you want to hike to the highest waterfall you can see, jump off cliffs, swing through the jungle, see and join in with local artists and crafts, have a daily massage, go surfing, have a spiritual ceremony, get involved in deep healing, learn about permaculture, or just relax all day...it can all be easily done at Finca de Vida. The owners created this space to heal themselves from disease with the foods and energy they ingest, now they are (thankfully) willing to open and share that with the world. "

    "If you want a truly different experience, if you're longing for a vacation where you feel more connected, more grounded, if you are looking to expand your awareness, deepen your practice, and enhance or possibly correct, your lifestyle, if you are looking to go deeper, to find truth, to experience who you truly are, or even if you just want to kick back in a beautiful place with no worries and no hassles...this is where you go. Enjoy the energy and deep connection that nature allows at Finca de Vida. Experience fulfilling your body with energy (sun, land, air, water, plants) and let your healing begin. Be open to it and allow it to flow through you. Pure Vida!"

    Trip Advisor Website, edited

  • Review by Jon
    10 out of 10

    "Our duplex made of hardwoods was perfect to share with our two teenage stars gifted to us temporarily from the Sun. The experiences were transformational in the most magical and high vibrational frequencies possible. The food and education is demonstrated in the improved health of all four of my family members throughout our stay and we have learned life changing skills and habits which aid us in continuing an optimal health life individually and collectively . Our family has added the bond created when preparing meals together and the love shared through energizing our bodies with nourishing real food created by the sun water air and earth. We will be back. To your farm and as neighbors. We salute your pioneering undertaking in creating such a truly magnificent sacred space to heal and be reminded of our true essence. Love always, my tribe ."

    Trip Advisor Website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from California
    10 out of 10

    "This place is a little bit of heaven in every way. The beautiful lush green hills and jungles that spill out the most amazing fruit you've ever tasted. The breathtaking sunsets. The quiet evenings. But more than that the community here, everyone cooking together in the kitchen and sitting around to share fruit and delicious food with one another throughout the day. The waterfalls that are just waiting to be explored.Jodi and Brian do an amazing job of creating a retreat that is both restful and growing at the same time. If you're going on your own, you'll totally design your own time with their full support. If you're looking for a quiet writing retreat- you'll find it. If you're looking for a radical health improvement- you'll find that too. You will love every second of being on the farm. And don't let fears about not being raw vegan stop you from going- this place is totally accepting and supportive. You will make amazing friendships, see so much wonder in nature, and leave feeling incredible."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by BillVanArsdale from Florida
    10 out of 10

    " The many facets in this gem of a mountain retreat offer guests a variety of experiences rarely found anywhere. Hidden away at the top of Costa Rican mountain roads that change from asphalt to gravel to rocky, rutted clay with each turn (four wheel drive required if you are driving yourself,) when you finally arrive at the heights of Finca de Vida, you know you are about as far from the rat race as you can get. Deep valleys fall away toward the distant sea, quilted with patches of tropical grasses, shrubs and tree canopies in every shade of green. At this elevation, all you hear is nature; the birds, frogs, and an occasional distant howler monkey.Owners Brian and Jody Calvi had a vision of creating a place for guests to connect; with nature, with each other, and each with his or her own health. They have succeeded in a most beautiful way.In the common house, guests enjoy an open kitchen of fresh, local, organic veggies and fruits with all the requisite blenders, choppers and juicers required to whip up the most healthy live food concoctions imaginable. Papaya, mangos, bananas became my staples to which I added a variety of greens for lunches and dinners, washed down with an endless supply of fresh coconut water. I also opted in for several specially prepared vegetarian dinners, both raw and cooked. After about only five days of this, I felt wonderfully energized and healthy, and vow to continue this raw food lifestyle.The cabins are all appropriately rustic yet very comfortable, with screens, large bathrooms, plenty of hot water, and porches with hammocks. There is only space for about 14 guests, with a couple of new guest cottages being built this summer, so before long everyone connects and shares in most delightful ways. Farm of Life seems to attract a lot of people who seekers of greater knowledge of health and higher consciousness, so conversations are often quite open, heartfelt, and interesting should one be so inclined.While we were not there during one of the many formal retreats led by a variety of teaches and trainers, one of the guests offered a breath workshop that many of us attended that was quite amazing, and you can sign up for yoga classes, massages and a variety of day trips.This is waterfall country, and Finca de Vida is blessed with several of the best in Costa Rica witihin short, bouncy drives followed by short, relatively easy walks or long, strenuous hikes. The Nayaca falls are not to be missed. One of my favorite hikes was down the ravine to the next ridge to visit the neighbor, Eric, who is nurturing a small permaculture farm. He is so beautifully connected to his land, living a life of balance and understanding with the flora and fauna. (When I asked him how he protected his banana trees from the monkeys, he said, Simple, I plant banana trees for them down by the forest near the river where they like to hang out, so they leave mine alone.) Eric offers a tour of his farm for a reasonable fee that is highly recommended if you are interested in permaculture and this somewhat idyllic lifestyle. Brian also gives guest tours of the Farm of Life. There are also day trips to tour the beaches around Dominical.The best part of all of this is the price. Brian and Jody want to introduce this healthy, raw food lifestyle to everyone, including to people who may think they cannot afford to stay a week or two, or even a whole month to regain their health. With all the healthy fruits and veggies you can eat, this has to be one of the best values in world. So looking forward to going back!"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United Kihngdom
    10 out of 10

    "Jody and Brian have picked a fabulous setting for this amazing retreat centre. The Mountains are beautiful, all the fruit trees and nice smelling bushes, birds, butterflies and the jungle sounds bring about a sense of calm and connection. The accommodation is really cozy and tastefully done keeping with the tone of the surroundings. I loved my room and outdoor shower (completely private), with bamboo, beautiful wood and a lovely pink hibiscus bush. I had a private balcony to take in the views. The kitchen and eating area has fab views across the valley, everything you need, nice chilled music, lots of books and info to read. It's great having so much fruit and veg on offer, freshly harvested by the dream team at the farm. I loved just having a look at what had just been picked then making whatever I fancied. So so tasty, I especially loved the Mangos and salad leaves. YUM.Everyone at the farm is really chilled, happy, open, smilely. The team make this a great experience, they are around to help at all times. They want you to have the best possible experience. The information passed on is immense. Jody and Brian have so much knowledge and are so openly willing to share that. I had massage, reiki, tibetian bowls, acupuncture, ( latter 3 from Brian) which were something special.I genuinely feel like a different person from my experience on the farm. I will definitely be back next year :-). Thanks to all the team at Finca de Vida for opening your hearts which in turn has allowed me to do the same. Operation LOVE , bring in the green and the love :-) xxxxx"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

Dominical, Costa Rica

Farm of Life is the ultimate vacation for a healthy lifestyle and natural healing center. You will thrive on nutritious foods, be thrilled by eco-adventures, and find respite in natural sanctuaries!

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9 days / 8 nights


Arrival: Friday March 30, 2018
Departure: Saturday April 7, 2018

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