Fierce Grace

England, United Kingdom

Fierce Grace has a unique series of six different classes based on the same core poses and principles. They offer yoga retreats, private lessons and classes.

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  • Amrita

    Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Facebook page

    Fierce Grace yoga is highly addictive! Such good fun, a hard workout and five different classes to try. I prefer this so much to the old Bikram style. Thanks to the fierce grace team I'm stronger, fitter and healthier. Here's to many more years of FG.

  • Natasha

    Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Facebook page

    I'm sat at home looking over the pics from my first Fierce Grace Retreat - I flew back today - I cannot stop smiling! I had the most fulfilling, happy, active, educational, fun, spectacular, loving, hilarious, peaceful, adventurous week ever (I could go on for ages with adjectives, but frankly there aren't enough words)! Michele, Terry and Hasan looked after us, taught and entertained us, they went way above and beyond - even throwing me an incredible birthday party last night! I am filled with so much love and emotion for all three of them and my new friends I made this week. I'm coming back next summer and hopefully this Christmas - if you're thinking about doing a Fierce Grace retreat, don't think, DO!!!! Best holiday, birthday, company and yoga ever!

  • Katie

    Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Facebook page

    Such a wonderful experience - I will be back! It was my first time at hot yoga or any yoga really and Hassan was amazing!

  • Katya

    Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Facebook page

    The best investment I could make for old age. I have been doing Bikram for many years, but must admit since started FG I feel much stronger, my body, especially the abdominal are tighter. And the fact that I can choose between Classic, FG, Core or Fix is Brilliant. I am now practicing every day without being over tired. Therefore I can afford to have longer break without losing the muscle tone, strength or flexibility. I travel for 3 months and went back. On the second class I feel like I have never been away. I have been doing all sorts of cardio and weights and spinning classes in the past. But nothing could change my wellbeing like FG. So people if you love to start something that would make you feel million dollars FG is the way.

  • Eniko

    Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Facebook page

    Only finishing my first month in FG but wish to have a pass which never expires. Each class is different, you always learns something new if you pay attention to your body and are being patient and loving with your inner self. Simply beautiful.

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