Garuda Yoga

Wingrave, United Kingdom

Garuda Yoga offers Vinyasa flow classes and fuses strength and power with grace and fluidity. Set to music, classes are fun, but challenging, which you are expect to sweat.

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  • Grazyna Kasietczuk

    Garuda Yoga Facebook page

    Thoroughly enjoyed great pregnancy yoga course at Sweat Studios (Milton Keynes) run by Ayesha! The practice had a good pace and great balance between getting a good work out and being challanged, while respecting the limitations of a growing body. I certainly found what I was looking for, such as lots of movement, good stretch, and most importantly, feeling refreshed and energized after the practice.

  • Denise West

    Garuda Yoga Facebook page

    I feel blessed to have found Ayesha teaching in the local village hall and was lucky to join her class. This was ideal for me being new to yoga, Ayesha is very hands on guiding me on my practice. Her classes are always challenging, but never pressured and I feel able to go at my own pace, whilst being encouraged to challenge myself. The music Ayesha plays during practice is inspired and I leave feeling energized and ready to face the world.

    After joining one of Ayesha’s retreats last summer, I am looking forward to joining her in another retreat in Goa next year. Just before heated flow today, I heard a few ladies chatting in the changing room saying that Ayesha was their favourite teacher at the yoga center and they loved her class, so it isn’t just me! I am so glad that such a fantastic teacher is near where I live, my only wish being that I could attend more of her sessions. Thank you, Ayesha.

  • Sophie Schrey

    Garuda Yoga Facebook page

    Ayesha’s yoga classes are enjoyable, as well as being diverse and challenging no matter what your level. She clearly puts a lot of thought into the planning (the yoga and the music) and each week is something a little bit different, which I love. I recently went on one of her retreats and I thought it was fantastic. It was so varied and it left me feeling inspired to develop my yoga and try new things. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher if only she still did London classes!

  • Lottie Williams

    Garuda Yoga Facebook page

    Ayesha is one of my favourite yogis. I leave my class with her feeling inspired, challenged, and relaxed. Ayesha creates a welcoming space where you feel able to give yourself to the practice completely. It is no coincidence that Ayesha is the only teacher who has been able to help me get into a headstand unaided, something I have struggled with for 10 years. Go and try one of Ayesha's classes, you will not be disappointed!

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