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Hatha Yoga World is headed by Pankaj Seth which provides teacher training courses fully certified by Yoga Alliance, USA.

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7 Days Rishikesh Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

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  • Deniz Orak Australia

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Pankaj knows a lot about yoga and has practiced for many years.

    He is a kind man who gives very professional classes.

    His adjustment class was also very helpful.

  • Isabela Spain

    January 2016. BookYogaRetreats website

    The 200-hour YTT was a wonderful experience. Hard work and lots of things to learn, but the people were wonderful and since we were only 3 people in the course, the approach was very personal. I have learned tones. Rishikesh is also a magical place that transmits lots of peacefulness and positive vibe. It is currently the cold season, so it did feel a bit too cold at times. I would probably recommend people to go there when the weather is a bit warmer, yet it might be then too warm for certain individuals.The accommodation was good and the food throughout the whole training wonderful.

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  • Raphael Switzerland

    TripAdvisor website

    I did my second 200h Teacher Training in Rishikesh with Pankaj. He's a phenomenal teacher (funny, happy and very experienced Yogi) and can explain the meaning of Yoga in simple words.

    I've learned so much during this training, also in the free time I had, while talking to the teachers.

    I loved the traditional Hatha Yoga Style and that we also could learn from a western teacher some Flow Style. The special thing here is, that you learn the Art of Adjustment, which helped me to become more aware about how to align my own body correctly in the Asanas as well.

    The program was intense and I grew so much personally in this month.

    I was impressed, what my body is capable of learning and doing!

    The perfect adjustments from Pankaj helped so much, because my mind always told me "no, you can't do it, you can't go further" but my body was able to do much more and feeling very good with that!

    I liked it so much, that I decided to do my 300h TTC with Hatha Yoga World too, bit in Dharamsala!

    I like it, that they have 2 places to choose from and it's possible to join training all year round.

    All in all, I highly recommend this place if you want to learn a lot about Yoga and yourself!

  • Ayah Norris Canada

    TripAdvisor website

    I loved my experience at Hatha Yoga World! It was great to have the balance of learning traditional Hatha yoga from Pankaj, as well as a more Western style flow from Sharon. I also loved our Pranayama, Anatomy and Philosophy classes. All teachers were knowledgeable, experienced, caring, and attentive. Both Rishikesh and Dharamsala facilities and surroundings are perfect to immerse yourself in the study of yoga. I feel very equipped and empowered to begin my yoga teaching career after this training!

  • Ido Peretz Israel

    TripAdvisor website

    I did my 200 Hours TTC here in february 2017 in Rishikesh.

    the facilities are very comfortable and the hotel were the course is taking place is in a good location (5 mints walk from the center of lax manjula, but in a quiet neighborhood).

    the stuff was very nice, and the food was good and plenty.

    now for the impotent staff! :) the teachers here are incredible, Pankaj teaches a very strong style of hata yoga and Sharon vinyasa/ hata flow was amazing!

    both teachers were very much professionals in their yoga practical knowledge. and most impotent, they set an example on the yogi way of life which was a big inspiration for me!

    the other teachers, for yoga philosophy and anatomy were also very professional and knew their stuff :)

    I highly recommend this institute for every one seeking a strong base in hata yoga,

    amazing teachers, great and happy atmosphere and good accommodations :)

  • Lisa Rollauer Canada

    TripAdvisor website

    I attended a 200 hr YTT in Rishikesh in February 2017. This had been a long-time dream of mine and I loved my experience at Hatha Yoga World.

    Pankaj is an amazing teacher and his hands-on adjustments were fantastic; they took me so much deeper into my practice and taught me how to adjust others to ensure proper alignment and to prevent injuries.

    I really appreciated the small class size, which allowed for a much more intimate experience.

    The room was very comfortable, all of the food was delicious, and all staff were friendly, welcoming, and helpful.

    I would highly recommend Pankaj and Hatha Yoga World!

  • Erika Bouthillier Canada

    TripAdvisor website

    I highly recommend Hatha Yoga World!!! I did the 200h TTC and and I am so happy about it! Everything was pretty good, everyone was so nice and made me fell welcome! Pankaj is a wonderful person and yoga teacher, his adjustment class is really amazing! I am now thinking a lot about doing the 300h TTC because i just loved my hole experience so much!

  • Hong Thi Bich Nguyen Denmark

    TripAdvisor website

    When I came to Hatha Yoga World, I already known one of the teachers. She is lovely and very calm and I love to be around her! If she works with somebody it also means the other teachers are amazing too. Alle the teachers are great in their own way and I love them all!

    The main yoga teacher Pankaj is talented in teaching, in observing and listening the students so we get the most benefit of our training. When I came to Hatha Yoga World I had stress, pain in my body and my brain didn't really work- I lost words like English language even I had teached children in English. I told my condition to the teachers and Pankaj said that I should not worry about my condition, because I would get better very soon. He was right! After 2-3 weeks I got much better and after the course I can fell I was 90% more healthy. It is amazing and unbelievable! Thanks to his program and the teamwork of the teachers I got much better.

    Pankaj is funny and easy going, but when he is in the middle of teaching he is very serious in the way he want us to do ur best and want us to improve.

    The place I lived during the course is nice and there are lovely staffs. They are so nice that I feel like we are a family. If we needed something we got it, and we also got a cooking class on Sunday even it was a free cooking day for the staffs. It was so fun! We also had cinema night on Friday! :D Pankaj has everything like movies we can borrow! I miss everybody from Hatha Yoga World and my classmats. They all are amazing people! <3 My trip to Hatha Yoga World is absolutely one of the best trip I have been to! And I have plan to take my next course (300hours) at Hatha Yoga World.

    In about two weeks I start my yoga class in a temple. People who will come can speak Danish and Vietnamese, and perhaps english speaker too. It is a challenge for me to organise my class, but the teachers told me if I need help I can ask them. I am so thankful about that!

  • Jacek Klimko United Kingdom

    TripAdvisor website

    I did my Yoga Teacher Training in Feb 2017 in Rishikesh and it was great. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. The atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful, but during the class Pankaj made sure that we learned our yoga poses. He's a very good teacher. I especially liked the fact that he spent a lot of time walking around the room correcting us. Pankaj has got a good sense of humor and his English is near perfect. Anatomy classes with Dr Sumit were also very helpful. Rooms were decent and food tasty (although sometimes lacked variety). The course was definitely worth every penny. I would gladly return to Pankaj for more. :)

    One more thing; great customer service from Pankaj. On our arrival, he helped me with getting internet sorted (buying a card) and then lent me his dongle for the whole month. When it was time to buy a return bus ticket, he walked with me to an agent where I get my tickets for a good price. He's a good guy.

  • Amy Burry Hong Kong

    TripAdvisor website

    This training was challenging (in a good way!) and I learned a lot! With a yoga practice in the morning and the late afternoon, it can be physically demanding, but it was well worth it. It is exactly what I wanted. We also had additional time learning the adjustments to many common poses, which is very helpful when learning to teach, and also to improve you own practice.

    Pankaj and all the teachers were wonderful! Pankaj is a very geniune, kind and happy person. He is very helpful and and has a lot of knowledge to share. He also has a great sense of humour!

    I was in Dharamsala during July/Aug, and it is Monsoon season, and is in the mountains, so it was a bit damp and cool at times. Even though it is summer, make sure to bring some warm clothes!

  • Fraser Rishi Canada

    TripAdvisor website

    My wife and I first discovered Pankaj 10 years ago. We loved his classes. So it was a no-brainer when we decided to do our yoga teacher training that we would come back to India to be with him. Such a great course. Such a great teacher. It is a loving family atmosphere at the hotel as well. Can't say enough good things. Thank you for the wonderful experiences :-)!

  • Fabiola Fernandez United States

    TripAdvisor website

    My experience at Hatha Yoga World in Rishikesh was excellent. The teachers are very good and the courses is well organized. I am very happy to choose this school. I improve a lot in my Teacher Treaning coarse.

  • Jakob Tedrick United States

    April 2016, Hatha Yoga World website

    Hatha Yoga World did an amazing job. The instructors are competent and exremely professional. They give their trainees a thorough background in yoga and the philosophy behind yoga. I feel more than ready to teach yoga to everyone and anyone. Thank you Hatha Yoga World!

  • Albe Vitta Spain

    Hatha Yoga World website

    Hatha Yoga World was an amazing school to go through. The teachers were extremely competent and professional. The standards of how they teach prospective teachers yoga are very high, in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards. After completing the YTT from Hatha Yoga World, I feel very ready and able to begin teaching yoga to everyone and anyone. Thank you, Hatha Yoga World!

  • Katie Ruddin United Kingdom

    Hatha Yoga World website

    Hatha Yoga World is a great School to learn Yoga. Pankaj Seth is such a beautiful lots of pateince and is always smiling. Whilst Pankaj Seth is patient he always pushes you to limits which you thought were unreachable. This course truly changed my life in many ways and I will always be eternally grateful to Pankaj Seth, Mohan, the beautiful ladies on my course whom I am still friends with all the other lovely staff. Namaste

  • Jese fitz Australia

    Hatha Yoga World website

    The 200hr course in Rishikesh was great for what I was looking for at the time. I met some wonderful people and the hotel was a treat. The teachers all brought something different to their classes, which was refreshing. I will continue my yoga training at home, however I could never swap the experience of being in one of the great spiritual entrees of yoga, the music, the chanting, the festivals, the fireworks! Beautiful memories.

  • Shelly Malnick Israel

    Hatha Yoga World website

    My experience with Hatha yoga teacher training course was absolutely incredible! I met Pankaj almost 4 years ago, and I fell in love with Yoga and how it made me feel. I decided then and there that i would learn how to make people feel about Yoga in the same way that i felt. I had no doubt that Hatha Yoga world would be the way! And 3 years later, there I was, becoming a Yoga teacher by the help of the amazing teachers: Pankaj, Sue and Bannu. I learnt so much in a month and I try to implement it in my everyday hectic life. Everyday I try to control the fluctuation if my mind and I have the voice of my teacher Pankaj in the back of my mind guiding me in the hard times. I recommend this course to anyone that feels a connection to this ancient way of life, this course will help you understand a little bit and will open your appetite for more knowledge.

  • Agathe Tremblay Canada

    Hatha Yoga World website

    I came across Hatha Yoga World by accident, had a couple classes and, without knowing anything about yoga, came back for the teacher training course! This was clearly the best decision. This course was an incredibly meaningful experience, where I got to learn so much about physical and mental health, meet amazing people and grow so much as a person. But mostly, it reminded me how trying something new is so rewarding. Great teachers and atmosphere. I would definitely recommend it!

  • Isabel Yurrita Spain

    Hatha Yoga World website

    The 200-hour YTT was a wonderful experience. Hard work and lots of things to learn, but the people were wonderful and since we were only 3 people in the course, the approach was very personal. I have learned tones. Rishikesh is also a magical place that transmits lots of peacefulness and positive vibe. It is currently the cold season, so it did feel a bit too cold at times. I would probably recommend people to go there when the weather is a bit warmer, yet it might be then too warm for certain individuals. The accommodation was good and the food throughout the whole training wonderful.

  • Emma Bird United Kingdom

    Hatha Yoga World website

    Hatha yoga world ttc is a fun, friendly but professional school. The course is well structured with amazing teachers, each have good knowledge in each subject not just they're specialised subject. The rooms are spacious and the food is so fresh and tasty. The thing that sets hatha yoga world apart from other schools are pankaj 's adjustments, they are amazing. After just 2 classes Pankaj knew all my weaknesses just by looking at me. I love both Rishikesh and Dharamshala they both are beautiful in their own way but Rishikesh will always have a special place in my heart. Highly recommend this course to everyone no matter how much of a novice or how advanced, the teachers can always help you grow and progress. Namaste

  • Jenna Bradesca United States

    TripAdvisor website

    The experience I had at Hatha Yoga World in Rishikesh was unforgettable. The course is well-organized by Pankaj and a wonderful group of teachers/staff. The program provides you with the building blocks of how to teach this timeless art to others. Since the course, I have grown both physically and mentally stronger because I have continued my yoga practice. I have started teaching a few friends, and it's going great :). The food at Hotel Hermitage never disappoints! The cook makes the best masala chai in all of India (trust me!). Rishikesh is truly a magical place, and you can feel it in the air. Strong and positive vibrations bounce around nonstop among the visitors in the "Valley of the Saints." There are great local hangouts- German Bakery near the bridge, Little Buddha cafe, Chillout Ganga cafe, and Tattv cafe. You should also schedule an ayurvedic massage with Gita at Baba massage...you won't regret it. If you have the time and opportunity to go to this program, please don't miss out on it. Namaste good friends

  • Katie Rosie Europe

    April 2016, Hatha Yoga World website

    While I was in India I took many yoga classes, found a new appreciation for the practice and learned so much. One place in particular stuck in my mind. While in Dharamsala I took many classes from Pankaj at Yoga World. He was truly an excellent instructor. Really gave a lot of attention to each one of his students, helped correct our poses and taught us a lot about the whole practice. Each class went by so quickly and I couldn't wait to go to the next. It was easy to show up because Pankaj really made a welcoming environment, and pushed us to our potential. I learned a lot from his classes and hope that when I return I can practice with him again!

  • Rachel Sontag Europe

    Hatha Yoga World website

    After trying lots of different yoga teachers in McLeod Ganj I was fortunate enough to stumble into Pankajs class. Im so glad I did. Pankaj had a deep understanding of how the body and mind work together. He pays close attention to posture and alignment and makes helpful suggestions that have changed the way I do yoga. After a few classes I began to feel a real change in my postures. Pankajs classes flow beautifully and I always left feelings worlds lighter and more clear, in body and mind. I have taken much of what I learned from Pankaj back to home with me. I look forward to my next visit to India and taking more classes with him. He is mindful and knowledgeable and a pleasure to learn from.

  • Benita Sjoestroem Waleij Europe

    Hatha Yoga World website

    I did my teacher training with guruji in 2012 in Bhagsu dharamasala. Before I met guruji I had tried many different teachers during my travels in India. But he is the best one I could find. I love his yoga classes and his technique really improved my body in short time. The teacher training course gave me good knowledge and insight in the philosophy behind the yoga practice. As a teacher guruji was very motivating and knowledgeable, especially about the physical condition of the body and how one can work with ones limitations in the best way. I feel I did learn a lot from him and after the TTC I feel secure in teaching others. Guruji always supports me and I can always ask him questions about my yoga practice if I feel insecure...

  • Jasmin United Kingdom

    October 2015. Hatha Yoga World website

    I did my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Hatha Yoga World in October 2015. It was by far the best thing I have done. From start to finish it was excellent, the classes and teachers were knowledgable and helpful and the food and accommodation was lovely. Pankaj is a great teacher and and happy to help with anything. I highly recommend this Yoga School to anyone! See you in 2017 Pankaj for the 300 hour TTC!

  • Jil Germany

    October 2015. Hatha Yoga World website

    I did my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Hatha Yoga World in October 2015 and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was ready for a new direction in life and decided to do the TTC even though I had only been doing yoga for around two years. I got the right guidance to deepen my own practice, learn more about the spiritual side of yoga and meet new friends. We were a beautiful group with people from all over the world and it felt like a little family for those 4 weeks.Pankaj is an amazing teacher who has pushed me to my limits and showed me that I can do everything if I believe in myself. I have learned so much and cannot wait to get back to learn more. The school is located in the Hermitage Hotel in Rishikesh and the staff provided a wonderful place for us. The room was clean and the food was delicious. I can highly recommend staying with Pankaj and his team!

  • Monique Williams South Africa

    May 2015. Hatha Yoga World website

    I had the pleasure of completing my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainer with Hatha Yoga World in their Rishikesh location. As this was my 2nd YTT, I had my standards set high to ensure I received the attention that I needed to feel confident in my teaching abilities.Hatha Yoga World offered a beautiful space to help me grow into a competent teacher. They gave each student hands on assistance while teaching the correct alignment and sequences. The thing I really enjoyed was that we had a different teacher for each subject (Anatomy, Philosophy and two extremely accomplished Yoga Teachers). Each person came with their own expertise and gave us valuable knowledge with passion.The yoga style was something that transformed each one of us in the course and afterwards we had a very comfortable room to reflect and rest in. I felt like I was "Home away from home" and was guided and supported throughout my course. 99999I would definitely recommend Hatha Yoga World to anyone looking for a true transformation.

  • Christine Belanger Germany

    May 2015. Hatha Yoga World website

    Pankaj is an excellent teacher and his yoga method is very effective. I had the pleasure of doing three weeks of daily training with Pankaj and the results were truly remarkable: increased muscle strength, tone and flexibility. And even more importantly, after class I always felt deeply relaxed and peaceful. Pankaj is not only an outstanding teacher but also a wonderful and inspirational person. I much enjoyed the conversations we always had before class.

  • Asher Raynolds Australia

    April 2015. Hatha Yoga World website

    Pankaj is an inspired yoga teacher. He works in a sensitive and methodical manner with each student, carefully assessing their needs and helping them to develop their individual practice. Pankaj is always friendly and professional. I learnt so much from him and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for this.

  • Marcia Vidal United Kingdom

    April 2015. Hatha Yoga World website

    Pankaj is one of the best yoga teachers I've ever had. His classes are so challenging and fun at the same time as he brings a joyful humor to every class. He always gives me the confidence to push myself. I can't wait to study with him again. I wish he lived in London!

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