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Healing Retreats

Healing Retreats offer healing weekend retreats - an opportunity to connect with nature in beautiful surroundings, quieten the mind, and nurture the body and soul.

Instructors 2

Janet Farquharson

Janet is a freelance tour guide and yoga teacher. She began her yoga journey in 2007 and is currently teaching classes and workshops in Cape Town. She has spent much time traveling through Asia, India, and Africa, and is passionate about Eastern philosophy and culture. Her style of yoga focuses on breath awareness and body alignment and includes pranayama, chanting, meditation, and deep relaxation. She also loves drumming, sound healing, and preparing delicious conscious food that you will discover during your retreats with her.


Alida Haarhoff is an intuitive counselor, teacher, and healer in the esoteric and metaphysical fields. Using her own unique blend of tools, such as tarot cards, numerology, and family constellation therapy, Alida uses her highly developed intuition to guide people on their life’s journey. By helping to identify self-limiting patterns and energy blockages, Alida connects directly with your soul energy to understand what it needs and to help you reshape your life and manifest your life’s purpose.

Reviews 4

Kristina Gransee

from Republic of South Africa, May 2017

Janet and Alida really created a little paradise in a beautiful setting. Both Ladies have such a positive "feel good" energy that makes you feel valued and appreciated from the first contact. For a long weekend I felt like in a healing bubble, just re-charging on positive energy, love and understanding. I cannot express how grateful I am about that experience and I will certainly sign up for the next retreat!

Nicolene Pillay

from Republic of South Africa, May 2017

The work done by Alida, Janet and Suzette is amazing. I recommend it to anyone who really wants to make massive strides in their personal lives, who feels stuck and needs a serious boost and refocus. The experience is truly unique and transformational. It opened me up to things I did not know about myself. I left with a completely different way of seeing things, inspired and motivated! This is worth the investment in oneself times ten! It is seldom that I meet someone who has a message so profound and life-changing. I felt a cold chill in my body for most of the event, and left inspired and with a deep desire to truly make a difference to my life and everything around me. Thank you so much!!!

Deshica Naidoo

from Republic of South Africa, May 2017


This retreat was well planned and in even the smallest detail it was a perfectly fitted puzzle to what I needed (and did not even know I needed). I feel like I have come out as a better more grounded and enlightened soul. Words wont do justice to the entire experience. Janet, Alida and Suzette you are incredibly gifted and special people. The universe is definitely better off with you beautiful ladies in it. Thank you for following your calling - love and light to you guys and the rest of the group that shared the experience!

Testimonials 1

Jacqui Schofield

Healing Retreats

Driving home after every retreat, I turn my music up loud, open the windows wide and I sing my heart song with a smile on my face. A great sense of peace washes over me, my mind is quiet but my heart is alive. I feel in tune with my soul once again and the path ahead seems to have cleared. I always feel very blessed to have the opportunity to attend these retreats as they are indeed ‘treats’ ,a mini self-reflective holiday that provides food for the soul, body and mind. The realizations and understanding of myself as well as others is where the real ‘treat’ lies. I am constantly reminded that we are all one experiencing similar hardships and excitement at exactly the same time. These retreats remind me that we are never alone in this crazy world but so deeply connected to the earth, to others and to ourselves if we only take the time to get away and connect. My life is never the same once I get in my car to drive home and for that I am bursting with gratitude and love for Alida and Janet

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