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HeartSourcing is an integral path to enlightenment through the power of the heart. It is founded by Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D. and Durga Julia Sanchez.

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  • Christa van Bracht Germany

    HeartSourcing website

    I have yearned so much for my freedom, but a part of me did not think it was possible to become truly free because I have tried it so much and again and again. Now this has happened to me; there is this black, dense cloud which has been with me for so very long and this black shape is beginning to emit light from inside, to move, to get an inner structure. Yes, it is becoming luminous from inside and of brilliant beauty. From my heart, there flows this sweet feeling of well-being and comfort, love, and goodness. The darkness in me is dissolving and it is being replaced by a deep joy. This is actually true. The skills are really the handle and the exact tool that enables me to heal my wounds. I go on of course, but now I have to smile often. When fear appears, from which I have always tried to quickly escape, I stop immediately and say, "Fear! Wonderful! Come! You are welcome. Show yourself!" The most amazing thing about this process of healing is the experience that every difficulty dissolves into a wonderfully deep insight. It is not really about becoming free of pain and sadness, to finally get rid of suffering, but it is about opening the door to this magnificent inner wisdom. For a long time, I knew in my head that wisdom is internal and will show itself from the inside. But to experience that, this well flows inside me and to know step by step, inquiry by inquiry, that thanks to the skills my greatest wish is coming true and I can dive into this universal wisdom that fills me with the deepest gratitude and joy. And best of all, I cannot lose it again, because I always have the skills with me, in my daily luggage, so to speak. This is a precious gift.

  • Elaine Summer United States

    HeartSourcing website

    The skills reinforced my clarity of mind and empowered me to really love myself.

  • Sol Alonso United States

    HeartSourcing website

    HeartSourcing is amazing! It completely changed me. There is a clear before and after HeartSourcing in my life. Through the practice, I've become a lot more present and open to love, especially from others. It opens a door to a shortcut that guides you to become what we truly are, love. And I think that is what freedom is - to become what we truly are. By opening the door to that path, a strong love wind hits you that will amaze and even shock you. It's a flood of gratitude.

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