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Holistic Retreats and Journeys provides retreats and special interest oriented tour programs around the world from artists, healers, tour guides, etc.

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Romana Ercegovic Slovenia

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Oh, feels like journey is still going on, so many beautiful photos, memories!... I feel

so grateful for those, not many, but intense, amazing days, that I have spent with you, guys... First of all I feel deep admiration to Sandra Anais and Goran Bogdanovski, who manifested this vision... I was observing them in the process of preparation for this project, putting together so much work and joy to bring us all together, bunch of amazing, crazy people... to express our creativity, to make deep connections, to sense nature, to create our dramas and had the opportunities to face them and heal...

It was a precious time and for me it brings out also lots of inspiration for future... how more of this visionary approach can be done .. connecting creativity, art, nature, spirit and people, who are willing to go deeper, to feel deeper... enjoying life and being responsible in the same time...

Love to each and everyone... Thank you


And hope to see you again


Thank you, my dear secred friend Arya O'Sulli Gonzalez for these beautiful photos with beloved friends from our neighbourhood


Waking up with horses on my birthday, what a gift


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