Ibiza Evolution Yoga

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Evolution Yoga offers yoga, massage, nutritional food, and a new way of looking at life inspired by the beauty and magical energy of Ibiza.

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  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    It was nothing as I expected. The beach, maybe, because I already knew it. The instructor was nice and friendly, he host the people in his house. Very generous and caring. The house is beautiful, wildly beautiful. Secluded but with everything you need. The yoga was perfect, from the location to the voice. The smoothies for breakfast were actually supergood but the food in general was really healthy and tasty. We did several things, also going out for dinner in specific good places, partecipate to some local events, dancing at Las Dalias, and lots of plus.. After my hesitating beginning, I have to admit that has been like being in a holiday with some friends. And I went by myself. That's what I call "easy going".

    If I had taken an inside and outside photo Before and After the Retreat that would explained what words can't.

    So: I liked the instructor, the house, the sight seen, the food, the music, the beach, the activities, the laughs, the challenge.

    My expectations. (And his car hihi)

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Aron ist ein hervorragender Yoga Lehrer. In der kleinen Gruppe ging er vertieft auf jeden ein und ich konnte sehr viel profitieren und dazulernen.

    Die Unterkunft ist ruhig und sehr schön gelegen. Der Strand ist zu Fuss erreichbar

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    + Knowledge and pedagogy of the teacher

    + Nice view from the house and nice beach

    - Small place : a small house with 2 bedrooms... not a yoga center... It seems that It is a "bed and breakfast & Yoga", but not notified in the description of this retreat. Small rooms and small bathroom ! Mostly for 6 girls! We were on top of each other... Mostly with "stranger"!

    - No privacy/intimacy... How could I isolate my-self in a small place... Just a bed in the living room (aron's bed) that served as a sofa... I have the feeling that I must escape the place during the day! Impossible to lock the rooms...

    - Conveniences were summaries... House was not fully adapted for too much persons (I have to eat a lettuce with a spoon!!!)

    - Meals were meager/rationed. The first meal was : toast, guacamole, gazpacho! It was completely vegetarian/vegan! It was mentioned for the breakfast but not for the others meals... No vegetarian food was allowed... It was not a problem for me but I am understand that it could be disappointed others persons... Healthy do not always mean Vegan!

    - Aron was sometimes like an instructor : who do the dinner? who will wash the dishes? do not drink coffee... do not cut on the plate... do not... do not... He is not organized man... Always running after time... We ask him to diner earlier but we always diner very late...

    - The beach was quite far from the house (20min walks through the nature by a small path). There is nothing else attainable by walk...

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    On the positive side:

    + Aron is outgoing, an excellent yoga teacher who will care about the details of your poses and general posture

    + The smoothies Aron prepares in the morning are absolutely delicious

    + All the ingredients bought and used are organic and fresh. With plenty of fruits and vegs, you are certain to eat healthy food during this retreat

    + The view from the house and surroundings are beautiful. It's an unspoilt side of the island

    Sadly, we left the retreat before it ended as the overall experience did not meet our expectations. Here some information you should know before signing up:

    - The place is really isolated so you absolutely need a car, should you want to eat out or do other activities

    - Be prepared to cook your meals. With not much going on happening nearby, you are reliant on Aron to do the shopping (a donation is expected at the end of the retreat) and the policy of the house, is that guest take turns during the week to cook for the rest of the group

    - It's a free/vegan house so no meat, no fish and any waste to be avoided

    - It's a 2-bedroom house, with 1 bathroom. With 3 people in each room + Aron, we ended up being 7 sharing the small bathroom. Rooms are equally small and the kitchen not fully equipped (not enough plates or forks for everybody)

    - Aron can get very busy with other classes he gives outside the retreat

    - Meditation sessions were mostly skipped

    - Morning yoga is happening on the terrace so when it's raining there is no yoga

    - Wifi is more than limited during the day and switched off at night

    - Worth knowing that the beach nearby is a nudist beach

    - The cost looks cheap but all well considered it's quite expensive for what you get

    - Aron probably needs some help to manage his retreat more efficiently and successfully

  • Bianca Van Bergen Netherlands

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Dat niks moet en alles mag en kan


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