Jai Yoga Journeys

Jai Yoga Journeys offers top quality yoga teacher trainings in stunning locations around the world.

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Tessi Preston

Jai Yoga Journeys

This immersion class ignited a passion for learning the philosophy & history of yoga that I never had before. It was the perfect progression of information. It was divided up well between class time & practice time. I even found out that I am a visual learner & Ella recognized it early & helped me learn a different way. Trust her process!

I am teaching yoga, 5 classes a week. I did leave with confidence & knowledge to teach. My students love the hands on adjustments & always tell me how helpful it is for them. I am enjoying this new journey!

Don't pass up this opportunity for quality education, an amazing inward journey, & a chance to meet awesome people. I would repeat this experience a 100 times. Highly recommended!!

Holly S.

Jai Yoga Journeys

Ella has a wealth of knowledge. Her profound connection with yoga is shared in each lecture and class. Meticulous and thorough is an understatement. She's a book I wish I could carry and crack open. Asana, philosophy, meditation, anatomy, alignment, and spirituality l we're all taught with equal measure. I feel fully equipped and I am leaving confident.


Jai Yoga Journeys

Ella has a great energy and so much sensibility. Tons of experience, that she genuinely is willing to give away. It's such a gift and I thank her for sharing all this practical and hands-on wisdom. Also her joy!

Sarah S.

Jai Yoga Journeys

I feel fully prepared to be a teacher! I am leaving with such an appreciation for life and myself that I couldn't of found anywhere else. I loved the spiritual aspect, as well as how informed we are all about the practice, breath, and the body.

Ella is so beautifully human. Often teachers are seen as this unobtainable knower of all but she showed us it's okay to be ourselves. No one is perfect and we all have things going on in our lives but that makes our practice and teaching so much more unique… Ella's love for life, yoga, and those around her is very apparent. I have learned so much more in these three weeks and it excited my passion for life in ways I never knew.

Charlotte Cooper

Jai Yoga Journeys

Utterly exceeded! You are invited to search so much more deeply inside of yourself than I ever could have imagined, and your own inward journey is reflected in the layers of yoga you are practising and learning alongside. You suddenly reach a light bulb moment where everything you have learnt combines into a solid foundation, giving you the confidence and calmness needed to start your onward journey.

Ella is an incredibly intuitive teacher. She is firm but fair, giving the correct balance of education and encouraging self discovery. You can tell she really cares for her students, reading their energy each morning and tailoring the day to their needs.

Post Training: Jai definitely prepared me for classes - some people have been surprised when I say I have only been teaching for a month!

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