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East Sussex, United Kingdom

KLS Global offers yoga and healing retreats with internationally renowned teacher Katrina Love Senn.

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  • Maggie United Kingdom

    KLS Global website

    Wow! You have given me the most wonderful yoga experience ever! I love the way you teach, the way you gently encourage me to be better, the spirituality that you brought to each session. Some teachers approach yoga as an exercise, a strict regime. Your approach really helped me to embrace the holistic side of yoga. I feel so well; physically and spiritually. You've helped me to feel that I could (and did achieve) postures that I thought were out of my reach - literally! I'm going to really miss yoga classes with you, and really, really hope that we can attend more yoga classes with you in the UK and also in foreign cities too.

  • Sarah United Kingdom

    KLS Global website

    Dear Katrina, Thank you for a truly amazing week and for your company and inspiration. It was great how accessible you were to the group. I never felt uncomfortable to approach you and to ask you questions regarding yoga (or emotional concerns) I had at the time. The structure of the classes - the postures, the affirmations, the intentions, the mantras and the healing techniques - were all so fun! I loved your energy, vibrancy, warmth, compassion, inspiration and interesting conversation. Everything flowed and felt like it was all happening at the right time (and now I understand that it was). Thank you so much!

  • Sam South Africa

    KLS Global website

    Dear Katrina, Thank you for saying that I would be a wonderful teacher. Who knows, perhaps, your words will be the inspiration for me to take that step. I think that you are one of the most down-to-earth and sincere yoga teachers that I have ever practiced with and I think considering the amount of pretension that is in some yoga circles, that is perhaps the best compliment I could ever give. See you on the mat again soon! With love!

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