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Kranti Yoga

Goa, India

Kranti Yoga School offers courses and trainings to help you grow as an individual through unique and special journeys and experiences.

Meditation Retreats 2

3 Days Meditation and Relaxing Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

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Kranti (Tarun) Agrawal

Tarun Agrawal, founder and director of The Kranti Yoga Village, was born in 1980 in Chhattisgarh, Middle India. Following a family tradition, at the age of 9, he frequented a guru named Sant Chana Baba for meditation and yogic spiritual talks. Chana Baba was an old Tantra Master living in a temple located on Shakti Mountain. He gave Tarun his spiritual name, Kranti, meaning revolution. It is no surprise that this has therefore become the name of his successful business, a yoga school with accommodation, on Patnem Beach, Goa.

Dhira Krishna

Dhira Krishna Rupa Das is currently serving as a preacher and counselor in Goa. He conducts regular courses of Bhagavat Gita and Srimad Bhagwatam in English and Hindi in different parts of Goa. He has acquired Bhaktishastri, a certified course based on the teachings of Bhagavat Gita. He joined ISKCON (The International Society for Krishna Consciousness) full time in 2007 in Goa and has been initiated by H. H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj. Dhira joins The Kranti Yoga Team to teach philosophy, in particular to teach yoga In Gita.

Robert McWilliams

Rob began teaching almost 10 years ago through his love for performing arts. After many years performing on stage he found himself delivering workshops to groups of budding performers, overcoming their fears and allowing himself to develop as a teacher in a field that he loved. It was this background along with a keen interest in fitness that led Rob to yoga and ultimately into teaching yoga. Rob completed his 500hr YTTC at Kranti Yoga and has since been teaching in locations all around the world.

Sally Balforth

Always on the hunt for new escapades, Sally has always had a strong desire to learn and discover. She came to Kranti Yoga in 2015 to learn more about the tradition of yoga and to deepen and develop her own practice, subsequently completing her 200hr YTTC and 100hr Teacher Training Plus. Born in London, Sally grew up with a love of culture. Having worked in a range of positions within the creative arts, she enjoys getting her hands dirty and allowing her imagination to roam. Sally weaves this creativity into her Vinyasa Flow classes, always emphasising the power and beauty of meditation.

Christine Lucy Howells

Christine’s fascination to travel, learn new cultures and meet new people started from a very early age. As a child she spent time in India and always felt a desire to return. Finding Yoga in 2012 she continued to travel. Learning, teaching and practicing around the world in New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Spain and England before returning to India where she spent a year immersing herself to the study of Yoga, completing her 500 RYS Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga along side training in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

Laura Shanks

Originally from New York, Laura came to yoga over 15 years ago through dance. At the advice of a dance teacher, she began a regular Bikram practice that soon evolved into a personal practice of her own. Over time, and through experimentation with various styles of yoga, her practice blossomed beyond the physical, becoming an all encompassing, spiritual practice. She has completed a 200 hour TTC in Classical Hatha Yoga and Meditation at an Ashram in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, as well as a 300 hour & 100 hour plus TTC in Ashtanga Vinyasa here at Kranti Yoga.

Reviews 33

  • Madhulika Srikanth United States

    December 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The location is set in a quiet, peaceful beach. We loved our stay and the over all yoga meditation experience. The food is consciously made to benefit health and is fabulous. We will definitely be back :)

  • George Kalaitis United Arab Emirates

    October 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Location, people, yoga classes,

    Nothing really!

  • Ailidh Maclean France

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The facilities were great and it was a well-equipped set-up with the beach right on your doorstep. The yoga classes were modified so no matter what level you were at, you were never feeling over or under challeged. The food was also a highlight; incredible meals which ranged from vegan soups, saldas and fresh breads to curried vegetables and the most incredible pomegranate pancakes for breakfast!

    The start of the monsoon season made the last day of our trip a little soggy and the facilites weren't cut out for the heavy rain. This said, we were staying at Kranti Yoga over the last days of it being open before closing for the monsoon season so this shouldn't be something that effects too many people.

  • Sydney Mann Canada

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The yoga instructors were amazing, each class was different. The beach and garden shala were beautiful and overall a lovely place to stay.

    I was there for during a very hot month and the rooms don't have air conditioning, so it was difficult to sleep in the heat at night.

  • Katrina Sheppard Great Britain

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The retreat in general was lovely, nice accommodation, situation and facilities. Staff were helpful and friendly.

    Unfortunately, I got ill after the first day. Also as soon as I arrived there was a problem with the water so it wasn't always available. It was also probably a better place for teacher training rather than a holiday. All classes were taught by students. I would rather have stayed elsewhere and attended drop in classes.

  • Marilyn Scholtz Republic of South Africa

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Food, rustic setting, beach

    Grubby room, bathroom and linen. Indifferent staff. Self service like boarding school.

  • Sukhchan Lally India

    April 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Very good instructors and plenty of classes each day.

    Location is excellent right on the beach and a quick ride to other beaches.

    Decent choice of healthy foods served 3 times a day, and other restaurants close by.

    Good chilled vibe which is what I wanted in this type of place.

    Wifi connection was sporadic from certain areas of the retreat and from my hut which was at the front of the resort facing the beach.

    Some great people there, but I think some of the teachers/instructors could make a more sincere effort to get to know guests and invite you to other activities outside of the class or simply chat over a meal. I am outgoing but felt some people were just stand-offish and not really friendly.

  • Eve Vargas Araya Qatar

    January 2018, BookMeditationRetreats

    I will definitely going back... I will take the 200h course, the people, the environment, the food... I want to live there!!!

  • Emmanuelle Charrier France

    January 2018, BookMeditationRetreats

    Le buffet , excellent.

    La plage, très belle.

    Le calme, un luxe en Inde.

    L'accueil, amical et chaleureux.

    Laver sa vaisselle à l'eau froide, pas hygiénique du tout.

    Pas de hatha- yoga le matin , dommage.

    Trop de vynyassa yoga, pas de yoga- nidra , pas de hatha-yoga, pas de yin-yoga.

  • Ela Cimen India

    October 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Nice team, very good food, quality of the yoga classes. Proximity of the beach


  • Tessie Klementschitsch India

    April 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Yeh yoga experience was amazing, the people where all very nice and helpful, there was a good ambiance! definitely want to go back- absolute paradise

    one thing about the surroundings there where to many crows and they make to much noise and ate food of my plate.

  • Lidiya Chikalova Kyrgyzstan

    January 2018, BookMeditationRetreats

    First of all, the location is nice, however, when you leave in a hut 200metres away from the beach and shower with lizards, cockroaches, and frogs, the location doesn't really matter.

    Three good things I'd like to mention: food, private classes from Jasper, the only decent instructor in the school, and puppies!

    There are several things I didn't like.

    If you expect to see Indians teaching yoga -forget about it! Better go to Rishikesh and learn from the best. Here you'll meet only westerners.

    1. Kranti Yoga School is oriented mostly (if not only) on Training for Future Yoga Instructors. I was part of the intensive group - 8 days, and no one cared to provide good trainers with the assistants. We started our private classes only on the 3 or 4th day, which is absurd, what are you actually paying for?

    2. Teachers: I think out of almost 50 hours yoga only 10% were taught by certified teachers, the rest was like 'Teachers-to-be training on 'guinea pigs' [us]. Those who did drop-ins from outside did not even pay for those courses. So do the math: what was I actually paying for? Oh, and adjustments - we had to ask the administration to actually give us good teachers who can adjust us during the training.

    3. Conditions of rooms - not good, I expected something cleaner. At least no smelly sheets. The rooms are so old that the wire keeps burning your adapters on and on.

    4. Administration: I think staff should be more client-oriented when it comes to meeting newcomers, emailing them on time, and dealing professionally when it comes to answering some financials questions.

    5. Instructors that were indicated in #6 - I didn't have any of them.

  • Bertrand Finckler Switzerland

    January 2018, BookMeditationRetreats

    Location, teachers,

    poor internet

  • Anne Mavier France

    January 2018, BookMeditationRetreats

    The food was the highlight, nice and safe place for solo woman traveler, warm atmosphere

    - The quality of classes: a lot of classes were done by yoga students doing their teacher training

    - 3 classes of ashtanga a day was too much. I would have appreciated having a different type of yoga offered

    - The noise: difficult to concentrate while there are constructions all day long

  • a traveler

    BookYogaTeacherTraining website

    Due to an injury, I was unable to complete the training but they let me swap over to the holiday program which was great. However not once did they mention I should be credit back a significant amount of funds. I had to chase them to get that changed. If I hadn't followed up myself I'm sure they would have kept the extra funds which was very poor behavior. The administration was poor from the beginning and on arrival was charged additional funds without an explanation and no receipt or breakdown of charges has been sent to me. Mara, the lady who handled the admin was rude and very aggressive with poor customer service skills which was noted by other people who had concerns with different issues regarding costs.

    Food was of a substandard and very poor over the month. My impression was Mr Kranti didn't care about the nutritious value and we were feed as cheap as possible with little variety. Best meal was breakfast but hygiene was very poor and I suffered from ongoing bouts of diarrhea. The village was dirty and rooms were not clean. I cleaned my room myself and the power and wifi was out daily which made it very hard to stay in touch with family. I had a real problem with the noise at night .. dogs barking all night and nothing was ever done to eliminate this issue.

    Yoga was generally good but once the teacher trainees started their assessment phase of their course, you became their students which isn't ideal for someone who wants to improve their practice but doesn't have a qualified teacher instructing the class. The best part was the people staying their either for a course or on holiday which made everything else bearable.

    I would not recommend this place to anyone else and would not return here.

    Management Response from Kranti Yoga:

    Namaste Anonymous,

    Firstly, it's always incredibly disappointing for someone to write such a scathing review without putting their name to it so that as a team we can address where your experience went wrong. It's also the first time these issues have been brought to our attention, if you were here for the whole month, how come at no stage did you offer us any constructive feedback so that we could better our services, learn or grow, offer apologies or work on the chance to redeem ourselves in your eyes?

    Its offensive to say that the administration from the beginning was poor when we spend lots of time responding to queries, confirming deposits, giving and following up of arrival details and Mara makes herself available via email, WhatsApp and local phone for all guests prior to their arrival. There is complete transparency with payments, all of our costs are on the website and guests know their balance upon arrival before they are asked for payment.

    Going by our records, you decided not to participate in the teacher training after you had made payment and taken the first days class, you notified Mara you were injured and opted for the intensive but you changed your mind again without notification and spoke to a different staff member before we had the chance to offer you a refund for the difference. It is completely untrue for you to say that we would of kept your money when our refund policy is in reception and clearly on show and you made this decision within our teacher training cooling off period. Although she does her best, Mara is still human and we experienced a very busy couple of months but it should be noted that she is more than happy to provide an invoice upon request and your total balance is also available directly through your bookyogaretreats booking.

    We are sorry to hear that you were unwell during your stay and that you think that food is substandard, food at our Shala has always been a favourite amongst guests and we've constructed a menu over a 25 day period to cater with a variety of options.however the meal structure remains the same over the month (breakfast is indian dish, fruit salad, porridge and egg or pancakes, lunch is white/brown rice, daal, salad and soup, dinner is white/brown rice, two traditional curries, boiled veg, chapatiis/papads, dessert and fruit). The menus are designed to be a blend of eastern and western food, traditional dishes combined with light salads/soups for easy digestion but still ensuring our guests have enough energy for classes. Again, you did not bring this to our attention at all during the month you were here.

    As we let our guests know during their Shala tour, housekeeping is available at their convenience, daily, every three days or weekly. The housekeeping team work every day of the week and upon request (by leaving your key on the board) they do a full clean of the room/bathroom/change of linen/mats/towel. If this was an issue that had been brought to our attention, we could of easily and very happily fixed it instantly.

    In terms of the power supply in Goa, this is completely and utterly out of our control. The Shala has an emergency generator for powering the fridges and vital Shala facilities (cameras and security lighting) Believe us when we say, we would love to power all of our facilities whenever the local supply went down but out of respect to our local neighbours, we've chosen to remain with a smaller generator with minimal disruption.

    Your feedback on the teacher trainees is very beneficial, so we appreciate it and it means we can look at separating the yoga holidays from the assessment classes for the future.

    This has been a difficult review to respond to as many of the issues you have addressed could of been worked through with a little communication from your end. Regardless we hope you had a safe onward journey and wish you the best with continuing your yoga practice.

    Love and Light, Team Kranti

  • Charu

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I would like to rate Kranti Yoga at 9/10 for yoga retreats based on its authenticity, discipline and location. The teachers were so well trained and tried to know ailments of the attendees.The food was just perfect, the staff was so helpful and the interiors were fabulous it depicted a true yoga shala. Plus there were so many shacks outside to have fun in the night. Missed on the silent disco bar that happens only on sat night but maybe next time.

  • Even Norway

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had my first experience with yoga at Kranti and now I am looking forward to continuing doing yoga when I come back home. I would recommend Kranti Yoga for beginners as well as those who are more experienced. The instructors are great and the atmosphere idyllic. Would love to come back for more yoga.

  • Francesca Ireland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Great location. The dorm perfect, just a bit small. Delicious food and nice classes. The alignment classes great.

  • Stuart Canada

    BookYogaRetreats website

    10 out of 10 for everything...accommodation, food, staff, great yoga classes, location. We did the 4 day holiday course and as beginners we went in a little nervous but immediately felt comfortable. The compound is well laid out and has every convenience. The staff are friendly and helpful. The meals were healthy, delicious and became a part of the social gatherings. The yoga classes were fantastic and the instructors helpful and always willing to fix a posture to keep you on a good path. It was also great that you watch the sunset during the evening class. Recommended for anyone who wants to relax or take there yoga practice to the next level. Go here. Stay here. You will love it. We met great new friends and will 100% stay longer next time!

  • Nanna

    BookYogaRetreats website

    So lovely surroundings, 8 out of 10 on the surroundings because there was a lot of noise from construction. It was my first time for yoga, so maybe a little bit to advanced for beginners like me! So for yoga 4 out of 10, we were to many on the team for the teacher to correct you, so you were just hoping that you were doing it right. Food was great and I got some new good friends!

    Organizer's response:

    Thanks so much for your feedback and letting us know. We apologise for the construction in our property, we've been awaiting a licence from local government to put the last of our Shala together and we tried to have this done as quickly as possibly to minimise the disruption to guests so we apologise that this disturbed you during your stay.

    The classes that we offer are a mixture of styles and levels and we regularly have beginners, children and seniors participate in these and we always suggest the slow flow is a good place to start. All of our teachers offer the use of modifications and props in their classes however I have taken on board your feedback and we have now added an additional assistant to each of the classes to provide focus specifically to our guests. We hope you carry on with your yoga journey, so pleased to know you made some new friends and enjoyed everything else in the village.

    Big love, Team Kranti

  • Magdalena London

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Place is just fantastic, yoga lessons are all day around. Staff very friendly. Everything the food is nice and enough the people is everywhere smiling, the beach just opposite to classes! I will definitely come back and I also will invite my friends to come.

  • a traveler Canada

    BookYogaTeacherTraining website

    My experience at Kranti Yoga was great. Everything was almost as accurate as what the website advertised. The yoga teachers were approachable, kind, and passionate. I cannot complain about anything with my stay at Kranti Yoga - the housekeepers kept everything very tidy and clean, the food was great, and sharing a room in dormitory was alright. I would recommend to pay the extra to get your own room for some self time as the course is quite busy with learning and social stimulation. To make everything perfect,Kranti Yoga was located on Patnem Beach where you have a quick minutes walk to view the beautiful Arabian ocean with either the sunset or sunrise. Definitely worth going for yoga self learning, interacting with yoga lovers, and going out of comfort zones in terms of teaching your first yoga class!

  • Elisabeth Henning Switzerland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Die Erwartungen welche auf der Hompage geschildert werden sind total falsch.

    Ich habe für 80 Euro ein Beachfront Zimmer gebucht. Das war viel zu teuer. Kein „value for money“. Die Sauberkeit lässt zu wünschen übrig. Insbesondere am Strand und auf der Anlage selbst. Das Essen ist gut, aber immer das Gleiche. Bamboo Yoga nebenan ist schöner, sauberer und edler obwohl manche Zimmer sogar einfacher sind. Das Yoga ist so lala. Da Schüler unterrichten, ist der Unterricht total standardisiert und oft zu schnell.

    Alles in allem war der Aufenthalt ok. Man sollte einfach die Preise anpassen und die Dinge auf der Homepage realistisch darstellen, dann ist der Gast auch nicht enttäuscht.

    Management Response from Kranti Yoga:

    Namaste Elisabeth,

    Thanks for your feedback about your stay. Our Yoga Holidays are an all inclusive packages which means your 80 EUR per night included a beautiful brand new Beachfront Bijou room with incredible views of Patnem Beach in conjunction with 3 meals per day, snacks, fruits, fresh juice, teas, filtered water, morning pranayama/meditation, your choice of 3 different yoga classes per day all within a safely monitored 24 hour gated community. Our prices are very competitive along this beach especially considering all of the inclusions of a Yoga Holiday, I am sorry that you don't feel like this holiday was value for money. In terms of the food, each meal of the day has a core setup (ie lunch always has white/brown rice, a soup, a curry and a salad and bread of some description) but these are rotated over a 25 day menu. I disagree that our grounds are dirty as our local staff work tirelessly from the early morning until sunset cleaning the Shalas, the grounds, sweeping up the leaves ect. We do our absolute best to keep the beach clean but with a large number of guests and even those not staying with us making use of our sunlounges and swinging beds, this is something that cannot be immaculate 24 hours of the day no matter how hard we try, but I've noted this complaint and the staff have just put out 2 large bin barrels to encourage less pollution within our space. As you spent 9 days with us, I really wish you had come to us during your stay so that we could of discussed these issues but I do still appreciate your feedback now, it gives us a chance to grow!

    Love and Light, Team Kranti

Testimonials 5

  • Kate R.

    TripAdvisor website

    I went to Kranti Yoga for a teacher training course, so I got to live at Kranti Yoga Village for an entire month and it became a home away from home! They had unbelievable food all through the day, excellent teachers who are so attentive and inspiring, and the accommodations were beautiful and simple. Sitting on the beach shala watching the sunset after an evening yoga class is the most peaceful moment I have felt in my entire life.

  • Mindy A.

    TripAdvisor website

    It's hard to know what you're going to get when you book something like this sight unseen. I started off my month in Patnem at a yoga school that had great reviews, but as soon as I arrived I knew I was at the wrong place. Several days after I arrived, I found myself walking at the beach and wandered into Kranti Yoga, and I immediately knew this was where I needed to be. They worked with me privately to get my caught up on what I'd missed during the first two days, and by the end of the week I had fallen completely in love with Kranti Yoga. My first school told me it wasn't possible to have both a successful teacher training course and a beach holiday, but Kranti Yoga proved that wrong. The classes are paced and designed so well that it's like a well-oiled machine. Everything you learn feeds into everything you practice and the whole course continues to build on itself. I never felt like I sacrificed a moment of practice or knowledge but what impressed me was that because it's located on the beach, I could spend an hour swimming or reading on one of the many lounge chairs reserved for Kranti Yoga students for at least an hour every day after lunch. Although often that time was spent studying, it also felt like a beach holiday. This isn't something you can do at any of the other yoga schools in the area. I felt like I truly got it all by choosing Kranti Yoga. Also worth noting, the teachers are as charming as they come! I adored them all. And the food is great too!

  • Cole L.

    TripAdvisor website

    I met soul sisters, learned a lot about my body, and felt very welcomed at Kranti Yoga.The teachers were amazing. They come from various places of world. There are very diverse group of students, good food, peaceful shalas, shanti dog, and amazing, beautiful scenes.

  • Alyssa Netherlands

    TripAdvisor website

    Having the beach as your backyard? Check. Fresh watermelon juice and coconuts all day long? Check. Meditating with the sound of crashing waves in the background? Check. Teachers that truly make you understand anatomy? Check. Clean bathrooms and even hot water in India? Check. Kitchen staff that cares about your dietary restrictions? Check. Adjustments that will change your whole yoga practice? Check. Staff that actually cares about WiFi? Check. Obviously I'm stoked about Kranti Yoga, I did my 200H in november and came back a couple of months later for my 300H. Every day since I have flashbacks of my life in Patnem and it makes me smile. BIG TIME.

  • Andrea

    TripAdvisor website

    I stayed at kranti yoga village during March/April. It is difficult to summarise my entire experience, as it was completely transformative of my mind, body, and soul. The shala was a magical place of total serenity and peace, a complete little haven where I felt transported from all cares and stresses of everyday life into a world of blessedness, peacefulness, and tranquility. At night the shala became an enchanted dreamlike sanctuary as it twinkled with fairy lights and incense, which captivated my heart and soul. As the sun rose we all stood side by side on the shala overlooking the ocean, with dolphins dancing in the sea ahead of us, ready for our early morning practice listening to the angelic voice of one of our awe-inspiring yoga instructors as she chanted the rhythmic sound of our opening mantra. The stillness, calmness, and union, which resonated within us all was spellbinding and the spiritual connection and harmony amongst us all was an experience that will live in my heart forever. Kranti has a magical gift of showing us what Yoga really means and expressing that love and union which is truly magnetic and mesmerising. This is an entrancing place where your emotions and spirit are awakened to reveal that deep inner connection with yoga, your breath, your heart, & your soul. This is when my true deep understanding of yoga began and the time I entirely submitted myself to this sacred practice. Words cannot explain what I felt; it was the most profound spiritual experience. The teachers at the kranti yoga village are second to none. Their expertise, guidance, and level of teaching were absolutely amazing. They're instructions were extremely clear, informative and inspiring. During our primary series practice the wonderful teachers offered us helpful and enlightening adjustments, which really enhanced and developed our postures. They gave us all constant care and attention and really had the ability to build our confidence and self-belief. They treated us like we were all part of their family and were always there to talk to and offer us advice, assistance, and support. They created the anatomy, alignment, and teaching philosophy classes with enjoyment and fun, which made it so pleasurable and gratifying to understand and learn. The chaturanga, back bending and hip opening workshops, were extremely informative and offered an incredible insight into the asanas and how to really benefit and learn the ability of our bodies. It was astounding to see the progressive development in our individual practice after the direction and guidance from such an inspirational teachers. All the teachers at Kranti are absolutely incredible and my yoga practice has advanced to a whole new level and understanding, which I will be forever grateful to them all for. You really do leave here with such knowledge and depth of understanding that prepares you to teach Ashtanga Yoga with confidence and expertise. The food was exceptional and delicious which will delight all your senses keeping you fully nourished, sustained, and fulfilled with occasional surprise treats, which were mouthwateringly delicious. I particularly loved the ambiance around the meal times where we all gathered together in harmony either on the gorgeous, stunning colourful swings or around the table sharing stories with love and laughter. I have never experienced such togetherness totally void from any judgments or separation. There was a community spirit in Kranti, which was so inspiring, and intoxicating that has changed my life forever. My overall experience was utterly miraculous and mind-blowing which will live within my heart for the rest of my days. I can't wait to return here to this beautiful, charismatic sanctuary of love, peace and serenity.

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