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Bali, Pantai Seseh, Indonesia

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Geri Jones

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Hatha Yoga)

Geri was born in India and subsequently has returned many times. Next to different forms of yoga, she studied classic Vedanta Philosophy. Qualifying in India as a yoga teacher with RYT 200 Yoga Alliance has a traditional approach combining the timelessness of Hatha yoga and a form of the attention of Iyengar into a Vinyasa style flow. She brings her 20 years personal practice to the mat, encouraging students to discover yoga as a complete discipline for body and mind.

Frauke Schroth

Frauke is a multiple trained yoga and meditation teacher since 2009. She’s been training yoga teachers since 2016, living and working in Bali and Berlin. Frauke is known for her open, positive being and inspiring way of teaching yoga. She combines the physical aspects of yoga with the mystical, making it easy to understand and accessible for every level. In her classes, she integrates dynamic and static sequences, precise as well as individual alignment, meditation, visualization, and intention, creating an inner journey for health and peace.

Reviews 2

  • Amber Martin United States

    December 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I loved my learning content. The things I learned I can apply to my practice, my teaching, and the way I live my life. The food, was quite literally some of the best food I’ve had in my life. Breakfast every single day was incredible. Lunches were always light and healthy also so good. The dinners had some mouthwatering savory flavors. Best food in Bali lol. Amazing teachers. And an opportunity to connect with amazing like minded souls.

    Truly such a cool experience definetly recommend.

    I feel like just a bit of Matinence is required in the restrooms. In my first room the sink leaked and would splash water everywhere when washing my hands and the second one there was a drip in the ceiling that would leak stinky water when using the toilet.

  • Stacie Kaye United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    So, here I am on my last extended day of my Kura Kura Yoga Retreat here in Sehseh, Bali. I have a very detailed review because I have had such an amazing time that I want others who might be looking for a yoga retreat on Bali to get really excited about it. Without hesitation, I will tell you about the delicious cultural surprises in store for you, but I will also tell you about some things to be aware ofhaving nothing to do with the retreat itself, but more about extenuating circumstances that may, or may not be, out of our control.As promised, when I arrived in Denpasar (at 10:30 pm), there was a driver waiting for me after customs (along with 50 or more other drivers wither waiting for expected passengers, or just offering transport). I eventually found my driver who took one of my rolling bags and I took the other smaller one. In a split second, a young boy took a hold of my smaller bag and began walking with me so I assumed he was with my driver (who was walking very quickly in front of me). I was grateful to have another baggage handler. We arrived at the vehicle in just a few minutes and much to my surprise, the young boy held out his and said, tip. I was confusedwouldnt I tip them when we arrived at the retreat? And so I learned my first lesson abroadhe was NOT with my driver. He was just a young boy looking to make a quick buck!We arrived at the retreat and I was shown to my room, which was a separate building, as are all of the rooms that surround the main compound. The room was beautiful, clean, and although simple, it was just enough. My bathroom was half inside and half outside; the floor beneath the half outside shower was made of big stones covered with a slatted wooden platform; Very beautiful.The next morning, I met the hosts Steve and Geri who had breakfast with me and spoke with me about the retreat, the others who were coming and what we could expect. Since there were only 3 of us scheduled for this retreat, we could customize it as much as we need. That was nice. The day was quiet and I began to get myself acquainted with the beautiful surroundings in the retreat. That night, I was invited to go to a ceremony (puja) at the home of the village leader hosted by a priest/Guru from Ubud. The ceremony was for cleansing and abundance. What a glorious way to spend my first night in Bali! We participated in the ceremony with the other friends and family and I met a girl and her mother from the Netherlands who were staying at the priest/Gurus Ashram in Ubud.After the two other guests arrived, one from Holland and one from Hong Kong, we planned our week to include a beach ceremony with a priest early the next morning, a visit from a Healer (Dewa), a trip to Ubud to shop, a stop at a restaurant overlooking a volcano, then to a temple about 2 hours away to do a water purification ceremony with Dewa, a bike ride around Sehseh, and a visit to Tanalot temple and the market shops (not all in the same day, mind you!). Every morning and every evening was Asana practiceHatha yogawith teaching that was experienced, safe, fun, and suited for every level. I had mentioned before I came that I would love to work on arm balancesbe careful what you wish for!! But, I stuck my first side crow and scorpion!! We all received one free massage with our reservation but could have as many as we wanted throughout the retreat (about $12 us dollars).The food was spectacular! Healthy, vegetarian, delicious, and never the same meals, except breakfast was mostly fresh cut up fruit, yogurt, muesli, and egg omelets, all my favorite! If you have difficulty with some spices (like me), just let the staff know and they will accommodate your dietary needs lovingly. I also have an aversion to butter and once I let them know, they always made me a special omelet without butter and I never had to ask again! I kept telling them to create a cookbook! Ketut, is the woman who prepares all of the food. Of all the staff that we met who worked with us daily, Ketut, Kadek, and Raca, each and every one of them were genuine, authentic, compassionate people who love and appreciate their work at Kura Kura.Now, for the cautions. I am from the USA and I am an over-the-top animal lover. If you, too, are an animal lover, be warned that there are many, many (too many to count) stray dogs searching for scraps of food. Right on the beach here that is literally steps from the retreat, there are beach dogsyes, dogs that live and sleep and search for food here on the beach That being said, the beach here is a local, residential beach and suffice it to say, it is not ones ideal of a beach in Bali (at least mine). The sand is very sandy, dark almost cocoa color, and disappointingly littered by the residents here. Truly garbage everywhere. So, if you are looking to go to a beach with beautiful sand and glistening water, there are other beaches on Bali.My final caution is money. DO NOT plan on using American Express. It is not accepted anywhere here (maybe one or two places, literally). I brought only AMEX as my bank informed me this new Propel 365 card was the route to go because you get the most up-to-date exchange rates at each purchase. Not so much in Bali! ALSO, if you are planning on bringing US money to exchange like larger bills, MAKE SURE THE DATE ON THE BILLS IS 1999 OR NEWER. You will not be able to exchange money that is older 1999. Another mistake I made. I ended up with practically no money here and no way to get any money. Very important I learned! Graciously, Kura Kura allowed me to make my final payment to them (from the healer, massages and other odds and ends that they helped me out with) through PayPal. Oh yeah, you also need to make sure you have 200,000 Rupia at the airport to leave the country (only local currency is accepted).Well, hopefully whoever reads this and decides to book a trip to Kura Kura will find just as much happiness, enlightenment, and good old-fashioned awareness as I did. I hope to find my way back again someday!! Om Swast Astu

Testimonials 10

  • Scott Mitchell Atkins United States

    Kura Kura Yoga Retreat Bali Facebook page

    Kura Kura is my favorite!! I've stayed there several weeks; and, between the river, the ocean, the lovely Balinese staff I've come to know, amazing accommodations and foods, and the beautiful yoga shala and pool lounge area... There's no place like it I've experienced on Bali.

    It's just a 10-minute walk to Echo Beach surf and Canggu restaurants, so it's easy to retreat and be tucked away or explore...

    Ketut cooks better vegetarian meals than any local warung or restaurant I've had after living in Canggu for over 8 months. You always know your meals are going to be so nourishing and delicious!

    Cheralee is always so connected and grounded in with nature and full of joy and love to share. Geri has such a huge heart. Made, the gardener is the most smiling person I think I know of... And his wife, Kadek, is the most alert, super-ninja guru of accommodating everyone and making sure everyone is doing fine. Made Raka, the night guard is always guarding the property and making sure everything is safe and secure as we sleep.

    I'm excited to attend a detox yoga retreat at Kura Kura in a couple weeks!

  • Andrew and Susan Webster

    Kura Kura Yoga Retreat Bali website

    I had a truly exceptional time during my yoga teacher training with ‘Asia Pacific Yoga’.

    Surrounded by the lush, green landscape of Sideman it was a beautiful place to ponder and reflect on our learning throughout the course. The location certainly assisted in creating a calm and balanced atmosphere. Furthermore, the staff were very welcoming, helpful and always greeted us with warming smiles. Also, the food was healthy and plentiful.

    I’m very grateful for Steve Hall for providing such an unforgettable Teacher training experience. His continual guidance, support and passion for yoga is inspiring and he made sure everyone had a memorable time. His teaching is filled with humour, relaxed and encouraging. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he effortlessly shared with us at every opportunity throughout the course both in and out of class. The other teachers on the course were also very experienced and shared their knowledge with passion.

    Geri’s calm and nurturing approach to teaching was welcomed by everyone. Her demonstrations and insight into yin and restorative yoga were wonderful.

    Malcolm joined us for two days to assist with teachings of anatomy. His passionate approach and knowledge of the how the body works in connection with the mind is exceptional.

    A definite highlight of this course are the people you share the experience with. I feel overwhelming gratitude for the friendships I developed. I was surrounded by a supportive and caring family of fellow yogis. We danced, we sang, we laughed, we cried, we hugged and we shared. I was fortunate to be surrounded by such compassionate, inspiring and warm hearted people. Friends for life.

    I was apprehensive and hesitant about joining this YTT and I’m grateful for my wife for encouraging me to join her on this course. I’m leaving Bali with a greater knowledge of yoga, personal growth, friendship and confidence in sharing all I’ve learned during this unforgettable adventure.

  • ecotravelz

    TripAdvisor website

    Enjoyed the day at the Yoga Centre. Hosted by very friendly Steve and Geri (skilled Yoga teachers). Clean and tidy, very relaxed, love the pool, the grounds, the energy. Makes for a perfect retreat and yoga learning. Sunsets at the beach (less than 1 minute away) are stunning. Recommended.

  • Gabriele M

    TripAdvisor website

    I am a Yin Yoga Teacher from Canada and hosted my retreat at Kura Kura in August 2015. The rooms are all outstanding and amazing. We had open bathrooms with a shower under the stars. The staff is wonderful and nothing is to much. Food was amazing and prepared with love and care. We had vegetarian meals all week and the variety of typical Balinese Cuisine was outstanding. The Yoga Shala is beautiful and has amazing energy. You can certainly feel the karma in the open space room. We meditated on the beach every morning, which was truly an experience. We loved the cozy, intimate atmosphere at Kura Kura, the pool, the beautiful gardens, etc. The host Steve and Gerry are wonderful and share their knowledge about the local culture, celebrations, traditions, etc. They live close by and are always available. My students loved it at Kura Kura. It's a perfect location for an intimate Yin Yoga Retreat and I will definitely host another retreat at Kura Kura again. It's a fabulous place and so close to the beach where you can go and walk for hours to find even more stillness. All my deepest gratitude to Kura Kura, Kedec, Steve and Gerry, and all the wonderful souls who provided us with so much love and care when we were so far away from home. I feel truly blessed having found you.

  • Pueppi_Schulz from Berlin, Germany

    Trip Advisor website

    I went with my mother (62 years) for their standard one week retreat and we both had a wonderful time. We particularly loved the delicious healthy food, the great yoga classes, the nice group and most of all, the warm and caring atmosphere. Steve and Geri are very passionate and knowledgeable about yoga - not only about the poses (although you will do a lot of of quite strong physical practices), but even more so about the whole philosophy and its deeper meaning. The location is right next to the beach, though you may have to walk a little to find a spot where you dare to go for a swim (can be quite wild). Overall, if you are a serious yoga enthusiast, I would definitely recommend a stay at Kura Kura! (also the massages you can book in addition are fantastic - ask for Ketut - she is a true blessing) Stayed June 2015, traveled with family

  • Campbell Y

    Trip Advisor website

    A refreshing & intimate space. It's off the beaten path of Ubud which I LOVE b/c it offers true respite. The staff is the kindest i've ever met as a teacher & retreat organizer (which says a lot). I highly recommend on every level. Kutut, Kadek, Made, Steve and Rakah- Miss you!

  • SFlilred

    Trip Advisor website

    For my first trip to Bali, I was lucky enough to spend it with an amazing group of people for a yoga retreat at Kura Kura. I can't imagine my experience would have been the same if I had stayed anywhere else in Bali. The staff and grounds at the resort were incredible, and Steve and the others spent a great deal of time ensuring our stay was one to truly remember. It was one of the most amazing vacations I have ever had!

  • jeremymiller2015 from Melbourne, Australia

    Trip Advisor website

    So many Bali villa, but none quiet like Kuru Kuru. A lovely unpretensious villa with all the style and comforts but set very much within a friendly local beachside Balinese community outside the hustle of more touristy places. Small in scale, making it intimate, quiet and caring. Amazing food, welcoming hosts Steve and Geri who conduct very well rounded and interesting yoga retreats. Stayed May 2015, traveled as a couple

  • Bettina E

    Trip Advisor website

    I really enjoyed a lot to stay at this very special authentic place in Bali. The staff and Steve were all so kind and welcoming discrete and open hearted. I could relax at the most! My little house in the tropical garden sleeping in an excellent bed. To be on SESEH beach was amazing, such a wild, powerful energetic athmosphere. The only thing I did miss was Balinese food.. Even that it was rain season (and it rained a lot) Kura Kura was a nice home just to be. Stayed December 2014, traveled solo

  • Mirthe B Netherlands

    Trip Advisor website

    Kura Kura Yogaretreat is a beautiful, intimate place where you will still experience the authentic Bali. Because the Kura Kura family is so welcoming, friendly and open, I immediately felt at home. It is a place to do great yoga and to relax, just by hearing the sea and the birds nearby, to walk on an almost empty beach or to enjoy their delicious and healthy food and drinks! A place and people that you will miss, when it's time to go....Terima kasih sekali :) Stayed December 2014, traveled solo

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