La Crisalida Retreats

La Crisalida is a holistic health and wellbeing centre in Spain. It offers programs such as yoga, detox, life makeover and weight loss to help you relax.

Instructors 2

John Brant

John is an author, speaker and transformational coach. He oversees the retreats, as well as often leading life makeover workshops, meditation, walking, and if you are lucky, rebounding! John worked in a high pressure career as an Actuary before making significant changes in lifestyle culminating in his move to Spain. At the retreats, he shares generously the best of what he has learned and put into practice. John inspires and challenges guests to take personal responsibility for their health and well-being.

Lisa Brant

Lisa is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats and one of the yoga teachers, taking a mindful therapeutic approach to yoga teaching. She is also a nutritionist and designs the food and juice menus at the retreat. Lisa originally trained as an Epidemiologist, studying health and disease. After studying NLP, she changed direction in 2011 to take a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing. With more than twenty years of experience, Lisa shares her knowledge and expertise with guests so they can be more self-aware of their health.

Reviews 151

Janine James

from Great Britain, May 2018

It was everything I had expected and much much more. Excellent experience. So much attention to details

Solen Pichereau

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Excellent yoga retreat "

Daily program is just amazing with meditation, yoga class, hikes, creativity workshop and delicious food! All the yoga teachers are excellent, everyone very friendly, definitely recommended for a nice get away to refill batteries

Marie Hennessey

from Italy, November 2017

"Exceptional food and yoga"

The food and juices were delicious. Each meal had several offerings with great flavour. The kitchen crew were always helpful. Yoga classes were very good and the instructors were very aware of individual needs.

Jude Evans

from Great Britain, November 2017

"Wonderful experience "

The teaching was excellent, the staff incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and inspiring. La Crisalida is beautiful and the food delicious. The rooms aren’t luxurious but they’re very clean and comfortable in every way. The massage was possibly the best I’d ever had and my time in La Crisalida was everything I could have wanted. The guided walks every day were a lovely bonus to the multiple yoga classes and the days flew by. A welcoming, relaxed atmosphere and the other guests were also very lovely and friendly, so it made for a very special stay. Thank you!

Margaret Mcguinness

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Learning yoga in a relaxed friendly setting "

Full timetable - lots of choice

Friendly, caring environment

Good, healthy food.


from Great Britain, July 2017

"A wonderful Retreat"

Everything was wonderful

Jacqueline Terry

from Great Britain, April 2017

"Fantastic retreat "

Yoga , juicing , staff are excellent

Kate Bidwell

from Great Britain, April 2017

"Cocooned at la Crisalida"

Excellent food, Accomodation and superb yoga

Karen Seale

from Great Britain, March 2017

"First time"

People, tutors all very nice, accommodation as expected, food quite poor, no taste, no texture, bland & uninspiring.

Marja Van Der Hart

from Netherlands, June 2018

Hadden werkelijk alles Voor je over, om het je naar de zin te maken.

Sheena Eaton

from Ireland, November 2018

"A little bit of paradise"

I loved the fact that everything was catered for, from the moment I arrived at Alicante airport to the packed lunch I received to take home. I could participate in as much or as little as I liked. The yoga teachers were excellent and very helpful. The food was delicious and a great topic of conversation around the dining table. I'm looking forward to my next visit to La Crisalida already. Thank you to the team. The retreat was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Anne Grethe Engelhardt

from Denmark, November 2018

All of it - especially yoga

Dawn Henly

from Great Britain, November 2018


The instructors were very knowledgeable & attentive. Kitchen staff very helpful & caring too. My room was basic but perfect for the occasion.

Elaine Michel

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Reboot "

There are plenty of activities from 7am the 9pm. You choose how much you want to participate and whether or not you stay on site. Apart from therapies it is all inclusive which removes all the stress of where to go and what to eat. The food was great. All plant based and they were accommodating around food intolerances. The accommodation is excellent. The weather was superb. If you do need to escape the town is just a 10 minute walk away. The staff are super friendly and helpful. I went with a really sore back and left feelling 90% better and not needing my pain meds since l came home yesterday. A combo of yoga and an amazing lndian Head Massage left me feeling rebooted after what had been a stressful few days wondering if l would be well enough to manage the journey and other obstacles. So grateful l made it!

Kirsten Thomassen

from Denmark, October 2018

"Fantastic detox in the sunny Alicante"

The stab was really fantastic, they were always ready to help, smiling and after day two they knew your name, excellent. I don't know how they do it, there were people coming and leaving everyday, thumbs up.

There were a lot of activities, yoga, meditation, workshops etc. but there are no pressure, you can join the class if you want to or not. Maybe the sun is nice so you want to relax, its up yo you.

I recommend everyone to go, give your live a boost in the right direction.

Cat Hinds

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Great place"

Most friendly and laid-back atmosphere I have come across at a yoga retreat. So many activities but you can opt out of anything if you want to relax. You can opt in and out of the juicing as well. Nice little town nearby with a beach if you want to go shopping and I didn’t make it to the old town but apparently v nice. The weather was great in early October (25•C) spent time by the pool. The early morning walks were spectacular especially up to the lighthouse. The best things is they take bookings for any time so you can arrive any day and stay as long as you like.


from Great Britain, October 2018

I enjoyed the various activities throughout the day just enough to keep you busy and great for the solo traveller

Jane Gaillie

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Lovely retreat "

Great choice of yoga and activities, fantastic food. Very friendly relaxed atmosphere.


from Netherlands, October 2018

"Great relaxation!"

The food was amazing!!

Also the schedule was full of different activities, so lots of things to do. The pools are lovely, the location is wonderful and the staff was very welcoming and friendly. I felt at home :)

Sharla Thompson

from United States of America, September 2018

"Worth the being on fantasy island"

Classes where very good and a staff was excellent

Madihah Ahmad

from Great Britain, September 2018

"My experience was above and beyond my expectations! "

I enjoyed ever second of it from the classes, workshops and the scrumptious food . To meeting new people, and making friends. I went alone and was very anxious, but as soon as I step foot into the place I felt so happy. The food was out of this world all plant based, and the presentation was immaculate. All the staff at the retreat were so accommodating and friendly. It’s very flexible so you don’t have to stick to the timetable, you can pick and choose what you like. The transfer was easy pick up and drop off to the airport.

Claire Wilson

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Relaxing, informative, fun and peaceful "

I love the flexibility they offer in a wide range of activities that you can opt in or out of. You don’t need to book yourself in so you literally can decide last minute. They also have two lovely pools you can relax by, great vistas and a range of holistic treatments that I also took advantage of!! The food is delicious and healthy and you can opt to juice. All the teachers had a calmness about them and are highly skilled at what they teach - I was a beginner in everything so this really helped. My favourite bits were learning different ways to meditate, the walks, learning different styles of Yoga so I could pick my preferred and trying things i’d never even heard of.. I.e Qi Cong! I loved the experience so much I want to book soon to return...(many people I met were returners, which speaks volumes)


from Great Britain, September 2018

"A relaxing get away from the mayhem of life "

The food was AMAZING and there was lots to choose from each day!


from Spain, August 2018

"Would definitely go back! Professional and really enjoyable "


Lucy Evans

from Great Britain, August 2018

I loved how friendly and welcoming all the staff were, from reception, to kitchen staff, cleaners and instructors. I loved the laid back vibe, emphasis on self

Empowerment, variety of classes, pools, bourganvilliers, the walks. The options to juice/ eat - brilliant. And most of all, flexibility of arrivals and departures. Tessa and Raphaella were amazing!

Astrid Barland

from Finland, August 2018

La Crisalida Retreat was a perfect place to be for some days. We were here mainly for doing yoga, but there were also other activities we could join. The atmosphere was relaxed and we were taken very good care of. The other guests were very friendly and there was a good mix of age and gender when we stayed there. The food was really good, and for non-vegans like ourselves it was very interesting to try this type of food over a longer time period. Though, I have to admit that the amount of calories is a bit low if you plan to do more intensive activities during your stay. But for hiking and yoga, it works fine. The yoga instructors were very observant and came around adjusting everyone in class. So I believe my yoga technique and poses have been improved.

Usually, I would like to have more active sessions in yoga and other more intensive work-outs, but in the summer heat it was perfect with this level of activities. I also had a deep tissue massage during my stay, wonderful! I can definitely recommend this retreat!

Sashini Gunawardena

from United States of America, August 2018

"Great experience "

I really enjoyed trying the different types of yoga. I also enjoyed the walks. The retreat is great as it provides flexibility for guests to do their own thing. I net so many people even during my short stay and especially liked coming togethrr for meals as it provided a great opportunity to get to know other guests. I higly recommend this especially for solo travellers.

Cassandra Solari

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Excellent yoga instructors "

Great place to enjoy yoga with well trained instructors. Treatments available and location ensure a relaxing stay

Ekaterina Botseva

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Worth a visit"

The organisation is perfect. The best teacher is Rafaela. The program offered various choice of activities which is great. Christina the massus is fantastic. The accommodation is very typical Spanish which is a plus and the pools are heated.

Claudie Plen

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Amazing, friendly, inclusive experience"

I went on my own and loved the atmosphere, such friendly people, staff were warm and inclusive and the food was out of this world, different every day and always varied and interesting. I felt comfortable and welcomed from the first minute. The accommodation isn't new or smart but is spotlessly clean and comfortable, and the town nearby is pretty. The walks/hikes for me were a real highlight too. Would definitely recommend la Crisalida!

Huda Awad

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Pleasant Experience and a very enjoyable break."

Relaxed calm and happy atmosphere, friendly and very helpful staff. Very delicious food great time table for various activities. I enjoyed everything and will recommend to friends and plan to visit again.

Amanda Wallace

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Great for a long weekend"

Lisa's classes were exceptional - clear, concise and adapted to everyone in the room; the quality of food was great; loved the rooftop terrace for yoga - was wonderful to feel the breeze; the flowers around the pool were beautiful, and it was mainly quiet in that area so easy to relax; variety of classes was good - I enjoyed trying new types of yoga and will definitely be taking up Yin! The whole place has a relaxed vibe. Also loved the tea station!

Amelia Snyder

from United States of America, June 2018

Nice staff, location, and events!!!!

Agnes Aynsley

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Truly perfect stay. Couldn't fault anything! "

Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects. This included; different yoga styles, aqua aerobics, meditation, walks, the accommodation, the delicious food and the lovely staff.

Ramona Priess

from Denmark, June 2018

"Very good "

Every thing

Clare Abrahams

from Great Britain, June 2018

I found the retreat staff to be amazing, they were so helpful and attentive. The vegan food was all new to me, as was juicing and i was not disappointed. The yoga was good, some types i prefered to others. We went on several walks during my stay which were really enjoyable

Deborah Tamir

from Great Britain, May 2018


Excellent location, food, atmosphere.

Go Eun Yoon

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Not Much Yoga"

- Convivial and easygoing atmosphere, tucked away from the swarms of sunburnt expats in Albir and nearby Benidorm.

- Excellent range of tea and fruit available throughout the day with helpful descriptions

- Immaculate grounds, very clean and very friendly staff.

Claire Chess

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Yoga Retreat Albir/Benidorm"

The retreat is located very well in a peaceful and quiet area of Albir with access to the fantastic promenade that takes you from Albir all the way to Altea and beyond. All the guests and staff were friendly and most of the yoga instructors were excellent. There was an excellent library of books, videos and games to borrow and advice on walks/runs in the area. The juicing menu was amazing with excellent combinations of fruit and veg, I was so inspired that I've now bought my own juicer! If you want an 'interesting' day away a trip to Benidorm is a must!

Janni Servais

from Denmark, May 2018

"Value for Money and more Than expectet"

I like the program that you can just jump in og you like to join. I like that it's including trasporting from the Airport and back again. Excellente service from the staff.

Meera K

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Absolutely fabulous retreat and zen time"

The flexibility, classes choices, instructors, food, accommodation and overall vibe of this place were just fantastic. Came back feeling totally relaxed. Special shout out to the chefs and yoga teachers Emma and Rafaela for leading superb vinyasa and kundalini yoga classes

Sam Buchanan

from United States of America, April 2018

"Very relaxing!"

A flexible little break where you can join in the activities or you can choose to relax on your own and read a book by the pool. I met a mix of like minded people and it felt like a little community! Have come away feeling refreshed and relaxed. The healthy eating/drinking gives you so much energy.

Angela Farnell

from Switzerland, April 2018

"Instructors were very good "

Food great , instructors v good .

Deborah Gaiger

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Relaxing and rejuvenating "

The yoga was varied with excellent instructors, the atmosphere was calming and friendly. The guided walks were all different and some more difficult than others with a real sense of achievement. The workshops were very informative. Feeling refreshed and energised. Mission accomplished.

Angela Le Roux

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Fantastic "

I really enjoyed the yoga classes - the instruction was of a high standard and Emma and Sossi did a great job of instructing for all levels. I was also impressed by the variety of the other activities that were provided as I never expected that there would be sure a choice. There is a very relaxed atmosphere at the retreat and staff could not have been more welcoming and friendly. Great place to meet people, eat healthy food, detox and relax.

Carmen Parker

from Great Britain, April 2018

"A very relaxing break."

I liked the relaxing atmosphere, you could do as much as you liked.

The yoga classes were just right, there were plenty of things to do if you wanted. The rooms were very clean.I learnt new things from the juicing demos and enjoyed the vegan menu that was available, I have continued since coming home juicing and watching the food I eat, reducing my tea and practicing yoga. It has made quite a difference and was worth the trip.

Joss Proctor

from United States of America, April 2018

"Four days of bliss"

From the moment I arrived the staff were so welcoming and friendly. Most people had come on their own and there was a lovely atmosphere sitting round large tables for all meals. The yoga classes were very well run with expert teachers for all abilities. The staff even put on Rebound for me even though it wasn't on the timetable for when I was staying! I opted for a private studio which was beautiful and very comfortable with all amenities (except shower gel!) A very varied itinerary of activities where you can opt in or out - there is no pressure on you at any time. Food vegan or juicing and excellent quality and variety. Basically loved my whole experience and have come back renewed and ready to face the world.

Siobhan Ryan

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Not great"

The rooms are good and very clean

Amelia Acosta

from Belgium, April 2018

"Salud, mente y cuerpo"

El atento recibimiento, las instalaciones, el menú, los zumos, el programa de actividades. Las sesiones de yoga y meditación son excelentes.

Liz Thubron

from Denmark, April 2018

"A much needed getaway"

The retreat was not exactly how I had pictured it to be - it was certainly much better. Having the freedom to do as many or little yoga classes, and having the choice of opting in or out of having juices as meals, was great - it allowed me to listen to the needs of my own mind & body and adjust accordingly. I was surprised to see so many lone travellers, but with such a friendly and open atmosphere we really felt like a little community both at or away from the dining table! I met so many inspiring people. After a few days I lost the concept of time, and really relaxed into it - even my Fitbit was telling me my average heart rate fell by 5 bpm over those days which it hasn't done in well over 2 years! I'm not a vegan, but eating here made me realise how delicious vegan food can be, not once did I crave meat, dairy or sugar. After a week of being back in Copenhagen, I'm no longer feeling the need to drink caffeine (and I used to be the world's grumpiest person without my morning coffee). I had a massive headache on my second day, which dragged into my third day, and not wanting to let it ruin my short stay there I headed into town for a coffee, and it did wonders. Drinking just 2 coffees in 4 days helped me cut down from my usual 4 to 1 cup per day here at home. And having the added bonus of great weather really lifted my mood, and made my stay with an old friend one of the best reunions - we are aiming to be back next year!

Kimberley Hutton

from Great Britain, March 2018

The food was lovely.

Joanne Warrior

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Great first experience"

Friendly, knowledgeable instructors, fabulous food, plenty of activities and a good variety - something for everyone

Wendy Foster

from Great Britain, March 2018

The flexibility.

Friendliness & help of all involved.

All aspects were

Extremely well thought through & executed.

Nice little touches.

Radhika Kujal

from United States of America, February 2018

Food and the flexibility


from Great Britain, February 2018

"Amazing restorative short break"

The location was lovely with stunning walks a short distance away, accommodation very comfortable and well appointed and clean, food was amazing , yoga was fantastic plus the life workshops were deeply helpful and effective and the team were all round fantastic. I will be returning!


from Germany, February 2018

The morning hikes were great and the food was awesome. The whole atmosphere was totally relaxing and peaceful. All in all a wonderful retreat!


from Netherlands, February 2018

Nice combination of yoga, beautiful walks, meditation and life workshops.

The staff is very flexible is you want to juice or eat, you can change anytime you want.

Jessica Mann

from Switzerland, January 2018

"A place to come back to"

Food was amazingly tasty and varied! Very good yoga instructors who are able to adapt to different levels.

And a special thanks to Nicola, mothering all of us with a smile!

Natasha Whalley

from Netherlands, January 2018

"Ticked all my boxes"

The morning walks were fantastic - definitely a highlight for me!

I liked that the retreat enables guests to arrive and depart on any day they like - that was extremely convenient for me.

It was also extremely convenient that La Crisalida organised my airport transfers.

Jane Widdison

from Great Britain, January 2018


Fresh air , sun , sea &!mountains views , walking & yoga.

Laure Alexandre

from Belgium, January 2018

Perfect place (and programe) to stop, think and reset yourself for the year ahead. All the staff is very friendly and helpfull, and they manage to create a great atmosphere.


from United States of America, January 2018

"Excellent dietary reset"

A great way to spend 5 days to establish a new, healthy eating regimen and lose the sugar/alcohol weight put on during the holidays. The staff is wonderful - very warm and caring and helpful.

Samantha Hadfield

from Great Britain, December 2017

"A perfect self-case retreat"

La Crisalida Retreats is the ideal place to go if you a feeling a bit burnt out, in need of a bit of self-care or would just like to relax. The location is close to the beautiful town of Altea, and a stunning natural park, and the beach of course! The shared apartment was perfect, a lovely living room to relax although I was mostly in classes! It was a little too cold to swim but the two swimming pools looked great.

M Fabun

from Great Britain, November 2017

"Already planning my return"

The level & no. of of activities each day, the friendliness & knowledge of the owners and mentors. Great Nutritional advice, the food and juices, the layout of the dining area reception / lounge. The local area. Easy & comfortable transfers. The cleanliness. My fellow retreaters. The whole ambiance was friendly & relaxing. I went off-season (Nov), so was very affordable too.

Leisha Connolly

from Great Britain, November 2017

"10 day retreat"

The food, the mentors/instructors, the chefs and staff overall.

Sarah Timlin

from Great Britain, October 2017

everyone was very open and friendly

Geraldine Clarkson

from Great Britain, September 2017

"brilliant experience "

The chilled out atmosphere

Profesional approach of staff

And congenial company

Mary Redman

from Great Britain, September 2017

"Yoga sessions & Massage with Cristina"

I attended Ana and Veronika's classes and they were very good.

The massage with Cristina was excellent. I also had a session with Subinha which was also very good.


from Albania, September 2017

"Great experience"

The food at the retreat is amazing. You can choose to juice or eat at each meal - the food looks so good that you might feel like you're missing out if you choose to juice, but the juices are delicious and filling as well plus you can add extras such as avocado and psyllium. The accommodation is basic but comfortable and has everything you need. The sunsets are beautiful and the beach nearby at Alfaz del Pi is stunning.

Marlene Facile

from Belgium, September 2017

excellent food and instuctors and everybody where very friendly.


from Great Britain, September 2017

Very peaceful setting and easy access to the town and beach. All the staff were very friendly and nothing was too much effort. Eating together with other guests was a lovely experience and enabled us to share our stories. The food was exceptional - we always looked forward to the delights which were being prepared for us. The mixed variety of yoga was great and all the instructors were lovely especially Ana and Emma. Both myself and my daughter felt rebalanced after our stay and have provided us with new and renewed vigour to maintain a healthy balance in our life.

Serena King

from Great Britain, August 2017

I loved the food, early morning mediation, the swimming pools, the healthy snacks, the full timetable options and the comfy beds.

Virginie Ermoy

from Zambia, August 2017

"Commentaire déjà envoyé + demande de remboursement partiel "

Susan Gregory

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Perfect retreat - do as much or as little as you want"

The food was fabulous - lots of effort to make it interesting each mealtime with variety of colours, textures and flavours. The programme was great - do as much or as little as you like but I loved the yoga, walks and workshops. Great setting and lovely energy

Gunilla Chartres

from Sweden, August 2017

Lovley hotel and staff, very clean and a beautiful area. Well set up and very good kitchen

Paula Cartwright

from Great Britain, July 2017

"Great stay "

I liked the good choice, eating together every meal and the choice in activity and the fact you can dip in and out of activities and take time out for yourself, so not strict, it's up to you what you do !

The staff and clients were so friendly.

Alexandra Stobbart

from Great Britain, July 2017

"June weekend stay - so relaxing!!"

How relaxing it was and how lovely the team were.


from Ireland, June 2017

"De Stress with a fantastic tean"

The variety of activities, the staff working there, the food, the other guests, the accommodation, the airport transfers.

Momoko Yamagiwa

from United States of America, May 2017

"Unforgettable experience "


Meals, programs, yoga, pool, the beach, the walk, the weather, the accommodation, and most importantly, People.

It was such an amazing experience and I feel inspired. Thank you.

Claire Harris

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Very enjoyable retreat"

I liked the choice of activities on offer each day and the variety. The fact that you could opt in and opt out of things.

Victoria Salomonsen

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Yoga retreat"

The food , the workshops and cooking demo. Choice of walks different types of yoga. We thought we had only paid for one yoga session a day so were v pleasantly surprised when found we could do as many activities as we liked.

Árný Elíasdóttir

from Iceland, May 2017

"Wonderful, friendly and professional."

Everything, the food, the jogaclasses, walking tours and the relaxed atmosphere and very service minded staff.

Mandana Ghotbuddin

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Yoga and meditation "

Food and location

Stephanie Bartlett

from Great Britain, April 2017

"great place"

the retreat was a great location, the building was perfect, the food sensational and the yoga classes were really enjoyable

Danielle Neubauer

from Germany, April 2017

"A home away from home in a little slice of paradise."

Everything at La Crisalida is designed in a way that makes you feel welcomed, nurtured, and at peace. I have never before eaten vegan meals and was so surprised at how delicious and creative the dishes were. The staff are so knowledgable and genuinely care about your well-being. The surrounding area is also gorgeous. Parque Natural de la Serra Gelada is located 10 mins from the retreat, making daily walks to the lighthouse to the watch the sunrise a perfect starting to the day!

Sarah Pollicott

from Great Britain, April 2017

"Great retreat in Alicante"

Great timetable of exercises with something to suit all abilities and interests. The food was great and very yummy. The accommodation was good and nice to have a small kitchen and sitting area plus two double rooms. Really enjoyed the daily walks. All the fellow residents were ultra nice and everyone was easy to talk too and get along with! The yoga teachers were excellent.

Tricia Thompson

from Canada, April 2017

"All that I needed and more."

I booked a private room. My accommodation was clean and more than I needed. The bed was comfy. There was a full kitchen but the stove isn't needed when all the meals are prepared for you? I love that there was a kettle and selection of teas available. (Also available in main dining area with fresh lemon and ginger each day.) The food and the juices were amazing!! The menu changes daily and is prepared fresh, healthy and flavourful! The yoga classes are great, most suited for beginners. The rebound class was so much fun. YY was wonderful with her workshops, the Vision Board was inspiring.

You must book a massage, any massage, with Cristina. She is amazing and her massages are heavenly.

All the staff are friendly and helpful. I enjoyed speaking with Lisa the owner, and Balbir.

The best thing about this retreat aside from the tasty food, is the flexibility to arrive when you want, and participate in as much or little as you want, with no pressure.

I loved the walk to the lighthouse with the stunning views of the playa and the incredibly blue sea. The beach is easy to walk to on your own and there is a lovely local market on Sundays less than 5 mins from the retreat. By the way, the shuttle service was very efficient.

What else can I say? I left feeling refreshed, refocused, and reminded I need to do this more often. I hope to return to La Crisalida one day soon.

Marieke Siero

from Netherlands, October 2018

"Relaxed and revunated"

The food, the relaxed atmosphere, variety of classes, the mix of people! Just perfect for people traveling alone!

Laura I. Mayol Vargas

from United States of America, September 2018

"Wonderful time at La Crisalida"

I enjoyed that everything was taken care of and you could get as much or as little involved as you would like. The food was really good, I felt that I could become full-time vegan if I could prepare meals like that every day! The beach was a 15 minute walk and I made a point to walk there every day which was great. And Marie was my favorite instructor :)

Leyla Saleh-schmid

from Switzerland, August 2018

"Séjour sain et agréable dans un climat de vacances"

Pouvoir suivre un régime alimentaire detox tout en étant entourés de personnes qui sont dans le même cas, et avoir la liberté de suivre les activités à sa guise (il faut aussi savoir se mettre des limites, car on est facilement tentés de tout essayer. C'est un séjour relax, pas un marathon!). Le personnel est agréable, et à l'écoute. Il y règne une atmosphère positive, et le cadre est reposant. La plage et le centre-ville sont à 20 min à pied, donc il est facile d'associer les loisirs à ce séjour. L'eau, les tisanes et les fruits sont à notre disposition, sans limite. J'ai appris pas mal de choses sur la cuisine vegan, notamment à travers une démonstration (2 recettes). Après quelques jours, on devient plus réceptif aux saveurs, et en rentrant, on remarque plus facilement si quelque chose contient trop de sel ou de sucre, ce qui est bien à long terme, car ça nous pousse à adopter de bonnes habitudes.


from France, August 2018

Le lieu, le site, le logement, certains cours étaient très bien. Le personnel et certains professeurs étaient très gentils.

La plupart des activités proposées étaient intéressantes. La liberté de choisir les activités

Vincent Foubert

from Spain, August 2018

"Wonderfull experience"

Everyone in the retreat is smiling the whole day. People enjoy working there. You feel part of a family. The food and juices are wonderful, I enjoyed the cooking an juicing demo, the rebounding and aqua aerobics, the walks, and of course the yoga classes. Even for an absolute yoga beginner like me they were patient and helped me improve every time. The yoga instructors are the best. All the workshops I attented were very interresting. I left this place with a good, relaxed feeling.

Sigrine Glibert

from United States of America, July 2018

"Très belle expérience à refaire!"

Accueil extra, personnel attentionné, nourriture délicieuse et cadre enchanteur.

Sans oublié les cours de yoga, les randonnées et les belles rencontres.

Merci pour ces bons moments.

Lisa Alvarez

from Switzerland, July 2018

"Repos et calme "

Le repos, la calme et rester différent type de yoga. J’ai pu également améliorer mon anglais.

Martina Bunese

from Switzerland, May 2018

Absolut freundlich und familiär. fühlte mich sofort gut aufgehoben und willkommen.

Sandra Van Beek

from Netherlands, March 2018


I loved the flexible schedule

Betty Di Lollo

from Netherlands, March 2018

"zeer goede prijs-kwalitiet"

De mensen waren heel vriendelijk, het eten was goed, erg veel activiteiten (inclusief in de prijs), goede yogadocenten, prima studios, heerlijke massage mogelijk. Mooie wandelingen mogelijk. Kortom, prima om een paar dagen bij te tanken.

Saskia Overweel

from Netherlands, May 2017

"Heerlijke yoga retraite op mooie locatie met fijne mensen"

Alles goed geregeld en een tof dagprogramma elke dag weer. Eten was zalig. Plaatsje Albir is gezellig en heeft een prachtig strand en idem omgeving. Fijne is dat iedereen komt en gaat zoals men wil. Zo deel je ook zelf je dag en in doet mee met de lessen welke je wilt en verder kan je je eigen gang gaan. Heerlijk. De dynamiek is daardoor erg prettig en de groep verandert ook steeds.

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