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3 Days Meditation Naam-Avatar Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat in Northern Ireland

Lake Isle Retreats, 42 Geaglum Road, Derrylin, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, UK

Ireland Meditation Retreat

Lake Isle Retreats welcomes you to this wonderful retreat in North Ireland to refresh, recharge, and renew yourself in their beautiful place. Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, works, and your daily life, you will truly relax with meditation and yoga in idyllic natural surroundings. Come and join them for now to get a very new experience.

Meet the instructors

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  • 1 yoga class
  • 3 days of practice
  • Daily meditation session
  • Mantras, walks, talks, and workshops
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Tranquil surroundings

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


3 days with instruction
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Check-in Time:


  • Dining area
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Multilingual staff
  • Yoga studio
  • Free parking
  • Library

Lake Isle Retreats has private single rooms, twin rooms, and triple rooms. You can either book a room privately for yourself, share a private room with a friend or two, or share a room with others on the same retreat. They can cater for between five and thirteen guests. Single rooms available on all retreats. Also, on some retreats, accommodation may be shared with other attendees. If you are not used to this, do not worry. This is part of the retreat experience and helps to create a large family atmosphere.

Also, you will not be spending so much time in your room anyhow. The retreat is so packed with events, exotic experiences, and friendly interactions that you hit the pillow tired at night and then the next morning, you jump out of bed and are out walking or jogging through the countryside by the shores of Upper Lough Erne, hearing the morning chorus of the birds.


Naam-Avatar mindfulness is suitable for anyone new to meditation or for people with more experience. The arrival time that suits you is between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.


According to ancient texts from India, yoga has been practiced since time immemorial. In the early 20th century, a Vedantic scholar and Ayurvedic healer called Krishnamacharya is credited as being a leading figure in the founding of 'modern yoga', which is the general Hatha-style yoga which can found in community halls and gyms all over the planet. On retreats, Lake Isle Retreats has fantastic local yoga teachers, Lucy Lynch, Chrissie Link, Gertie Lynch, Noeleen McMorrow, plus expert visiting teachers such as Padma, Olive MacDonagh, Renata Valguarnera, and Nanda Kumar.

Yoga history and meaning

Yoga is an ancient system of connecting with reality as described in the Vedas. The Veda is a vast body of knowledge which is said to be like a 'manual' to accompany the Universe. The Vedas were written down around 3000 B.C. in the Sanskrit language by sage Vyasadeva, who is described as being an empowered avatar of Vishnu. In general, yoga is a process of focusing the mind and senses for a higher goal.

A yogi is someone who practices yoga. The word itself is often used for a wide spectrum of motivations, for example, a Bhakti yogi (a process aimed towards pure spiritual love, Krishna-Prema) or one could meet someone who might be described as a 'yogi' who knows how to do some visually impressive tricks such that people pay him to see his magic or someone else could be described as a yogi as she has a beautiful body ​and can hold a physical posture which looks spectacularly perfect.

In essence, a yogi is trying to connect with higher consciousness and find love. Vaishnava authorities, sincere gurus, and scholars would teach that a trickster who has learned some system how to manipulate matter in a way that people may see as being fascinating and uses that to make an income, has taken a side-path. In the Srimad Bhagavatam (a Vedic text), it is described that Dhruva Maharaja was the young son of a King.

He practiced severe penance and yoga for six months, fasting and standing on one leg for weeks on end. In the end, he discovered that his motivation had been all imbalanced. He had been doing the Hatha yoga system as he wanted to get a personal - one could say 'selfish' - result. But in the end, by the grace of Vishnu, he found peace, love, and harmony. One might wonder what does the historical narration of Prince Dhruva have to do with ourselves in the modern world?

Essentially, you are all trying to find peace, love, and harmony. Dhruva had some stresses millennia ago. You have your own struggles and stresses now. So, when you approach yoga, ideally you should look into the inner meaning by approaching teachers, listening to lectures, and reading translated ancient texts. A primary book on philosophy is the Bhagavad Gita as it is, which discusses Karma yoga, Hatha yoga, Dhyana yoga (meditation), and Bhakti yoga.


'To meditate' is defined as the practice of focusing one's mind for a period of time for spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation (Oxford English dictionary). Lake Isle Retreats meditation class is designed to satisfy these two motivations. ​As long ago as 1500 years before the present, early monks in Ireland established monasteries and silent retreats on several islands of Lough Erne. The feeling of meditation and calmness permeates the Lakeland atmosphere, and they especially recommend you arise early and to experience this for yourself, even if the retreat you attend only begins at 8:30 a.m.

What is a class like?

The facilitator sings some slow deep mantra chants using the beautiful harmonium instrument. Everyone relaxes and centers themselves. You pause in silence. Seated on chairs, everyone takes part in a silent meditation, attempting to expand his or her own consciousness through deep hearing. You focus on being mindful in the moment and listening to the sounds of the world, without your attention wandering - without day-dreaming.

Simply hearing. Simultaneous to this, you silently repeat two simple mantras, representing the divine masculine and the divine feminine. The mantras help the mind to have a specific focus. After your meditation, you discuss your experiences. The facilitator touches on some philosophy behind the practise of meditation. Then you begin the relaxation sequence. Participants choose whether they want to remain seated on chairs or switch to lying on a yoga mat or specifically-tailored flat cushions.

Other options include sitting cross-legged or holding oneself in a yoga pose. Calming relaxation music is played out over the room, with flutes, oriental violins, and sounds of birds singing, and water falling. The participants are taken through a visualization sequence - a guided meditation where we travel to a distant beautiful land with the mind's eye. At the end, as you are all mentally returning to the room, the facilitator sings auspicious mantras along with the harmonium.

Finally, participants open their eyes feeling very refreshed and enlivened. ​Other kinds of meditation experiences at Lake Isle Retreats include:

(1) Japa meditation - the soft chanting and murmuring of the maha-mantra using traditional wooden prayer beads

(2) Mindfulness walks outdoors in nature

(3) Kirtan yoga, which is the singing of mantras accompanied by instruments such as harmonium, karatalas, and drums

(4) Reading and discussing meditation philosophy as based on the 6th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita (Dhyana-yoga)

(5) Mindfulness on specific retreats

Daily schedule


  • 18:30 Dinner
  • 19:15 Meditation and introduction with Tim - intro to Naam-Avatar mindfulness (Naam is pronounced as rhyming with 'calm')


  • 06:35 Depart to visit an island temple to hear morning chant music and hearing from some ancient bhakti-yoga texts written in Sanskrit 5000 years ago
  • 08:15 Silent mindfulness walk around the forest tracks on the island
  • 08:40 Return to retreat house by boat
  • 09:15 Breakfast
  • 09:30 Break time
  • 11:00 Introduction to Japa mantra walking - retreat guests may either walk in silence or walk slowly and peacefully chanting mantra using traditional wooden counting beads
  • 11:45 Relaxation period hearing sacred chant music and a reading of inspirational stories from the Vedas
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Departure for the beautiful Florencecourt estate for a one-hour-30-minute forest walk, including a period along a river where you do a silent mindfulness walk
  • 16:45 Return from the walk
  • 17:15 Meditation - silent meditation on a mantra
  • 18:30 Dinner and massages available all evening


  • 08:30 Yoga and meditation with Tim - a simple power yoga exercise class
  • 09:45 Breakfast
  • 10:50 Meditation and visualization
  • 12:10 Option one (relax in the retreat house at your own pace) or option two (visit to Krishna Temple and depart to the retreat house to walk to the jetty for the ferry crossing to Inish Rath Island)
  • 12:20 Ferry to island for temple music chant (30 minutes) and relaxing around Inis Rath Island
  • 13:00 Talk on Vedic wisdom and philosophy open to the general public and go for a walk around the island during all or part of this period
  • 14:00 The Sunday feast in the temple - a unique cultural experience
  • 15:00 Ferry departure back to the mainland and end of the retreat


Tim McEvitt


Lake Isle Retreats' retreat center, Mandala House, is 12 kilometers (eight miles) from Belturbet in County Cavan and seven miles from Lisnaskea in County Fermanagh. Lake Isle Retreats is easy to reach from the cities. You stay on the same road N3 (or M3) all the way up from Dublin to within five kilometers of the retreat center (the turn-off is Teemore).


  • Belturbet, 12 kilometers
  • Lisnaskea, 11.27 kilometers



  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Spa


  • Dining area
  • Special menu request


All food is vegetarian and extremely tasty, cooked with love by vegan chef Carmen Padilla Quiel. Meals are prepared fresh on the day. Everything is vegetarian - no meat, fish, or eggs. Most preparations are vegan (dairy-free). The food is a combination of Indian vegetarian (samosas, curries, basmati rice) and Western vegetarian (pizza, salads, pasta, soups). Lake Isle Retreats caters to any special diets for allergies and intolerances.

In case you are a yogi, Vaishnava, or someone familiar with a 'sattvic' diet, they do not use the following ingredients: onions, garlic, mushrooms, vinegar, and alcohol. In Ayurveda, these ingredients may be prescribed for medicinal or other uses, but are not generally consumed by Hatha or Bhakti yogis.

If that sounds 'restrictive', you might find you have a lot to learn about non-European cookery. They have a polytunnel and a vegetable garden for growing their food. During the growing season, they use their own organic potatoes, carrots, courgettes, peppers, corns, tomatoes, beetroots, cucumbers, French beans, and some herbs in preparing the dishes.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Tea

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Other dietary requirements on request
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Spa treatments

Ayurveda, the ancient Vedic health system recommends massage and therapies as being beneficial to one's health. All therapies are available at the competitive rate of 35 EUR or 30 GBP for 50-minute sessions. Therapists are fully-qualified individuals who not only are good at massaging and healing people. You are free to ask the therapist for a variety of therapies in the same session.

Aroma touch

This is a light massage of the back and feet. Aroma touch is where essential oils are applied along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. Aroma touch helps general well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and supporting healthy automatic function. Aroma touch is a light massage using specific essential oils. A session is deeply relaxing.


A gentle therapeutic pressure point massage, working on the reflex zones of the feet, which correspond to different parts of the body. Stimulating these reflex points can help with many health problems and boost the body’s healing ability. Restores natural balance and promotes a sense of wellbeing. Wonderfully relaxing.

Sound healing

Sound healing is the use of tuning forks on the body to restore harmony and balance. It helps to restore harmony and balance and reduce stress. Each energy center within the body has its own note, so when one receives sound healing. It is an aid to restore the body's natural vibration.

What's included

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • All classes and workshops
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and complimentary herbal teas every day

What's not included

  • Additional massage therapies (30 GBP or 35 EUR for 50 minutes)
  • Option to stay at Sunday night (40 EUR or 35 GBP)

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Driving directions from Dublin

  • As you approach Cavan Town, take the third exit at the main roundabout following the signs for Enniskillen and Ballyshannon.
  • Stay on this main road.
  • After 14 minutes, you arrive at the Belturbet Roundabout.
  • Continue on straight taking the second exit here towards Enniskillen.
  • Continue on for 8 kilometers.
  • Take a right turn at Teemore Cross.
  • The sign says Lisnaskea 9, you are now in County Fermanagh and road-signs are in miles.
  • Follow this road for 3 miles, going in the direction of Geaglum Quay and Inish Rath Island.
  • Continue on this road to its conclusion, following the signs to Inish Rath Island (just before you come to Geaglum jetty there is an Inish Rath 1/4 mile sign).
  • Continue on the gravel road towards Inish Rath for 400 meters until you see the sign for Mandala House.

Driving directions from the north (Derry, Donegal, Omagh)

  • Aim for Enniskillen.
  • The road approaching Enniskillen is the A32.
  • In Enniskillen, aim for Dublin on the Sligo Road (A4).
  • A mile out of town center, take the first exit or go left at roundabout following signs for Dublin.
  • Ten miles south of Enniskillen, you come to Derrylin.
  • On the other side of this one-street village, take a left onto the B127 towards Lisnaskea.
  • After 3 miles, look for the Inish Rath Island signs from here.
  • The first sign will have you make a right turn off the B127.
  • Continue on the gravel road towards Inish Rath until you see the sign for Mandala House.

Driving directions from Belfast and the east

  • Take the M1 which leads onto the A4 in the direction of Enniskillen.
  • 12 miles before reaching Enniskillen, look for the left turn taking you to Lisnaskea.
  • At Lisnaskea, there is a primary roundabout beside Lidl Supermarket.
  • Go onto the main street here by taking the second exit and drive down the road.
  • After one minute, you will come to a smaller mini-roundabout (a painted circle) on Main Street and take the right turn taking you towards Derrylin on the B127 road, which you follow for 5 miles.
  • You cross over a first and then a second bridge over the lake (both bridges are approximately 100 meters long).
  • Take next turn left and follow signs to Inish Rath from here.
  • Continue on the gravel road towards Inish Rath until you see the sign for Mandala House.

Driving directions from the west (Sligo)

  • Aim for Enniskillen.
  • Before entering the town, take a right (or second exit) at the roundabout and aim for Dublin on the A509 (N3).
  • 10 miles south of Enniskillen, you come to Derrylin.
  • On the other side of this one-street village, take a left onto the B127 towards Lisnaskea.
  • After 3 miles, look for the Inish Rath Island signs from here.
  • The first sign will have you make a right turn off the B127.
  • Continue on the gravel road towards Inish Rath until you see the sign for Mandala House.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Belfast International Airport (BFS), George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD), or Dublin Airport (DUB). Each of these airports is a similar distance by road from Lake Isle Retreats' retreat center. If you are not hiring a car, Dublin may be the most convenient airport destination.

Arrival by bus

Five times a day, a bus Eireann coach (the national operator) goes through the airport and brings passengers to Belturbet (the small town closest to Lake Isle Retreats in the Republic of Ireland). The ground staff at the airport will assist you to find the location of the bus stop, which is a four-minute walk from the main exit of the airport building (specifically you want Zone 11, Stop 2, Route 30).

You are looking for the bus with 'Donegal' as its end destination. Tickets are 26.50 EUR Return to Belturbet. The coach at about 12:50 p.m. is the time most convenient for you for arriving for Lake Isle Retreats' retreats, in general. Please note that in Belfast, there are two airports, George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD) and Belfast International Airport (BFS). If you fly into Belfast, you will need to get into the city center to take a coach from Belfast Europa coach station.

Arrival by taxi

Via the Republic of Ireland, Benny Corby with his family and friends are the cheerful local taxi service. If you arrive on the bus Eireann coach at Belturbet, the car journey to Lake Isle Retreats, Mandala House near Inish Rath Island costs 15 EUR. Lake Isle Retreats suggests you phone that morning to make a provisional booking.

Almost two hours after leaving Dublin, the coach stops in Cavan town for a five-minute break. From the moment this bus departs again, you should phone Benny and tell him where you are. He will know you will arrive in Belturbet after 15 minutes. Via Northern Ireland, if you arrive on a coach from Belfast. The journey will cost about 13 GBP.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

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