Laughing Heart Yoga

Northampton, Massachusetts, United States

Laughing Heart Yoga provides journeys into the heart of your yoga practice while traveling to remarkable world destinations with a seasoned instructor.

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  • Nancy California

    Laughing Heart Yoga website

    I have been on the Laughing Heart Yoga retreat in Italy, Greece, and Mexico..they are amazing...can't wait to go to Sri Lanka with Paul.

  • Joan Vermont

    Laughing Heart Yoga website

    I have been a "retreat addict" for decades...Paul's retreats are the best of the best.

  • Dale Samoker

    Laughing Heart Yoga website

    Paul’s teaching touched me at a much deeper level, mentally and physically, than any of my yoga experiences.

  • Jesse Geller United States

    Laughing Heart Yoga website

    The retreat was the perfect, delicious vacation balance, learning and fun, discipline and decadence.

  • Phoebe Sheldon United States

    Laughing Heart Yoga website

    One of the best weeks of my life.

  • Paty Townsend United States

    Tribe Yoga website

    I've co-taught with Paul on a regular basis and he is a truly masterful teacher. As gifted as Paul is as a teacher, he's equally talented as an organizer and group leader. His retreats are beautifully and seamlessly organized. They offer participants an exceptionally wonderful experience. You will be so happy to accompany Paul anywhere!

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