Le Sentier Tranquille is a small retreat centre in the foothills of the Pyrenees, which offers counselling, retreats, workshops, mindfulness, and meditation.

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Simon Cole

Janet Cole

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Ruitong Zhao

from Finland, June 2019

"A Unique, Rich and Creative Adventure For the Mind"

Le Sentier Tranquille is a place I can really be my true myself. It is incredibly easy and natural to feel so comfortable and at ease here, with oneself and with others. It provides everyone with a variety of different kinds of space to be, to explore and wander. Poetic and tranquil, idyllic and cosy, as if a picturesque wonderland inside an inspiring haiku.

Both the individual consulting and small group meditation experience with Simon are very insightful, helpful and applicable for everyday mindfulness. What is wonderful is not just what I've learnt during the retreat, the experience has enabled me to have a higher level of awareness and mindfulness after I come back home dealing with the difficult, transformative situations in my personal life. I highly recommend anyone who are seeking for a unique, meaningful, down-to-earth and intimate meditation retreat experience to come to Le Sentier Tranquille!


from Ireland, September 2019

"Amazing experience"

This retreat was just what I needed and more. The house and surroundings are beyond beautiful. The peaceful surroundings almost force you to look within (which is a great thing for someone trying to find themselves). Simon was a great teacher and counsellor. Janet is an amazing cook and delighted us everyday with her cooking. I will highly recommend this for everyone!

Simon Cowen

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Beyond any expectations"

The whole six days brought experiences that I never thought would be so powerful and truly life changing. Simon is a true mentor and has the ability to make one think in a way that can seriously adjust one’s life in the most positive way. Since my time at Le Sentier Tranquille, my whole life has taken on a more optimistic meaning. It truly is to be experienced first hand, to be believed.