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Life Force Project

Life Force Project creates authentic and transformational yoga retreats in the world's most captivating destinations. They aim to connect, expand, and evolve.

Instructors 3

Clara Macy

Clara has taken the teachings of Ayurveda and integrated them into her yoga classes. She offers Ayurvedic consultations and is a certified Ayurvedic therapist. Her passion in this ancient preventative medicine is so huge, she decided to start her own Ayurvedic wellness center. Seeing how Ayurveda changed her life and her family, she dreamed of opening a wellness center that would be a place to meditate, practice yoga, receive Ayurvedic therapies, and get everything you need for an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Lindsay Gonzalez

Lindsay Gonzalez, ERYT-500, is an international yoga teacher in search of adventures on and off the mat. She is known for her keen understanding of breathwork practices, body alignment, sense of humor, and ability to empower her students to live fully. With over a decade of experience in her field, she leads 200- and 300-hour teacher training, workshops, and retreats throughout the world. Lindsay is a writer of continuing education programs for yoga teachers and is releasing her first book in 2017.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Yoga)

Melody Massey

Melody is a certified Hatha yoga instructor, singer, writer, and world traveler. While living in India, her casual yoga practice became a passion that inspired her to become a yoga teacher. Her classes range from Gentle yoga and Vinyasa to Bhakti yoga which has a heart-opening practice weaving storytelling with mantras, music, and asana. Melody teaches private, group, and virtual yoga classes and hosts yoga retreats and workshops, and offers live music for yoga classes.

Testimonials 5


Life Force Project website

I truly feel so grateful that everything lined up for me to go! It was such a unique experience that could never be recreated again. I loved the location, the food, and having such experienced and knowledgeable teachers (both John and Sarah). The packets of information were a great aid to the learning and getting an aloe plant to work with definitely heightened the experience. Overall, I came back with a stronger connection to nature, myself, and the community around me. I definitely felt like I was on a higher vibration. Oh, and I love the air plant necklace.


Life Force Project website

The entire weekend was inspiring and insightful. The retreat house was magnificent with beautiful views of the water, and a great layout to allow for group intimacy and separateness[ if desired].Jon was a compelling teacher who invited the group to embrace difficult concepts which he made accessible and understandable. He was always available for individual discussions if questions arose. I appreciated his passion and the depth of knowledge about the subject. The food was beautifully prepared and delicious. Paige, went out of her way to respond to each individual 's dietary needs and incorporate them into her menu. The attention to detail in that regard was extraordinary. The paddle boarding and kayaking made for a welcome break, and allowed members a great opportunity to metabolize the complex concepts they were integrating.The weekend flowed beautifully. It was restorative and uplifting.

Gladdie Funke

Life Force Project website

Purpose elevates everything we do, makes it a more meaningful place to live. Thank you for uniting us to meditate, activate and create.

Marty Herzog

Life Force Project website

I knew David when he was in his corporate role, when he was known as the bulldog. His persistence and go get ‘em attitude served him to lead a successful real estate career. He was the guy you wanted to have a cigar and a scotch with after a long day’s work. I also had the pleasure of traveling with him through Colombia after he decided to break away from the daily grind to embark on his transformational journey. Not only was David an amazing, highly competent and engaging host, but the perseverance I saw behind the office desk transformed seamlessly into a truly inspirational soul searching guide. He’s still the guy I would like to have a cigar and a scotch with - right after a nice long yoga or meditation session.

Halli McQuillan

Life Force Project website

During his stay with us at the Peace Retreat, David was always enthusiastic and engaging. He was both serious about his yoga practice yet light-hearted and fun to be around. I look forward to working with David again in the near future.

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