Life Source Retreats

Life Source Retreats transforms through meditation, workshops, yoga retreats and beautiful adventures to nourish, expand as well as remind the mind, body and soul.

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Avelino May Xul

Avelino is a genuinely great human being, with blissful intentions for anyone crossing his path. He combines his therapies with osteopath techniques, massage, and Mayan healing chants and prayer. He is a very generous and open person-characteristics which greatly enhance the benefits that a therapist can provide.

Brittney Rose

Brittney Rose is one of Life Source Retreats co-founders along with David Graziano and Michele Clark. Brittney has been creating, hosting and co-leading various retreats since the company’s inception in Tulum. She is a certified yoga teacher and a natural spiritual healer who has relocated back to Malibu, California in order to oversee the company’s expansion to their newest location.


Testimonials 5

Kevin W

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I have been to countless retreats and this is without a doubt one of the top 1%

I was repeatedly blown away by each and every one of the dozen or so group and individual workshops during the retreat, the amazing people transforming left and right, the delicious healthy food, or just the pure joy of being in that amazing Tulum water.

If you are reading this, just go!

Melanie S

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The week at Life Source Retreats in Tulum was truly life changing for me. I felt so wonderful in this group of amazing people from all over the world and I learned a lot about the law of attraction and how important it is to life a positive life. If I will ever return to Tulum, then the first thing I will do is have a look at their retreats! Thumbs up for Live Source Retreats!

Angela T

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I was worried the retreat would be too "yogi" for me but I was pleasantly surprised at how much my family and I gained from this experience. It's hard to put into words the how much this retreat has positively affected my life. We had some days that were very scheduled with meals, classes and activities and other days, we had more time to explore. The community style dining is so fun and a unique way to get to know people. The other guests we met felt like family and lifelong friends. I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking to heal their soul, connect with a spouse or family, or have a unique experience with friends. I can't wait to go back!

Melissa Hannan

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As a former Miss Australia I was lucky enough to be in the Miss World...but a week in 'Life Source Retreat' was out of this world! A spiritual adventure surrounded by natural beauty. Cheers to you all.

Efe K.

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If you are looking for a getaway from your busy life, eat healthy, do yoga be surrounded with amazing and caring people this is the best place in the world! I truly enjoyed every second of my entire trip. Attended a yoga retreat and and far beyond this many workshops, food the hotel design everything was meticulous!

Recommended to everyone who is looking for an amazing retreat.

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