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Consciousness Meditation & Mind Programing Retreat in Portugal

Nothing in this world happens by chance. There is no such thing as luck or accident. Every little thing in your life happens for a certain reason, you may not see it all now but you will, before long. So if you are reading these words and you find yourself in them, than this path is for you.

Meet the instructors

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  • 4-hour daily consciousness classes
  • Daily centering and creative meditation practice
  • 2 online individual coaching sessions post-retreat
  • Guided coast and beach walks and city and sightseeing tour
  • Invitation to a 6-week ‘consciousness challenge’ and to join the Life Wings community
  • Workbook and a meditation audio-pack to keep for life
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Daily meals


6 days with instruction
Group size: Minimum of 6 participants
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:


  • Hot tub / Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Steam room
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)
  • Tennis court
  • Bar
  • Concierge desk
  • Garden
  • Luggage room / storage
  • Multilingual staff
  • Restaurant
  • Special menu request
  • Terrace
  • Baby sitting
  • Child care
  • Dry cleaning
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Ironing / ironing board
  • Laundry
  • Meeting room
  • Tour assistance

The resort is dedicated to health and well-being, is distinguished by its tranquil location close to the historic town of Lagos, the Costa Vincentina National Park and the breathtaking beaches of the Algarve coast.

Conveniently located only 60 minutes from Faro Airport (FAO), Cascade is a perfect combination between a peaceful getaway and an exciting unique experience. A place where you can unwind, grow, and discover.

The hotel offers high quality 5-star luxury accommodations with a very sophisticated decoration reflecting the expeditions of Portuguese navigators across four continents – Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

Stepping on this journey on your own or bringing your partner, your friends or colleagues with you, they've got the perfect retreat set up.

To become truly acquainted with the outstandingly delicious Portuguese food we will explore the best restaurants of Lagos providing you a full board experience.


If you feel that your life is not what you desired it to be, and you are determined to make a change for the better, then be kind to yourself and keep up with this program. It is not enough to feel lonely, broke, ill, frustrated, or stressed in life; if you want change you have to desire a better world to live in.

Are you facing difficulties, obstacles, fears and frustrations, living an unfulfilled and meaningless life? You see people around you living by their desires, having everything they want. Are you asking yourself: How could I do the same? How could I find my calling? The Art of Conscious Living retreat will answer all your questions.

About the consciousness retreat

Everything that you most desire in life is waiting for you, you just have to learn how to reach it. Imagine for a second the amazing world you could create if you would have the tools to align with your true self, free from old limiting beliefs and emotions and connect with a deep sense of purpose, meaning and passion for life. At the Art of Conscious Living retreat you’ll be learning these tools.

You’ll leave this retreat feeling empowered, inspired and rejuvenated, within the possession of all you need to move forward. This retreat is a life changing, seven days journey into consciousness.

On this popular retreat, you will learn to create a structured positive thinking, moulded in your own way that leads to the riches you desire. You´ll practice daily creative meditation for a perfectly healthy body and mind. So when you go back home you have everything you need to move forward.


The benefits you’ll experience with a Life Wings retreat:

1. Learn to practice conscious life

  • Discover how to practice positive structured thinking, creative meditation and mind stillness in day by day life.
  • Become aware of your present moment and desired life for the future.
  • Learn how to manage emotions as well as powerful methods to overtake obstacles and fears.
  • Reset yourself and start to build the path of your own amazing new life.

2. Enjoy delicious Portuguese food

Food in Portugal is a cause for celebration! The list of reasons why to love Portugal is long. From the goodwill of the people to the blue ocean, the all-year-round sunshine, the landscape and architecture. But at the very top of the list is the outstandingly delicious Portuguese food! During your retreat, you will enjoy Portuguese food from the best restaurants of Lagos.

3. Relaxation, nature, and history

On your retreat, you will enjoy free programs like coast and beach walks, kayak tour, and boat trip. There will also be two days of sightseeing of Lagos and Sagres and some free time to enjoy relaxing in the beautiful garden of the hotel.

4. Experience a new sense of life

You’ll walk away with a new sense of yourself as a superior human being with greater understanding, compassion and patience. You’ll take powerful tools and insights back into your daily life so that you can continue to live and create a better life.

You will learn:

  • How to bring consciousness in your day by day life.
  • How to be present, releasing yourself from the pain of the past and the fear of the future.
  • How to practice creative meditation and still mind. Learn to control and calm your mind by meditating properly and fit this into your busy life.
  • How to stop the flow of negative thoughts and transform them in constructive positive thinking. Learn powerful methods for you to respond rather than react to life’s challenges.
  • Learn to raise your consciousness through releasing the pain behind negative feelings. Resolve the emotional burden of the past crises and learn to manage conflicts in the present.
  • Learn to create a structured positive thinking, moulded in your own way that leads to the riches you desire.
  • How to map your reality and create a precise image of the desired life.
  • How to switch your mindset to a solution orientated one.
  • How to recognise true desires and dreams and turn them into goals. How to break them down into pieces that you can easily puzzle.
  • How to visualise realistic future images in order to create them, why and how that works.
  • Manage all types of relationships with yourselves and with other people and with everything around you. Learn to create empathy and why is that so important.
  • Know your values and beliefs, how they guide your lives and how to reorganise them. How to break through limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns. How to understand and overtake your fears so that they no longer define you.

Art of consciousness course curriculum

Module 1: The importance of being present and living a conscious life - How to bring consciousness into your day by day life

  • What is consciousness?
  • What means awakening to it?
  • How to experience a seamless transformational journey.
  • What to expect and how to prepare yourself for it.
  • Awakening is the first step of connecting yourself with your consciousness.
  • The learning process explained simple.
  • What means being present and how to achieve it in your daily activities.
  • Stepping into the path of self-awareness and presence state.

Module 2: Awareness of conceptual mind and existence - Awareness of the existence of self

  • Learn to hear, see, and feel yourself.
  • Sense your body and the space around it.
  • What you are made of?
  • How you became yourselves?
  • Experiencing your multiple body system.
  • Your pulsing vibrating energy matrix brings in itself your karma and soul history, all joy and pain you experienced, involving your actual emotional state and the physical body.
  • Understanding the ego, how to handle it and lead yourself through your persona's filter.

Module 3: The most fundamental mystery of your existence - The mysterious connection between consciousness, emotion, and thought

  • You are like tiny energy dots in the infinite energy field of consciousness.
  • Unique informational matrix determined by all individual and collective experiences.
  • The impact of knowing that, on your daily life.
  • Understand the levels of consciousness and it's elevation process.
  • Recognise the level of each area and aspect of your life.
  • Evolve through releasing yourself by letting go of the related pain of the past and the fear of the future.
  • Stepping into the path of consciousness elevation.

Module 4: Causality and responsibility (creation and control of thought) - You either create or allow everything that happens in your life

  • Responses! Understand, analyse and control them, from the simple daily routine to the difficult life changing decisions.
  • A reaction has the charge of the event.
  • A response is in accordance with the desired outcome.
  • How to stop the flow of negative thoughts and transform them in constructive positive thinking.
  • Learn powerful methods for you to respond rather than react to life’s challenges.
  • Dominating thoughts are shaping your reality.
  • What means dominating thought and feeling?
  • Observation through the state of presence allows you to see clearly what and how to adjust to reach the most impact on your daily processes.
  • Thinking as a happening or as a doing.

Module 5: Handling emotions (breaking the critical moment) - Emotion as an amplified and energised thought pattern

  • Emotion as the everyday struggle.
  • Understanding the mechanism of emotions and the most common ways of handling them.
  • The huge influence of your social and childhood programming.
  • The origins of negative emotions within you.
  • Stress as the product of the pressure of suppressed and repressed feelings.
  • Awareness of the energetic value of denied and resisted emotions.
  • From loss of consciousness to illness and death.
  • The role of challenges and obstacles in your evolution.
  • How to maintain presence in turbulent moments.
  • Easy practice tools.
  • Overcoming deep-rooted mental and emotional conditioning.

Module 6: Transcending the negative into positive (presence and meditation) - Life is meant to challenge you because that’s how you grow

  • Control of self, the beginning of the emotion´s transformational process.
  • You take yourselves up on each level of the consciousness from shame, guilt to fear to courage or even to joy.
  • Expending the awareness of the moment as a powerful tool.
  • Understanding the process of emotion transformation.
  • The state of presence as the only manifestation way of consciousness.
  • Meditation as the adventure of the transformation process.
  • Learn to control and calm your mind by meditating properly and fit this into your busy life.
  • Relaxing, targeting and programming.
  • Letting go the awareness, acceptance, observation and dissipation of energy behind feelings.
  • Growing through your challenges and learning to Let Go.

Module 7: The importance of learning, adopting, and applying a positive structured thinking - Teach the mind to operate right and it will serve you the best

  • Problem focused minds are blind to their reality.
  • The type of thinking that follows certain steps, beginning with acknowledging and identifying the current reality, setting up goals, finding solutions and taking action.
  • How to recognise true desires and dreams and turn them into goals.
  • How to break them down into pieces that you can easily puzzle.
  • How to visualise realistic future images in order to manifest them, why and how that works.
  • The human mind as a live GPS.
  • Implementing a real change in life implies considering it in its whole complexity, analysing from various angles all its weaknesses, but also all the possibilities.
  • Gaining a greater awareness of who you are.

Module 8: Conscious self and interpersonal relationships - If you know the rules of the mind, you can do anything with it

  • Conscious relationships with others, yourselves and the world around you.
  • The importance of knowing and understanding yourselves and others.
  • Relational awareness and compassion.
  • You are not so different but still different.
  • Personality types as indicators for healthy relationships.
  • Empathy as the key to conscious relationships.
  • Self knowledge through the awareness of your roots.
  • How and why they drive you.
  • Understanding the life circle of values – beliefs – emotions – behaviour.
  • Stepping into conscious self and interpersonal relationships.

Benefits you’ll walk away with

  • You’ll stress less and live a peaceful life. By learning new techniques to break stress moments and undesired occurrences, you'll live each day a harmonious life.
  • Your life will become more meaningful and focused. By learning to respond in accordance with the desired outcome rather than react to life’s challenges when they arise.
  • You’ll gain a new sense of thinking, after setting up a positive structured mindset by breaking old conditioning and unhelpful patterns.
  • You’ll feel more confident and have greater understanding and patience with others.
  • Learning to deal with difficult emotions and impulses will give you a new sense of inner self. Better self-awareness means you’ll be more able to live in harmony with yourself, with others and with the world around you.
  • You’ll know how to practice still mind and creativeness anytime and anywhere.
  • Your mind will be less distracted leading to greater productivity and enjoyment of work. You'll easily find yourself wherever you go in this busy stressful world.
  • You’ll have all the tools and support you need to integrate everything you learned, when you go back home and feel more passion, vitality and meaning in everyday life.

Daily program outline

  • Wake up
  • Centering meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Workshops / lecture
  • Creative meditation
  • Lunch
  • Leisure time
  • Free activities and group programs
  • Group dinner
  • Centering meditation (individual)
  • Wind down / bed time

Included excursions

  • Coast and beach walks
  • City and sightseeing tour




Enjoying a truly unique and stunning cliff-top location in Portugal, Cascade Wellness Resort is one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in the Algarve, offering an elegant and sophisticated life time experience.


To become truly acquainted with the outstandingly delicious Portuguese food, you will explore the best restaurants of Lagos; providing you a full board experience.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
  • Seafood
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • Daily centering meditation practice (healing, positive affirmation, inner peace)
  • Daily consciousness classes (4 hours)
  • Daily creative meditation practice (goal targeting, visualisation, problem solving)
  • Guided coast and beach walks
  • Guided city and sights seeing tour
  • Workbook and a meditation audio-pack to keep for life
  • An invitation to participate in a 6-week ‘consciousness challenge’ to share post-retreat experiences
  • An invitation to become a conscious member of the Life Wings community
  • 2 online individual coaching sessions post-retreat (during the first 6 weeks) to support your integration of the creative meditation and positive structured thinking into your life
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast every morning (Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Lunch and dinner every day in different beach and city restaurants (except check in and check out days)

What's not included

  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Drinks

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Faro Airport (FAO). There are many transportation options available upon arrival at Faro Airport (FAO), including airport shuttles, taxis, private car service, and car rentals. Driving time is approximately 1 hour.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 20% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.
7 days / 6 nights
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Minimum group size

This trip requires a minimum of 6 participants

Thursday September 30, 2021
(7 days / 6 nights)

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