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3 Days Mindfulness Meditation Retreat in UK

Weekend Meditation Holidays UK

This listing has the most popular offer available in the United Kingdom

Discover a better way of living at one of these warm, friendly mindfulness weekends. The retreats are for everyone aged 18 to 80, who wants to explore the wonderful possibilities that mindfulness and meditation have to offer. Whether you are drawn to mindfulness to ease stress, relief depression, tackle illness, improve your well-being, or achieve spiritual enlightenment, these retreats are for you. They are perfect for complete beginners and mindfulness masters alike.

Meet the instructors

Paul, Jason, Adrian, & 1 More…
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  • Daily meditation practice
  • Mindfulness talk and exercises
  • Dynamic Kundalini yoga session with Paul
  • Evening of fun and games by the campfire
  • Tasty vegetarian or vegan food
  • 2 nights' accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


3 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
The maximum participants in the group is 30
Airport transfer available: London Gatwick Airport
Airport transfer available: London Heathrow Airport
Airport transfer available: London Stansted Airport
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:


  • Barbeque facilities
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge

The retreats are set in the most perfect location. Surrounded by woodland, it is immersed in nature, and outside is the lawn and purpose-built fire pit. Be sure to say hello to the Green Man chainsaw carvings in the benches. Accommodation is in delightful log cabins which are joined to the kitchen, dining, and teaching area, and there is plenty of space to chill out both inside or outside.

There are plenty of newly refurbished showers and toilets and a large wet room. There is full wheelchair access, and everything is on ground level. The bedrooms are basic, but they are clean, warm, and cozy. Each room has private wash facilities and sleeps two in a purpose-built bunk bed. If you come as a couple, you can have a room to yourselves. If you come on your own, then they will find you someone to share with, but someone with the same sex as you.

The Suffolk Cabins Woodland Lodge is a great place for weekends (or longer if you like), offering seclusion and tranquility in a lovely rural setting. It is a bunkhouse, but a comfortable one! It is a place that children just love as there are no precious ornaments or furnishings that can be easily damaged. Dogs are welcome, but please remember that there are horses and other livestock nearby.

There are 13 rooms, 12 with two bunk beds and one with four (suitable for wheelchair users). All rooms are equipped with washbasins and heating, and there are toilet facilities close to all rooms as well as a large wet room. Further showers and toilets are located elsewhere in the building. There is a well-equipped living room with plenty of comfy chairs and sofas for relaxing and unwinding after your fun-packed day. It is equipped with a flat screen TV, satellite box, and Blue-ray DVD player.

For self-catering, there is a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, fridge, freezer, microwave, and range cooker. The large workroom or meeting room doubles as a pleasant dining area that can seat up to 21 people but can also be arranged to suit whatever training or team building activities you require. Free Wi-Fi is provided throughout the premises.

Outside, there is a large grassy paddock sheltered by mature trees. It faces northeast and benefits from sunshine for pretty much most of the day and is warm even in cool weather. As can be seen in the photographs, there is landscaped horseshoe surrounding a fire pit and BBQ area. They have aimed to make Suffolk Cabins as affordable as possible based on a group of 26 people sharing.


If you are new to mindfulness, you will learn everything that you need to be mindful in this weekend. If you are already practicing mindfulness, then these weekends will take your practice to a new level. You will meet some wonderful people, and you will learn something that can change your life. Come with your partner or bring a friend, or you can come on your own. Love Life Live Now is a warm and friendly bunch, non-judging and accepting, so you would not feel alone for long.

What are Love Life Live Now's mindfulness retreats about?

Love, laughter, and learning, that is what this retreat is all about. It is great to learn mindfulness from books or lectures, but in truth, mindfulness is an experience, and books and lectures can only point you in the right direction. Mindfulness cannot be grasped intellectually because mindfulness is not a theory or a belief, and it has nothing to do with mental gymnastics. Mindfulness is a state of being.

Mindfulness is a heightened state of alert awareness that allows your mind to go quiet. Then you can rest from the constant mental chatter, your problems, your worries, and your head dramas to get on with the really important issue of enjoying your life. The basic principles of mindfulness are really simple, and there really is not much to understand. Mindfulness is all about practice and direct experience, and that is what the Now Project mindfulness weekends are about.

You will be taught everything that you need to know to practice mindfulness, but more importantly, you will get to experience mindfulness for real and live it for an extended period. From the outset, they will help you to achieve a deep state of mindfulness. The retreat is designed to help you maintain your mindfulness for much of the weekend, and that will teach you more about mindfulness than any book, lecture, or smartphone app ever can.

Love Life Live Now has a team of really experienced mindfulness practitioners who can hold a high degree of mindfulness, and they will help to keep you mindful in between the classes, teaching you mindfulness and advancing your practice to a new level.

You will have plenty of opportunities for personal and one-on-one coaching. The experienced and highly awake teachers are always on hand to help with your practice and offer insights, advices, and personal support. They are real and down-to-earth examples of what it is to live a mindful life, and you would not find a better bunch of mindfulness coaches anywhere.

The group would not make you dress in robes or sit facing a wall for hours. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is just not their style. They prefer to teach mindfulness their own way. They have a modern, plain talking approach to mindfulness. The teaching is no less profound, but they want to make it accessible, relaxed, and fun. It is a holiday after all.

Go on and treat yourself. Everyone deserves a weekend break from their head, even you!


Day 1

The retreat starts properly on Saturday morning, but most of the guests prefer to arrive on Friday. It gives you a chance to settle in, relax, and start to slip into a mindful state of awareness. Arrive any time after 4 p.m. Do not worry about arriving late. There is no fixed time, and they know some of you will be coming after work. They will have a warm welcome and a hot drink ready for you.

Get yourself settled into your accommodation, meet the others, or chill out at the retreat, or you can go for a mindful walk on the Thornham estate if you prefer. You will get the chance to meet the team and explore what it is to live mindfully, and you will get a taste of what they have lined up for the weekend. Dinner is at about 7:30 p.m., a hot vegetarian meal.

If the weather permits, they will get the campfire going and play some mindfulness games, and if you want to really “get in the zone,” Paul will be leading some meditations in the meditation room.

Day 2

  • 08:30 Breakfast, including coffee, tea, herbal tea, Paulette's very special porridge, fruit juice, cereal, toast, and fresh fruit
  • 09:30 Outline for the day and mindfulness of breathing meditation

You will start with introductions and a short welcome talk followed by a 20-minute meditation. You will learn a simple meditation technique to help you develop your mindful self-observation and to help you center yourself and anchor to that silent space within. Twenty minutes can seem like a very long time to meditate, particularly for beginners, but the group energy and the tranquil setting are invaluable in helping you achieve this, and you will be surprised by your ability to be still.

Something very interesting seems to happen when you meditate for this long, and often after about 15 minutes, you will find yourself “dropping away” into the silence. It is a great way to really cultivate mindfulness for the day ahead. A short break will be followed then.

  • 11:15 Teaching with Adrian

Adrian will give a talk exploring the key principles of mindfulness. You will explore what mindfulness really is, but most importantly, you will do some mindfulness exercises to help give you a direct experience of thoughtless awareness for yourself. Together, you will explore the main portals into mindful awareness and the possibilities they offer.

The watcher

You will discover how to become the watcher of your thoughts, how to stand back and observe your thoughts without judgement, and how to let go of troubling or painful thinking and free yourself of the suffering it creates. You will learn how to observe the functioning of your own mind and, with that awareness, take real effective control of yourself. Before you can have self-mastery, there must first be self-awareness!

The portal of now

Adrian will take you into the portal of now and explore the simple logic and profound wisdom of the art of living in the moment. He will reveal “the secret” that can transform your life, and you will explore how this can free you from mind made suffering and how it is the vehicle to a full and rich experience of life. After which, there will be a short break tea coffee.

The portal of the body

Mindfulness is the art of aligning mind and body. Adrian will introduce you to the mindful practice called The Way of the Body, and he will explore how body awareness is the perfect way to bring mindful attention. You will see how the body is a portal to mindful awareness and the perfect method to bring mindfulness into your everyday life.

Jason will lead a mindfulness of breath exercise and show you how to make the simple act of breathing into a powerful meditation practice, as he will then lead a short mindful walk to the dining room.

  • 13:30 Lunch and mindful eating meditation

The essence of mindfulness is to make everything a mindful experience. Mealtimes are an important part of the retreat, and when you eat mindfully, a meal can become an all-round sensory experience. Jason will lead a mindfulness of eating exercise, so you can learn how to make eating into a profound meditation experience.

Martine will be providing wonderful, hot, tasty vegetarian food (vegan option available on request) at the retreat. Martine’s food is a visual, flavor, and texture sensation. Each meal is designed to be healthy and balanced to support your meditation practice. Martine adds a big dollop of love to each dish, and that is a rather special ingredient. It is an all-around mindful sensation. If you eat in mindfully, it is sure you will taste it.

  • 14:30 Walking the mindful mile: mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful everything

If you could bring mindful attention to walking, then you are going a long way to living mindfully. Feel every step, wake up to the world around you, and learn how to use walking as a way to come alive and achieve mindfulness. Each mindfulness teacher with lead a small group of four or five guests on a mindful walk through the Arboretum on the Thornham Magna estate.

You will learn how to make the simple act of walking into a profound meditation practice. In a small group, your teacher can help to hold each of you in a high state of mindfulness for the duration of the walk. They will get you to feel every step, feel every breeze, notice the light the colors, and wake up and suck every juicy drop from your experience of the world around you. You will learn how to use walking as a way to “come alive” and achieve extended periods of mindfulness.

A mindful mile takes about two hours to walk, and that is because mindful walking involves a fair bit of sitting still, being, watching, listening, and absorbing every experience fully. And since the essence of mindfulness is realizing that you are not going anywhere, then there is no rush.

At various stages on the walk, you will be introduced to an expression of mindfulness as each of the teachers introduces you to a new aspect of mindfulness and guides you steadily deeper and deeper into a mindful state of awareness. If you could bring mindful attention to walking, then you are going a long way toward making your mindfulness practice a way of life. Have a short break, tea, coffee, and cake.

  • 17:00 Meditation techniques with Paul

Mindfulness is an essential part of many meditation traditions and is often called other names, but the principles are the same. Someone described practicing meditation without mindfulness as like trying to carry water with a hole in your bucket. Mindfulness keeps the benefit of your meditation practice going throughout the day. Ultimately, you can make your whole life a meditation.

Equally, if you really want to get the full benefit of your mindfulness practice, it would be a good idea to incorporate some formal meditation too. Meditation has been practiced for at least 5,000 years, and thousands of years of dedicated research and exploration into the nature of consciousness have uncovered some amazing stuff. Paul will teach you some basic and more advanced meditation techniques that will really help your practice and deepen your mindful experience.

Paul lives pretty much all the time in a state of mindful awareness, and he is the most awake person you are likely to meet. His journey has taken him to explore Vedic meditation traditions, and he practices and teaches Kriya and Kundalini yoga. If you were to include one or two of these into your practice, you might find some staggering results. But the team will let you discover this for yourself.

  • 19:00 Dinner and an evening of fun and games by the campfire

Adrian and the team will be on hand to discuss your practice and answer questions, etc.

Kundalini yoga with Paul

This is not the kind of yoga you will learn at the gym. Yoga means pathway to union, and there are many different forms. These forms require a good pair of lungs but no bending or stretching, and they are practiced seated.

The famous appreciation game

This is a simple mindfulness game to play on your own or with friends. It is a great way to practice mindfulness and really helps you to cultivate energetic intention. Seeing and drawing with a quiet mind with Sophie. Sophie is interested in getting you to sit and be still inside and out. She is a mindful artist, and she wants to introduce you to a world that you may have been overlooking. She will teach you how to really see and how to look with mindfulness.

Sophie will help you to hold a high degree of mindful attention and show you how to look without judgement, without criticisms, comparison, or description, to see as it is, without the screen of thoughts. Notice how the colors come alive. Notice the shape, shadow, and definition. If you just want to sit and be still and see, that is fine. But if you feel the urge, you can pick up a pencil and begin to draw.

Mindful drawing is about the experience. There are no goals, aims, or pursued outcomes. All the lessons come from the experience of the moment, not the end product. Mindful drawing promotes a simultaneous act of seeing, discovering and being, making it a wonderful vehicle to awareness. The group hopes and will let you discover this for yourself.

Day 3

  • 08:30 Mindful movement with Jason

Jason will introduce you to the art of mindful movement through his own form of dynamic meditation: a little standing meditation, some gentle exercises, and mindful movements to help wake your body and to help you to align your mind and body to connect that mindful space of awareness. It will also get your chi energy flowing and help you be mindful of subtle energies, clear your mind, and connect to nature. It is the perfect start and great preparation for the day ahead.

  • 09:30 Breakfast
  • 10:30 Mindfulness and emotions

Adrian will explore the link between thinking and feeling and how with mindfulness it becomes possible to manage painful emotions within your body. He will show you how by being mindful of your emotions, you can process them effectively and move from “unconscious reaction” driven by your emotions toward “right action,” which comes from a place of calm mindful clarity.

Adrian will show you how to sit mindfully with your emotions and explore how when you are mindful of your emotions, this results in more conscious interactions with the world. You will discover how mindfulness allows you to create a better world within yourself and how that can be reflected in the world at large. You will explore why feeling is a good thing and how it connects you to your humanity and leads to the cultivation of compassion.

You will discover how emotions are nothing to be afraid of and how they are the vehicle to a rich and fulfilled life and to realizing your humanity. You will explore how mindfulness of emotion is ultimately the key to your higher states of awareness, your higher intelligence. When you run from your feelings, you are running from yourself. If Love Life Live Now can help you to stop running, be still, and mindfully face yourself, then you are in for a rather pleasant surprise!

  • 13:00 The energy of mindfulness - Einstein and the Buddha with Adrian

Many traditional schools of mindfulness express the importance of energy and mindful intention. Buddhist mindfulness for example will include practices such as “Loving Kindness Meditation” and encourage you to be mindful of your communications and to be compassionate and gentle in your interaction with others.

The wisdom is simple: if you put out an energy of loving kindness and you tread gently in the world and act with true compassion, then you put a different energy onto the world, and the world starts to reflect that back. If you are happy and nice to people, they tend to be pleased to see you, and they are usually nice back, so your experience of the world changes. You have changed the world with energy and intention.

Central to this wisdom is an understanding of energy and the nature of reality. Every culture and tradition in the world has an understanding of the life force, an inner energy field of the body. In China, they call it chi energy, in Japan ki, and in India, it is called prana.

Scientists are telling what the ancient masters knew many thousands of years ago. When you explore physical reality at its most fundamental level, the atomic level, then you discover that there is pretty much nothing there at all. Atom is a tiny speck of matter that are held together in a vibrating field of infinite nothingness. Physicists call it the “quantum field,” Taoists call it “the Tao,” and in India, they might call it “The web of illusion,” and Buddha simply called it “emptiness.”

Adrian will introduce you to the world within, the energetic universe. They will help you find your inner space and show you how through mindfulness, you can develop awareness of the energy field of your body. This can bring a profound experience of contentedness and a shift of understanding that opens up infinite possibilities for deepening awareness, self-healing, and ultimately influencing and bringing about the change in the material world.

  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 Emotional clearing meditation

The emotional clearing session for many of the regular guests is the highlight of the weekend. Based upon the work of the American psychiatrist and Vedic master John Ruskan, the emotional clearing meditation is by far the most powerful meditation practice that is found for freeing and releasing past emotional pain.

In the east, they call this practice karma yoga. It can have a profound effect, resulting in cathartic releases of trapped emotion, and leave you feeling deeply anchored in awareness. Or you can also have processing emotions with Barry.

  • 16:15 Thank you, goodbyes, and where now?

Adrian will explore how you can take your mindfulness home with you and how to make mindfulness part of your life and spread your newfound awareness to others. He will introduce you to the wider work of The Now Project and the support they can provide and introduce you to their little community and the part they play in the international mindfulness movement toward a loving compassionate world.

  • 16:30 Retreat ends







This retreat will take place at Suffolk Cabins. The mindfulness retreat venue nestles within the fabulous Thornham Magna estate in mid-Suffolk. It is immersed in nature. There is no sound of human activity at all, no traffic, just woodland, forest animals, bird songs, and the sounds of nature.

The ancient woodland collaborates in the work, and just by sitting quietly, you can feel the stress of the city, worries, problems, and all that head stuff simply dissolving as nature begins its work. Switch off your phone and your gadgets and unplug from the madness and let nature bring you home back to yourself, back to the source.

Blessed with miles of parkland, free open spaces, wildlife, ancient woodland, and one of the finest arboretums in the country, it is the perfect getaway and the ideal environment for you to discover the simple joys of mindful living.

Nearby places

  • London - 1 hour and 40 minutes by car
  • Stowmarket Station - 1 hour and 20 minutes by train


All meals are included, and mindful eating is a really important part of your mindfulness training. Love Life Live Now does not insist that you are vegetarian, and some of the teachers will openly confess that they eat meat, but vegetarian food lends itself this kind of work. They want you to get the most from your retreat experience, so all meals are vegetarian. Vegan options are also available.

When you practice mindfulness, mealtimes can become an important part of your practice. Each mouthful can be a meditation, and you will discover a far greater appreciation of everything you eat. Meals are prepared from fresh produce with loving mindful attention, which an essential ingredient and an important but often overlooked aspect of its nutrition.

For the winter season, they will be serving porridge, warm hearty soups, baked potatoes, hot bread, stews, and Martine's toffee apple crumble. For dinner on Saturday, there is some seriously advanced mindful dining. They have “A Trio of Rafi's World-Famous Curries.” If you do not like curry, do not worry because there will other options, but eat these with a beginner’s mind and you might find yourself coming back next month just for the food.

They will provide fresh fruits, snacks, and as much tea and coffee as you want, but if you could mindfully make it yourself, it would be helpful.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Drinks

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

There are lots to do and see around Suffolk Cabins. Here is a selection, all of which are within reach as a day out or less.

Banham Zoo (16 miles)

Banham Zoo is part of the Zoological Society of East Anglia, a registered charity 50-acre zoo in Banham, Norfolk, England, home to over 2,000 animals.

Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm (15 miles)

Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm is in the middle of the beautiful county of Suffolk in Eastern England and is a small livestock farm breeding farm animals that were once common but are now very rare.

Bressingham steam and gardens (10 miles)

A steam museum and garden center located in the village of Bressingham, west of Diss in Norfolk, England, the site has several narrow gauge rail lines and a number of steam engines and vehicles in its collection. It is also the home of the national Dad’s Army exhibition.

Framlingham Castle (18 miles)

The Framlingham Castle is an English heritage property and a fantastic example of a 12th century Norman castle built in 1148 on the site of an earlier motte and bailey. For historians, this is well worth a visit.

Museum of East Anglian life (11 miles)

Located in Stowmarket, this excellent open air museum is set in 80 acres of countryside, with over 20 historic buildings and collections of over 45,000 objects exploring the rural and social history of East Anglia.

There are some fascinating displays such as steam traction engines, reconstructed historic buildings, and lots of animals, including a newly acquired Suffolk punch horse, rare breeds sheep, cattle, and pigs. It is also a lovely place to take a picnic and go for a walk with three kilometers of riverside and woodland walks.

National Horseracing Museum (34 miles)

The National Horseracing Museum located at 99 High Street in Newmarket is open to the public. It contains collections and records of people and horses involved in the sport of horse racing, from its royal origins to modern heroes. Exhibits include the history of horse racing, horse racing in Britain, trophies, paintings of famous horses, trainers and jockeys, jockey uniforms, betting, and horse racing memorabilia.

The Vestey Gallery of British Sporting Art is located in the museum and features changing exhibits of art relating to sports, including hunting, shooting, fishing, boxing, archery, rowing, and horse racing. The museum has an archive collection of information and images of early horses, jockeys, trainers, breeders, and owners. It is a signatory to the Kids in Museums Manifesto.

Norwich city, castle, and more (27 miles)

One of Norwich’s most famous landmarks, Norwich Castle was built by the Normans as a royal palace 900 years ago. Explore the castle's history as a palace and later as a prison and enjoy its fabulous collections of fine arts, archaeology, and natural history, as well as the Royal Norfolk Regimental Museum collections.

Norfolk Museums Service’s learning team delivers award-winning programs for schools and all ages in 10 museums across Norfolk. Their museums are in amazing historic buildings with wonderful collections and top-class displays, and they specialize in bringing history and learning to life.

Orford Castle (30 miles)

Discover one of England’s most complete and unusual keeps at this fascinating visitor attraction in Suffolk. The unique polygonal tower keep of Orford Castle stands beside the pretty town and former port, which Henry II also developed there.

The castle is remarkably intact, allowing visitors to explore from the basement through the lower and upper halls to the roof where there are magnificent views seaward to Orford Ness. The rooms around are a maze of passages leading to the chapel, kitchen, and other chambers in the turrets.

Orford Ness Nature Reserve (30 miles to Orford Quay)

Orford Ness Nature Reserve is an internationally important nature reserve with a fascinating 20th-century military history. Take a short boat trip to this wild and remote shingle spit, the largest in Europe. Follow trails through a stunning landscape and a history that will both delight and intrigue. Discover an internationally important nature reserve littered with debris and unusual, often forbidding, buildings from a sometimes disturbing past.


The photography workshops cater for all ability levels and are tailored to individual needs and guided by experienced professional photographers, providing practical photography training at a range of stunning locations across Suffolk. The courses are a must for anyone who would like to compose better pictures, get artistic with their camera, or discover the immense potential of the DSLR. Whatever your photographic experience, the team will help you develop your skills.


Meandering along the Norfolk-Suffolk border is the very pretty river Waveney. The upper sections are clear and gently flowing and offer a haven for all sorts of wildlife. Swans, herons, and kingfishers can be seen on the river, and in the summer, beautiful damselflies, butterflies, and dragonflies. Although otters are living in the river, they are not easily seen.

Situated just six miles from Suffolk Cabins, Scole is an easy access point. From there and downstream, there are relatively easy access and egress points for most of the way along the river, an excellent guide to canoeing. The Waveney, written in conjunction with the Environment Agency, is available, and getting hold of a copy is recommended.

Perhaps one of the best ways to see the river is from a canoe. They have the advantage of being totally silent, allowing you to get closer to wildlife while enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Waveney Valley, and can be enjoyed by any age. Canoe hire is available at Bungay from Outney Meadow Caravan Park. Discover your hidden talents, learn new skills, or hone existing ones on a weekend residential course at Suffolk Cabins in the heart of the English countryside.

Sizewell nuclear power station visitor center (31 miles)

EDF energy has seven visitor centers across the UK. The interactive exhibitions explore nuclear power generation, helping visitors to understand more about nuclear power generation. Individuals and groups can book a station tour free of charge. All visitor centers have an interactive exhibition and a classroom and offer pre-arranged tours of the power station.

The exhibition, with the use of interactive models, touch-screen computers, and information panels, explains how electricity is generated in a nuclear power station. It also covers safety on-site, radiation, nuclear waste, and other forms of electricity generation.

Snape Maltings (32 miles)

Snape Maltings is an arts complex on the banks of the River Alde at Snape. It is best known for its concert hall, which is one of the main sites of the annual Aldeburgh Festival.

St. Edmundsbury Cathedral (20 miles)

St. Edmundsbury Cathedral is Suffolk’s cathedral for nearly 1,000 years.

Suffolk Punch Trust (31 miles)

The Suffolk Punch Trust is an ideal place for school groups to enjoy a stimulating and educational day out. Children learn a great deal from experiencing farming and rural life in days gone by and how it relates to today.

Suffolk wildlife trust (Distances from Thornham vary)

The trust’s nature reserves are some of Suffolk's most inspiring wild places. From tiny meadows to rolling heaths, they are as varied as the animals and plants that live in them. You are welcome to enjoy them all free of charge.

Sutton Hoo (24 miles)

This hauntingly beautiful 255-acre estate, with far-reaching views over the river Deben, is home to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time. This is a must for students interested in Britain’s ancient history. To quote the National Trust, “a magical and enchanting experience awaits your educational group at Sutton Hoo.”

Anglo-Saxon history comes alive with guided mound tours, guided activities, and an interactive exhibition hall. The friendly fully trained volunteer guides are eager to share their passion and love of Sutton Hoo with you. They hope you have a wonderful and inspiring visit with exploring the ancient royal Anglo-Saxon site.

West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village (23 miles)

One of England’s great archaeological sites, West Stow has extensive indoor galleries and a stunning recreation of an Anglo-Saxon village surrounded by 125 acres of unspoiled countryside. West Stow Country Park features 125 acres of woods, heathlands, a river, and a lake, plus nature trails, walks, and an adventure playground.

Visitors to West Stow can explore history and nature, watch a film, dress up as an Anglo-Saxon, or say hello to the rare breed pigs and chickens. As part of the annual Ring Quest event, you could even meet a Hobbit, among other Lord of the Rings characters!

What's included

  • 2 nights' accommodation
  • All meals, drinks, and snacks
  • All teachings and talks
  • Daily meditation sessions and mindfulness exercises
  • Transfer from the train station to the retreat center

What's not included

  • Additional excursions
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal expenses

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Gatwick Airport (LGW), Heathrow Airport (LHR), or London Stansted Airport (STN). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request.

Arrival by train

The retreat is about 10 miles from Stowmarket Station, which is on the main line from London Liverpool Street to Norwich (approximately one hour and 20 minutes). Trains run half hourly from London. Love Life Live Now will provide transport to the retreat center from the Diss station from the most popular trains. Discounted train tickets can be purchased in advance from trainline.com.

Airport: London Gatwick Airport Airport transfer available: London Gatwick Airport Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.
Airport: London Heathrow Airport Airport transfer available: London Heathrow Airport Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.
Airport: London Stansted Airport Airport transfer available: London Stansted Airport Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

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