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7 Days Intensive Awakening Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Agrano, Italy

Casa Rosa, Via Dante, 1, 28887 Agrano di Omegna VB, Italy

Transformative Yoga Retreat Italy

Awakening from the dream of thought, step beyond the limits of your perception and accessing your true nature and potential. Through inner transformation, you bring a new world into being by creating a new world within yourself. The next step on the journey of awakening is to access a new way of living which is fully in alignment with the eternal now.

It's about living in love and trusting your experience which creates flow and synchronicity. As you learn to live as your true self, you become conscious creators in the expression of each moment.

Meet the instructors

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  • Yoga practices
  • Various workshops
  • Meditation sessions
  • Conscious nutrition and classes
  • Mindful walk to the spring
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Daily meals


6 days with instruction
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  • Barbeque facilities
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge


Sample schedule

Day 1 - Monday

  • 19:00 Arrival
  • 20:00 Dinner, introductions
  • 21.00 Evening meditation

This evening will be pretty relaxed as it will mainly work around people's arrival time. Once you've had a chance to settle in upon arrival, you will have free time to enjoy the space, put down your worries and forget about your problems!

Tonight, you will also get the opportunity to meet the team in person. Love Life Live Now operate a ratio of two or three guests to each teacher, so they can take good care of you held you in the presence and keep you feeling safe, through the week as things unfold.

Love Life Live Now will close the evening with gentle, calming meditation and invite you to take an early night.

Day 2 - Tuesday

  • Yoga with Jihan (begin your day by connecting with your body through some gentle yoga)
  • Morning meditation (if you're still feeling tired or need extra rest - they warmly invite you to stay in bed and enjoy a long lie-in if that's what you prefer)
  • Breakfast
  • Mindful walk to the spring (mindful intention and taking of the water)
  • Talk by Adrian - Get Into The Now

You will gently explore the point of all creation and take a look at the space of pure potential. Topics covered during this talk will be:

  • Getting into the Now
  • Exercise to create thoughtless awareness
  • Present moment is the point of creation
  • Point zero
  • The spiritual dimension
  • Lunch
  • Talk by Erika - Hierarchy in Nutrition

Usually people look at and judge the quality of nutrition by the quality of food ingredients, but there are other factors that seem to be important for the quality and salubriousness of a meal. The quality of food whether it is organic or not, more or less mature etc belongs to the material level, but there is also the level of the soul where there are substantial differences too.

All of what we do, be it cultivation, harvesting, transport, trade, selling and then the cook, how he or she treats the food up to the manner of setting the table has a considerable impact on digestibility. An ill-humoured cook from the best ingredients can produce a dish that makes you sick and a cook with the best intentions can create a harmonious and healthy dish out of very little.

The third level is that of the eater with his thoughts and his attitude towards food while he or she is eating. This third level according to Heinz Grill in his book "Nutrition and The Inner Sense of Giving" has the greatest importance of all but will only be recognized and realized in the future

  • Meditation

Day 3 - Wednesday

  • Morning yoga with Jihan (join Jihan for some morning yoga; guiding you intuitively to get out of your head and move into your body)
  • Mindful walk to the spring.
  • Mindful intention and taking of the water
  • Meditation
  • Talk by Adrian - The Body as a Portal

This morning, you will take time to explore and notice the body; understanding ways you can lovingly use it an anchor to mindfulness. Listening to the body is a beautiful skill to learn and you will look at that, in relation to elevated feelings of connection and building on the joy of sensuality; understanding the link between the language of the heart and the gut. This talk will leave you with a deeper sense of the greater mind beyond the self.

  • Chi Kung with Hamish - Conscious movement
  • Talk by Erika - Cooking As A Creative Process

Instead of cooking out of habits or by merely following a recipe you can begin to prepare a dish parting from a thought or an idea. The idea can be very simple and should always be in a relationship with the given situation and the people for whom you are cooking.

E.g. the cook can come to the conclusion that their clients are stressed out and distracted so will create a calming, assortative meal. The whole preparation process gets a creative impulse, which takes the cook out of their habits and unconscious motives.

Thoughts and activities get a new direction from the chosen objective, with all steps the cook contemplates how to realise the idea in the best way. All experiences are helpful, the joy of cooking increases considerably and so does the quality of the dish.

  • Dinner
  • Evening activities: mindful walking/sitting, breathing

Day 4 - Thursday

  • Morning yoga with Jihan (take time to connect with the body; and start your day with a gentle alignment to your soul through movement)
  • Mindful walk to the spring
  • Mindful intention and taking of the water
  • Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Talk by Adrian - The Inner Body, Transmission, The Spiritual Dimension and The Eternal now

As the mind becomes quiet, you become conscious of a more subtle dimension to yourself in the nature of reality. You realise that people are not separate, in fact people are all connected.

  • Meditation

You will explore the nature of reality through meditation, and experience our whole self in a non-physical dimension. This guided meditation opens up a whole new field of consciousness, and allows you to listen in to your being through the heart and gut, being part of nature and flow; moving from understanding to knowing.

  • Mindful movement with Hamish - Chi Kung
  • Talk by Erika - The Threefolding of Man and The plant

All plants have roots, a part of the stem with leaves, and flowers, or later on fruits respectively. In anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner, there is described an analogue threefolding for the human being. The head with senses and brain is analogue to the root of the plant, the chest with lungs and heart goes with the leaf and stem and the abdominal part with its organs has a close relationship to the flower and fruit.

The threefolding of man equates the image of an upside-down plant. This analogy can be used for cooking when you know that e.g. the root food promotes the forces of the head, the thinking and power of concentration.

  • Dinner
  • Evening activities: mindful walking / meditation - touching the void

Day 5 - Friday

  • Morning yoga with Jihan (gently start your day by connecting with the body, moving out of your head and into your heart)
  • Mindful walk to the spring
  • Mindful intention and taking of the water
  • Meditation
  • Talk by Adrian - The Art of Conscious Transmission

This morning you will take a deep dive into the pain body, Karma, and understand the shadow within. You will explore how you may heal yourself through healing the world; and the Alchemy of Suffering. A final discussion on the art of conscious transmission will close this morning's session and leave you with a deeper sense of insightfully knowing the truth, not just understanding intellectually.

  • Mindful Movement with Hamish - Chi Kung
  • Talk by Erika - "Which kind of nutrition is the right one?"

You can form an individual point of view when you deal with various food products. There's no dogmatic "right" or "wrong" but different possibilities among which you can choose e.g. "Do I want to eat meat or do I prefer to live vegetarian style?"

The mass of diverging information is often confusing but it's not that difficult to obtain a certain basic knowledge by yourself. Why are fresh vegetables healthier as a base for a meal than canned vegetables? Important is it to treat the foods more consciously.

For example, you can read the declaration on the package and raise a concern in what's inside the product that you want to buy. Once you're getting more conscious a lot of rules become unnecessary. Rules are tempting because you follow them without knowing. In the food industry, there are a lot of lies and psychologic manipulations, often something is promoted as being "healthy" which in fact isn't e.g. cereal bars.

Against that kind of manipulation, the only help is to make a bit of research on my own to become more conscious in terms of choice and preparation of food. It would be ideal not to feel too dependent on so-called "experts", the scientists and so on, but instead, learn to assess if a meal is a good quality or not. For that, it needs a little interest and joy of exploration in the field of nutrition.

  • Dinner
  • Emotional Clearing Meditation - healing the shadow; shifting the transmission

Day 6 - Saturday

  • Morning yoga with Jihan (begin your day through connecting to your body with some gentle morning yoga movements)
  • Mindful walk to the spring
  • Mindful intention and taking of the water
  • Meditation

Talk by Adrian - Remembering your True Self

During this talk, you will discuss connecting to your passion and your natural true abundance; bringing awareness to how you may consciously create your life; learning to live from love and not fear. Becoming a co-creator of your own life through conscious living allows you to change and impact the world through being your highest expression and vibration.

Love Life Live Now ends this talk by looking at ways you can allow pure consciousness to express itself through you by being your truest self.

  • Conscious movement with Hamish - Chi Kung
  • Talk by Erika - The Joy of Sensitivity at the Table

Not only the taste, but also the form, colour, consistency, and smell have importance. A brown, mashed soup can gratify the senses less than a dish with colours, such as an orange carrot salad with green spinach and a yellow polenta.

The senses (not only the tongue) when they share bring a stimulating joy. A sad person when they are captured in their subjectivity can be elicited by a meal prepared due to the joy of sensitivity. There are more than twenty ways to cut a carrot. Forms and colours and also the consistency have an impact. E.g. in a meal not everything should be only soft or hard, but hard components balanced with soft such as a sauce or a mush should be present. The joy of sensitivity has a direct animating effect on the eater.

  • Dinner
  • Eye gazing meditation - one consciousness expressing as different forms, connecting as one through awareness, etc

Day 7 - Sunday

  • Morning yoga with Jihan (being your final day on retreat with Jihan for some morning yoga; guiding you to get out of the head and move into your body)
  • Mindful walk to the spring
  • Mindful intention and taking of the water
  • Meditation
  • Talk by Adrian - Awake Life Practices - Creating A New Earth

The final talk of the retreat will bring the week to a natural end, allowing you to fully integrate all you have seen and understood to be true for yourself. Through conscious creation, you experience a deeper sense of satisfaction in our daily being, and you shall discover there is no separation between "the observer" and "the observed".

Love Life Live Now bring this session to a close by sharing the joys and wonderment of the "Maharishi effect", and entering into your final group exercise which will be a guided "Love and Healing" meditation.

  • Retreat ends - departure transfers to the airport

Love Life Live Now team are caring, empathetic and highly skilled; they embrace conscious and mindful living in their own lives on a daily basis and have developed skills and understanding through real-life practice, in all the ups and downs, heartaches and challenges of life. They are very much looking forward to hosting you on this magical retreat and spending some wonderful, transformative moments with you.





The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Tea

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • All meals
  • Classes and workshops
  • Personal support and coaching

What's not included

  • Airfare

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled before the arrival date.

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Arrival: Monday September 23, 2019
Departure: Sunday September 29, 2019

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