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ChristinA Ritchie, Soul Coach of LUXOR Light Ascension shares Sacred Sound Codes & Keys of Awakening through a uniquely powerful meditations on Retreat in Egypt

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ChristinA Ritchie

ChristinA's gift is that of the energy known as Luxor Light. Her mission is raising consciousness through the gift of Luxor Light. Christina passes on the wisdom of the teachings through the channel which comes forth in the ancient language, meaning they touch you at the level of the soul, and the ego is not involved. But more than that, it means that the wisdom or teachings that reach you are already balanced.

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Christine Densley Australia

LUXOR Light Ascension

The Nile is the perfect place to find yourself. Everything about this cruise was amazing! If you want more than just a tourist experience and want to get to know Egypt and yourself on a much deeper level, then, this is the way to do it! The itinerary is fantastic, the scenery is spectacular, the crew are amazing & Christina is just brilliant! I cannot recommend it enough, so much so that I have now booked for the next trip as well!


LUXOR Light Ascension website

Where to start? I would most certainly recommend this trip to anyone who has an interest in Egypt and spirituality. It is a unique way to see Egypt and is the break of a lifetime. You will get to see and experience more than the standard tour. You will not regret it. My daughter and I joined Christina on a trip down the Nile. Everything was taken care of from the minute we arrived. On the boat, the crew were respectful, friendly, and nothing was too much trouble for them. The freshly-cooked food was fabulous and there was plenty of it. The accommodation was clean and very nice and comfortable. The boat itself was lovely, and it was so peaceful and magical sailing on the Nile. All the temples were amazing and we had a great and very knowledgeable local guide, and so was our host Christina. The meditations and spiritual side of the trip were excellent and Christina was amazing. I felt blessed to have been able to be a part of this retreat and experience Christina's energy and healing in person.


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Wow, just wow! From the initial fearful moments of trying to find my way around an airport full of signs written in Arabic, up to the warm greeting from Christina's friend Amro, I always find myself smiling when remembering the moments from this trip. Exploring Cairo with Amro was a sublime mixture of tourist adventure mixed with past-life remembrance. Then we were on to Luxor to reconnect with Christina who I have known since 2004. The serenity of Luxor in the morning is something to be experienced, and the mesmerizing chants from the surrounding mosques overlay the peaceful energy of the Nile. Then we boarded the Dahabieh and set sail down the river. Relaxing daily sailing was punctuated by day trips to villages, shops, museums, and temples along the Nile. Each day was so full of adventure and experiences of new energies at each temple, and so we were always grateful to return to the boat where our friendly crew cooked beautiful meals for us. Each evening, we also spent time in meditation. It was all just brilliant.

Jason Wright

LUXOR Light Ascension website

Everything in this retreat is totally mind-blowing - the people, the culture, the heat, the food, the energy of the Nile, the temples, the history, and much, much more. And Christina, Ashraf, and Cathy are all amazing people that you would surely want to meet!


LUXOR Light Ascension website

Thank you for your wonderful insights and generous sharing, and for having the courage to keep sharing your love to everyone.

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