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London, United Kingdom

Mahala Yoga is an independent yoga school based in South West London, providing regular yoga and Pilates classes and retreats.

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from US$1,310
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  • Ruth Frances United Kingdom

    Mahala Yoga website

    Mahala is a naturally tuned-in yoga teacher. She instinctively knows and feels the energy and mood of the class and tailors the sequences and postures accordingly. I have been practicing yoga for more than seven years now and never felt such a connection to a teacher before. I am so happy to have found her and recommend her to all my friends and my husband now comes every week too! I feel that my understanding of yoga has deepened and listening to my body and trusting it with guidance from Mahala has been wonderful. Not only that, my body has never been in better shape with more definition and core strength than ever before. If you want a yoga class to be more than just physical and a spiritual, energetic, positive experience, Mahala's classes are for you.

  • Mari United Kingdom

    Mahala Yoga website

    During my first class with Mahala, I burst into laughter in the middle of my very first tree pose. Why haven't I started this before? What took me so long to start appreciating my body, my mind and my breath? The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. I thought I understood the meaning of this until I started doing yoga with Mahala. Some people feel the effects of yoga faster than others. I was one of those who felt it fast. Yoga practice made me proud of my body and love every single part of it. And the more I loved it, the more I aware I became - of it's details, of it's changes, of it's beauty... of what it really held inside. My soul. If this body is the place that my soul calls home, I thought to myself one day, I'd better make it a brilliant one. Master your body to ease the path for your mind to do what it really wants to do. You might want to start by balancing out a tree pose. But trust me, you will grow far beyond the tree you were expecting to see.

  • Jenny Hirons United Kingdom

    Mahala Yoga website

    I first met Mahala nine months ago. I only did two classes with her before I decided to go on a yoga retreat to India with her! We had a fantastic time in Goa last autumn with a group of her yoga students and I have also since been to the wonderful island of Amorgos on another retreat with Mahala. I love Mahala's classes because she inspires me to go further. Mahala always says "just try and move a millimetre more" and I find I can move a couple of centimetres more! When I start to learn a pose I always think "I'll never be able to do that" but with Mahala's encouragement I find that each week I improve a little more.

    Yoga is changing my life for the better. I feel stronger, calmer, happier, more flexible, more confident, have better posture and sleep better. This inspires me to carry on. I have not felt so committed to any exercise programme before and this is due to Mahala's encouragement and supervision. We also have a lot of fun and laughter in the class! I recommend Mahala wholeheartedly and am so glad I met her.

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